UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Ultimate Fighting Championship® is the world's leading mixed martial arts organization. Over the past decade, with the help of state athletic commissions throughout the United States, UFC® has morphed itself from a spectacle into a highly respected sports organization. Major fights between world-renowned mixed martial arts superstars have become some of the most popular sporting events of the year, surpassing pay-per-view records previously held by boxing and professional wrestling. Sports fans have made their voices heard - they want reality when they watch sports, and UFC is clearly "AS REAL AS IT GETS!"


  • Kinjalk dubey
    Kinjalk dubey27 minutter siden

    Silva took a big L

  • Modal Dusta
    Modal Dusta27 minutter siden

    0:43 me trying to open Coconut

  • Amin Baabol
    Amin Baabol27 minutter siden

    I didn't like the alkagol they promote 😂😂😂 love this guy

  • Ismael Bessa DeepK9
    Ismael Bessa DeepK927 minutter siden

    What about the elbow uppercut ko in cage rage? GOAT!

  • My Tube
    My Tube28 minutter siden

    I think Silva was trying not to fully hurt him in bispin home turf.

  • Metin Ege Salter
    Metin Ege Salter29 minutter siden

    How many unnecessary brain cells did Frank Mir lose in that Shane Carwin fight?

  • jaseem abdul hakeem
    jaseem abdul hakeem30 minutter siden

    Translator lost his job over the years 😉

  • zippy0099
    zippy009930 minutter siden

    Who is the guy with the deep voice who sounds like james earl jones who introduces fighters in these lead up videos sometimes?

  • Hriddhi Debnath
    Hriddhi Debnath31 minutt siden


  • mencoba sukses
    mencoba sukses34 minutter siden

    Khabib is Champions nolocal.info/have/video/raSNYdiJv6Rt2IQ

  • JO MV
    JO MV35 minutter siden

    1:17i think masvidal 😂

  • Norton X
    Norton X35 minutter siden

    Real GOAT

  • kreativeasylum jh
    kreativeasylum jh36 minutter siden

    I think a Till rematch would be awesome but Covington vs Masividal is super exciting.

  • kreativeasylum jh
    kreativeasylum jh32 minutter siden

    Wonder boy 2 would be killer, Conor, and a return from George st. Would all be awesome!

  • S. Diakité
    S. Diakité37 minutter siden

    20 years in the making. I was already looking his Meca World Valetudo, I'lll be cheering for him tonight. As always I'll wake in the Middle of the night To witness your Legend Much love from France, Spyder. Thank you for everything champ you're an alltime great

  • Lemodane stand
    Lemodane stand37 minutter siden

    I came from mma on point’s “super human moments in mma” video

  • Daffa khairi
    Daffa khairi37 minutter siden

    Really like to see Conor got smashed 😂

  • argyrophilic
    argyrophilic37 minutter siden

    More importantly, that tattoo artist got 1 year in jail and Jon Koppenhaver got life.

  • Elizabeth collins
    Elizabeth collins38 minutter siden

    This video is sawed all over the world, conor he is disgusting 😤 behaviours.they should baning hem in ufc.

  • Codename Onion
    Codename Onion39 minutter siden

    The PP ranking of UFC is just bullshit, Khabib fought 5-6 of the top fighter, only had 11-12 matches in UFC & never had a rematch. No doubt he is the best ever at 155 but Pound for Pound is for whole of UFC & not 155. If anyone think that Khabib will be the same guy after 35 years of age then you must be kidding. Its easy to retire in your prime with that unbeatable record, but that should not be the criteria to judge who is the greatest.

  • Ms. Loving
    Ms. Loving39 minutter siden

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  • TJ32
    TJ3240 minutter siden

    *clinches* Rich Franklin: oh fuck

  • Dragu Royalty
    Dragu Royalty42 minutter siden

    Just 🤦🏼

  • Zulaikha Kimcha
    Zulaikha Kimcha42 minutter siden

    Khabib u are one !!

  • Dragu Royalty
    Dragu Royalty43 minutter siden

    Gaethje against khabib no gas tank at all, bad on the boxing area, when they are gonna figure they need to work they body as a wrestler, get they core strong, back strong as Joel Romero

    GENGISH KHAN43 minutter siden

    Idiot uk dawgs booed handreson

  • Seeking Forgotten knowledge
    Seeking Forgotten knowledge43 minutter siden

    Anderson was so technical, would destroy guys and make it look effortless.

  • Pathmila Kushantha
    Pathmila Kushantha44 minutter siden

    Then He met Justin Gaethje!

    GENGISH KHAN45 minutter siden

    Bisping sucks

  • Dragu Royalty
    Dragu Royalty45 minutter siden

    Gaethje great spirit, but again is not enough againt khabib or usman, gaethje I don’t know what happened to him, maybe he show too much respect

  • Abdul Rakib
    Abdul Rakib46 minutter siden

    Alhamdulillah khabib always best😇😇from Bangladesh...

    BUD WHITE46 minutter siden


  • Tee Off
    Tee Off46 minutter siden

    Silva is the reason I’m a huge mma fan today. My heart was always racing every he defended his UFC title. When he beat Chael in the rematch I was jumping and shouting in my house. He has brought us a lot of memorable G.O.A.T. moments.

  • Disawi From Ros
    Disawi From Ros46 minutter siden

    Imagine paying to see a fight and it ends in just 44sec

  • Stipemiocic 4
    Stipemiocic 446 minutter siden

    Daniel "Eyepokemon" Cormier

  • ulfa diah
    ulfa diah47 minutter siden

    with takiyah and sarong do one more thing, shahada. perfect!

