Best of Sean O'Malley


UFC bantamweight Sean O'Malley showed us during his appearance on Dana White's Contender Series that he turns heads whenever and wherever he's competing.
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  • Mr Ronin
    Mr Ronin5 timer siden

    3 Piece Dinner With Biscuits Best Commentary Of All Time

  • Colby Covington
    Colby Covington2 dager siden


  • Bozscaggz Z
    Bozscaggz Z2 dager siden

    Once you start talking about yourself in the third person, it's downhill.

  • Jacob Kerley
    Jacob Kerley3 dager siden

    I just absolutely love little guys who think they can fight In prison That pretty boy will get some turns taking on him

  • Cobra3999
    Cobra39994 dager siden

    Why he got to punch the guy with the nice curly stash tho

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler6 dager siden

    Since joining the UFC, here’s the rankings of the fighters Sean has fought lmao #264 Terrion Ware (old and washed lost last 6 fights in a row) #106 Andre Soukhamthath (3-5 ufc) #51 Jose Quinonez (5-4 ufc) #50 Eddie Wineland (6-9 ufc) #13 Vera (loss) #57 Thomas Almeida (5-5 ufc on 4 fight losing streak going into it) Up and coming #41 Louis Smolka (8-7 in ufc) I think its really tellling how he’s ducking the rematch with Vera considering it’s the only blemish on this “perfect” record. Choosing to fight guys with as many or more losses on their records than wins 💀💀

  • Matheus De araujo
    Matheus De araujo6 dager siden

    Sugar sugar

  • Jens Kirschbaum
    Jens Kirschbaum6 dager siden

    😡Hate him. I would smash him In 1 round. Eingebildeter möchtegern.

  • Loyd Christmas
    Loyd Christmas8 dager siden

    These Irish just stomp the rounds out with these bucks ole lady ole gal, wouldn't ya say there?

  • mohssain Hayat
    mohssain Hayat9 dager siden

    whats the brandname of the white shirt at 1:00?

  • Matt Monfra
    Matt Monfra9 dager siden

    Snoop is the fucking worst I swear

  • Eli Booker
    Eli Booker10 dager siden

    This guy shows me that you can knock someone being that skinny

  • BadWo1f
    BadWo1f11 dager siden

    Been watchin this dude since 2018

  • Low Key
    Low Key11 dager siden

    Lol. Who tf cares about his personality xD. UFC is about fighting. And he has mad skill

  • Clifford Farley
    Clifford Farley12 dager siden

    He should pack on some weight and fight adesanya

  • Jason Roberts
    Jason Roberts13 dager siden

    How bout Omalley vs Mcregor or Diaz?

  • Aphleese Gurtra
    Aphleese Gurtra13 dager siden

    It's not about being undefeated though... Mixed Martial Arts (With further emphasis on the Art portion)... When viewed from this lens, one is likely more apt to understand the Suga Philosophy

  • Yournotawhat
    Yournotawhat16 dager siden

    Sean and Joe’s interactions are always priceless.

  • Thien Khuc
    Thien Khuc17 dager siden

    Why havent sean in a title fight?

  • kawding_sikul
    kawding_sikul18 dager siden

    He is like a viking worrier

  • gafamiza göre be dayi
    gafamiza göre be dayi19 dager siden

    Conor McGregor of replica Malley

  • Kubiak a co ?
    Kubiak a co ?19 dager siden

    2:43 i dont get it, why the referee push him when he walks away

  • Jeremy Myotte
    Jeremy Myotte20 dager siden

    He starves himself for that height and reach advantage.

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith20 dager siden

    Why tf snoob screaming like that

  • Abdulla AL Aidarous
    Abdulla AL Aidarous21 dag siden

    Tony Ferguson 2

  • canada painter
    canada painter21 dag siden

    He needs to fight with Rodtang... he will kick Sean's ass...what is the big FUSSSS>....Sean fights with amatures REMEMBER THAT.....

  • Existential Dread
    Existential Dread22 dager siden

    2:40 listen real close, you know when you swing something real hard and it makes a whoosh sound, you can hear how fast his leg was swinging..

