Best of Paul Felder Commentary Reactions


UFC lightweight Paul Felder has brought tremendous knowledge and energy to the commentator booth since stepping behind the microphone. Watch some of Felder's most memorable live reactions to some exciting fight finishes.
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  • 1Down 5Up
    1Down 5Up5 dager siden

    Felder looks like a Dr Sues character

  • ALB
    ALB7 dager siden

    Paul, Brendan and Bisping are my favourite trio on commentary.

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow7 dager siden

    Loved this! Do DC reactions next!

  • Dank Sinatra
    Dank Sinatra8 dager siden

    have joe, jon and dc do ppvs and have felder, bisping and cruz on fight nights

  • R2DTuck
    R2DTuck9 dager siden

    Felder just frozen in time until Joe touches his arm

  • Jon
    Jon9 dager siden

    *Goat tier* = Anik, DC, Rogan *Legend tier* = Felder, Hardy, Bisping, Fitzgerald, Gooden, Olivi, Sanko, and Goldie because I still miss him sometimes. *Mute tier* = Cruz *Please never be a commentator tier* = Thomas, Chiesa

  • Khan
    Khan9 dager siden

    He sounds like a preacher when paulie goes "my goood"!!

  • casillasscorer
    casillasscorer10 dager siden

    Anik, Felder, and Dan Hardy were the best team

  • Butch Reed
    Butch Reed10 dager siden

    If anyone ever wondered what Troy Palumalu would look like in a cage, go look at Ray Cooper III. 😱 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • K. Mancao
    K. Mancao10 dager siden

    Who’s here after the weird manager situation with Diego Sanchez lmao

  • Kam Wong
    Kam Wong10 dager siden

    Lmao professional Felder was in effect during that last clip he definitely wanted to go "this replay bullshit" but "nonstop assault" works

  • BeToonedGaming
    BeToonedGaming10 dager siden

    Came here after I saw Paul Felder straightened that Fabio clown out in Diego’s fighter meeting lol.

  • AnandMohan
    AnandMohan10 dager siden

    Dude wears some slick suits.

  • Andrew Blinkov
    Andrew Blinkov11 dager siden

    This video literally shows, why Jon Anik is the best commentator in MMA

  • nickdiazarmy
    nickdiazarmy11 dager siden

    2:56 so thats what that noise was

  • Xivinux
    Xivinux11 dager siden

    Paul Felder is amazing. I want to hear him more on PPV's with Bisping. Amazing guys and Brendan Fritzgeralt is underrated

  • D Krappenschitz
    D Krappenschitz11 dager siden

    I wish i did my job with like 10% of enthusiasm as these guys do

  • Jessie Joy
    Jessie Joy11 dager siden

    Dude no commentary in sports is better than UFC, where else do u see commentary so fucking into it lol

  • Elijah Madourie
    Elijah Madourie12 dager siden

    10% Felder 5% Fights 80% Crotch

  • findlay1arches
    findlay1arches12 dager siden

    A real Irish man lol

  • gfear24
    gfear2412 dager siden

    UFC got this idea from WWE when they would do this when Mauro Ranallo was there.

  • Owen Austin
    Owen Austin12 dager siden

    I love when it’s bisping anik and felder commentating

  • James Stewart
    James Stewart12 dager siden

    Ended perfect. Completely speechless to almost launching his headset lmao

  • veliks
    veliks12 dager siden

    Just have Felder and get rid of Rogan, annik and dc . These mfers are biased as hell , we see it Dana

  • Hội Câu Cá nước Mặn Lý Thiên TV
    Hội Câu Cá nước Mặn Lý Thiên TV12 dager siden

  • W.
    W.12 dager siden

    Paul was so happy to see Conor get his ass kicked!

  • Rylen S
    Rylen S12 dager siden

    I like how the Masvidal knee made him speechless lol

  • Josh L
    Josh L12 dager siden

    Paul Felder deserves this highlight reel, thank you

  • Sharon Shinde
    Sharon Shinde12 dager siden

    Paul is a fan first and then a commentator. He is the People's Voice n Face as that's what our reaction is to most of those violent KO's.

  • BILL Gaming15
    BILL Gaming1512 dager siden

    No doubt,he was TOP 3 Best Commentator

  • Álvaro
    Álvaro12 dager siden

    is it not stylish to wear belts on suits anymore?

  • Christopher 95
    Christopher 9512 dager siden

    Don’t like Paul as a commentator

  • Lil Jon
    Lil Jon12 dager siden

    Man I’m really gonna miss Hardy and felder together. They were so great together

  • Jalyn Demming
    Jalyn Demming12 dager siden

    My guy put his hands up like he did something wrong

  • Alex Bredemann
    Alex Bredemann12 dager siden

    Loving these guys!!! Awesome idea! 😁

  • C Guthrie
    C Guthrie12 dager siden

    Masdival’s knee put Paul to sleep...

