Every Light Heavyweight Champion in History


From Frank Shamrock to Jon Jones, and every champion in between, take a look back through the journey of the UFC light heavyweight championship belt which debut back in 1997.
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  • Sergey Shabanov
    Sergey Shabanov2 timer siden

    Качество дерьмо

  • Lazaro Cordova
    Lazaro Cordova20 timer siden

    Back then it was just roids and epo ?

  • Mr. J
    Mr. J21 time siden

    Need some help guys 🙏👇 Intentions lyrics ft. Quavo, I Hope you like it guys 🙏👇 nolocal.info/have/video/m393qsySzqWFuYw

  • Nelson Lorenzo
    Nelson LorenzoDag siden

    King Jones

    JOE MOMMA2 dager siden

    That belt got passed around from guy to guy like it was a Kardashian.

  • Prajwal Kore
    Prajwal Kore3 dager siden

    Jones Vs Saint preux was for interim light heavyweight why it's in this

  • narfuzs
    narfuzs4 dager siden


    UNDEFEATED70005 dager siden

    Jones is UNDEFEATED

  • reynolds sentry
    reynolds sentry7 dager siden

    john fake fighters anabolique man

  • Arurja
    Arurja8 dager siden

    Jon Jones legend

  • Eric Blue
    Eric Blue10 dager siden

    CheeseBurger Cormier still doesn't count.

  • Андрей. Акулов.
    Андрей. Акулов.10 dager siden

    Круто! Уважение бойцам!

  • Randy Whitehead
    Randy Whitehead11 dager siden

    All of that was good until that Legend Jon Bone Jones came along!

    TÜRK OĞLU12 dager siden

    jon jones beat them all by dominating. Think of it from this perspective

  • Fred Quimby
    Fred Quimby12 dager siden

    Pretty sure those punchs to the back of the head are illegal azzfuk but whatever. Sell it .

  • Killer Boy
    Killer Boy12 dager siden

    6:20 a new era of picograms and eyepokes 🤪

  • platinipirate
    platinipirate14 dager siden

    Why did I think khabib would be here? Because he can kick these guy's asses

  • Gabriel Monteiro
    Gabriel Monteiro14 dager siden

    What about Liddell beating Ortiz?

  • Rapaz Legal
    Rapaz Legal15 dager siden

    Why you didn't put reyes winning the belt from Jones in this video?

  • RET Studio HDR
    RET Studio HDR15 dager siden

    only jon jones can beat them all

  • mikey1974 hetfield
    mikey1974 hetfield15 dager siden

    Randy was gangster

  • Florian A
    Florian A15 dager siden

    Not to include Tito in this list is really disrespectful and a shame on the UFCs part. Like or dislike the guy, but he had the most title defenses before Jones came along and was THE cashcow for the UFC at the time. Shame on you for denying him his place in history!

  • PaperGrape
    PaperGrape16 dager siden

    Only roids can take OSP down like that

  • PaperGrape
    PaperGrape16 dager siden

    The greatest eye-poking talent we've ever seen in the ufc!!!

  • PaperGrape
    PaperGrape16 dager siden

    That Dragon rush ushered in the new era of striking in mma, tbh

  • Johny Lalrina
    Johny Lalrina17 dager siden

    Why UFC is trying to bury Tito Ortiz?? This is pure hatred from Dana White.

  • Josias Rodrigues
    Josias Rodrigues18 dager siden

    Viraram mulher de malandro na mão do jon jones

  • Michael Still
    Michael Still20 dager siden

    DC was never the real LWH champ.

  • roll tide
    roll tide21 dag siden

    What happened to bj penn??

  • Watson Wallace
    Watson Wallace21 dag siden

    8:34 DC was salty back then

  • iqbal pratama
    iqbal pratama22 dager siden

    LHW fighters in the past look like monster

  • szabojo90
    szabojo9022 dager siden

    Uploaded 3 weeks ago and still missing the last two title fights, Jones-Cormier and Blachowicz-Reyes

  • FeisarAG
    FeisarAG24 dager siden

    i hate the sound of pre-secondpuberty joe rogans voice

  • X32i
    X32i24 dager siden

    Shoes in a Fight WTF 😱

  • Faisal Khalil
    Faisal Khalil24 dager siden

    This video gives a life lesson.. People come and go . Nothing is permanent in this life.. Allah is the most powerful.