  • Finsanity XI
    Finsanity XI23 dager siden

    Cormier 💀💀💀💀 “oh my goodness...he slept him Bad..

  • Y O B
    Y O B25 dager siden

    2:43 so freakin cool, af

  • SteakOnSpear
    SteakOnSpear26 dager siden

    He looks so weak, strange he knocks people out

  • Linh Nguyen
    Linh Nguyen27 dager siden

    1:01 Dana White: this isn't a career this is an opportunity ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Tim J
    Tim J28 dager siden

    Sean is a straight loser for the fact he basically copied Connor McGregor's chest tattoo. Be ur own person scrub.

  • Ruben Games
    Ruben Games28 dager siden

    He should fight with the top guys on his division

  • Rabbit
    Rabbit29 dager siden

    That first punch was fast as hell

  • After TheTech
    After TheTech29 dager siden

    You can mute the sound from 0:40 until the dude stops screaming

  • Jesse Hunter
    Jesse Hunter29 dager siden

    the sugar show 🤣💪

  • cael h
    cael hMåned siden



    Gotta love snoop

  • Andres Monge
    Andres MongeMåned siden

    you know you a good fighter when you make Snoop Dogg sound sober

  • eLy.
    eLy.Måned siden

    Im gonna tell my kids that this was 6ix9ine

  • UniVOD
    UniVODMåned siden

    bruh UFC needs to stop overhyping him smh

  • K. T
    K. TMåned siden

    Snoop an IDIOT

  • deepwawa
    deepwawaMåned siden


  • Seven Staton
    Seven StatonMåned siden

    O’Malley and both Paul brother same time

  • Salote Rova
    Salote RovaMåned siden

    The most overrated fighter in ufc

  • PAST
    PASTMåned siden

    guys...i think he loves Joe Rogan

  • Peter Parker
    Peter ParkerMåned siden

    Sean “I am not defeated because he broke my leg” O melli

  • Conor
    ConorMåned siden

    Why does it feel like the bald on the right reaction is sooooo fake

  • Ailan Krohn
    Ailan KrohnMåned siden

    The best part of his career is snoop dog

  • Krille Krille
    Krille KrilleMåned siden

    To be Snoops friend you have to have 56IQ or be high all the time. He is annoying

  • Zen-oh
    Zen-ohMåned siden

    I swear he looks like Andrew garfield

  • Usman Chaudhry
    Usman ChaudhryMåned siden


  • Milind Nithin
    Milind NithinMåned siden

    I like how yall are quiet like snakes and rats... But once when somebody loses they pop putta nowhere and flood the comments section... Trolling is aight but If you truly believe that it's impossible to rebound from a loss then you need help my friend...

  • The Young Turds
    The Young TurdsMåned siden

    Snoop annoying af

  • Ryan Adam

    Ryan Adam

    Måned siden

    Lol man was probably high

    DXTR FRNTSMåned siden

    Bambi legs over here.

  • Henry Obichere
    Henry ObichereMåned siden

    His hairstyle is beautifully vibrant!

  • Cody Bennett
    Cody BennettMåned siden

    There are those dudes who are just born knowing how to throw down. Sean is one of those dudes.

  • allsoftware2008
    allsoftware2008Måned siden

    screech!!! safe by the bell

  • IrishBoy
    IrishBoyMåned siden

    whos here from Pat McAfee

  • Jayasinghe T&R
    Jayasinghe T&RMåned siden

    Snoop dog's commentary is extremely cringe. Yuk!

  • Jesse Carter
    Jesse CarterMåned siden

    The 3rd one seems staged

  • Draw With Beektor
    Draw With BeektorMåned siden


  • Soy Sauce
    Soy SauceMåned siden

    Sean "I love you Joe Rogan" O'Malley.

  • Lucidityy
    LucidityyMåned siden

    I think Sean loves Joe Rogan

  • Полевой Цветочек
    Полевой ЦветочекMåned siden

    Everyone is talking about calf kicks, we will see how you will talk when people will find how to block these

  • Dee Marie Dubois
    Dee Marie DuboisMåned siden

    Love this kid.