  • PapaTroLLz
    PapaTroLLz12 dager siden

    they doing the irish dragon dirty

  • Commment Only
    Commment Only12 dager siden

    his best was : first commentator " looks like his head is going to pop off" pauls comment " if his head pops off its going to be an early night for all of us " cant remember the fight night but was during a mean headlock.

  • Luke DeLarme
    Luke DeLarme12 dager siden

    I miss Brian Stann

  • david wolf
    david wolf12 dager siden

    Anik is the best

  • 420 Cakes
    420 Cakes12 dager siden

    It’s awesome cause anything at anytime can happen in a fight!

  • Lyg3rBurg3rz
    Lyg3rBurg3rz12 dager siden

    There should've been a camera on him during the Yair vs Zombie fight, everyone lost their collective shit when that went down

  • Lyg3rBurg3rz
    Lyg3rBurg3rz12 dager siden

    Paul watching his big brother KO Dominick Reyes

  • Pyotoru
    Pyotoru12 dager siden

    He looks shaken to the core every time smb gets rocked.

  • Mugzy Hillbillie
    Mugzy Hillbillie12 dager siden

    Paul sux!!

  • Squidrito
    Squidrito12 dager siden

    I hate to say it because Cruz is my fav fighter. But DC, Felder, Bisping, Rogan are all better than Cruz. I feel like our initial positive feedback on Cruz’s commentary was backed up by the fact that he was Championship caliber. Now that he’s not elite anymore, Cruz just doesn’t seem to appeal to me anymore.

  • Jeremy MG
    Jeremy MG12 dager siden

    Still waiting on Dan Hardy's reaction to Herb Dean... STOP THE FIGHT!!!!

  • Keith Greenshields
    Keith Greenshields12 dager siden

    Purple tie is the only tie he owns because Danna White is cheap.

  • Tyro Cyr
    Tyro Cyr12 dager siden

    Felder is awesome 🔥😂

  • Darksorrow
    Darksorrow12 dager siden

    Felder is the fucking best.

  • bakedwithrealchez
    bakedwithrealchez12 dager siden

    His reaction/lack of reaction to Masvidal vs Askren was exactly what I did when I watched that fight.

  • Meni Mayer
    Meni Mayer12 dager siden

    Haha Felder is great!!

  • Johnny Bacon
    Johnny Bacon12 dager siden

    Felder and Cormier are the best.

  • Just A Guy
    Just A Guy12 dager siden


  • Laura Márquez
    Laura Márquez12 dager siden

    Normalmente los comentarios son ignorados, pero les deseo que Dios guarde a cada una de nuestras familias de toda esta pandemia que nos tiene asechados”

  • Double Double
    Double Double12 dager siden

    Paul Felder in a Suit is Money

  • Geisha Ken
    Geisha Ken12 dager siden

    Paul, Anik, Hardy and Bisping are my favorite commentators

  • Daniel H
    Daniel H12 dager siden

    Paul Felder is trash

  • Nolan Cc
    Nolan Cc12 dager siden

    This is how I react when i watch fights

  • Đe si Ba?
    Đe si Ba?12 dager siden

    Paul Felder looking sharp talking about dressed up!!!

  • Irving Jo Tario
    Irving Jo Tario12 dager siden

    Paul Felder jumping out of his seat from Joaquin Buckley's highlight-real KO kick is absolutely 100% VINTAGE!!!!!!! 👍💯🎉

  • Anthony Antoine
    Anthony Antoine12 dager siden


  • Štěpán Mejšner
    Štěpán Mejšner12 dager siden

    Where is Prochazka? :(

  • Chris Stogie
    Chris Stogie12 dager siden

    @ 1:17 is that a candy bracelet? Those are the best lol

  • Eren D. Yeager
    Eren D. Yeager12 dager siden

    Other than the obvious big 3, John, Joe, and DC? Paul and Bisping are my favorite commentators

  • Ivan Pichugin
    Ivan Pichugin12 dager siden

    Love these commentator cameras, you can FEEL the excitement

  • Alex DoyZ
    Alex DoyZ12 dager siden

    Who da fook is this guy?

  • Dre The Light skin
    Dre The Light skin12 dager siden

    The top 5 best commentary: 1. Joe Rogan🔥 2.Jon Anik👍 3.Paul Felder😂 4. Micheal Bisbing😃 5. Snoop Dog😤 In my opinion

  • Michael Jr
    Michael Jr12 dager siden

    I fricking love Paul Felder man! Dudes a beast in the cage and a true fan of the fight game

  • P
    P12 dager siden

    i would seriously love to hang out with the entire commentary crew fr fr specially ma boy, our boy, the popeyes boy, Daniel Tiramisu DC Cormier 😩🤘🏽🔥

  • Dante
    Dante12 dager siden

    Felder + Bisping is unmatched. Fook the whole roster

  • mohammad mirza
    mohammad mirza12 dager siden

    P4P #1 contender commentator

  • Jason Santos
    Jason Santos12 dager siden

    I would like him to keep fighting, but I also really enjoy the commentary.

