Fight Island 4: Germaine de Randamie Octagon Interview


Germaine de Randamie secured her first career victory via submission with a third-round guillotine in her fight with Julianna Peña at Fight Island 4.
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  • Zain kahn
    Zain kahn23 dager siden

    Lol they all can just hope amanda retires because nobody taking belt from her.

  • tejsoneji
    tejsoneji24 dager siden

    Everyone beats Raquel Pennington - Her last win was SQUEAKING by Moron Retardau

  • Spoon Fixer
    Spoon Fixer25 dager siden

    Ladies and gentlemen I'm here with your winner...Marcus Camby.

    BRTARD25 dager siden

    Shes trash

  • D. Chvez
    D. Chvez25 dager siden

    Esa juliana peña ya tiene cuerpo de señora, mejor que se vaya a cuidar a su hijo, tenía para liberarse de esa sumisión y se queda quieta, como dije su hijo le absorbió todo.

  • Jake Dempsey
    Jake Dempsey25 dager siden

    She gave lioness a run for her money. I would like to see a round 2

    BEST SPORT25 dager siden Tayson vs Boyka ufc

  • Obama Obanana
    Obama Obanana25 dager siden

    At 0:12 she said in dutch: Boem joenge! It means Boom boy! Hahah

  • John Janssen

    John Janssen

    24 dager siden

    BAM jonguh!!

  • Kannyrado TV
    Kannyrado TV26 dager siden

    I remember Valentina submitting her as well 🤔

  • hairuddin udin
    hairuddin udin26 dager siden

    Stop the fight guy..

  • 周大維
    周大維26 dager siden

    Love her favourite fighter in the division!

  • Interlace
    Interlace26 dager siden

    🇳🇱 -- Als je trots bent op Germaine *LAAT JE HOREN WANT ONZE MEDIA ZUIGT!!!* osu



    21 dag siden

    I love her de groeten vanuit Paramaribo🇸🇷🇳🇱

  • Graham Le Bas
    Graham Le Bas26 dager siden

    You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • Warner
    Warner26 dager siden

    Finally, a non pandering, non woke athlete. I know shes a cop, but its refreshing to hear a shout out to first responders.

  • DragonHeart613
    DragonHeart61326 dager siden

    I'm surprised that De Randamie is still employed by The UFC after the way she was handed the W's FW title by that braindead ref in her fight against Holly Holm and than afterwards when she chicken out against Cyborg & thus deservedly stripped of the title.

  • Hakim Hasan
    Hakim Hasan26 dager siden

    The iron runner..

  • yeimy gaitan
    yeimy gaitan26 dager siden

    2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋

  • Abiola Adedeji
    Abiola Adedeji26 dager siden

    Give Julianna Aspen Ladd, she was beating Germaine she deserves another high ranked fighter

  • Taylor Fisher
    Taylor Fisher26 dager siden

    13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • alan30189
    alan3018926 dager siden

    🔥Juliana Pena 🔥😍🥰😘 should quit this sport and go into modeling. She’d make millions, and a hell of a lot more than in the UFC. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Hassan Nabih
    Hassan Nabih26 dager siden

    I was really impressed by Juliana, when i saw her pre fight interview, thought she over selling herself...I still dont think she deserves a title shot and still needs alot of improvement. but yea as for GDR, watching your post fight interview, you werent that "angel" and all around kind person when you were the champ and fought dirty against Holly and refused to defend your nah you are getting waht you deserve, not "the respect that you dont deserve.

  • Interlace


    25 dager siden

    nah she's an awesome chick, amazing mom, tough as nails cop and soon-to-be champ after taking care of Amanda :) but oh well if she can't earn your respect she won't need it anyways ^^ osu!

  • Sayajin
    Sayajin26 dager siden

    she should've been the co main tbh not that stupid de castro bs

  • mistermanndrake
    mistermanndrake26 dager siden

  • Ayomide Otukoya
    Ayomide Otukoya26 dager siden

    This was my favorite fight on the card

  • AlphaL
    AlphaL26 dager siden

    GDR calling out Amanda: "Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife, the Iron Lady is here"

  • Alrehk Soibsed

    Alrehk Soibsed

    21 dag siden


  • mreastonmurphy
    mreastonmurphy26 dager siden

    The only GDR fight I reallywant to see is vs Cyborg. She ran from that so hard and kept that belt in limbo for so long, I'll never look at her the same again.

