Fight Island 5: Cory Sandhagen Octagon Interview


UFC bantamweight Cory Sandhagen (13-2) knocked out Marlon Moraes with a stunning spinning heel kick early in the second round at Fight Island 5 on Saturday night.
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  • Louie Paul
    Louie Paul12 dager siden

    Must've been the diareah

  • Will Wogan
    Will Wogan13 dager siden

    Walked out to Gimme the Loot. 😂😂

  • Dylan Skram
    Dylan Skram16 dager siden

    Chris praff "drama" from fantasy factory??

  • Louie Paul
    Louie Paul16 dager siden

    Must've been that diarrhea for marlon moraes

  • The anti-mad hatter
    The anti-mad hatter16 dager siden

    How the hell does this guy headline a card but after a lost to aljo!?!? Dana white and Rhonda are back at it again.!Aljo better get the next title shot or I’ll know ufc is full of bull 💩 💯

  • Sanji Vinsmoke
    Sanji Vinsmoke16 dager siden

    Cory seems to have it all figured out when he's fighting manlets

  • Ain’t Fredo Of You
    Ain’t Fredo Of You16 dager siden

    Cory Sandhagen just became my go to in UFC 4 😳

  • darllan bambam
    darllan bambam16 dager siden

    Deu sorte em pegar o mulek mal. Deu muita sorte. Mesmo conheço o marlon desde criança e sei que ele é capaz. Não fez nada que sabe deu sorte🇧🇷🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇵🇹

  • Nicholas Sarate
    Nicholas Sarate17 dager siden

    That stoppage was ass lowkey

  • Jesse
    Jesse17 dager siden

    Let’s have more smaller weight class divisions. Let’s have mostly straw weight and female fighters. That way we know it’s the ultimate!

  • Alexander Holiday Music
    Alexander Holiday Music17 dager siden

    Cory Sandhagen: Dominick Cruz: YOURE TAKING EVERYTHING I WORK FOR

  • Islam Ibakaev
    Islam Ibakaev17 dager siden

    It was early stopping. You cant roll back the wheel, when opp hits you seriously, you just drops down.

  • Chris Tashi
    Chris Tashi17 dager siden

    Early stoppage

  • Kronus2495
    Kronus249517 dager siden

    Woah so he really made an statement!

  • sliddjur
    sliddjur17 dager siden

    Let's not forget Aljamain Sterling choked this dude out in less than two minutes :) Aljamain needs a title shot before him.

  • Sasha Brown
    Sasha Brown17 dager siden

    0:01 3 guys holding hands

  • Living MMA
    Living MMA17 dager siden

    That was slick!

  • Brandon Amézquita
    Brandon Amézquita17 dager siden

    Dominick Cruz player 2 colors.

  • Jankyッ
    Jankyッ17 dager siden

    Cory "Dominic Cruz" Sandhagen

  • Tsjung Fu
    Tsjung Fu17 dager siden

    Knew he could finish him!

  • Ginger Downing
    Ginger Downing18 dager siden

    Buy that rest some glasses there's no way he was knocked out

  • anothaview
    anothaview18 dager siden

    Short fighters need to learn how to come in and out of the circle. Like Adesanya he use his distance luring the opponent to come in, timing a attack or counter.

  • Sacky Jeweiny
    Sacky Jeweiny18 dager siden

    Almost makes me forget how bad he lost to AJ

  • Randalmcdaniel
    Randalmcdaniel18 dager siden

    my dad and i were like "oh that skinny white guy is hotdogging around the ring, he's going to get KOed within the first 30 seconds".. ya we were wrong. Still thought the "his orbitals broke" line was kinda dumb tho. He's not THAT cool

  • anothaview


    18 dager siden

    I think his side saw the opportunity of his circling was way off and caught Moraes off beat. Man I was going for Moraes but Sandhagen picked his weak points: low kicks to body shots open the head and confuse Moraes off guard.

