Brian Ortega Full Interview


Former UFC featherweight title challenger Brian Ortega sits down with Brendan Fitzgerald for an extended conversation.
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  • Armando Cerda
    Armando Cerda3 dager siden

    You know he a real one when he calls Max Holloway "the other guy". @20:47

  • ingrogies1
    ingrogies110 dager siden

    I don't know why the UFC don't do more in depth interviews like this with more fighters? They usually only give interviews like this to McGregor. I never knew anything about Ortega before but I'll be looking out for him now

  • Jeremy AMG
    Jeremy AMG12 dager siden

    Very well spoken. A very dangerous man is one that knows himself

  • Erna Brajdić
    Erna Brajdić12 dager siden

    Moje zlato💎🙋💎💎💎💎👊👍😘

  • Daniel Norberg
    Daniel Norberg12 dager siden

    What do you have to say now !? All experts on how easy and that ortega would be floored! Think it was Zombi who touched the floor at least once per round. Love this! Do not see so many comments now that Ortega is not really good. He drove over and outclassed Zombi. I like Zombi but I enjoy all the thinkers and experts who will come up with some bad reason why he did not win a single round or battle.

  • J. C
    J. C12 dager siden


  • Rungeon
    Rungeon12 dager siden

    80 zombies accidently hit the dislike button "MUUUARgHHHHH"

  • Stephen Sugay
    Stephen Sugay12 dager siden

    I feel like this dude grew so much wiser in recent years. Again, his sincerity is something to admire.

  • Rungeon
    Rungeon12 dager siden

    "There is a lot of bad things about LA and a lot of good things, and I went from the bad thing to the good thing so I got a good taste of it all" okay not word for word... but YES. In the UK we have Manchester which is seen as criminals etc but it also has incredible music and opptunity that people wanna gloss over. I was from the very low of the low areas and yeah I moved away on a high as a good person now and I do my best to teach people to make computer games.. I'm the very person I would have beat up all those years back haha

  • Stephen Sugay
    Stephen Sugay12 dager siden

    I wish I was as mellow as this guy. Genuine, mellow, sincere, articulate, proud yet humble.

  • Rob Dog
    Rob Dog12 dager siden

    A bunch of haters in the comments.... ya'll gonna be mad asf for the next decade while Brian Ortega is dominating in the UFC

  • Killer Keem Star
    Killer Keem Star13 dager siden

    This man looked so sensational

  • Jay J
    Jay J13 dager siden

    Good honest sharing from Brian.

  • vinni mac
    vinni mac13 dager siden


  • Fernando Acuna
    Fernando Acuna13 dager siden

    “I see him asking for water. Yup. I’m about to ask for mine” lol! Too real!

  • Mad Action Media
    Mad Action Media13 dager siden

    Ortega is as REAL as they come. Class Act

  • Critica Arrecha
    Critica Arrecha13 dager siden

  • Paras Stone
    Paras Stone13 dager siden

    Ortega outclassed zombie.

  • WrestleCouple TV
    WrestleCouple TV13 dager siden

    its cool that ortega could have his dad interview him!

  • sernsin liang
    sernsin liang13 dager siden

    back listen again the interview after the win

  • KGB2101
    KGB210113 dager siden

    In this interview he sounds articulate, after his fighting with the Zombie, he sounds like he just crossed the border. Great fight on his part, but what is going on in his head.

  • bonke kunene

    bonke kunene

    12 dager siden


  • Gawani Whitecrow
    Gawani Whitecrow13 dager siden

    Resident evil platinum winner

  • - G -
    - G -13 dager siden

    Complex PTSD.

  • AK
    AK13 dager siden

    Where u at now haters??

  • Cian Gallagher
    Cian Gallagher13 dager siden

    Ortega is a proper rat

  • Joseph McCoy
    Joseph McCoy13 dager siden

    I love seeing all these casuals get proven wrong lmao Ortega beat that ass!

  • Ansel Hansen

    Ansel Hansen

    5 dager siden

    Brother a casual is somebody who doesnt understand sport or doesnt even pay attention to sport but make dumb comments like "Izzy runs away from fights" or "someone saying two fighters of different weightclasses should fight without knowing what fighter weightclass is in". In a fight anything can happen, if Korean Zombie beat Ortega you gonna say everybody who thought Ortega gonna win a casual and if Ortega beat him you gonna say everybody who thought KZ win is casual without knowing what casual mean in sport. Do you know what that makes you? Yes, a casual. There are fighters who predicted KZ could win, so since they are fighters and you are not you gonna call them casual? Ok, casual.