  • Albert hick

    Albert hick

    25 dager siden

    GDR held the belt for 128 days and Cyborg was crowned a month later, hardly holding the belt in limbo.

  • Dudde Love
    Dudde Love26 dager siden

    she looks like Chauncey Billups

  • ShockSport
    ShockSport26 dager siden

    I hope to see a second fight with Holly Holm

  • Dubon Gros
    Dubon Gros26 dager siden

    If it were not for the 2 cheap shot punches after the bell when she fought Holly, I would like her.

  • M Ben
    M Ben26 dager siden


  • bale cruz
    bale cruz26 dager siden

    My favorite woman fighter

  • Julie Teixeira
    Julie Teixeira26 dager siden

    2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • Mikal DeLaHuerta
    Mikal DeLaHuerta26 dager siden

    I got fucking chills bro....

  • abhishek kaintura
    abhishek kaintura26 dager siden

    lady version of yoel romero.

  • bread
    bread26 dager siden

    Just keep scheduling Nunes vs The Iron Lady she's gotta win eventually!!!!

  • Child of Artem
    Child of Artem26 dager siden

    Penas cute, nice buns, pretty face, amateur fight iq. Maybe a fight with roxxane would suffice

  • Hugh Manniti
    Hugh Manniti26 dager siden

    Nice win but still has a lot of work to catch up on on the ground and in the clinch if she wants to challenge Nunes.

  • Tim Terrell
    Tim Terrell26 dager siden

    Choked out by a Kickboxer lmao

  • Tyro Cyr
    Tyro Cyr26 dager siden

    Time for a Holly Holm REMATCH 🙌🏼

  • lekibb
    lekibb26 dager siden

    Class Act!

  • empier79
    empier7926 dager siden

    Germaine is such a badass

  • BombasticLove87
    BombasticLove8726 dager siden

    Germaine is great for the UFC

  • Andrew Pek
    Andrew Pek26 dager siden

    She can be & still is a treat in that division! I just wish she added more grabbling into her game. I know it’s easier said than done but she got to that level for a reason.

  • francesca holland
    francesca holland26 dager siden

    Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  • VicMackeyful
    VicMackeyful26 dager siden

    She's just so unlikeable.

  • DaoV84
    DaoV8426 dager siden

    I like her

  • USER 1
    USER 126 dager siden

    apparently dan hardy and gdr almost fought

  • broly alí abagua
    broly alí abagua26 dager siden

    Amanda vs randamie 2? No please don t do this figth again

  • broly alí abagua

    broly alí abagua

    26 dager siden

    @Jeannie Feaster Because randamie no have any weapons on the floor is very very bad white belt of jiujitsu very amateur i Think is boried FIGTH and amanda don t want standup figth with randamie so i think remacth don t have sense and i don't want Holly vs amanda again Because she don t deserve again i think amanda need good oponent if the people don t want the remacth vs cyborg why wanna see second part vs amateur Like randamie randamie don t have defense of takedowns and the victory of submision of this nigth she don t close the legs is very amateur i hope ufc don't put tittle shot for this amateur

  • Jeannie Feaster

    Jeannie Feaster

    26 dager siden

    Why not?

  • T G Short
    T G Short26 dager siden

    Lol Pena gets finished by submission who would have guessed it. She needed to be humbled,,,, again,,, Valentina cough cough.

    JUPITER DEF26 dager siden

    That was awesome, completely unexpected. Amanda still dines her, though.

  • Lechu kks
    Lechu kks26 dager siden

    36 years old, she looks like 56 :)

  • Jeannie Feaster
    Jeannie Feaster26 dager siden

    I'm really proud of Germaine. I've always had a soft spot for that sweet woman. She & Irene were the ones I was rooting for. I'm upset about Irene's loss to Holly, but I'm happy about Germaine win to Peña. I badly wanna see gold around her waist.

