Arnold Allen's Undefeated UFC Career


Arnold Allen has yet to taste to defeat under the UFC banner, winning all seven of his bouts so far. The British featherweight prospect is set to face another rising star in the division in Sodiq Yusuff in the co-main event of UFC Vegas 23.
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  • empier79
    empier7920 timer siden

    8-0 in the UFC crazy how little love he gets

  • Bubba Hubba
    Bubba Hubba3 dager siden

    If Allen keeps fighting, he'll take his weight class.

  • M4G3 M4G3
    M4G3 M4G35 dager siden

    A Such good guy, keep going myb boy 30 - 0 hah

  • A B
    A B7 dager siden

    If he had ko power he'd be the real deal

  • Chris Steele
    Chris Steele8 dager siden

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    RAM TRUCKS11 dager siden

    Unskippable ads. Piss off down vote

  • holy cracca
    holy cracca11 dager siden


  • holy cracca
    holy cracca11 dager siden

    white boy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonas Campeth
    Jonas Campeth12 dager siden

    I trained BJJ with this guy a few times haha

  • Tango Jack
    Tango Jack12 dager siden

    The smacks that come of his left hand are so freaking loud. Haha.

  • Joe Hisel
    Joe Hisel15 dager siden

    Dude has that finisher instinct Wanderlei used to show

  • David Henry
    David Henry16 dager siden

    Allen looks like the real deal! Strong, fast, fearless, confident!

  • Deacon Blues
    Deacon Blues16 dager siden

    Arnold who?

  • Leonardo Donato
    Leonardo Donato17 dager siden

    I have been screaming about Allen for ten years. I went to Tristar and was literally ripped apart by this kid. GSP was saying this is the next champ. When GSP says that you listen. Some shit happened that made him pull back but if you want to see some of the greatest high level transitions you will ever see in our sport watch his fight with Amirkhani. Unreal. The UFC is bullshit. Dana is a pos. Because this was GSP’s boy he held him down. Prop him up. Wtf

  • gago Boss
    gago Boss17 dager siden

    Makwan amirkhani

  • Liam Bartlett
    Liam Bartlett17 dager siden

    Future champion right here boys, mark my words

  • Tom Jody
    Tom Jody17 dager siden

    The dude can fight. If ya say he can't then you just aint no fighter is all I can tell ya..

    ERNIE ARAMBULA17 dager siden

    Mr Excitment!!

  • gago Boss
    gago Boss18 dager siden

    Biji Kurdistan

  • Chad Miller
    Chad Miller18 dager siden

    Let's see him beat Jake Paul

  • Tybalt Prince of Cats and House Capulet
    Tybalt Prince of Cats and House Capulet18 dager siden

    He wins without privilege.

  • Ryan Latham
    Ryan Latham18 dager siden

    That gum shield be bouncing.

  • peraltaman
    peraltaman18 dager siden

    Whwn you barely finish basic fans dont know you

  • Gurgis Gutters
    Gurgis Gutters18 dager siden

    I like the last guy walking around shaking his BEAT UP HEAD like he won.... cmon man.

  • John Mayne
    John Mayne18 dager siden

    Gotta love his combos and angles, fun to watch.

  • Coup de Gras
    Coup de Gras19 dager siden

    The greatest thing about the UFC is the wild inconsistencies in stoppages.

  • Kevin Davidson
    Kevin Davidson19 dager siden

    My new favorite fighter

  • Justin Jhonson
    Justin Jhonson19 dager siden

    fighting 3 rounds every time makes you battle hardened

  • Саня Я
    Саня Я19 dager siden


  • Robert Freeman
    Robert Freeman19 dager siden

    It’s like he doesn’t want the KO. He wants to beat you up for the whole match. 😂😂

  • Bradford Harris
    Bradford Harris20 dager siden

    Allen is an👽

  • jeller275
    jeller27520 dager siden

    Strategy for sure. Lays it on thick real quick when 10 seconds comes knocking... right on!

  • E Girl
    E Girl20 dager siden

    His fight was sick

  • Sheldon Montgomery
    Sheldon Montgomery20 dager siden

    I like Arnold allen but we've seen what the hype train derailed is like aka kevin Holland since he's fought two guys in the top 10 hes lost twice so i wanna see this guy fight a real contender

  • Mark Feltner
    Mark Feltner21 dag siden

    hes obviosly microdosing on test you can see slight gyno and more ripped physiuqe than his opponents. faster stronger more aggressive more endurance fast pace. USADA is a joke.