  • AK
    AK13 dager siden

    Brian ortega is gonna outclass the Korean Zombie

  • AK


    13 dager siden

    @ManVS BaSs i do, i’m just posting it to make haters like you mad

  • ManVS BaSs

    ManVS BaSs

    13 dager siden

    You dont realize it shows the time you post it ??????

  • Rye ellz
    Rye ellz13 dager siden

    I don't know why all the hate, I love this guy. His a real one.

  • 4thEyeVision
    4thEyeVision13 dager siden

    Brendan Fitzgerald now thats how to do an Interview nice work. And Brian Ortega is a cool cat

  • Hafeez Nawaz
    Hafeez Nawaz13 dager siden

    Real to the core

  • brandon thomas
    brandon thomas13 dager siden

    Still can’t get over how Holloway handled him. Hopefully he’s learned and grown.

  • Dangle Hams
    Dangle Hams13 dager siden

    Brendan you done a great job interviewing here and it was nice you toned down your TV voice. Made it feel like a real conversation.

  • high horse
    high horse13 dager siden

    Holloway really exposed Ortega. That fight was a prime example of what happens when you face an elite precision striker.

  • Edmonton Livermoore
    Edmonton Livermoore13 dager siden

    Ortega BMF contender or they need to make it more weight classes

  • fmartinez760
    fmartinez76013 dager siden


  • Paidinfull•
    Paidinfull•13 dager siden

    I just don’t understand why guys like him, porier, Ferguson, Holloway and many others aren’t the biggest draws, Dustin porier is my favorite UFC fighter, I like so many fighters including conor and khabib, the whole roster really 😂 but the guys that should be a fan draw aren’t.

  • Roz4yyy
    Roz4yyy13 dager siden

    Hes definately got the mindset of somebody who want to be the best.great interview

  • G M B
    G M B13 dager siden

    Why do all of Brendan's interviews feel like they drank a bottle of Nyquil pm before it started

  • waalex11
    waalex1113 dager siden

    Never intensely realized that fighters may drink water for nerves which makes complete sense. Very relatable.

  • Darragh O'Sullivan
    Darragh O'Sullivan13 dager siden

    Who’s the interviewer ? This was an amazing interview this guy should do more, great questions !

  • hospitalcleaner
    hospitalcleaner13 dager siden

    He got them dead shark eyes lol. Dude's a killer

  • Richard Edwards
    Richard Edwards13 dager siden

    last fight was loss to holloway december 8, 2018. fight for belt and lose you better stay busy and keep fighting. alot of people have forgotten about you

  • Dhruvish Kapadia
    Dhruvish Kapadia13 dager siden

    This guy has championship level Mindset. He is relentless and wants to keep getting better even in his Wins!! It's great to see him being in such good connect with his inner self and reality of Life .

  • teinh22a
    teinh22a13 dager siden

    Local BULLY. Very unprofessional. No longer a fan.

  • glizide79
    glizide7913 dager siden


  • Limited Infinity
    Limited Infinity13 dager siden

    Glad he did away with the Yes Men and glad he is thinking about life after fighting. tighten it up. There are limits to how much damage a human can take.

  • Mk M
    Mk M13 dager siden

    For sure he s goin deep in analysys of the fight... but he s facing a cold badass in the octagon tonight. Kz seems not to have feelings

  • high horse
    high horse13 dager siden

    he talks about having a "hard life" but I don't see it. There's nothing on his face that wears it, no tattoos, no scars, no street dialect. Dude seems like he's just reciting lines.

  • Oscar Bailey
    Oscar Bailey13 dager siden

    Brian 'blue eyes white Mexican' Ortega

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata13 dager siden

    Magnificent interview, Salute. Loved the questions and the Honest authentic answers and not some PR bull Show. Refreshing!

  • JP Toutant

    JP Toutant

    13 dager siden

    i bet you go nuts about a microbrew and clam juice

  • Saikat Das
    Saikat Das13 dager siden

    Tell me what choice was Ortega given tell me someone

  • David Wied
    David Wied13 dager siden

    The Dude is spittin facts 💪🏻👊🏻 i like that

  • Alex Delgado
    Alex Delgado13 dager siden

    This interviewer is so awkward and weird to listen to lmfao

    TVNHD13 dager siden

    this guy gonna get ko

  • Ruben Matamoros
    Ruben Matamoros13 dager siden

    Dope interview #brianortega2.0 🔥

  • Wendy Espinoza
    Wendy Espinoza13 dager siden

    he did a GOOD job in the TaxCollector!