  • Marc de Groot
    Marc de Groot26 dager siden

    Topper! 🇳🇱💪

  • coolhari2000
    coolhari200026 dager siden

    Holly needs to rematch the iron lady.

  • SliceofLife
    SliceofLife26 dager siden

    Nunes had to put her down, she was thé most competitive landing Big shots . Too bad she couldn t defend take down

  • Me Dwight
    Me Dwight26 dager siden

    Gotta wonder when she's fighting on Holm's undercard who she out ranks fighting an opponent ranked higher than Holm's. Guess you have to build hype for Holm's next title shot since Germaine just had one?

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia26 dager siden

    New generation need to take notes so the can speak With common sense like Ms.Germaine

  • TJ
    TJ26 dager siden

    It's nice to see someone thanking the people who protect and save us.

  • TJ


    26 dager siden

    @BreakinLawz all I got to say is F those people.

  • Travis Bourg

    Travis Bourg

    26 dager siden

    The military fights bullshit wars. They protect nothing but israel assets

  • BreakinLawz


    26 dager siden

    Colby does it and people still don't appreciate it...

  • Jonathan Soko
    Jonathan Soko26 dager siden

    I guess GDR isnt black enough for ESPN to really are about her. Shes an absolute legend of womens MMA. Oh she supports first responders and cops.... oh wait she is one... i see see now, espn will never push GDR, sad to see.

  • Interlace


    25 dager siden

    no worries m8 they can't get around her when she's a champ not giving up the belt while pushing 40 ^^

  • тесн
    тесн26 dager siden


  • Richard Keller
    Richard Keller26 dager siden


  • Luke Holland
    Luke Holland26 dager siden

    Still a big threat, the iron lady is such a brilliant fighter. Big fan from the 🇬🇧.

  • CallMeRokaleta
    CallMeRokaleta26 dager siden

    stop the fight!!!

  • Miky ॐ
    Miky ॐ26 dager siden

    That face give me nightmares

  • L T
    L T26 dager siden

    We zijn trots op jou Germaine!

  • Rekan Payne
    Rekan Payne26 dager siden


  • Mr. 3 Inches
    Mr. 3 Inches26 dager siden

    The cheater wins again?

  • Lambik79


    26 dager siden

    I think we have another salty ass yank here....gotta love em. high entertainment value :)

  • Jeannie Feaster

    Jeannie Feaster

    26 dager siden

    Been so long ago. Can't undo what's been done with the GDR & HH fight. Time to move on.

  • Living MMA
    Living MMA26 dager siden

    And Penna shuts her mouth again 😂 Nice choke from Muay Thai champ!

  • Niglet Jigaboo
    Niglet Jigaboo26 dager siden

    Still shit scared of Cyborg so who give a shit..

  • ESP500
    ESP50026 dager siden

    She’s like a mini alistaur overeem

  • Derek Rusher
    Derek Rusher26 dager siden

    amanda nunes fought germaine like a bitch but this result shows juuuust how good on the ground she is

  • Ranadi Putra
    Ranadi Putra26 dager siden

    Germaine “covington” randaimee

  • ryanmazdaLAX
    ryanmazdaLAX26 dager siden

    Zo doen we dat!

  • Manny Blackstar
    Manny Blackstar26 dager siden

    That booty on Pena tho 😘😋

  • Tinus Tussengas
    Tinus Tussengas26 dager siden


  • hyau23
    hyau2326 dager siden

    It's fine there's no Cris cyborg to run away but Amanda would destroy her

  • toorpat 1
    toorpat 126 dager siden

    Jermaine is THE MAN!!! Amazing late submission!

  • Ed de Wildt
    Ed de Wildt26 dager siden

    Nederlands trots!! Volgende keer die Amanda slopen en het goud mee naar huis!

  • Jay Ufa
    Jay Ufa26 dager siden

    Germaine does not want the champ...

    MMA BASE26 dager siden

    Girl is still humble after all she went through. Great performance and a beautiful shoutout. Much respect!

  • Lars Van Noort
    Lars Van Noort26 dager siden

    bam jonge hahahaha

  • Bjorn Klaver
    Bjorn Klaver26 dager siden

    BAM jonguh!