  • nir S
    nir S18 dager siden

    Frankie backed out of a fight against Corey, and TJ hasn’t fought in two years and is coming off a loss. Those guys are not “ahead” of him. No doubt he should get the winner of Aljo/yan

  • Eric Mitchell
    Eric Mitchell18 dager siden

    OMG is that Linus from Linus Tech Tips?!

  • Myname Isunavailable
    Myname Isunavailable18 dager siden

    Dude is badass and very well spoken

  • Josue Camarillo
    Josue Camarillo18 dager siden

    Love that he was holding his teams’ hand, original. Beautiful finish. I’m a fan.

  • The Fightamatics
    The Fightamatics18 dager siden How is israel adesanya knocking people out? And That dry humping antics?. Please give it a watch. I am 90% sure guys will like it. Thank you so much.

  • Huy Nguyen
    Huy Nguyen18 dager siden

    Sandhagen is insane

  • Tim Duo
    Tim Duo18 dager siden

    Cory: hey barboza, if you not using your wheel kick tonight, can I use it? Barboza: sure. Cory: 🦵🏻😵

  • I Jaxon I
    I Jaxon I18 dager siden

    Cory is always so stoic, never seems too emotional, but when he got his hand raised and got to raise his corners hand, you could see how much it meant to him. Fighting is awesome.

  • Zoiks
    Zoiks18 dager siden

    I can't be the only one wishing Dan would stfu until the fighters share a moment after the hands are raised. He always interrupts he never had a fight in the octagon.

  • Joshua Camacho
    Joshua Camacho18 dager siden

    YO ufc post the Justin and Tony fight UFC249!!

  • Christian Castro
    Christian Castro18 dager siden

    Only I’m the UFC you see finished like that

  • fat man's blog
    fat man's blog18 dager siden

    Does anyone felt it was an early stoppage?

  • Somerled
    Somerled18 dager siden

    Why on earth is he talking about TJ Dillashaw being ahead of him?

  • Somerled


    17 dager siden

    @poop face ​ I understand your point but the way I see it is that a clean TJ has to prove himself again. PED TJ was a champion and two years ago at that. BW has moved on. His standing at BW is to be proven again. Sandhagen is honourable but is giving him way too much credit here.

  • poop face

    poop face

    17 dager siden

    @Somerled You're just missing the point; TJ is still a top 3 bantamweight skill-wise. Cory knows that if he beats TJ, it sets him up to be top contender.

  • Somerled


    17 dager siden

    @poop face There is absolutely no chance TJ fights for the belt before Sandhagen even if he comes back and beats a top 5 guy. I'm surprised anyone is even mentioning his name let alone in this context. The division has moved on too much since

  • poop face

    poop face

    17 dager siden

    @Somerled It has nothing to do with the rankings, Cory knows that TJ is still at that level above him.

  • Somerled


    17 dager siden

    @poop face No he isn't. He isn't even in the rankings, lost his last fight and was disgraced due to cheating. In no universe is Dillashaw above Sandhagen in the rankings.

  • Tyro Cyr
    Tyro Cyr18 dager siden

    Don’t ever doubt Sandhagen! 👊🏼

  • Gemini Jake
    Gemini Jake18 dager siden

    UFC posts the post fight interviews and then waits days to post the highlights (if at all). Not a good business model if you don’t want thousands of people posting their own clips of the fights. Dear UFC, I don’t watch the sport to hear them talk. Well, unless its Khabib...

  • El Presidente
    El Presidente18 dager siden

    This is the ginger version of Dominik Cruz

  • MrSxesamuel
    MrSxesamuel18 dager siden

    This guy is going to be one of the legends of this division

  • Noor Alkilany
    Noor Alkilany18 dager siden

    I wasnt expecting that at the end

  • dubla321
    dubla32118 dager siden

    Guy gives a cheat like TJ too much credit. IMO TJ is at the very very bottom. If he’s so good he can climb right back up without cheating this time. Or just be a tuf finalist after thought who loses to magic. Fuck off with that shit.

