5 Incredible PRIDE FC Performances


Take a trip back through memory lane as we take a look at five memorable PRIDE FC performances featuring Rampage Jackson, Cro Cop, Dan Henderson, Nick Diaz and Don Frye. Full PRIDE FC Library: ufcfightpass.com/playlist/1627
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  • Sergio Coronel
    Sergio Coronel7 timer siden

    Fredy vs David bowie

  • Heda Hayden
    Heda Hayden10 timer siden

    How come one is wearing a helmet? How is that fair..even though with one kick and he went down. He shouldn't be allowed head gear of any sort unless both are... someone explain please

  • Bang opik
    Bang opik2 dager siden

    Laughing out loud 😂😂😂😂

  • Pawel
    Pawel3 dager siden

    Where ist Pride FC in EA UFC 4?

  • krezo
    krezo9 dager siden

    Cro cop😍😍😍

  • Dricardo Bach
    Dricardo Bach13 dager siden

    Caraca ..A última luta de gigantes a melhor ..só pancada ..o vencedor pensei até que era o grande Scatmann John cantor falecido kkk

  • the one above all
    the one above all15 dager siden

    Don frye got a fist under his mustache that's why he won that exchange

  • Kansas Geoff
    Kansas Geoff17 dager siden

    No Igor? Bro.

  • Kansas Geoff

    Kansas Geoff

    17 dager siden

    No minowa? No Coleman yelling at his to team from the corner? No Bas Rutten laughing when someone gets hit in the face? This list is weak.

  • Help me to reach 1k subs
    Help me to reach 1k subs17 dager siden

    Why ufc ring is like wwe ring?

  • jambi
    jambi18 dager siden

    LOL!!! 1:44 Dude, that's freakin Nicolas Cage and Chuck Norris in the audience and look at the interaction. Norris is pissed off, it looks like they had some kind of bet going on maybe and Norris lost big time????

  • D. H
    D. H18 dager siden

    Haha Freddie Mercury when he took a day off singing

  • anonimo
    anonimo18 dager siden

    Better than ufc

  • Tony Ferguson
    Tony Ferguson18 dager siden

    3:02 Alberto del Rio

  • BC 1 t
    BC 1 t19 dager siden

    My how I have missed Don Frye ! what a beat down!

  • Rahul Sivashankar
    Rahul Sivashankar19 dager siden

    Don Frye made the eyes of his opponent, even smaller

  • P
    P19 dager siden

    No Fedor? Smh

  • Norton X
    Norton X19 dager siden

    First time UFC uploaded something about Nick Diaz

  • Elecktrick Cali
    Elecktrick Cali19 dager siden

    Look at at the audience..never seen people grin like that all at the same time.

  • MrJustliketht
    MrJustliketht19 dager siden

    I was unaware Freddie mercury was a ufc fighter let alone still alive...

  • Erick Henderson
    Erick Henderson19 dager siden

    Forgot how bad they cheated over there.. Guy Metzger

  • adventure trout
    adventure trout19 dager siden

    Chuck Norris in the house

  • Tiernan Oshea
    Tiernan Oshea19 dager siden

    Should post pride free fights

  • Bravo 1
    Bravo 119 dager siden

    Dirtiest fighter ever: decision Dan. Hitting people when they are out. So glad Belford put him to sleep twice.

  • AlexIsUndead247
    AlexIsUndead24719 dager siden

    What was that guy wearing on his head, that was fighting Mirko crow cop?

  • Elise & Aaron
    Elise & Aaron20 dager siden

    Nothing was better in MMA than a Pride event commentated by Mauro & Bas

  • The Fightamatics
    The Fightamatics20 dager siden

    nolocal.info/have/video/jH2YqMyPnKaMsYw. How is israel adesanya knocking people out? And That dry humping antics?. Please give it a watch. I am 90% sure guys will like it. Thank you..

  • da kid
    da kid20 dager siden

    Is just me or does the Diaz brothers when they punch just look like they have no power behind them?

  • Mr.Wolfchamp 1999
    Mr.Wolfchamp 199920 dager siden

    That Frye fight is a masterpiece. If it's exciting and not boring then it's a masterpiece because fights like that are very few and far between. Something special. What real fighting is all about. Giving the people what they want. That's what it's all about. What would the sport be like if everyone had all out mentality? A bunch of injuries, CTE, concussions, and death probably. That's the sad thing about that kind of fighting. Too much risk. Probably why you don't see it very often. It's a shame the most exciting style of fights has the biggest risks.

