Dana White: Lookin’ FWD to a Fight - Return to Fight Island


UFC President Dana White, Hall of Famer Matt Serra and Din Thomas head to Abu Dhabi. After a Middle Eastern cooking lesson, the guys make a mess at mealtime. Then they test their air skills in a flight simulator and get unsolicited criticism from a coach.
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  • Adrian S.
    Adrian S.15 timer siden

    DANA WHITE: Hey guys I'll take the PJ to Abu Dhabi wen you guys land I'll walk down the stairs with you so it looks like I'm just a regular peasant taking business class. OK? Cool.

  • Shooter McGavin
    Shooter McGavin3 dager siden

    This’ll be funnier w/out Matt honestly

  • MannElite
    MannElite4 dager siden

    Holy Fuck seeing Din Thomas, Dana White, and Matt Sera walk out in the freaking robes, hahaha that was great! I swear the UFC could have their own freaking TV network....

  • Kurdistan Kurdistan
    Kurdistan Kurdistan4 dager siden

    ههههه hahahaha

  • Jason Kocher
    Jason Kocher4 dager siden


  • Mohammed
    Mohammed5 dager siden

    ماناكل كذا !! وش الكذاب ذا

  • Rayaan official
    Rayaan official5 dager siden

    Mess around 😂

  • Fe Nix
    Fe Nix6 dager siden

    This is the first time i realize Matt Serra is a funny guy :)

  • Imraan k Saifi
    Imraan k Saifi6 dager siden

    Matt is so funny 😂😂😂

  • Ballsack Mcgee
    Ballsack Mcgee6 dager siden

    Matt is a real loud mouth t***. He is really unprofessional its like a goofy dude that thinks he's in the mafia. Dana laughs about it until he loses money over this dumb dude decisions due to a lawsuit. Teach that low i.q new yorker some manners and basic respect.

  • danP8411
    danP84117 dager siden

    dana has so much fun when matts around

  • Mahmoud Ghandour
    Mahmoud Ghandour7 dager siden

    Now everyone knows Joshua

    WaRLoKWYATT8 dager siden

    Matt is such a damn lummox. Lol

  • No Tea, No Shade
    No Tea, No Shade8 dager siden

    i’m not even muslim and i’m offended

  • David Jeffries
    David Jeffries8 dager siden

    matt "something of another" serra... what a fukn legend

  • Steven Stinnett
    Steven Stinnett8 dager siden

    "Illuminati" or the people that "control" the world are possessed humans. They are possessed by humans that evolved at death and are now psychic.They can control animals and insects. They can control emotions by turning them up and down. Like when you should feel a little anger they can make you feel a lot of anger. Same goes with any emotion. They can throw random thoughts in your head and you would never know. Look up gang stalking on NOlocal it is clear evidence they are very real. They are 4th dimensional I have seen them open a worm hole. I contacted through meditation and am now being tortured in my own head for it. They don't want anyone evolving this is what happens when you do.

  • jimmy hendrix
    jimmy hendrix9 dager siden

    Matt serra is fuckin dope!

  • jamie10gers
    jamie10gers9 dager siden

    Joshua fabia lookin 4 a fight

  • J Cwell
    J Cwell9 dager siden

    Great the people who took down world trade center and got kicked out of the usa now have full on air plane simulators? Wow they should be banned from having those.

  • Kev Mac
    Kev Mac9 dager siden

    These 3 are fun to watch especially Matt he is a Character... I love these guys...

  • Jose
    Jose10 dager siden

    It’s so weird seeing a tRump minion embrace Middle East culture.

  • Torron Brown
    Torron Brown10 dager siden

    Dana white laugh sounds funny ass hell

  • Shakur Rakhimov
    Shakur Rakhimov10 dager siden


  • 16thirty5
    16thirty510 dager siden

    Bahahaha. Matt Serra: “I’m like a moron infant”.

  • Kk 23
    Kk 2310 dager siden

    *its my ill shaped head*

  • Honor ThySelf
    Honor ThySelf10 dager siden

    He’s rocking the fullsend shirt lol shout out Nelk

  • sh0rtyb0yp1mp
    sh0rtyb0yp1mp10 dager siden

    matts like joe pesci in goodfellas

  • Matthew M
    Matthew M10 dager siden

    Glad to see Matt and Din back!!!!!

  • Heath Fitzgerald
    Heath Fitzgerald10 dager siden

    "im like denzel in flight, all i need is a redhead and some coca*** and im good" dean thomas lmao

  • Sami Thompson
    Sami Thompson10 dager siden

    Interesting I paused at 4:20 because I couldn't stop laughing... Oh Matt Serra. Dean and his hot sauce moment was hilarious as well.