  • Mohammed Sadey Salmi
    Mohammed Sadey Salmi13 dager siden

    After Zombie puts him to sleep, nobody will remember him anymore

  • edit11
    edit1113 dager siden


  • Soldier Of Life
    Soldier Of Life13 dager siden

    Never heard him speak on this level. He seems pretty cool. How does he have hair again🤔

  • astheskylarksings
    astheskylarksings13 dager siden

    Best interviewer ever. Made Brian seem normal for once

    DYLTHEVYL13 dager siden

    His honesty is incredible. He’s introspective. Man, I think these other fighters gotta watch out.

  • Richard Kenny
    Richard Kenny13 dager siden

    Slapping a 80 pound guy sucks- he should have apologized.

  • Darren Reddix

    Darren Reddix

    13 dager siden

    He actually did apologize after finding out Jay Park wasn't instigating. He thought he was starting shit. He deserves another chance he's human.

  • FallenGrey
    FallenGrey13 dager siden

    Glad hes back he always had potential but his Jay Park stunt was just sad

  • bryan recinos
    bryan recinos13 dager siden

    Ortega a Real one, “Kill or Be Killed” - Nate Diaz

  • SmokeyDesperado
    SmokeyDesperado13 dager siden

    Brian shut up, you'll get KO'ed in the first

  • SmokeyDesperado


    12 dager siden

    @El Chapito welp, That didnt age well.

  • El Chapito

    El Chapito

    13 dager siden


  • Álvaro
    Álvaro13 dager siden

    10 months ago Brian Ortega did this interview

  • Cabin Oh
    Cabin Oh13 dager siden

    Kz going to shit on him

  • Elliot Wagner
    Elliot Wagner13 dager siden

    I respect him so much for how far he has come, coming where he came from

  • Clive Bixby
    Clive Bixby13 dager siden

    Hope zombie smashes.

  • Guess Who

    Guess Who

    13 dager siden

    Why do you "Hope" he wins....??? Wow the Hate is real 😂🤣

  • Dan Barnett
    Dan Barnett13 dager siden


  • SadHill
    SadHill13 dager siden

    "L.A baby" **does a hand gesture** Seems like something a 5 years old would do.

  • Push


    13 dager siden

    ​@Sgt Smithy soft

  • Sgt Smithy

    Sgt Smithy

    13 dager siden

    @Push "my daddy brian would slap you if you.." yeah I'm the soft one

  • Adam C

    Adam C

    13 dager siden

    Scoffs at a dude throwing up street signs you have no affiliation with. Seems like something a hater would do.

  • Push


    13 dager siden

    @Sgt Smithy you are soft for just commenting that

  • high horse

    high horse

    13 dager siden

    you sound like someone who grew up on a farm or suburb

  • spine spindle
    spine spindle13 dager siden

    This dude needs to look after his face.

  • Bart Concreet
    Bart Concreet13 dager siden

    Embrqce the sucking

  • Mario G
    Mario G13 dager siden

    It dont matter. TCity ain't that good anyways. Actin like a baby after getting whooped by Max... He's gonna lose again.

  • Schnok21
    Schnok2113 dager siden

    mad respect for his honesty

  • Narcos cc
    Narcos cc13 dager siden

    He grew his hair back for the interview , what a pro

  • Tobias Dommel
    Tobias Dommel14 dager siden

    Still don't understand how a lot of the people hate him. He is such a nice and smart guy.

  • Nikita Karelin

    Nikita Karelin

    13 dager siden

    A wanna be gangsta with shit stand up who assaults irrelevant people.

  • Manoj Thapa
    Manoj Thapa14 dager siden

    brian is as real a man as one can get.

  • Jules Winfield
    Jules Winfield14 dager siden

    Didnt this interviewer hide under the desk while bisping stood up and faced the angry crowd.

  • Eliran Sabag
    Eliran Sabag14 dager siden

    Love this dude

  • Erikk O
    Erikk O14 dager siden

    Brian Big LA vato Ortega

  • waalex11
    waalex1114 dager siden

    Great interview.

  • Ted Cleveland
    Ted Cleveland14 dager siden

    He will always be known as the guy who slapped translator

  • Hiroshi Poole
    Hiroshi Poole14 dager siden

    "I dont do dumb shit anymore"... *Slaps a korean in public

  • Danny Worsfold
    Danny Worsfold14 dager siden

    Great interview

  • James K.
    James K.14 dager siden

    People who know him, knows he isn't "gangster." He grew up in a gang infested neighborhood, but he was never immersed in that life style. He was under the Grace Jiu Jitsu family tutelage since he was 12, I honestly don't understand why he tries peddaling this gangster persona.

