Fight Island 4: Carlos Condit Octagon Interview


UFC welterweight Carlos Condit talked with Dan Hardy in the Octagon after snapping his losing streak and getting back in the winner's circle at Fight Island 4.
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  • Arn Naul
    Arn Naul8 dager siden

    Greatest nickname of all time

  • iluvmyboba
    iluvmyboba14 dager siden

    Welcome back, Carlos Condit. Glad to see you again. You're a gifted fighter and let no one tell you different.

  • Koushik Acharyya
    Koushik Acharyya15 dager siden

    Condit is a legend 🙏👍

  • Amamos 26143
    Amamos 2614317 dager siden

    Remember when hardy and condit fought crazy how time flies!

  • Fajar ASMR
    Fajar ASMR18 dager siden

    Why people in the comment section treat him like 50 years old lol. I really believe he gas another chance to grab the belt back

  • Take no prisoners
    Take no prisoners19 dager siden

    Dan hardy wants his revenge for sure

  • MoneyOverFame
    MoneyOverFame19 dager siden

    Looks like he hasn’t lost a step. Good to see him back. Carlos has always been super talented. Such a stud.

  • Alrehk Soibsed
    Alrehk Soibsed21 dag siden

    He his HOT asf.

  • faz1991
    faz199121 dag siden

    Lol he's interviewing a guy who starch KO'd him so brutally haha. Condit is a killer. I'm glad to see him get a win again, i hope he goes on a good run for being an OG.

  • Justin jonatan
    Justin jonatan22 dager siden

    Boyka win !

  • Blueboyed
    Blueboyed22 dager siden

    The Natural Born Killer is back!

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez23 dager siden

    Just posted a reaction to the best knockouts of 2019! Would appreciate it if you guys would check me out and subscribe! Huge UFC fan! Cheers!

  • Big Country’s Poundcake
    Big Country’s Poundcake24 dager siden

    Member when he almost finished the Hall of Famer GSP?

  • Wonton
    Wonton24 dager siden

    Why does this look like a video game?

  • Lou Martin
    Lou Martin24 dager siden

    He been gone for so loong

  • Conquiiistador
    Conquiiistador24 dager siden

    Surprised Hardy didn’t

  • Беслан Цатиашвили
    Беслан Цатиашвили24 dager siden

    How the fuck is he on early prelims??? How many views did the main event post fight interviews get??

  • Joe Tisi
    Joe Tisi24 dager siden

    I'm huge fan of his...LEGEND..👊👍

  • Juan Payet
    Juan Payet24 dager siden

    Que se retire ya da pena.

  • Online Money Making Secrets
    Online Money Making Secrets24 dager siden

    That weird moment where you get interviewed by a guy who you knocked out cold a couple of years ago. Great win for the "Natural Born Killer" by the way.

  • Miyo
    Miyo24 dager siden

    It's so dope to see him still fighting

  • BoxyTheSpaceDog
    BoxyTheSpaceDog25 dager siden


  • Edward Marquez
    Edward Marquez25 dager siden

    Condit vs nick

  • Amazonion101 S
    Amazonion101 S25 dager siden

    Forever love condit

  • BoxyTheSpaceDog


    25 dager siden

    same here,one of greatest no doubt plus that fight with Diaz wasn't running,landed 260 strikes.Adesanya is the running man.

  • napz999
    napz99925 dager siden

    Condit vs Nike Diaz I would to see it again. I think its perfect time for both of them.

  • cnn
    cnn25 dager siden

    Dan vs carlos 2

  • Rahul Sivashankar
    Rahul Sivashankar25 dager siden

    both dan hardy & condit pretending that they have never met b4 😄😄

  • Chuck Canady
    Chuck Canady25 dager siden

    Does anyone think that he kind of looks and sounds like Keanu Reeves

  • Tergu Liruk
    Tergu Liruk25 dager siden

    Condit is very good looking, gentle fighter..

  • Matthew Mc
    Matthew Mc25 dager siden

    Did this guy just become my favorite fighter???? Welcome back Condit. Sheeeeesh. Classs act

  • Supa CG
    Supa CG25 dager siden

    Love Carlos condit!!! Awesome to see him fight so well!

