Best of Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone


Holder of quite a few UFC records, Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone has always gone to the beat of his own drum.
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  • Trigon
    Trigon15 dager siden

    The way he walks away after finishing his opponent like no big deal is real badass

  • asian _gaming20
    asian _gaming2022 dager siden

    I still can’t believe he hasn’t become champion yet with how good he is

  • the rock
    the rock25 dager siden

    A perfect round kick of history

  • D'Angelo
    D'Angelo28 dager siden

    Anybody else low key mad his fight with Connor ended so quick? Two legends and it’s over in round 1. Would’ve been awesome to see them go 4 or 5

  • Ray Patterson
    Ray PattersonMåned siden

    Love this guy!!!

  • Mg Giezentanner
    Mg GiezentannerMåned siden

    Donald has had a great run , but it is time for a new chapter in his life . One of the greatest in the sport .

  • Argentinian Red Neck
    Argentinian Red NeckMåned siden

    Wow... he was a natural killer.

  • Marc Moua
    Marc MouaMåned siden

    Doesn’t Alistair Overeem Have 48 Wins? Cerrone is still better though no cap

  • Danny Freedom
    Danny FreedomMåned siden

    How can anyone not like that guy even asians love him . True legend hall of famer

  • Bert
    BertMåned siden

    Amazing career. Time to retire before he is forced out like Chuck.

  • iTz Centro
    iTz CentroMåned siden


  • Walter Manglona
    Walter ManglonaMåned siden

    You are the man Cowboy!

  • Кирилл Андреевич
    Кирилл АндреевичMåned siden

    Cerrone best of the best💪👏👍

  • TinyT
    TinyTMåned siden

    Donald immediately after a fight really shows his character. Just calmly walks away. Will always be one of my favorite fighters

  • 99 CHAINS
    99 CHAINSMåned siden

    Donald got rocked by Niko though and now you putting this?

  • Doughnut's Trauma
    Doughnut's TraumaMåned siden

    He looks like heath ledger when he is shaved

  • Unbreakable Onion
    Unbreakable OnionMåned siden

    tonight he had a draw

  • Dzabrail Legende
    Dzabrail LegendeMåned siden

    Who saw chiamaev Beatin his oppounent in under 20 sec

  • Bogar Muñoz
    Bogar MuñozMåned siden

    Gran leyenda y en activo vamos con cerrone

  • Darien Duranza
    Darien DuranzaMåned siden

    This guy is a family man and respectful contender

  • Se7eN Cureton Thin Beard Reviews
    Se7eN Cureton Thin Beard ReviewsMåned siden

    Get that W tonight brother let’s go

  • I Don't Care
    I Don't CareMåned siden

    *Joe:* a head kick wil- *Joe:* ITS ALL OVERR!!!

  • rabab elghrib
    rabab elghribMåned siden

    I meaaan i love this man a lot

  • Bigg Juntao’
    Bigg Juntao’Måned siden

    Cowboy been fucking dudes up with the same high kick move like how do y’all not see that coming lmao 🤣

  • Robert Patterson
    Robert PattersonMåned siden

    Doesn't matter how many fights cowboy loses in a row, I'll still be watching

  • ferdo erić
    ferdo erićMåned siden

    Best personality in sport

  • James Wiebe
    James WiebeMåned siden

    This Hernandez headkick... so fitting

  • Lion Heart Leo
    Lion Heart LeoMåned siden

    His head kick is like a signature move 🤣 like WWE type of shit 0:52

  • L. Ron Hubbard
    L. Ron HubbardMåned siden

    Man the sound of those headkick KOs

  • Jack Tripper
    Jack TripperMåned siden

    Donald "diveboy" sirphony

  • Yannic Notorious
    Yannic NotoriousMåned siden

    Cant dislike this man

  • The.Martian Rei
    The.Martian ReiMåned siden

    New fans not knowing just how badass this guy was in his younger days

  • The.Martian Rei

    The.Martian Rei

    Måned siden

    Or even a year ago when he beat Iaquinta

  • Techi Chang
    Techi ChangMåned siden

    Love this guy but McGregor fight was very disappointing

  • Preacher DroneCo
    Preacher DroneCoMåned siden

    Cerrone deserves more credit than what he gets.