  • panos xd
    panos xd20 dager siden

    A friend of mine told me June is pride month. I imagined this and got extremely disappointed

  • Christian Magaña
    Christian Magaña20 dager siden


  • MDYT
    MDYT20 dager siden

    Don Frye IS America.

  • Tim Bowers
    Tim Bowers20 dager siden

    How do you not have one of Wanderlei Silva's ko's on here?

  • joseph mengele04
    joseph mengele0420 dager siden

    nick diaz.....could have been something. instead hes just a talker

  • Frankly My Damn I Don't Give A Dear

    Frankly My Damn I Don't Give A Dear

    20 dager siden

    Low iq he is

  • AFStimo2
    AFStimo220 dager siden

    Could have added one of many Fedor's incredible performances. Still a good list though.

  • datDANK
    datDANK21 dag siden


  • Saccitykid
    Saccitykid21 dag siden

    nick cage and chuck noris in the audience 😂😂😂

  • Bang Tguh1897
    Bang Tguh189721 dag siden

    Freddy mercury win

  • Nick the Stampede
    Nick the Stampede21 dag siden

    Freddie Mercury kicked that guys ass!

  • Vlog Cool Easy I
    Vlog Cool Easy I21 dag siden

    Only former UFC fighters

  • Jimmy Garza
    Jimmy Garza21 dag siden

    Nick is a LEGEND.

  • GutturalReef
    GutturalReef21 dag siden

    Where's Kevin Randlemann vs. CroCop!!?!!?!!??!?!?!?!

  • Sweet •
    Sweet •21 dag siden

    4:00 😂😂😂

  • Relax Bro
    Relax Bro21 dag siden

    Don Frye was JUICED haha

  • Frankly My Damn I Don't Give A Dear

    Frankly My Damn I Don't Give A Dear

    20 dager siden

    Relax Bro lol

  • Relax Bro

    Relax Bro

    20 dager siden

    @Frankly My Damn I Don't Give A Dear I'd even say more than 90% haha

  • Frankly My Damn I Don't Give A Dear

    Frankly My Damn I Don't Give A Dear

    20 dager siden

    90% of pride was

  • Lewis Jones
    Lewis Jones21 dag siden

    That dude in the thumbnail is from a Godzilla movie. I forget what its called though lol

  • Freddie Mercury
    Freddie Mercury21 dag siden

    please tell me that is not Chuck Norris at 1:45

  • gooner andre
    gooner andre21 dag siden

    Freddie Mercury smashed up big bird from Sesame Street 😱

  • Pronay Bishnu
    Pronay Bishnu21 dag siden

    PRIDE IS THE OG OF MMA. Like if you know what I mean...

  • Michael Waterfor
    Michael Waterfor21 dag siden

    Nick Diaz is one of the greatest welterweights ever

  • Mac McC
    Mac McC21 dag siden


    BAD BOY21 dag siden

    Diaz was high as F*ck and still pulled one of the most difficult submissions out there. #nickdiazarmy

  • Toni Blackstone
    Toni Blackstone21 dag siden

    3:59 Still best game plan and fight IQ ever.

  • mariesmahmuddin 07
    mariesmahmuddin 0721 dag siden

    Nick Diaaaaaaaaz 🔥

  • casey jones
    casey jones21 dag siden

    I gotta get undisputed3 going again just for pride!

  • LazySundayz
    LazySundayz21 dag siden

    Was that Nicolas Cage?

  • Lord logbert
    Lord logbert21 dag siden

    Imagine winning this then chuck Norris walks up in the ring, takes the belt, and walks away without saying a word. 1:43

  • jester bob
    jester bob21 dag siden

    That don frye fight was the manliest fight we'll ever see.

  • Dave Parker
    Dave Parker21 dag siden

    Nick Diaz giving an extra little squeeze

  • Trev Ford
    Trev Ford21 dag siden

    How much did they pay Don to do that fake bullshit.

  • Dawood Chaudary
    Dawood Chaudary21 dag siden

    This was like highlight reel of This is War

  • IF7
    IF721 dag siden

    I think the block button was disabled in that last fight.

  • Brandon Amézquita
    Brandon Amézquita21 dag siden

    PRIDE FC was something else. The Japanese are crazy.

  • sharkwater
    sharkwater21 dag siden

    The commentary during the Frye Takiyama fight is just as legendary as the fight.

  • 4月是你的谎言
    4月是你的谎言21 dag siden

    0:01 im Trump :'( :'(

  • The Spartanjello
    The Spartanjello21 dag siden

    This old tournaments were about tough guys from all around world fighting,thing u could only seen in action movies...now it's sport,it's about politics,weights,hype,entertainment...

