UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Ultimate Fighting Championship® is the world's leading mixed martial arts organization. Over the past decade, with the help of state athletic commissions throughout the United States, UFC® has morphed itself from a spectacle into a highly respected sports organization. Major fights between world-renowned mixed martial arts superstars have become some of the most popular sporting events of the year, surpassing pay-per-view records previously held by boxing and professional wrestling. Sports fans have made their voices heard - they want reality when they watch sports, and UFC is clearly "AS REAL AS IT GETS!"



  • Trap Home
    Trap Home21 time siden

    Both these dudes are some blown out WWs lol under 6 foot with like 71 in reach

  • Osiris3344
    Osiris334421 time siden

    Love Cowboy but he's always been the same fighter. Stands so straight up and little to no head movement. I want him to get some wins so bad

  • Steve Fox
    Steve Fox21 time siden

    Damn good fight.

    JONATHAN BAWA21 time siden

    For me ade sanya ufc fighter is the best so ever

  • Antonio Texas films
    Antonio Texas films22 timer siden


  • Lee Lee
    Lee Lee22 timer siden

    Whittaker all the way boom 👊😜

  • Kiem Cao
    Kiem Cao22 timer siden

    filthy guy in the cabin

  • 13 ms13
    13 ms1322 timer siden

    The muslim fighter

  • Dan Shim
    Dan Shim22 timer siden

    The strawweight division is like the heavyweight division. Always a new champ.

  • Buddery Smooth
    Buddery Smooth22 timer siden

    Damn Max really won that fight

  • Ninef Sargis
    Ninef Sargis22 timer siden

    the most 90s thing ive ever seen

  • Damon Traeger
    Damon Traeger22 timer siden

    I realize Cerroni is a great fighter, but I’ve actually never seen him win a fight.

  • MwMcAd
    MwMcAd22 timer siden

    The synchronized “let’s wrestle let’s wrestle” gets me every time

  • Excellent Ngwa
    Excellent Ngwa22 timer siden

    Figueiredo hits like a fuck**g featherweight... My goodness...

  • Manlike Zzzz
    Manlike Zzzz22 timer siden

    Sometimes DC is so annoying on commentary ffs

  • Stefano Pistidda
    Stefano Pistidda22 timer siden

    Simply the best

  • Gustavo Henrique Pessoa Fonseca
    Gustavo Henrique Pessoa Fonseca22 timer siden

    Brasil né mano tem q respeitar

  • Louis Alvarez
    Louis Alvarez22 timer siden

    One of my favorite fighters. What an amazing style... wow

  • Doski Tumani
    Doski Tumani22 timer siden

    They are all good in this weight class

  • Time dilation
    Time dilation22 timer siden


  • Dileep Arinana
    Dileep Arinana22 timer siden

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  • Teddy Graham
    Teddy Graham22 timer siden

    I forgot Esparza finished Rose. I always thought of her as a can crusher but let me put some respect on her name...

  • Airhead Beijing Biden FRAUD
    Airhead Beijing Biden FRAUD22 timer siden


  • partridgepimp
    partridgepimp22 timer siden

    I bet Whittaker wish he took Izzy down after watching that Jan fight

  • Aj Kurcic
    Aj Kurcic22 timer siden

    He lost that last fight judges messed up..

  • Walter Rabanales
    Walter Rabanales22 timer siden

    Sport is about improving castelum just a living creature he is going no where

  • Rosie Hebner
    Rosie Hebner22 timer siden

    7:00 DC with a solid "roast" lmao

  • KuttyJoe
    KuttyJoe22 timer siden

    Vettori has some anger management issues? Roid rage? Something is wrong with him. LOL

  • Jb Jone
    Jb Jone22 timer siden

    Ian heinisch spanked Kevin fatasalum

  • Killa Viking
    Killa Viking22 timer siden

    Marvin would dominate Costa...EASILY 🇮🇹

  • Shiggystardust
    Shiggystardust22 timer siden

    Shut up

  • gaming with AG
    gaming with AG22 timer siden

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  • Anthony Manzo
    Anthony Manzo22 timer siden

    man Brian Stann was such a good commentator.

  • K_uzl
    K_uzl22 timer siden

    Hall: Israel couldn’t finish Silva but I did. You couldn’t even beat costa

  • Simon bader
    Simon bader22 timer siden

    0:23 did he just tap Ben Askren's ass 😳🤣

  • Alex Keller
    Alex Keller22 timer siden

    Борец и ударник... 👍

  • Johnny Grady
    Johnny Grady22 timer siden

    Such a rich division. JJ the 115 goat, Weili is beast, thug rose, Suarez, Claudia etc. The only women's division I consistently watch

  • 3BGamersHD
    3BGamersHD22 timer siden

    Something bout those yellow trunks

  • Alex Keller
    Alex Keller22 timer siden

    Хабиб молодец...👍

  • Abokri tidakaaak Prb
    Abokri tidakaaak Prb22 timer siden

    Yes sir

  • Alex Strokan
    Alex Strokan22 timer siden

    -Why did you lose? - Just during the fight, someone turned off the light🙄

  • daniel chan
    daniel chan22 timer siden

    goes to show some peoples genes are just different guy drinks beer and does chew before fights lol and still kicks ass teue fucking cowboy shit

    WHYFACE22 timer siden

    the fight clock is brought to you by ModelOHHHHHHH!!!!