  • Juan David . Franco C
    Juan David . Franco C18 dager siden

    It wasn't a big KO because he didn't connect it well, it was more surprised because he was winning marlon

  • The DreadNeck
    The DreadNeck18 dager siden

    That card was fucking great

  • DenverHustla
    DenverHustla18 dager siden

    A-CO stand up

  • Benjamin Richard
    Benjamin Richard18 dager siden


  • Omar bongg
    Omar bongg18 dager siden

    that was early stoppage ffs this ref has done that alot of times now

  • Agessi Pulu
    Agessi Pulu18 dager siden


  • Anurag Thakur
    Anurag Thakur18 dager siden

    I knew the my hero will win.

  • Jrp. Samotsari
    Jrp. Samotsari18 dager siden

    I want to watch the replay fight

  • Christopher Lennon
    Christopher Lennon18 dager siden

    Early stoppage

  • unkownboi67 is_unavailable68
    unkownboi67 is_unavailable6818 dager siden

    His orbital came out of the Socket. - Connor McGregor 500 B.C.

  • Josh Lowther
    Josh Lowther18 dager siden

    Show the finish wtf

  • Dead Man
    Dead Man18 dager siden

    Early stoppage, no reason for the referee to stop that fight. Paul Felder needs to stfu with his biased commentary.

  • AlfiSinFiltros HD
    AlfiSinFiltros HD18 dager siden

    Triple C took moraes soul

  • Blue Haze
    Blue Haze18 dager siden

    Is no one gonna talk about the awkward hand touch

  • Zkeletor Skeletorsky
    Zkeletor Skeletorsky18 dager siden

    Maybe someone would like to play my free browser MMA *2D fightng game* . This is not a joke ;) There will be more fighters

  • bale cruz
    bale cruz18 dager siden

    Next UFC night order doordash

  • BxEshadow
    BxEshadow18 dager siden

    Why dont they showd the ko's

  • SafeGaming
    SafeGaming18 dager siden

    Marlon moraes Vs cejudo. 5 rounds. Sandhagen vs moraes, control and dominance in 1 round KO

  • Sandeep Semwal
    Sandeep Semwal18 dager siden

    KO of the year or decade? Please share your opinion

  • Andrei
    Andrei18 dager siden

    not hating, and Cory absolutely deserves this win, but wasn't the stoppage a bit too early? Seemed like Marlon was doing fine.

  • J Mammen

    J Mammen

    16 dager siden

    Early stoppage no doubt

  • Sanel Sendic
    Sanel Sendic18 dager siden

    Omg Sandhagen is a machine what a Fight 💪💪👏👏

  • Grafir Leite Junior
    Grafir Leite Junior18 dager siden

    You have to recognize that this guy is a beast!

  • Kane Mulcahy
    Kane Mulcahy18 dager siden

    I expected Cory to win but in the later rounds. He just made a statement. Goddamn

  • kiruoful
    kiruoful18 dager siden

    So happy Morales lost, I hate him and that other bold dude who went to One Championship so much lmao I don't know why where the hate comes from, maybe they're cringe as hell.

  • Никита Репкин Завтрашний Бокс
    Никита Репкин Завтрашний Бокс18 dager siden

    Nathan Gorman, Arslanbek Makhmudov!

  • Ho Lee Fok
    Ho Lee Fok18 dager siden

    Crilin was on shock after that TKO

  • Anibal de Cartago II
    Anibal de Cartago II18 dager siden


  • Marcos Quintana
    Marcos Quintana18 dager siden

    Irish Dominick Cruz

  • elijah gonzalez
    elijah gonzalez18 dager siden

    Love it when fighters are precise in their call outs. You know kinda like Nate Diaz.

    PLU5 FIVE18 dager siden

    Didn't this guy get choked out by Aljermain Sterling in like 2.5seconds? Lmao

  • Justin Gaethje Fan

    Justin Gaethje Fan

    16 dager siden

    @PLU5 FIVE good point lad.