  • K1ng Dav1d
    K1ng Dav1d47 minutter siden

    1997 woah

  • Aaron Tillery
    Aaron Tillery47 minutter siden

    The Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, of the UFC!!!

  • Dragu Royalty
    Dragu Royalty48 minutter siden

    Let correct what I said * YOU CAN NOT IMPROVISE against Khabib or Usman

  • Dragu Royalty
    Dragu Royalty49 minutter siden

    Dang I don’t know when fighters are gonna understand khabib, usman, you can improvise or take chances, crazy to say but againt them spirit is not enough

  • SaiGonEze WRX.23
    SaiGonEze WRX.2349 minutter siden

    Aaron" your an old man"Hernandez

  • Norton X
    Norton X49 minutter siden

    To all those blinded fools who say its an illegal knee, its a knee to the body 10:53

  • PhantomDragon Gibson
    PhantomDragon Gibson51 minutt siden

    most of these are just headbutts to the ground smh

  • Norton X
    Norton X51 minutt siden

    10:17 lmao poor chael against spider senses

  • killa khalid
    killa khalid52 minutter siden

    What a legend it's a shame that people forget about him

  • savvy830
    savvy83052 minutter siden

    The Silva and Hall fight was actually made years ago but it didn't happen as Silva got injured I think. Good to see its finally happening as Uriah really wanted this fight.

  • MJS
    MJS52 minutter siden

    Great fight Mitchell by domination

  • Noman Noman
    Noman Noman54 minutter siden

    This right here is most the likable muslim hero in the world after muhammad ali. Mashallah!

  • koimi
    koimi55 minutter siden

    Damn i dont know porier is black belt jiu jitsu..khabib smeck him like a ameatur! Damn dat khabib is something else!

  • Duquesne
    Duquesne55 minutter siden

    Chael's left knee red as heck.

  • عبدالمحسن العنزي
    عبدالمحسن العنزي56 minutter siden

    اللهم صلى وسلم على سيدنا اشرف وافضل الخلق محمد بن عبدالله افضل الصلاة واتم التسليم

    STOP CALLING ME MAYHEM!56 minutter siden

    "Anderson was never on my level" luke cockhold

  • AR Youtop
    AR Youtop56 minutter siden

    this video make me cry

  • Aabir B
    Aabir B56 minutter siden

    Anderson in middleweight Jones in lhw Gsp in welterweight Aldo in featherweight Johnson in flyweight Rousey in bantamweight That was the time of legends back then.....now it's just earning money and ducking fights

  • Tracey Burns
    Tracey Burns56 minutter siden

    That kick to the outside of the knee was so painful looking. She shouldn't have touched her after that. You could tell she was immediately done.

  • Wow!
    Wow!58 minutter siden

    How better would strikers be if we had PRIDE rules in the UFC haha

  • Hadiff Tasriff
    Hadiff Tasriff59 minutter siden

    I want Hall to win but at the same time I don’t want silva to lose. Ahhhh 🥵

  • John The Don
    John The Don59 minutter siden

    Wtf there's Fili fans everywhere? he's not that good, Mitchell submits him in round 2

  • Aldo Corleoni
    Aldo CorleoniTime siden

    You can win a lot of money in one game and you can loose your life in one move!!! Too bad

  • taha kedah
    taha kedahTime siden

    Alhamdulillah....the defeat of life.

  • edtuin
    edtuinTime siden

    If it wanst for comentators i would have believe the first minutes was a loop

  • อีdผม1
    อีdผม1Time siden

    Anderson Silva know he not win yet . But he know he's already win (16.47)

  • Just(Not)Me
    Just(Not)MeTime siden

    That was the day where every man cried Thank you Khabib

  • Atit Rijal
    Atit RijalTime siden

    The Goddess Kali Tattoo on Fili's chest is so awesome.

  • Fernando Maron
    Fernando MaronTime siden

    Legend. Thanks for all the great moments. End of an era.

  • silvino regalado
    silvino regaladoTime siden

    Coward, too afraid to fight GSP

  • Danny Lenard
    Danny LenardTime siden


  • Rawat 7
    Rawat 7Time siden

    8:18 Chael clearly thought he only lost that round

  • Danny Lenard
    Danny LenardTime siden

    Jacoby gets gassed😂😂

  • Isaac
    IsaacTime siden

    silva be like :💃(dancing) in the ring opponent :🙅‍♀️

  • Martin Woodham
    Martin WoodhamTime siden

    Drug cheat

  • Ravi 1907
    Ravi 1907Time siden

    Khabibs coach wasn't kidding when he said that next one's gonna be better

  • Nihat Muradli
    Nihat MuradliTime siden


  • Tom
    TomTime siden

    Was that part 1 of 2 or 3 what's going on so confused right now

  • sharkface
    sharkfaceTime siden

    Gustafsson bounced around too much. second round his mouth was open he already looked tired. If he conserved his energy better probably could have won.

  • Norton X
    Norton XTime siden

    And just like that you people disrespected A.Silva by calling khabib the goat. Wtf

  • Nicky Boy
    Nicky BoyTime siden

    machida is a cheater clown his skin was shine, its cheap trick for wrestlers.

  • rijin john
    rijin johnTime siden

    He could have retired at his prime..❤️❤️

  • K1NG_0fTheS0uth-
    K1NG_0fTheS0uth-Time siden

    Adre touchy Fili 🤣🤣🤣

  • Adam Smadi
    Adam SmadiTime siden

    Your a great man Justin good luck! You will get the real belt one day !!