  • Panzerkampfwagen 1
    Panzerkampfwagen 125 dager siden

    Good to see the UFC’s greatest light heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort

  • JamccallUSMC
    JamccallUSMC25 dager siden

    Forest getting the ol mazzagatti special..

  • Mr Glock23
    Mr Glock2326 dager siden

    Jerry bolander??

  • Kazimierz Badura
    Kazimierz Badura27 dager siden

    POILISH POWER JAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lmozep
    lmozep27 dager siden

    eye pokes and roids made the list

  • A15
    A1528 dager siden

    Time passes in reverse, they started ufc by wearing shoes and now no shoes

  • nLesLiFe
    nLesLiFe28 dager siden

    steve mazagatti almost letting forest griffin die

  • Squelch
    Squelch28 dager siden

    Randy chuck and Tito are the only names Jones didn’t get ! I would have like to see a 28 year old randy vs a 28 year old Jones !

  • Pangloi Phom
    Pangloi Phom28 dager siden

    Couture is one of a kind. Great fighter 💜

  • Erik Santos
    Erik Santos29 dager siden

    5:01 that ref is an idiot 🙄

  • Kaiber
    Kaiber29 dager siden

    Johnny kill them all eaassyyyy

  • yetikm
    yetikm29 dager siden

    UFC 98- MACHIDA Wow...!!!

  • Lipan E yeballz
    Lipan E yeballz29 dager siden

    Unbelievable unbelievable unbelievable unbelievable unbelievable unbelievable unbiased unbelievable unbelievable

  • mario mario
    mario mario29 dager siden

    Unbelievable video.

  • dumb shiihh
    dumb shiihhMåned siden

    In the end it was Jon jones who had to dethrone Jon jones

  • Ahmad Rozak
    Ahmad RozakMåned siden

    Jones is a steroid user lol

  • FlAtLiNeD
    FlAtLiNeDMåned siden

    Jon The Cheater Jones.

  • VitorBelfort
    VitorBelfortMåned siden

    Kto już po tym, jak Janek został mistrzem?

  • I.A.H.
    I.A.H.Måned siden

    What a parade of awesomeness!

  • Mako Faranski
    Mako FaranskiMåned siden

    Update needed

  • Nabil Pratama
    Nabil PratamaMåned siden

    who's here after ufc 253?

    OLD KUBECZKOMåned siden


  • Dr Freemen
    Dr FreemenMåned siden

    Good video 👍

  • Chien Pham
    Chien PhamMåned siden

    Great, anime draw #lovedrawing nolocal.info/have/video/mp2MqtWKrJpnmmc

  • Jamari Greene
    Jamari GreeneMåned siden

    *dominick reyes*

  • Jamari Greene

    Jamari Greene

    Måned siden

    @NevR i cant believe he lost lololololol but thats MMA for you

  • NevR


    Måned siden


  • LR266
    LR266Måned siden

    Prime Chuck vs Prime Jon would have been a fun one.

  • Kamange Joseph
    Kamange JosephMåned siden

    Jones IS the greatest all Times

  • Elvis Alexandru
    Elvis AlexandruMåned siden

    5:01 Forrest was trying to tap ...

  • Ahriman13
    Ahriman13Måned siden

    Jon PED Cocaine Cheater Jones

  • dongyongkim
    dongyongkimMåned siden

    old JBJ was so creative and fearless he just threw the most unpredictable things and noone could stop him. he's still great now but you can tell he fights so much more conservatively than he used to

  • Manny Jhutty
    Manny JhuttyMåned siden

    Would've been cool to show the Pride FC LHW (or as they called it, middleweight) champions, as many of them were in this video

  • Milk Power
    Milk PowerMåned siden

    Sticks and stones may... I mean Sticks and Bones may break my face.

  • BestGlaive in the world
    BestGlaive in the worldMåned siden

    We will probably never see another person become Champion at the young age of 23 and go on to win 15 title fights and be an undefeated Champ for 10 years like Jon has.