  • El Chapito

    El Chapito

    13 dager siden

    So just cause you do Gracie Jiu Jitsu that means you're environment isn't gonna influence you? I have plenty of friends who were in martial arts and still turned to a life of crime. You're a product of your environment and like you said he grew up in a gang infested neighborhood. Don't have to be a gangster to act "gangster" but why am I explaining it to you. You sound privileged so you wouldn't understand

  • Ted Cleveland

    Ted Cleveland

    14 dager siden

    I only know him as the guy who slapped translator lmao

  • upsidedahead
    upsidedahead14 dager siden

    10 years ago Brian Ortega was given a haircut

  • KingOfStrength
    KingOfStrength14 dager siden

    I'm sorry bro , ortega you seem like a good guy man but you didn't have it hard growing up. Just Because Your From L.A does not make you hard. Nobody can afford to train @ a Gracie academy as a child when i grew up. Let alone the kids i seen on the streets dying from hunger. You lived from a silver spoon since day #1 #StayReal ✌

  • Bruce Yi
    Bruce Yi14 dager siden

    He called them kimonos.

  • Cynical JavaScript

    Cynical JavaScript

    12 dager siden

    @El Chapito Also, it's very common to refer to gi's as kimono's a lot of the top gi manufacturers market/list them as kimonos. Shoyoroll, Federation, etc.,

  • Cynical JavaScript

    Cynical JavaScript

    12 dager siden

    @El Chapito He was saying that he walked in when he was fourteen and saw them all wearing "kimonos," he didn't know jiu-jitsu at the time, he was just coming in off the street.

  • El Chapito

    El Chapito

    13 dager siden

    He also got his black belt by Helio Gracies grandsons/Royce and Rickson Gracies nephews. You really want to argue it not being called a gi against that?lol

  • Cynical JavaScript

    Cynical JavaScript

    13 dager siden

    In a lot of Portuguese speaking countries, they're still referred to as kimonos

  • Osmondnewyen
    Osmondnewyen14 dager siden

    No way he wins. Max broke his spirit. That type of punishment changes a person.

  • john johhny

    john johhny

    12 dager siden

    @bonke kunene Lol forgot the first fight,Max got outstriked all 5 rounds by 5 inches shorter guy,he failed to get his belt back in the rematch. Now he has to be contonder and that mentally broke him.

  • bonke kunene

    bonke kunene

    12 dager siden

    @john johhny The judges did

  • john johhny

    john johhny

    14 dager siden

    Volk broke Max mentally

  • The Discussion
    The Discussion14 dager siden

    5:52 you see!!! Henry Cejudo really did give Brian Ortega a choice 10 years ago!!!

  • Lorenzo
    Lorenzo14 dager siden

    He grew his hair for interview. Lol

  • Maggie N
    Maggie N14 dager siden

    Good luck Ortega God bless you

  • Daniel Najar
    Daniel Najar14 dager siden

    I was rooting for the Korean Zombie before I stumbled across this video but now I think I'm rooting for Brian after watching this interview 🤔. This is gonna be a great fight tomorrow night 🔥

  • FAZN
    FAZN14 dager siden

    There is an eerie of calmness in him that I'm finding hard to understand. A subtle dark energy, maybe those eyes.

  • Rye ellz

    Rye ellz

    13 dager siden

    Ur gay

  • highlandritz


    13 dager siden


  • Facundo Abrahan Cerimeli

    Facundo Abrahan Cerimeli

    13 dager siden


  • sanaay1
    sanaay114 dager siden

    It's a shame that pretty face gets punched

  • asldkfjasldkfj
    asldkfjasldkfj14 dager siden

    This interview is a bit.... gay

  • Jules Winfield

    Jules Winfield

    14 dager siden

    Brendan fitzgerald look up when he hid under the desk at an event in brasil i think it was

    MODM GAMING SHOW14 dager siden

    Literally yesterday some of the people in the comments was just going in on him for slapping TKZ’s rappin translator😂 Now y’all fw him again? Yall mfers crazy on god 😆💀 But I love it

  • S Kang
    S Kang14 dager siden

    Dad signed him up at Gracie Academy to beat up guys, with no BJJ experience, for $100 street fights. Like father like son. 😂

  • S Kang

    S Kang

    12 dager siden

    @bonke kunene No. The best man won and the other guy ate some humble pie. All those street fights paid off 😂

  • bonke kunene

    bonke kunene

    12 dager siden

    You sad he beat zombie?

  • Интересные факты
    Интересные факты14 dager siden

    Взаимная подписка🙃 Mutual subscription😉