  • DoubleChampion2020
    DoubleChampion202025 dager siden

    Huge fan of his since KO’ing Hardy lol! I remember feeling so sorry for him after the Lawler fight. I thought he did just enough up until Robbie went berserk on him in the last few mins of their fight. That’s what won Robbie the strap against Hendricks I believe is that strong finish. But anyways after that fight I thought “what’s next?” And when Maia subbed him I was thinking he should retire. Then Magny dominated him, didn’t have that NBK style to him that fight, the fight vs Chiesa too. And I’m ashamed to say I thought McGee had a really good chance at winning. I’m man enough to say I doubted Condit. But! I was so happy he won the other night! Then of course “he’s gotta fight matt Brown next.” Or rematch Lawler or even fight Mike Perry. Give him those fights! Hell I’d even like to see him and T Wood fight in a main event 5 rounder on a ESPN+ card! Welcome back, Carlos!

  • Youtube Search Agenda21 Covid-19 Is A Scam
    Youtube Search Agenda21 Covid-19 Is A Scam25 dager siden

    Looks in good shape again, sad, he useta be so good.

  • John Lime
    John Lime25 dager siden

    Carlos condit was fighting and I only found out now wtf

  • Rory von Meyer
    Rory von Meyer26 dager siden

    Why did they sensor "wad"? It comes from wad of cash. What, do they think he meant? Wad of ejaculate?

  • Mitchell Bowman
    Mitchell Bowman26 dager siden

    That must be extremely awkward for dan hardy 😂

  • Cory Wong
    Cory Wong26 dager siden

    Good luck Carlos

  • Muh. Fhardan
    Muh. Fhardan26 dager siden

    Condit yess,,, senior

  • The last Samurai
    The last Samurai26 dager siden

    Remember how Carlos condit KO Dan hardy lol dan hardy is like I’m gonna get u the hike talking to him

  • F M
    F M26 dager siden

    Condit beat Mcgee up worst then his heroin addiction

  • MrJeezus
    MrJeezus26 dager siden

    Honor, respect, integrity

  • UserFT
    UserFT26 dager siden

    Fk man, I'm so happy for Carlos. He had all those back to back losses and then the messed up eye happened. I'm so glad he got the win after all the shit he went through. Congrats, Killer.

  • Brendha zxdtgr
    Brendha zxdtgr26 dager siden

    Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  • Goku Kakarot
    Goku Kakarot26 dager siden

    Don’t show who wins. Some of us work the weekends and haven’t had the chance to watch

  • Steve Schmidt
    Steve Schmidt26 dager siden

    Carlos you're one of my all-time favorites but you have to work on your ground game. which I think you have. but you can't go kick the kick punch to punch with this new school crowd. Evolution my friend I know you have the submissions in you

  • Stanislav Zaverukha
    Stanislav Zaverukha26 dager siden

    Last win was 2015!

  • GQReviews & Style
    GQReviews & Style26 dager siden


  • Tracy Niezgodski
    Tracy Niezgodski26 dager siden

    Huge fan... go Carlos!!!

  • jonathan rapp
    jonathan rapp26 dager siden

    Almost 10 years after their fight one has persevered and fought his way back into the win column while the other is a successful announcer/analyst. Shit's heart warming

  • Armando Guerrero
    Armando Guerrero26 dager siden

    That one time Carlos Condit KO'd dan hardy with that crazy ass hook.

  • Graham Le Bas
    Graham Le Bas26 dager siden

    Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • VL
    VL26 dager siden

    Hahahahahaha hardy and condit

  • John Maggro
    John Maggro26 dager siden

    Bit awkward with hardy interviewing condit haha Hardy talked shit before their fight and was layed out.

  • RD RR
    RD RR26 dager siden

    Is “wad” a bad word? If he had instead used the term “seamen” would it also have been blocked? IDK That just hit me as a strange choice for editing.

  • Nunya Bidnez
    Nunya Bidnez26 dager siden

    Condit back in the W column. One of my all time favorites. Great talent and a class act. Always humble.

  • Christopher Rodriguez
    Christopher Rodriguez26 dager siden

    One of the best fighters alive .Savage since birth and an inspiration...

  • dan mcfandom
    dan mcfandom26 dager siden

    Hardy vs Condit 2 please

  • Adam Glasgow
    Adam Glasgow26 dager siden

    Delighted for carlos condit

  • Onetumeni
    Onetumeni26 dager siden

    Condit slept hardy HARD

  • 4d4m
    4d4m26 dager siden

    I was looking for that one comment with the diaz fight you know the one with the rounds 1 2 5 or something ahaha

  • Taylor Fisher
    Taylor Fisher26 dager siden

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  • AlfonsoZR
    AlfonsoZR26 dager siden


  • Jarel17-
    Jarel17-26 dager siden

    Carlos is one if the OG's of the game 🙏🏽🔥🔥

  • Justin Harvey
    Justin Harvey26 dager siden

    What’s next for Condit?