  • Jimmy Haven
    Jimmy Haven26 dager siden

    Did she sucker punch her opponent again after the bell?

  • SOGRomero
    SOGRomero26 dager siden

    Best striker in WMMA

  • Jonathan Di
    Jonathan Di26 dager siden

    Damn. I didn't see that coming . I dont want to see Holly getting the title. shot. I'd rather see Germaine vs holly for the #1 contender

  • Jonathan Di

    Jonathan Di

    26 dager siden

    @Bjarne Collet I'm upset . Aldana is a great fighter but her corner was very bas yesterday. Can't wait to see Holm vs de randamie 2

  • Bjarne Collet

    Bjarne Collet

    26 dager siden

    Thats the fight to make for sure🤩 bad blood from the last one. That was the only reason i was rooting for aldana against holm. I think Holm will go for the takedowns, cause she knows she is not beating GDR on the feet.

  • Rojo
    Rojo26 dager siden

    She'd knock Dan out lol

  • Weirdo_760
    Weirdo_76026 dager siden


  • Logic Squad
    Logic Squad26 dager siden

    WOW I was not expecting that. Lets hope that she continues to work on that Takedown defense though.

  • Schuimp1e


    26 dager siden

    She is opening up a mma gym in the Netherlands with her coach. They are still looking for a good wrestling coach. They had a Dutch NOlocal video about it on Veronica a few days ago

  • CodyC912
    CodyC91226 dager siden

    STOP THE FIGHT !!!!!

  • Pro Fights Info
    Pro Fights Info26 dager siden

    Great win, I laughed at Hardy asking “what are you, a grappler now?!” However, tonight showed the gap between the Lioness & both packs (135 & 145).

  • Nooo Nope

    Nooo Nope

    26 dager siden

    okay armchair expert

  • Paul Maurice
    Paul Maurice26 dager siden

    So many sexbots...

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    addicted to pussy ass tren clen deca bacon beer26 dager siden

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  • Dipendra Chettry
    Dipendra Chettry26 dager siden

    Everybody's Like Damn Kickboxer chokes out Grappler but you are Forgetting that you're watching UFC 😂

  • pliit
    pliit26 dager siden

    Stop the fight!!!

  • charlie Manson
    charlie Manson26 dager siden

    Won't lie, I unfairly hated GDR after the Holly fight. But every fight since then I've loved not only her fighting style, but her personality. Lovely woman.

  • Lol Cha

    Lol Cha

    23 dager siden

    I doubt she did that on purpose. She always sticks her Tongue out when nervous. She’s a great person I agree.

  • Jeannie Feaster

    Jeannie Feaster

    26 dager siden

    I agree with you. It's not fair that she's still hated over old news that people still can't get over. It's wrong to forever punish her over something that can't be undone. All we can all do is move on & wish her the best cause she's already learned from the Holly fight. She's a kind soul, that's all that matters.

  • Shawn Cahill
    Shawn Cahill26 dager siden

    "Are you a grappler now?" Well played Dan 😄

  • Isaac Lara
    Isaac Lara27 dager siden

    GDR doing submissions? Sounds like someone is getting ready for a rematch with Nunes

  • sk n

    sk n

    25 dager siden

    GDR definitely made papa nunes to wrestle to win

  • Interlace


    26 dager siden

    @Tim Terrell Tri-lo-gy :)

  • Kuandyk Sanzhar

    Kuandyk Sanzhar

    26 dager siden

    She was close to submit Nunez

  • Isaac Lara

    Isaac Lara

    26 dager siden

    @eat a sandwich I know but the last fight, GDR showed no ability to defend against the wrestling of Nunes, the fact that GDR was wrestling a lot and not just kick boxing, shows that she is training to fix that issue.

  • Tim Terrell

    Tim Terrell

    26 dager siden

    0-2 against Daddy Nuñes. No Bueno Paco.

  • Abu Jee
    Abu Jee27 dager siden

    Dutch Power 💪

  • Jorik
    Jorik27 dager siden


  • Michael Jennings
    Michael Jennings27 dager siden

    If I was Dana White this idiot wouldn't have a job.