  • FN FiveseveN
    FN FiveseveN22 timer siden

    Tell em bout roufussport! HD saved that ass from legit beatings on the reg.

  • Authentic7
    Authentic722 timer siden

    Great thrash 🤷‍♂️💯🤦‍♂️

  • Simon
    Simon22 timer siden

    I heard they call him the diamond Perry in Cameroon, because he did some child labor in them mines of Africa. It was hard for him, being poor black child. And now look at him, this nigga made it !

  • ReapsVsTheWorld1
    ReapsVsTheWorld122 timer siden

    Happy Andrade did that to Namajunas.

  • Ayomide Otukoya
    Ayomide Otukoya22 timer siden

    Dominick Cruz: “nope can’t lift there” Jessica Andrade: proceeds to raise her like simba in the lion king & slam down on her neck

  • DavidSure85
    DavidSure8522 timer siden

    NBK and GSP are my all time favorite fighters.....

  • PPV Dizzle
    PPV Dizzle22 timer siden

    This was my fight of the night that day, The leg kicks were INSANE MAYNE

  • 4blkricky
    4blkricky22 timer siden

    Kelvin doesn’t get enough credit

  • Sorry Sorry
    Sorry Sorry22 timer siden

    Little did stipe know he was gonna get kod like in real life that later on that week poor guy

  • daniel chan
    daniel chan22 timer siden

    go get some don ald ce rone

  • clock maker
    clock maker22 timer siden

    👊 Carla esparza Mexico baby Westside

  • ajninogardtsal
    ajninogardtsal22 timer siden

    Zhang is a combinationist! With forearms to the neck, lady is scary!

  • Jammiedog3699
    Jammiedog369922 timer siden

    Ronda the typical “I’ll call out a man who I know won’t dare touch me”. Love, he’d have you unconscious before you could say Holly Holm

  • Kenny Tran
    Kenny Tran22 timer siden

    Rose with hair is so weird to see lol. Im so used to seeing her without hair

  • Jammiedog3699
    Jammiedog369922 timer siden

    Ronda needs to respect size and weight 😂

  • Ken Trinh
    Ken Trinh22 timer siden

    If he’s good fighter then go to MMA, they’ll knock him out just in 1 minutes,

  • July Bimbym Sitorus
    July Bimbym Sitorus22 timer siden

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  • Ken Trinh
    Ken Trinh22 timer siden

    This guy he fight like a woman, he just slap in someone’s ear, that illegal dude

  • clock maker
    clock maker22 timer siden

    🇲🇽💚 Carla esparza

  • coyote starrk
    coyote starrk22 timer siden

    Am I the only one who just isn't worried for rob?

  • clock maker
    clock maker22 timer siden

    🔥 Carla esparza Mexico baby

  • Justin Liu
    Justin Liu22 timer siden

    So Who's Neil? Haha

  • Jesco
    Jesco22 timer siden

    Cannonier's arm gets fractured at 4:50. Rob also busted up that thick ass skull of Romero with that kick - what a bad dude.

  • Ramiro Spinelli
    Ramiro Spinelli22 timer siden

    that granby to the back was grappling poetry

  • Davidam950
    Davidam95022 timer siden

    amazing fight!

  • H R
    H R22 timer siden

    lmao, poirier just talked his way out of millions 😂

  • HighBrixGardens
    HighBrixGardens22 timer siden

    Neil 😂😂😂

  • Hatim Meister
    Hatim Meister22 timer siden

    Zhang Weili is the most impressive female fighter in the world!!!

  • Ted Sullivan
    Ted Sullivan22 timer siden

    Would have loved to see that fight. Robert would have won but even still what a fight that would have been.

  • Gaz Pearce
    Gaz Pearce22 timer siden

    This kid can fight he has great hands

  • Ouija Shrub
    Ouija Shrub22 timer siden

    People getting fired over a handshake, couldn’t be me

  • josh m
    josh m22 timer siden

    I like how Rogan just ignored the joke about his house being so big. Beautiful Granby

  • Людмил Петков
    Людмил Петков22 timer siden

    Mexican scotish-american BEAST

  • Adam Ibrahim
    Adam Ibrahim22 timer siden

    When the big boss speaks everyone listens.✊🏼

  • Luke Price
    Luke Price22 timer siden

    They played a clip twice?

  • Archangel Tactics
    Archangel Tactics22 timer siden

    If it was Jon Jones, he would have won this fight via unanimous decision 😂😂

  • Hatim Meister
    Hatim Meister22 timer siden

    Weiliiii ftw