    ZULFINESMåned siden


  • LucasHusky
    LucasHuskyMåned siden

    Steve Mazzagatti mind: run forrest run,. Forrest mind: unconscious

  • Michael Morris
    Michael MorrisMåned siden


  • Holy Khuntia
    Holy KhuntiaMåned siden

    My favorite jone jones

  • michael murillo
    michael murilloMåned siden

    Beltor celebrating his first title win is so stupid.

  • MMA Shorts
    MMA ShortsMåned siden

    Every middleweight champion?

  • He Who Must Not Be Named
    He Who Must Not Be NamedMåned siden

    My dream fight - Prime Jones vs. Prime Fedor: 1-off catch-weight, perhaps 215

  • michael murillo

    michael murillo

    Måned siden

    Prime fedor got beat by bigfoot sliva. I think we all know who would win that fight.

  • Dan Rigor
    Dan RigorMåned siden

    Damn Randy Couture is the GOAT

  • Hood Baby
    Hood BabyMåned siden

    That phase when no one could retain the belt was mad

  • InsideAssassin2
    InsideAssassin2Måned siden

    Vitor’s title reign is such a joke lmao

  • DłuuGi 420
    DłuuGi 420Måned siden

    Jan Błachowicz will be next

  • A Horse
    A HorseMåned siden

    Drinking game: take a shot every time Joe says “unbelievable”

    ANIL PANDEYMåned siden

    7:19 What a Prediction. Joe Rogan is the best.

  • Wilson Duan
    Wilson DuanMåned siden

    They all have a chance to be the LHW champ until Jon Jones arrived.

  • code red
    code redMåned siden

    how many picograms are in an ounce?

  • ahmad Mazlan
    ahmad MazlanMåned siden

    bet ufc knew jon were on roids. his stamina, pressure and energy was way superior than other fighters.

  • TC Swag
    TC SwagMåned siden

    I went to the tito vs machida bout at MGM Grand L.V . I couldn't believe the speed of machine when he'd blitz at at ya . video game style

  • All Things New In Christ
    All Things New In ChristMåned siden

    Jon Jones is the Greatest Ever

    KVBVLMåned siden

    It was all fun and games until Jonny Bones Jones showed up 🤣🤣🤣

  • mr420
    mr420Måned siden

    They should have waited for the fight on satuday to show the new champion

  • Nolan D'souza
    Nolan D'souzaMåned siden

    Chuck looks like Yondu.

  • milinski
    milinskiMåned siden

    Miss hearing Goldie on commentary, you guys are idiots for releasing him.

  • G-AME SPOT 17
    G-AME SPOT 17Måned siden

    nolocal.info/have/video/ZYmghNSdznB5yqI fff

  • Quarter past Hungry
    Quarter past HungryMåned siden

    Joe Rogan - the ultimate BADASS of the NONBELIEVERS UNIVERSE

  • Quarter past Hungry
    Quarter past HungryMåned siden

    @9:53, the best looking referee ever in the history of an MMA, guy looks like a fucking comic book character. John Jones Bones - my favourite UFC fighter ever, he managed to combine his skills, agility, and steroids best out of all of them...🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪😈😈😈😈😈

  • Tanatswa Birri
    Tanatswa BirriMåned siden

    Chuck liddell's victory dance makes his ko win even more awesome

  • Brian vV
    Brian vVMåned siden

    Why did the belt say middleweight at 0:42?

  • KozmosisJones
    KozmosisJonesMåned siden

    I love these new type of videos they're dropping. They been lacking in the youtube content the last few years

  • Ric Bradley
    Ric BradleyMåned siden

    Jones was JUICED in most of his fights

  • Muyanzi Reid

    Muyanzi Reid

    Måned siden

    Like every fighter in this video LOL

  • Jessie Joy
    Jessie JoyMåned siden

    Most championship lists have a dud or 2. This one is literally riddled wit superstars

  • 멜빈
    멜빈Måned siden

    쇼군 후아 !! you are best!!

  • UFO Specialist
    UFO SpecialistMåned siden