    17 dager siden

    @Justin Gaethje Fan understood, but lets get this clear..i never said I hated Sandhagen, i just said he got choked out fast by Sterling.. so you can stop acting like you know where i was going with what i said about him getting smoked in quick fashion. Have a Nice day🤙

  • Justin Gaethje Fan

    Justin Gaethje Fan

    18 dager siden

    @PLU5 FIVE I'm just saying sterling is the better fighter despite the fact that mma math doesn't work. Also where is the shame in getting quickly finished? It happens. I guess you must hate Jose Aldo too



    18 dager siden

    @Justin Gaethje Fan so mma math doesnt mean your a better fighter but Sterling is a better fighter? Your words not mine...

  • Justin Gaethje Fan

    Justin Gaethje Fan

    18 dager siden

    @PLU5 FIVE mma math doesn't necessarily mean you are a better fighter but yeah sterling is a better fighter. And what if he got choked out quickly? It happens.

  • Hiro Shima
    Hiro Shima18 dager siden

    Wow he showed moraes no love after the announcement, and his coach saw it and gave that man some love.

  • Sam Haley
    Sam Haley18 dager siden

    Marlon, Sterling, and Sandhagen, the new 135 Rock Paper Scissors (it used to be Cruz, Dillashaw, and Garbrandt)

  • Spid3y4hire
    Spid3y4hire18 dager siden

    Must be nice being almost 6’, dropping down to a weight class where u have a giant reach and size advantage. Perfect example of a guy who should be fighting at lightweight

  • Spid3y4hire


    16 dager siden

    @Justin Gaethje Fan khabib isnt big for lightweight. Everyone else around him in that division is not much larger. Khabib is too small for welterweight so he has to cut. This guy has an insane reach and length for 135. He should at least fight at 145

  • Justin Gaethje Fan

    Justin Gaethje Fan

    16 dager siden

    And khalabib doesn't do the same?

  • Cantthinkofaname
    Cantthinkofaname18 dager siden

    Had Corey winning but not in the first 2. Very impressed. UFC needs to make that Yan vs Sterling fight and Sandhagen should fight the winner

  • RatedRRaj
    RatedRRaj18 dager siden

    I never even heard of this guy until like a week ago. He wont make it as the champ though.

  • RatedRRaj


    16 dager siden

    godfrey Francis Im not your “bruh” you sad little MMA wannabe. You’re a casual. Like I said you even admitted right now that you’re a kid, you know nothing about MMA. Im not even old enough to be a boomer but the thing is you really are a snowflake lmao. How does that make you feel? Cory is a nobody, he has no charisma, you only know and like champions and top fighters, like izzy. How sad. Right from the start? Hell no kid I started watching like 11 years ago, you started watching only 2 days ago. Thats why you know nothing. Like I said go back to WWE kid.

  • godfrey Francis

    godfrey Francis

    16 dager siden

    @RatedRRaj bruh my mother doesnt even watch mma u are coming with third grader insult I'm 18 so u have been watching right from the start still dont know bantamweight 2nd ranked contender and kids insult definitely a boomer

  • RatedRRaj


    18 dager siden

    godfrey Francis No wonder you have izzy in your pic, you probably only like undefeated fighters and champions since you only know about UFC from Conor McGregor haha. Your opinion means nothing, cry about it elsewhere.

  • RatedRRaj


    18 dager siden

    godfrey Francis Nah your mother is a casual, you know nothing about fighting, you’re weak. Ive been watching UFC before you was born. Go back to watching wwe kid.

  • godfrey Francis

    godfrey Francis

    18 dager siden

    U are casual your opinion dont matter

  • Bas
    Bas18 dager siden

    My orbital was a balloon

  • P
    P18 dager siden

    Did cringe Joker won?

  • Judy Faulkner

    Judy Faulkner

    18 dager siden

    @P - no problem, his take on the Joker was a little bit over the top... especially with the tongue bit 😆 he must be a massive fan...