  • vishal dixit
    vishal dixitMåned siden

    'Salty' Sean O' My Leg

  • CRAIG5835
    CRAIG5835Måned siden

    Kids got game!

  • Fahmi
    FahmiMåned siden

    Don't like his cocky attitude but love his fighting man is good. Shut up snoopy

  • Thrashert Thrash
    Thrashert ThrashMåned siden

    Sean O malley/sean michael WWE👍👍👍

  • Blop
    BlopMåned siden

    Suga show is the real deal!!!!!

  • Bryan119
    Bryan119Måned siden

    playback speed 0.25 then click 2:50 thank me later

  • Nathan Craig

    Nathan Craig

    Måned siden


  • Bryan Pacheco
    Bryan PachecoMåned siden

    He looks like those random ridiculous characters we used to create on old WWE games 🤣🤣

  • Zak Koenig
    Zak KoenigMåned siden

    The belt on Sean just needs to happen. I want it to happen NOW

  • sterlings daddy

    sterlings daddy

    Måned siden

    Lol you actually think if they put him against Petr Yan now he wins ok buddy

  • Scriptblocker
    ScriptblockerMåned siden

    He reminds me a lot of the earlier Mcgregor,

  • ak47wappa
    ak47wappaMåned siden

    This kid is next champion

  • J F
    J FMåned siden

    3 piece dinner with biscuits.... this where masvidal got it

  • Shivam Aryan
    Shivam AryanMåned siden

    0:54 Dana rapping

  • Nathan Craig

    Nathan Craig

    Måned siden

    1.5 speed

  • Seth Z
    Seth ZMåned siden

    His style is matching with my favourite ufc fighter Conor McGregor

  • Axhan
    AxhanMåned siden

    Sean also defeats both the fighter and haters outside of the octogan

  • dasa nuvy
    dasa nuvyMåned siden

    my favourite moment is when he fight chito vera. undefeated.

  • Bart Concreet
    Bart ConcreetMåned siden

    Sean keep it up dude

  • Lil Salim
    Lil SalimMåned siden

    I really like Sean O Malley

  • JunkyJuice gamer
    JunkyJuice gamerMåned siden

    Chito vera has entered the chat

  • Lucky38
    Lucky38Måned siden

    Sean "Knockout" O'Malley.

  • Enis Zendah
    Enis ZendahMåned siden


  • Ash Etedali
    Ash EtedaliMåned siden

    No ones going to talk about snoop😂

  • Reece Doyle
    Reece DoyleMåned siden

    I used to love snoop dog, Now he is just annoying

  • Andy Sanchez
    Andy SanchezMåned siden

    They need to rematch against chito

  • Bryan Moreno
    Bryan MorenoMåned siden

    Espero que este payaso vuelva a perder el sábado xD

  • Jesus Murillo
    Jesus MurilloMåned siden

    This guy always posts his overplayed highlights on his gram. Lame

  • Rob Bryce
    Rob BryceMåned siden

    This is nothing more than geek white hype. Not even close to the best.

  • phœnix
    phœnixMåned siden

    Tony getting residualz on his yell?

  • robm94 L
    robm94 LMåned siden

    His next opponent lost three fights in a row

  • siddharth dangwal
    siddharth dangwalMåned siden

    They forgot to include the part where he KOed the shit out of Marlon Vera.

  • Temirlan Adilbek
    Temirlan AdilbekMåned siden

    "Undefeated Undisputed Champion of the world!" These were the words that kept him going unfortunately...

  • Azrael
    AzraelMåned siden

    Chael vs Sean. Loser is undefeated undisputed.

  • Angukha Chishi
    Angukha ChishiMåned siden

    I want to come to UFC and dominate these 3division fly,feather n bantam so badly ooooh!!!!

  • Xavier Perez
    Xavier PerezMåned siden

    Bright future for this guy

  • Jarel17-
    Jarel17-Måned siden

    The kid is good man regardless of the drama 🤷🏽‍♂️💯