UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Ultimate Fighting Championship® is the world's leading mixed martial arts organization. Over the past decade, with the help of state athletic commissions throughout the United States, UFC® has morphed itself from a spectacle into a highly respected sports organization. Major fights between world-renowned mixed martial arts superstars have become some of the most popular sporting events of the year, surpassing pay-per-view records previously held by boxing and professional wrestling. Sports fans have made their voices heard - they want reality when they watch sports, and UFC is clearly "AS REAL AS IT GETS!"



  • Chris
    Chris19 timer siden


    TALON19 timer siden

    Been watching Oliviera for years in the UFC and in a way, I feel like I'm just now getting to know him in-depth. Chandler legit. Seems highly-tailored and well-groomed for this moment. Packaged with the ribbon to match. But Oliviera has been climbing this UFC ladder for a long time. I don't underestimate Chandler and I can imagine an "upset"... I still haven't seen all he is able to do.... I've only heard about it. But I have to root for Oliviera here.Your moment has come and you earned it. If it's your time, make it your time Charlie.

  • Andrew Medrano
    Andrew Medrano19 timer siden

    0:37 Luciana definitely made me finish in April

  • Billy 007
    Billy 00719 timer siden

    This new khabib guy seems to be a different breed, i bet hell go a long way. Maybe become the champion even if he keeps it up

  • Charles-Antoine Côté
    Charles-Antoine Côté19 timer siden

    How do you not like Michelle Waterson

  • Simple
    Simple19 timer siden

    I love to go fight in the UFC but the only thing is my wife doesn't allow me to go.😔. she says she can't see being beaten.. I don't understand what she says .

  • Joshua Moore
    Joshua Moore19 timer siden

    Only reason this main event is a thing is because Khabib gave it his personal blessing.......

  • Brooks Miller
    Brooks Miller19 timer siden

    Stephan Bonnar and Diego Sanchez.... who would have thought watching this that in 2021 they'd be "brothers" in the same corner, with fabia leading the way? smdh

  • SevenDeMagnus
    SevenDeMagnus19 timer siden

    Humble beginnings.

  • Henry Downes
    Henry Downes19 timer siden

    This is gonna be gooood.

  • yhssms
    yhssms19 timer siden

    Retire bro

  • Aaron M
    Aaron M19 timer siden

    Oliveria had his hands low even when randy was so close to him. Sloppy

  • benat
    benat19 timer siden

    Give us Dan goddamn it!

  • doughboy 03
    doughboy 0319 timer siden

    Dana is Funny... Oliveira been on a winning streak for years... Chandler had one Round and got a chance at the Belt... Smh...

  • vikamann123
    vikamann12319 timer siden

    Michael Chandler will be Champion!!

  • K Z
    K Z19 timer siden

    Hey, Laura's not that bad. Very pleasing to the eyes and very good insight.

  • Marwan
    Marwan19 timer siden

    Olivera by submission Round3

  • Levi Dudley
    Levi Dudley19 timer siden

    Wrap it up bro, save your brain 🧠 your son, family and students need it!

  • The Admiral
    The Admiral19 timer siden

    Not sure how I missed this fight before, but one of the best I've ever seen!

  • SM Gyro
    SM Gyro19 timer siden

    Time to add Francis Ngannou!

  • Devin Watson
    Devin Watson19 timer siden

    I like when she beats JJ. JJ reminds me of the guy in Hostel who lures you in with sexy girls and drugs.

  • Patanjali Lemon Squash Sword Immortal
    Patanjali Lemon Squash Sword Immortal19 timer siden

    Din don't give a flying f

  • Johnny Bacon
    Johnny Bacon19 timer siden

    Aaall these years and they still havent figured out how impractical the ropes are in an MMA fight...

  • charlie
    charlie19 timer siden

    hookers body language looked so bad here im sorry but you knew he was gonna lose as soon as it started

  • Michael Seaton
    Michael Seaton19 timer siden

    Jon jones did peds. Dc ur still the goat

  • Immy Hussain
    Immy Hussain19 timer siden

    Michael "the yes man" Chandler

  • Matty Ryan
    Matty Ryan19 timer siden

    He so much better than his 13-5 record.....in my opinion he beat Whittaker in the 2nd fight an Costa

  • R
    R19 timer siden

    Ok honestly who is this person giving the commentary? Pro fighter we haven't seen? Expert analyst like ariel? Maybe coach? Or just a pretty face given a job because of her looks over the other thousands of more qualified candidates 🤔 thats Disney for you

  • alba09044
    alba0904419 timer siden

    The only thing I know is someone is getting Knockout in the Main Event

  • Randall Cunningham
    Randall Cunningham19 timer siden

    Tony the type of guy to lay his nuts on a red hot griddle and the eggs runaway.

  • Mat Hickling
    Mat Hickling19 timer siden

    None of these compare to her flying armbar back in the Invictus days

  • Alan Schildroth
    Alan Schildroth19 timer siden

    I do not see Rodriguez moving forward without a left and some better takedown defense, or even better jiu-jitsu.

  • Perroni 1
    Perroni 119 timer siden

    Tony was peanuts for Charles Oliveira!! Hope he does the same with Chandler

  • Sajit Pyakurel
    Sajit Pyakurel19 timer siden

    from great Dan Hardy to Laura Sanko, what a demotion

  • Boyo Boyoboyo
    Boyo Boyoboyo19 timer siden

    Pathetic UFC really put an ad every 2 minutes lmfao

  • Ahmed Djeghri
    Ahmed Djeghri19 timer siden

    The first one was absolutely gruesome

  • van phillips
    van phillips19 timer siden

    feel the same about Dan,, But Laura, great job girl!