  • Bradley Nolan
    Bradley Nolan26 dager siden

    Nbk is back😃😃🥊💯✊️

  • Justin Hale Then Ben Dover
    Justin Hale Then Ben Dover26 dager siden

    Carlos has still got it 👍 always enjoyed watching him in the octagon

  • Benjamin McCarley
    Benjamin McCarley26 dager siden

    I’m so happy to see you back Condit!! Love you man!!!

  • Miguel Cardoso
    Miguel Cardoso26 dager siden

    10 years ago Carlos ko Dan hardy round 1. Now Dan hardy does his post fight interview. Life is funny

  • The Booty Warrior
    The Booty Warrior26 dager siden

    Can't believe Condit vs Mcgee was a Prelim instead of being a Co Main Event.

  • Nick Pan
    Nick Pan26 dager siden

    If Nick returns he has to fight him

  • Delta Fibonacci
    Delta Fibonacci26 dager siden

    Anyone else have a hard time noticing Carlos struggle with his mouthguard the entire fight? I think he didn't mold it properly to his teeth. I never had problems with a mouthguard but I know it can affect breathing if it's not fitted right.

    BUD WHITE26 dager siden

    Way to go Condit!!

  • Pretendship
    Pretendship26 dager siden

    Dan's beard and hair is like a bargain bin version of Condit's beard and hair

  • T 800
    T 80026 dager siden

    NBK true legend and violence personified

  • Kenneth Turner
    Kenneth Turner26 dager siden

    Holy crap! It's Carlos Condit...!

  • george 30907
    george 3090726 dager siden

    It's so weird seeing Hardy and Condit side by side. I mean when they fought both were animals and none would have ever imagined Hardy interviewing Condit years later with a calm and more look.

  • Defend The Gates
    Defend The Gates26 dager siden

    condit vs wonderboy or leon would be interesting

  • Check On this
    Check On this26 dager siden

    Stop the fight

  • Nurse Avila
    Nurse Avila26 dager siden

    Carlos vs Hazmat

  • VintageVoid
    VintageVoid26 dager siden

    Why aren't they social distancing?

  • Dave Lanteigne
    Dave Lanteigne26 dager siden

    Big fan of Carlos

  • Black Lives Splatter
    Black Lives Splatter26 dager siden

    Last time Hardy and Condit were that close, Hardy was sleeping lol

  • LTD9392
    LTD939226 dager siden

    Condit vs Wonderboy would be a dream fight for me.

  • Abid Baloshi
    Abid Baloshi26 dager siden

    Carlos well done 👍 nice bro,

  • SabrinaLoveXoXo1993
    SabrinaLoveXoXo199326 dager siden

    Carlos is so real awesome fighter to watch and listen to

  • ShockSport
    ShockSport26 dager siden

    Carlos is an MMA legend. Worried about him like a brother

  • User Anonymous
    User Anonymous26 dager siden

    I still cant believe condit is my age. Been watching him forever

  • steve abrams
    steve abrams26 dager siden

    i'm glad to see carlos condit back, one of the old school guys of the game and congrats on getting back inthe win column, and stilll just as always a really cool dude!

  • Fuck You
    Fuck You26 dager siden

    The OG

  • mohit bansal
    mohit bansal26 dager siden

    Happy for Carlos Condit... Absolute legend of a guy he is...still got the skills, slightly better movement in the cage, distance control, angles he throws punches and manages to land them accurately on the target is insane...his chin got tested twice and and he took them hard punches well...he definitely belong in the top mix...Woodley Colby are good fights...masvidal is also a fight for him but a bit dangerous than the Woodley or Colby. Anyway I hope he does well in all his upcoming fights 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Julie Teixeira
    Julie Teixeira26 dager siden

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  • Joel Silva
    Joel Silva26 dager siden

    Carlos sounds a bit like John wick

  • Sky Claude
    Sky Claude26 dager siden

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  • Achote671
    Achote67126 dager siden

    broke a nose!!! real life killer🇬🇺🙏🏾

  • Achote671
    Achote67126 dager siden

    full...respect to the beast Condit is...a 'natural born killer' 👊🏾🇬🇺🙏🏾

  • Traverse 1010x
    Traverse 1010x26 dager siden

    1:10 - "Blow my wad" . . . ?

  • Tim Terrell
    Tim Terrell26 dager siden

    F'n finally. Picked him to lose. 7-fight losing streak(?), 5 years since his last win. All the signs were obvious. I knew Court was an easier match-up for him but yeah...

  • Tyro Cyr
    Tyro Cyr26 dager siden


  • Nikolai Pavlov
    Nikolai Pavlov26 dager siden

    It's good to see these two together in the octagon :)