  • FDCbadaman
    FDCbadaman10 dager siden

    Matt is too funny

  • Oni Lara
    Oni Lara11 dager siden

    Matt is a national treasure lmao 💯👊🏼😂

  • Kyle T
    Kyle T11 dager siden

    They were being such clowns on the flight simulator. The head bumps had me laughing so hard.

  • keepleft
    keepleft12 dager siden

    Look at this Saudi bootlicker

  • Iberian Khartveli
    Iberian Khartveli12 dager siden

    Daaamn guys, you are looking good in this traditional muslim clothes And of course your eating is also pretty damn funny :D :D :D :D

  • cris 14
    cris 1412 dager siden

    13:35 that drunk guy was lucky it was matt serra that stopped him, imagine if that was someone like mike perry or rampage, lol.

  • Chris Isaac
    Chris Isaac13 dager siden

    Dana looks like Harvey Weinstein in the pic for this video.

  • scott logan
    scott logan13 dager siden

    6:59 training camp for who now?

  • scott logan
    scott logan13 dager siden

    The face on Dana when Matt says this is priceless 4:08

  • joe riley
    joe riley13 dager siden

    Joshua is a prick

  • ApeHead
    ApeHead13 dager siden


  • Tony Bennett
    Tony Bennett13 dager siden

    wear a mask

  • Forbidden Hades
    Forbidden Hades13 dager siden

    I want Bisping back on the show not gonna lie

  • Kang gang
    Kang gang14 dager siden

    Get stipe on the show

  • John Doe
    John Doe15 dager siden

    Matt is a hilarious guy

  • Mohd Fathian
    Mohd Fathian15 dager siden

    When is part 2 coming ?

  • Rayan
    Rayan15 dager siden

    Watching this as an Arab is funny as hell😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • stop the fight
    stop the fight16 dager siden

    If you had Arabic subtitled

  • Michael Robins
    Michael Robins17 dager siden

    Matt Serra is hilarious

  • Dad - - By - Daylight
    Dad - - By - Daylight17 dager siden

    This made me lol matt smh seeing them Nikes in the gown is funny in its self.

  • Ghostly rattler
    Ghostly rattler17 dager siden

    Love the show but Matt Serra is becoming one of those "Shut the tuck up for just one second " friends.

  • Jay Tal
    Jay Tal17 dager siden

    Matt’s getting annoying

  • Yusop Abdullah
    Yusop Abdullah20 dager siden

    they are enjoying

  • B.S Babrak
    B.S Babrak20 dager siden

    Hi.Mr Dana .i hope you are injoing.سلام مستر دانا.ارزمندم که لذت ببرید .در وقت غذا خوردن باید بوت های خود را کشید.برای غذا خوردن باید تمامی پرنسیپ ها را مراعات کرد.امید که ناراحت نشده باشید.ولی بسیار جالب است.خوشحال شدم.امید که روزی از نزدیک ببینم شما را.

  • STRYKER7191
    STRYKER719120 dager siden

    Where are the women?

  • theGthatIAM
    theGthatIAM20 dager siden

    I like bisbing on this show better

  • sean daly
    sean daly20 dager siden

    great episode !!!

  • Double- V
    Double- V21 dag siden

    I love how Dana was wearing a full send T shirt S/O the boys!

  • RA spect
    RA spect21 dag siden

    2:15 Dana angrily cooking dinner after an argument with the wife

  • MrHawk995
    MrHawk99521 dag siden

    Please bring back Bisping! No disrespect towards din

  • a1wwe33 112
    a1wwe33 11222 dager siden

    Matt serra took the title of the show too literally so Dana had to changing from 'Looking for a fight' to looking fwd to a fight

  • Odell Biden Jr.
    Odell Biden Jr.23 dager siden

    9:46 one of the funniest lines I’ve ever heard good one din

  • Pablo Boy
    Pablo Boy23 dager siden

    Saaaaauudi!! 😂😂😂 my first thought is Mojahed movies lol

  • Erik Andersen
    Erik Andersen23 dager siden

    «Usually when i eat like this my wife calls me piggy» realises this is how their tradision is. LOL

  • Kareem Majed
    Kareem Majed23 dager siden

    Where are the fights?

  • Ryan Pedrotti
    Ryan Pedrotti23 dager siden

    Any one else notice Dana repping the Nelk boys Full Send tee?!

  • Byron ‘92
    Byron ‘9223 dager siden

    Matt Serra is hilarious 🤣

  • Byron ‘92
    Byron ‘9223 dager siden

    4:12 🤣 Matt Serra lowkey calls them pigs for eating with their hands.