  • Rahim Mamdani
    Rahim Mamdani19 timer siden

    This is the only reason to watch 262 the main fight is #1 bullshit

  • Kuldeep Mahala
    Kuldeep Mahala19 timer siden

    This commmentry can listen These Wrrstler then this can Distract A wrestler Bcz Comentator said many times that Ronda is very powerful

    IRON MARC19 timer siden

    Had me till you referenced Santa Chandler...I mean god. GODS plan. lol Ppl still believe in nonsense.

  • Nick Olliver
    Nick Olliver19 timer siden

    god iron mike has to be the biggest douche in the ufc

  • diego armando
    diego armando19 timer siden


  • Usman Zaffar
    Usman Zaffar19 timer siden

    yea nice try, we want Hardy back

  • Divyendu Kashyap
    Divyendu Kashyap19 timer siden

    Y does he have grey hair

  • Enkhbayasgalan Sharavdorj
    Enkhbayasgalan Sharavdorj19 timer siden

    Danaa Batgerel is a future champion🔥🔥🔥🌪🌪🌪

  • Colborn Farms
    Colborn Farms19 timer siden

    Yup always the race card making history

  • David Parker
    David Parker19 timer siden

    Hitting a someone while knocked out is a punk move no matter what. Honor and respect gone.

  • Les Blàse
    Les Blàse19 timer siden

    3 yrs later... who is he? 😂

  • danny blackhorse
    danny blackhorse19 timer siden

    cant see Chandler winning this fight

  • Тимур Букабаев
    Тимур Букабаев19 timer siden

    Тони уже не тот

  • Andrew Anastasovski
    Andrew Anastasovski19 timer siden

    What an amazing fight!

  • Valentina the savior Shevchenko
    Valentina the savior Shevchenko19 timer siden

    1:26 Joanna jedrzejczyk be like stfu! I be quiet 🤫 but when she leaves I'll be talking again

  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown19 timer siden

    Won’t support this until Dan is brought back and reimbursed for all lost wages

  • Anedio Tosta
    Anedio Tosta19 timer siden

    Oliveira 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

  • Mike the Moocher
    Mike the Moocher19 timer siden

    Can tell Michael was gutted when he heard khabib retire, reckon he was looking forward to challenging himself against khabib. Would of been some fight!

  • adrian bascombe
    adrian bascombe19 timer siden

    that was so unfair but there was no way they would have allowed the afro American to win this although she was clearly more busy purely onsided

  • Shipp Happens
    Shipp Happens19 timer siden

    chandler dont forget to bring your black son to watch you lose....and all your black lives matter BS

  • 2 real512
    2 real51219 timer siden


  • Jesse Murray
    Jesse Murray19 timer siden

    Awesome fight

  • فادى كراويه للمراتب والمفروشات
    فادى كراويه للمراتب والمفروشات19 timer siden

    Hardy . We miss you

  • Shudigg
    Shudigg19 timer siden

    “They gave me a guy who they said was the ‘Boogeyman’ and I said he wasn’t all that” Charles is a savage lol 14:53

  • Maestro Von Huge
    Maestro Von Huge19 timer siden

    Chandler vs Oliveria, gonna be good.

  • One2The44
    One2The4419 timer siden

    Magney definitely lost that fight. He didn't do nothing, geoff was landing the harder better shots

  • bikerboy72
    bikerboy7219 timer siden

    Tony the type of guy to drive with his elbows

  • b t s n
    b t s n19 timer siden

    i love her. so happy for her.

  • b t s n
    b t s n19 timer siden

    im very proud of her and happy for her success

    ALISTAIR THOMPSON19 timer siden

    You notice how much shit conor didn't talk in the cage vs khabib ok let's talk now ugh help

  • BatCaveOz
    BatCaveOz19 timer siden

    Dan Hardy was so good... it sucks that the UFC won't let Full Reptile use any footage.

  • Jhonny Seven
    Jhonny Seven19 timer siden

    Aun no entiendo porque hooker no lanzo golpes, a poirier le lanzo rafagas de golpes increibles aunque poirier gano esa pelea me sorprendio hooker pero contra chandler no quiso lanzar nada solido

  • King of the Mountain
    King of the Mountain19 timer siden

    UFC dose it best Period.

  • Hassnain Akhtar
    Hassnain Akhtar19 timer siden

    Khabib is lucky

  • empier79
    empier7919 timer siden

    8-0 in the UFC crazy how little love he gets

    ALISTAIR THOMPSON19 timer siden

    Dude is just a beast I'm not sure there's anyone that would have beaten him at 170lbs even legend and stays grounded

  • Nitin Sharma
    Nitin Sharma19 timer siden

    lmao Laura Sanko in an Inside the octagon video? Most real MMA fans have a better understanding of the game than her

  • Johnny Bacon
    Johnny Bacon19 timer siden


  • You Mang
    You Mang19 timer siden

    I bet the writers from Bloodyelbow just cry and cry after each successful UFC event. I think they wish everyone would get covid and die so Trent and Karim can write a couple told you so articles. It baffles me how they can continue covering UFC while simultaneously being major wanker SJW's and see people maskless having fun.....................its gotta be confusing over at BE

  • Ashton B
    Ashton B19 timer siden

    Why do they have a truck that pull replays when they are in a gigantic stadium with more computers than the pentagon

  • Daniel Champion
    Daniel Champion19 timer siden

    I don't mind the fact Chandler is getting a title shot. I just think its hilarious the UFC only has 1 highlight to pull from to advertise this ppv lol