  • KingSiah 510
    KingSiah 51021 dag siden

    Once my mans here’s there’s 10 seconds left it’s almost like a shark to blood

  • Boris
    Boris21 dag siden

    He looks talented

  • daniel Irl
    daniel Irl21 dag siden

    I waited for the mouthguard to drop back to the floor

  • Shaun McNeil
    Shaun McNeil21 dag siden

    Who was the last one?

  • Mala Dude
    Mala Dude21 dag siden

    And I cant remember any of his fights

  • Timothy Woods
    Timothy Woods21 dag siden

    Really impressive performance he had against Yousif, I am not a MMA junkie by any means so I didn’t know who was until then. I’m a fan now, this man is legit.

  • Leonardo Di Virgilio
    Leonardo Di Virgilio22 dager siden

    The British pedigree

  • Lenny___101
    Lenny___10122 dager siden

    the only fight he lost was on points but if the fight was 10 seconds longer he would have won it. the UFC need to give Arnold more fights and a title shot

  • Tigersmundo
    Tigersmundo22 dager siden

    *Overall Allen has an excellent foundation of skills, if he had one-punch KO power this will be an easier efficient time and less damage making it a long-term career along with bigger checks.*

  • Donald Raya
    Donald Raya22 dager siden

    Looks like the kind of guy who picks up the shovel.

  • Eric Pitre
    Eric Pitre22 dager siden

    Love to see him fight masvidal

  • PoopiePants Mcgee
    PoopiePants Mcgee22 dager siden

    That was a modified darc? Right? Wasn't any type of guiatinne ive seen.

  • William Stroud
    William Stroud22 dager siden

    first time watching and hearing about arnold allen ??? yea me too

  • Antonio Cain
    Antonio Cain22 dager siden

    I like this guy. He's got the juice.

  • Garo
    Garo22 dager siden

    2:19 masvidal looks kinda different

  • tyler mark
    tyler mark22 dager siden

    2:58 early stoppage?

  • BaccaratFitness
    BaccaratFitness22 dager siden

    That left uppercut to the body is wicked.

  • T
    T22 dager siden

    That came out of nowhere

  • G D
    G D23 dager siden

    This guys speed and striking/chokes are just god-level, hope to see more of this man!

  • AaronBdaily
    AaronBdaily23 dager siden

    U can add Sadiq Yusoof to that list now aswell

  • Louis Cypher
    Louis Cypher23 dager siden

    Nothing comes 'from out of nowher' ffs.e

  • conservat1vepatr1ot DL
    conservat1vepatr1ot DL23 dager siden

    Bo Burnam looked pissed in this thumbnail..

  • Jordan Babcock
    Jordan Babcock23 dager siden

    This was a weak video really. Yeah morons, I can guarantee he'd whoop my ass too, but as far as highlights go and undefeated records, this was just below par. Joseph Vincent could have done this man far better than y'all did!

  • Jordan Babcock
    Jordan Babcock23 dager siden

    1 minute in and you've already replayed the first knockout on the video? Wow, looks promising!

  • Connor Tuomikoski
    Connor Tuomikoski23 dager siden

    Do one on O’Malley undefeated career

  • Thaian Santos
    Thaian Santos23 dager siden

    This guy is pre Reebok deal, and I never saw him

  • Alex Herd
    Alex Herd23 dager siden

    this dude needs to fire his manager asap

  • Market Research
    Market Research23 dager siden

    This kid is underrated.

  • Bonky Bambam
    Bonky Bambam23 dager siden

    Next: Suga Shane undefeated career ...

  • Tbilisi_Warrior
    Tbilisi_Warrior23 dager siden

    Whens Sugas coming out?

  • Michael Royal
    Michael Royal24 dager siden

    i wanan see this guy vs khabib

  • Food Fanatic
    Food Fanatic24 dager siden

    He really likes throwing punches after the buzzer

  • jsj31313jj
    jsj31313jj24 dager siden

    Young Sampson 💪🥺

  • Liam Sanchez goes to Vegas
    Liam Sanchez goes to Vegas24 dager siden


  • Donovan Jones
    Donovan Jones24 dager siden

    He is the most precise,aggressive fighter I have seen come out of tristar in a long time. Is he from Montreal?