  • aivis stalidzans
    aivis stalidzansMåned siden

    Cowboy is living the best life ever!

  • Rhys Wallin
    Rhys WallinMåned siden

    I have a feeling this next fight against niko price could be his last. Hes been on a 4 fight losing streak ever since ferguson tore him apart. If he loses this fight, niko will take his #14 rank and he'll likely leave the ufc. like he said, hes doing this one for himself to see what hes got left.

  • Yarmaling Khanungwoshi Rimai
    Yarmaling Khanungwoshi RimaiMåned siden

    Donald 'Headkick' Cerrone 🔨🛠

    JUST J0SHU4Måned siden

    I really want to see him as a champ

  • Jaime McCaffrey
    Jaime McCaffreyMåned siden

    He definitely got robbed in the pettis 2 fight. Hurts my soul to see this man lose

  • Armando Hernandez
    Armando HernandezMåned siden

    What’s the song in the background?

  • TsGh FGaWD
    TsGh FGaWDMåned siden

    I like how every time he fight he has a different appearance 😂😂

  • z yungdirtybastard
    z yungdirtybastardMåned siden


  • Aaron Javier
    Aaron JavierMåned siden

    sell out... i wonder how much he made throwing out that fight

  • 925 Evil Empire
    925 Evil EmpireMåned siden

    :22 you can see Grandma Cerrone in the bottom left react to the KO 😁

  • andytt14
    andytt14Måned siden

    The man is a true legend of the sport

  • Blake Knox
    Blake KnoxMåned siden

    Old school as lad! 🔥

  • Bob Oso
    Bob OsoMåned siden

    Cerrone said Khabibs people like "blowing up buildings and stuff" hes a racist

  • Bob Oso
    Bob OsoMåned siden The real Cerrone

  • Tony. O'Brien
    Tony. O'BrienMåned siden

    Vicious body kick straight to the face....

  • Zachary Mitchell
    Zachary MitchellMåned siden

    Finishes! Best

  • Fernando Granda coronel
    Fernando Granda coronelMåned siden

    Cómo cuándo pasan peleas de la época de picapiedras 🤣🤣😂 y en la actualidad todo el mundo lo humilla 🤣

  • dat vergil doe
    dat vergil doeMåned siden

    Love the guy. Living legend

  • Quezlark
    QuezlarkMåned siden

    Living legend!

  • jovanie ortiz
    jovanie ortizMåned siden

    He lost to connor on purpose. He should have whooped his ass, shoulder strike my ass

  • Karabo Molele
    Karabo MoleleMåned siden

    THERE'S MORE where that came from.

  • CrispyNuggets
    CrispyNuggetsMåned siden

    40 seconds 😔

  • Denny MK
    Denny MKMåned siden

    he kinda took a sh*t on his own record with these last 4 fights. but still, cowboy is one of the best and has the numbers.

  • Rocky
    RockyMåned siden

    He took dive in Mc Gregor fight .!!

  • J A
    J AMåned siden

    *I miss Goldie in the UFC sometimes.*

  • amanda fletcher
    amanda fletcherMåned siden

    Love the story combo can't get much cleaner or better then that.

  • AJ CF
    AJ CFMåned siden

    Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone, a fighter you cannot hate. #Respect

  • Alex spokeson
    Alex spokesonMåned siden

    Rooting for this cool guy

  • Bordo Mavi
    Bordo MaviMåned siden

    i do not respect this guy due to his swindle-loss to mc gregor

  • Ryder Reels
    Ryder ReelsMåned siden

    Absolute legend of the sport and an outright great guy. Dude just wants to kick his opponents head off, get paid and look after his family.