  • Dan
    Dan21 dag siden

    Huh! I didn’t know Tom Selleck was an MMA fighter.

  • MMA Videos
    MMA Videos21 dag siden

    khabib vs Dustin Poirier | Khabib last performance before UFC 254. Let's remind our self how good he is... and continue believing the same from him..#AndStill nolocal.info/have/video/mmZki8uSmIl922s

  • Adam Abbas
    Adam Abbas21 dag siden

    The level of skill and athleticism is no where near that of today, but the fights were super exciting and the fighters had a lot of heart.

  • Adithyan R.R
    Adithyan R.R21 dag siden

    Rampage was a beast!

  • Miguel Padilla
    Miguel Padilla21 dag siden

    "El Patrón" against a real fighter.

  • mikeyb byekim
    mikeyb byekim21 dag siden

    0:50 Diaz gave an extra little squeeze after the tap and breakage

  • The Majin Warrior
    The Majin Warrior21 dag siden

    I loved PRIDE FC so much, I miss it.

  • Brian Valdez
    Brian Valdez21 dag siden

    Frye was/is a maniac!! My goodness! Just stood there and traded dominant hand punches. He packed a lunch that night!

  • Sleepy Head
    Sleepy Head21 dag siden

    That big Japanese dude Yoshihiro Takayama is now paralyzed starting from his torso all the way down. He’s in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

  • Danna Vanessa
    Danna Vanessa21 dag siden

    SHIT they didint include any of Fedor Emilianebko fights lol probably bc he never fought in the UFC.

  • 419 Buckeye
    419 Buckeye21 dag siden

    I had no idea how great it was to have pride fights on cable back in the day used to watch them and Howard stern all night good times

  • I_am_Sappy
    I_am_Sappy21 dag siden

    Press leukocyte and remember the old school.

  • Patrick Hamos
    Patrick Hamos21 dag siden

    "I wanna fight Mirko Cro Cop ." - no sane person ever.

  • 丸山康平
    丸山康平21 dag siden

    i miss NICK❗️

  • 丸山康平
    丸山康平21 dag siden

    高山選手少し時代が後なら WWEでスーパースターになってたはず

  • Imperial Black bullies
    Imperial Black bullies21 dag siden

    MERICA 🇺🇸

  • 丸山康平
    丸山康平21 dag siden

    しかしプライドで事故が 起きなかったのは幸運だった。 酷い組み合わせ多過ぎ

  • 丸山康平
    丸山康平21 dag siden

    ニックの格好良さ! この兄弟こそ本物。

  • Agêo Leal
    Agêo Leal21 dag siden

    Salve PRIDE, lutas inesquecíveis. The best organisation of fighter.

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez21 dag siden

    Just posted a reaction to the best knockouts of 2019! Would appreciate it if you guys would check me out and subscribe! Huge UFC fan! Cheers!

  • Wicho Martínez
    Wicho Martínez21 dag siden

    All respects to both guys in the last fight

  • Mike Classic
    Mike Classic21 dag siden

    When Nicholas Cage sat next to Chuck Norris.

  • Daryl Malibiran
    Daryl Malibiran21 dag siden

    Son Goku vs Freddie Mercury

  • Dexter Haven
    Dexter Haven21 dag siden

    Pride went before the fall.

  • Dexter Haven
    Dexter Haven21 dag siden

    5:10 If Stallone: "Cut me, Mick. I'm going back out there."

  • Mizter FreakShow
    Mizter FreakShow21 dag siden

    Don face after the fight is just like he jogged for a few minutes..

  • LibertyCast
    LibertyCast21 dag siden

    I didn’t remember that spinning backfist setup! Hendo is a legend 🙌

  • mike santini
    mike santini21 dag siden

    Dude the before and after a fight with Don Frye wtf

  • N S
    N S21 dag siden

    They gotta bring NICK mfking DIAZ back!

  • _25 mkt
    _25 mkt21 dag siden


  • Repo Diamond kennels.
    Repo Diamond kennels.21 dag siden


  • Ares God of War
    Ares God of War21 dag siden

    Don Frye even defeat a kaiju

  • Illiad mcswain
    Illiad mcswain21 dag siden

    I wouldn't care how well trained, how big and strong I was, I would NEVER fight Don "the predator" Frye

  • Arista Budi Setyawan
    Arista Budi Setyawan21 dag siden


  • ウマル安田
    ウマル安田21 dag siden


  • fearcity retaliation
    fearcity retaliation21 dag siden