  • Dont Ask
    Dont Ask24 dager siden

    Nothing to be excited about. Just your local hooligan who managed to make his way into the ring

    YESHUA IS KING 7724 dager siden

    Hes good but needs to chill a bit with agressive punches.let's see when he fights REAL FIGHTERS,maybe another hype train 🚂🤔

  • rehan baloch
    rehan baloch24 dager siden

    Those mouth guards that protected your teeth, gets kicked out.. you so mean arnold allen

  • burningknuckle26
    burningknuckle2624 dager siden

    he kina remind me of conor style

  • Money Making
    Money Making24 dager siden

    He's better than Paddy the baddy IMO.

  • Thane Vakarian
    Thane Vakarian24 dager siden

    His arms are like slinky’s with cinder blocks on the ends. Savage.

  • Joseph David
    Joseph David24 dager siden

    He's so fast I thought the video was sped up. 👀

  • The Klutch
    The Klutch24 dager siden

    This guy has an EXPLOSIVE Forrest Griffin kinda feel to him... 🔥

  • Bats Omega

    Bats Omega

    4 dager siden

    Honestly tho he’s very disciplined but when it’s time he brawls. Crazy high kicks while coming in and lands strikes on top of that. Crazy pressure.

  • R M

    R M

    22 dager siden

    He’s better than FG. More skills already.

  • Travis Schpeltinger
    Travis Schpeltinger24 dager siden

    this guy is fucking awesome

  • N K
    N K24 dager siden

    The Decision Machine. BORING.

    MIGGY MOVER25 dager siden

    The fakest fights I ever seen, all poor shows.

  • Tim Cooper
    Tim Cooper25 dager siden

    damn kids all muscle fast as hell and super talented. watch out 145

  • goodcat1982
    goodcat198225 dager siden

    It's about time there was a decent Brit to get behind and support! (I'm English). Just please don't talk and act like a prick like Till, McGregor and Edwards. Just be normal and kick ass!!

  • Aurum Movement
    Aurum Movement25 dager siden

    Wasnt he the dea agent in Narcos?

  • critter505
    critter50525 dager siden

    The feller at the end shaking his head while looking like he had a severe allergic reaction...

  • Jordan's Channel

    Jordan's Channel

    23 dager siden

    FR like my face is mashed potatoes but I won. Like when GSP a couple times looked like worn shit but won.

  • Brucelee
    Brucelee25 dager siden

    0:28 I love it😑❤

  • bassNY
    bassNY25 dager siden

    Dan Hardy's Undefeated Commentating Career

  • Nate
    Nate25 dager siden

    Lentz shaking his head with a messed up face and not a blemish on Allen 😂 Yeah good one

  • Joel Miranda
    Joel Miranda25 dager siden

    *Arnold Allen’s undefeated UFC Opportunity Uncle Dana said it’s not a career.

  • Beerus, God of Destruction
    Beerus, God of Destruction25 dager siden

    Tldr; if you got brown hair with tattoos on your back, Allan's beating your ass.

  • man frombritain
    man frombritain25 dager siden

    yeees more British fighters in the big leagues!

  • Sean Kernan
    Sean Kernan25 dager siden


  • Chad Fahlman
    Chad Fahlman25 dager siden

    This guy is white Jon Jones.

  • Chad Fahlman

    Chad Fahlman

    25 dager siden

    @NastyAngel You may not have heard of him. He's a pretty decent fighter when he keeps his nose clean.

  • NastyAngel


    25 dager siden


  • Callum Briggs
    Callum Briggs25 dager siden

    That came out of nowhere

  • Martin Hunt
    Martin Hunt25 dager siden

    Have been saying Arnold Allen is champion material for years. Glad to see him getting some love here. I think up until now he's probably been the most underrated fighter in the UFC.

  • RevengeOfMoctezuma
    RevengeOfMoctezuma25 dager siden

    00:38 Deus Vult

  • Peter Ward
    Peter Ward25 dager siden

    Lol nothing against Arnold Allen, he's very good but this video sucks and not sure why tf they made it lol

  • justsomeguy
    justsomeguy25 dager siden

    No knockouts though.

  • Austin Butler
    Austin Butler25 dager siden

    2:10 how to beat a wrestler

  • Duchess
    Duchess25 dager siden

    Arnold Allen vs Bryce Mitchell. MAKE. IT. HAPPEN!