  • Lenox
    LenoxMåned siden

    he should be a hall of famer

  • Greed is Bad
    Greed is BadMåned siden

    He just love fighting and being crazy lmao Gotta love the dyde

  • Beardedpower
    BeardedpowerMåned siden

    That disguise head kick on Jim Miller was a thing of beauty. Flawless technique man

  • bak 138
    bak 138Måned siden

    1 of my all time faves for sure

  • Alex Jameson
    Alex JamesonMåned siden

    This guy sucks

  • Прокл Игнатович
    Прокл ИгнатовичMåned siden


  • David A
    David AMåned siden

    If anyone should ever take Joe Rogans throne at the ufc i say its this Man ..deserving of a capital M

  • James Watson
    James WatsonMåned siden

    Just realized that mike perry took out his aggression on that old man out of spite for the Cerrone loss

  • Hasnain Aslam
    Hasnain AslamMåned siden

    i want to see a head kick knockout. it's been long

  • RedmiNote5Pro Gaming
    RedmiNote5Pro GamingMåned siden

    His last 3 opponents are assassins Tony Justin McGregor

  • Bloody Elbow MMA
    Bloody Elbow MMAMåned siden

  • Jake Mag
    Jake MagMåned siden

    Win, lose, or draw Cowboy all day

  • Magistr Mel
    Magistr MelMåned siden

    in Russia he would be called a hussar

  • packlesswolf1
    packlesswolf1Måned siden

    I swear he took a dive against conner. No way he lost that fast.

  • Ender
    EnderMåned siden

    HIs leg kick is so satisfying (no homo)

  • A P
    A PMåned siden

    Notice a pattern? When Cerrone has his head shaved...he stomps guys.

  • fabook1
    fabook1Måned siden

    4:06 badass

  • demz nice
    demz niceMåned siden

    U ain't shit if u don't like cowboy... He can accept the L's and that's why he's got so many W's!! And for some reason Chael Sonnen thinks cowboy has a Coors Light card that he can take to any store and get free silver bullets... But I'm almost positive that it's a BUDWEISER card!!

  • wow55
    wow55Måned siden

    That story combo is still the cleanest

  • Anas Shahid 224
    Anas Shahid 224Måned siden

    One of the all time greats 👌👏

  • Monitory Report
    Monitory ReportMåned siden

    A true honourable man, drink a beer and cheers the crowd. This is how all UFC pressers should go.

  • jsy JSY
    jsy JSYMåned siden

    맥주 흘리지마 형

  • pariah87
    pariah87Måned siden

    "I am so excited for this fight" The lie detector determind, that was a lie.

  • DrGanja99
    DrGanja99Måned siden

    First Ballot HOF

  • Leonardo Granić
    Leonardo GranićMåned siden

    Cowboy's head kick is like a fucking whip god damn

  • haedar bakrun
    haedar bakrunMåned siden

    Awesome Side kick....

    SILVERBACK MMAMåned siden


  • Torb Main
    Torb MainMåned siden

    dude needs to retire..

  • Nick Kelly
    Nick KellyMåned siden

    Such a cool dude. And a killer when he keeps his head in the game. Probably shouldn't fight a dozen times a year tho lol

  • Jordan Francisco
    Jordan FranciscoMåned siden

    I have sleeping problems. I think Mr. Cerrone would help me with that.

  • yung harny
    yung harnyMåned siden

    Crazy that cowboy ko’d kelvin randleman

  • psyflora
    psyfloraMåned siden

    All i can tell is, the worst of cowboy: sold his ass to mcnuggets and even didn't try to throw a single punch, pathetic 🤮

  • Operation 3Sixty
    Operation 3SixtyMåned siden

    If you don't like Cowboy, i don't like you 💯

  • Harsh jat
    Harsh jatMåned siden

    2:09 most badass moment in the history of UFC ❤️

  • Texas 325
    Texas 325Måned siden

    Retire ty

  • plisskennn
    plisskennnMåned siden

    I will never take this guy seriously after the Conor fight.