  • P


    18 dager siden

    @Judy Faulkner thanks for answer, now i am satisfied lmao

  • Judy Faulkner

    Judy Faulkner

    18 dager siden

    nope! he was KOed in the 1st round, at 3 : 22

    BABUIN18 dager siden

    Good fight by Sandhagen but Mark Goddard failed again. The stoppage against Moraes was a little too early since Moraes was defending well.

  • Ddv Sgd
    Ddv Sgd18 dager siden

    I knew this guy was the shit since Jack Slack made that video on him.

  • thomas wightman
    thomas wightman18 dager siden

    The way marlon went to embrace him and just done a pat on the back :(

  • CH08 Bison

    CH08 Bison

    18 dager siden

    Yeah and that missed fist bump he just walked away lol

  • Wamrage76
    Wamrage7618 dager siden

    Sandhagen is the new breed.

  • Tanxil Hanif
    Tanxil Hanif18 dager siden

    That tells how fucking good Aljo .. he totally shut down Sandhagen

  • Shawn Cahill
    Shawn Cahill18 dager siden

    Great shot landed, though I'm not sure what the ref saw to make him stop the fight. 🤔

  • TheOnslaughtMiller
    TheOnslaughtMiller18 dager siden

    Dominick Cruz 2.0

  • My Penis is incredibly small but,
    My Penis is incredibly small but,18 dager siden

    Well, that was unexpected.

  • smoothshot 95
    smoothshot 9518 dager siden

    Kicking my self for not betting on this

  • Andrew Mitchell
    Andrew Mitchell18 dager siden


  • Richard Nascaw
    Richard Nascaw18 dager siden

    marlon is a bum

  • Emanuele
    Emanuele18 dager siden

    What an amazing spinning kick......great way to beat the number 1 of the division and since the fight started Sandhagen dictated the pace and took the control of the octagon indeed.....i was upset Marlon had no answers to the combinations /kicks /punches/knees of Sandhagen except to replicate those actions as if he were at the initiative by Marlon at all. Sandhagen is a great fight for the champ, the way he switch stances, controls the range and set up his actions with intelligence and speed is so unpredictable. Aside from the KO my favorite action was a low kick followed by a knee to the quick. Damn good fighter imo.

  • So So
    So So18 dager siden

    Sandhagen is For Real! all the Casuals stop Hating.

  • Alan Michael Jackson
    Alan Michael Jackson18 dager siden

    Told y'all he's a beast

  • xxxtemptation !
    xxxtemptation !18 dager siden

    I see cory being a champ sooon.

  • Sleepy Head
    Sleepy Head18 dager siden

    Marlon always blowing it for himself. He’s so good but he’s just not good enough to win it all....

  • Brandon Amézquita

    Brandon Amézquita

    17 dager siden

    @Bruce Wayne All good.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne

    17 dager siden

    @Brandon Amézquita Yes! Sorry, I missed him.

  • Brandon Amézquita

    Brandon Amézquita

    17 dager siden

    @Bruce Wayne Conor? Costa would be a better example.

  • The Fightamatics

    The Fightamatics

    18 dager siden How is israel adesanya knocking people out? And That dry humping antics?. Please give it a watch. I am 90% sure guys will like it. Thank you so much..

  • Django Leo

    Django Leo

    18 dager siden

    @Bruce Wayne Volume vs Power

  • MrHandsomeboynow
    MrHandsomeboynow18 dager siden

    Not gonna lie, I was sleeping on Sandhagen. Moraes is so good...

  • Joe Pagan

    Joe Pagan

    18 dager siden

    Because triple c showed his true weakness his cardio before that mans was a killer but now people know they could defeat him if they survive past round 2

  • jim lotus
    jim lotus18 dager siden

    NO CROWD .. NO FIGHT ...

  • Jardeu Nicolas
    Jardeu Nicolas18 dager siden

    This guy Cory is a fuckin' BEAST

  • Vlad Hogan
    Vlad Hogan18 dager siden

    Cory is the real deal