  • Mr Bennett
    Mr Bennett23 dager siden

    You’ve gotta love and respect how Matt Serra just says it how it is , no kissing ass or talking behind people backs NO FILTER says it how it is LOVE IT

  • Mike James
    Mike James23 dager siden

    Funny guy,

  • Brock Sheil
    Brock Sheil23 dager siden

    Old Sultan Serra

  • John Navarro
    John Navarro24 dager siden

    Dana rockin the Full Send merch😂

  • Teddie Holm
    Teddie Holm24 dager siden

    Matt Serra is the funniest guy in the world! He came for respect, he left with a little less :D

  • Pi Tote
    Pi Tote24 dager siden

    Pfffhahaha lol Dana White an his friend have the most humongous as buffalo head there enormous they look like rich migit Sasquatches lol haha . Yes my birthday is 7/28mfkr

  • james neelin
    james neelin24 dager siden

    dana white repping the send!!! love it

  • Andrew Niddrie
    Andrew Niddrie24 dager siden

    Bisping should of stayed!!

  • Muniz !
    Muniz !25 dager siden

    2:42 you mean abu dabidi?

  • randylee2448
    randylee244825 dager siden

    When do we marinate this mojo in some hot sauce? - Lamb

  • Yer Yang
    Yer Yang25 dager siden

    Dana and Matt look like brothers

  • Glenn Mc Cue
    Glenn Mc Cue25 dager siden

    The show should be named "Lookin for some hair"

  • Scott Barber
    Scott Barber25 dager siden

    Bring back Bisping!

  • Judy Faulkner
    Judy Faulkner25 dager siden

    Great footage Din...I can't stop watching...😆

  • Michael Ardon
    Michael Ardon26 dager siden

    Sully and Lando show!

  • Hamzeh Maher Shafiq Al-Hawamleh
    Hamzeh Maher Shafiq Al-Hawamleh26 dager siden

    wtf feeding them a small piece of meat, they should at least a camel or two.

  • La Hora Adecuada Podcast
    La Hora Adecuada Podcast26 dager siden

    love this show, Joshua Fabia is an asshole for interrupting Master Serra´s breakfast , specially when he knew in how bad of a shape Diego was.

  • Vergil Henry Calumpang
    Vergil Henry Calumpang26 dager siden

    I miss michael bisping. 🥺

  • Danyal Khandakar

    Danyal Khandakar

    25 dager siden

    Watch his podcast: Believe You Me

  • Ballu KickAss
    Ballu KickAss26 dager siden

    😂😂dana looks

  • Good52 Karma
    Good52 Karma27 dager siden

    Love Matt Sera totally funny

  • Andrew Reynolds
    Andrew Reynolds27 dager siden

    The man is a legend but something about matt sera personality I never liked🤣

  • Jeff Sanchez
    Jeff Sanchez27 dager siden

    Matt is that guy period love him man lol

  • money B
    money B27 dager siden

    first 5 minutes is hard to watch - whatever happened to manners and showing respect when visiting another country and culture?

  • Judy Faulkner

    Judy Faulkner

    25 dager siden

    calm down, they probably paid $3000+ for this dining experience, the Muslims are quite aware of the European/North American dining experiences and tastes...they brought out paper towels and spoons/forks etc. this wasn't that bad, at all, laughing is not a sin mate...

  • Mohammad Porky Haram
    Mohammad Porky Haram27 dager siden

    Matt should be in the next die hard movie

  • Mohammad Porky Haram
    Mohammad Porky Haram27 dager siden

    Wait I love Dean too. Maybe he could of been my older brother

  • Mohammad Porky Haram
    Mohammad Porky Haram27 dager siden

    I love Matt he's a great person. Wish he was my older brother lol

  • TaMo
    TaMo27 dager siden

    This idiot named Fábia, which by the way is a girl's name in portuguese, didn't even pronounced "Pereira" right, Matt was actually much close to getting it right. Anyway, that goes to show how far the cluelessness of this idiot soy boy goes, he acts so confident but in reality he doesn't know shit.

  • Jeff Martin
    Jeff Martin27 dager siden

    Good god the music they use on these is so horrible. Instant headache Edit: that beat when they first walked in to the flight simulator was hard

  • kalle145
    kalle14527 dager siden

    pause at 14:58 and tell me who Matt Serra looks like

  • Sacha K
    Sacha K28 dager siden

    Serra rules.

  • Hoody Nay
    Hoody Nay28 dager siden

    Where is bisping at?