  • mill b
    mill b12 dager siden z

  • Млади Гангстер
    Млади Гангстер12 dager siden

    Respect to Paul! He is og in this game!

  • Eli Swagata
    Eli Swagata12 dager siden

    Never knew I needed this

  • Chris Burgos
    Chris Burgos12 dager siden

    Ooohhhhh!!!!! He did it!!!!! Wow!!!!!

  • Ibrahima Faye
    Ibrahima Faye12 dager siden

    Paul Felder one of my favorites fighters !!

  • J A
    J A12 dager siden

    *Hope they show when he killed the vibe to Yair Rodriguez vs Korean Zombie. Complaining about the respect shown with 10 seconds remaining then saying it was a headbutt from Yair that KOd Zombie. Idiot.*

  • Artemius
    Artemius12 dager siden

    Give Pat Barry a commentator role, it's going to be epic!

  • Stevo Suskacevic
    Stevo Suskacevic12 dager siden

    Paul Felder is the best commentator on the UFC, he is quite fair commentator. Happy Ramadan who is celebrating, and greetings to everyone!!

  • RealKG Twan
    RealKG Twan12 dager siden

    Forgot he was even at the desk for the Askren KO , lmao he couldn’t even speak

  • Angus Fraser
    Angus Fraser12 dager siden

    1. Anik 2. DC 3. Felder The best commentators in the game!

  • P
    P12 dager siden

    Surprised they showed Conors loss

  • Sports Fan_91
    Sports Fan_9112 dager siden

    Most underrated commentator of the bunch. Doesn't over do it, breaks things down well.

  • King Dome

    King Dome

    12 dager siden

    When he commentated jus a few days after a brutal fight it sold him as a commentator to me.

  • S S

    S S

    12 dager siden

    You geeks are complaining about commentators too now? What’s the next lol 🤓🤓

  • The Wolf
    The Wolf12 dager siden

    Why are we giving commentary so much attention? I think that I speak or more people when I say that when I watch UFC, I want to watch the fight, and after the fight is over, the instant replays of it. I dont want to watch a 50+ year old DMT addicted Spotify sellout on HGH, a retired eye poker and the german "Irish" dragon (who has more commentary highlights than fighting highlights), screaming and making funny faces. Speaking of commentary, Rogan was very biased in DC vs Miočić 3 and Blachowicz vs Adesanya to the point that it ruined the fights for some people. Lately, his commentary is not about braking down and explaining what is happening in the fight, but rather about just screaming OOOOHHH!!! HES HURT!!! Cruz was biased in McGregor vs Nurmagomedov and Miočić vs DC 2. DC was biased in Blachowicz vs Adesanya. But, the best commentary team is probably Bisping, Felder, Cruz (because Dan Hardy is gone) or maybe Anik instead of Cruz. They break the fights down best and they are the least biased with the least exaggeration, and they dont try to steal the show with their funny faces, but rather focus on the fight.

  • UFH
    UFH12 dager siden

    Good to see Felder getting some appreciation for his commentary.

  • Ejsi
    Ejsi12 dager siden

    Throw that headphones it time

  • jessica a
    jessica a12 dager siden


  • saìtam nàitsabes alediv sagelliv
    saìtam nàitsabes alediv sagelliv12 dager siden

    So important...

  • Bruce A-Lee
    Bruce A-Lee12 dager siden

    I love felder

  • Caleb Mullner
    Caleb Mullner12 dager siden

    No one: Jon Anik: (insert country/region) YOUR GUY GOT IT DONE

  • TahaHassanXT


    12 dager siden


  • Duy Vo

    Duy Vo

    12 dager siden

  • yeezus jesus
    yeezus jesus12 dager siden

    You know joe's reaction in last fight night sparked this video lol

  • Hi
    Hi12 dager siden


  • Austin Russell
    Austin Russell12 dager siden

    Felder needs a box of pens at every show....

  • Austin Russell
    Austin Russell12 dager siden

    You just gotta Love Paul Felder

  • Yasir Anadani
    Yasir Anadani12 dager siden

    Are you making this video because Paul Felder feels left out after 261?

  • Arjay
    Arjay13 dager siden

    They need to raise the face cam up in anticipation of him standing up hahaha

  • slayerBO2EPC
    slayerBO2EPC13 dager siden

    2:59 thats some RVD shit

  • The Noisetier
    The Noisetier13 dager siden

    not so long ago, fighters fought three or even four fights a night. and now at least three months are needed to what? if Whitaker was injured, he already knew it, and there are no questions. but, there is no injury, and there is no consent to fight either. I do not write that Whitaker is linked. I all mean that it is stupidly very difficult for him to do himself for the weight race. he will either lose all his condition, or he will not make weight and, therefore, he will not receive the belt ... while they are young, they drive them out like Uthman or Habib. and then health does not take out, and more often than 2-3 times a year, they simply cannot do this to themselves. and to reach the range higher, there will be met by an opponent who has driven 15kg. and just destroy ... here is the refusal to fight