Fight Island 5: Edson Barboza Octagon Interview


Edson Barboza (21-9) got his first victory at featherweight via unanimous decision over Makwan Amirkhani at Fight Island 5 on Saturday night.
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  • Özgür Talay
    Özgür Talay6 dager siden

    Thank you makwan enitgn!

  • WFA Simulation
    WFA Simulation8 dager siden

    30-26 Edson imo

  • Miguel Cruz
    Miguel Cruz13 dager siden

    Edson is always a class act we need more fighters like him

  • john smoot
    john smoot16 dager siden

    I swear it’s the hair

  • Rangus
    Rangus16 dager siden

    Barboza VS Emmett

  • Esh Khan
    Esh Khan17 dager siden

    wtf did he say at the end

  • Lyric Sabotbieul
    Lyric Sabotbieul17 dager siden

    Barboza looking sharp as ever. And im diggin the hair and beard

    PLEASURED PAIN17 dager siden

    Wow bro ... that’s how life is supposed to be right there bro ... 😞 that was amazing bro 💯💯

  • Gerard Honing
    Gerard Honing17 dager siden

    Barboza is a great guy, happy for him

  • HittokiriBatosai
    HittokiriBatosai17 dager siden

    Him against Holloway would be epic

  • Menard Acosta

    Menard Acosta

    17 dager siden

    Holloway doesn't fight at 155 though

  • Youssouf 'A
    Youssouf 'A17 dager siden

    Respect Barboza !! 👊

  • kushillegalshowseverything
    kushillegalshowseverything17 dager siden

    Tony really moving people to different weight classes

  • BDG EzShorty4BH
    BDG EzShorty4BH18 dager siden

    Dam dont even recongize him

  • William Franco
    William Franco18 dager siden

    Well that was a awkward bow

  • Rayan Dani
    Rayan Dani18 dager siden

    He looks like JINDER MAHAL 😯

  • Beta Simp
    Beta Simp18 dager siden

    No Khabib here, so I can be the champion here!

  • John The Don
    John The Don18 dager siden

    I like when both fighters show respect after a fight

  • Moeketsi Thabang Siziba
    Moeketsi Thabang Siziba18 dager siden

    so edson cant finish anymore

  • Toni Vasic
    Toni Vasic18 dager siden


  • Charlie S
    Charlie S18 dager siden

    Dang last I remember he rocked a shaved head and clean shaven

  • Ethan Wingrove TV
    Ethan Wingrove TV18 dager siden

    Bearded barboza is coming

  • Biruk Tebase
    Biruk Tebase18 dager siden

    Love the class at the end, good men good men.

  • Jamal Channel
    Jamal Channel18 dager siden

    Finally barboza win i want see romero win too

  • rafat omar
    rafat omar18 dager siden

    Chael sonnen gonna roast him for sayin anybody, he should have called someone out

  • yo-el G-P
    yo-el G-P18 dager siden

    Al fin despues de mucho vuelve a ganar edson un gran deportista

  • Farcal
    Farcal18 dager siden


  • Abdul Irfan
    Abdul Irfan18 dager siden

    This guy no need to ask top 5 .. He is a true warrior.. He can fight for championship...

  • Brady H
    Brady H18 dager siden

    Edson vs yair

  • Michael Bennett
    Michael Bennett18 dager siden

    Dam Edson got dark.

  • Emily M
    Emily M18 dager siden

    he’s good at fw

  • Baisil Sunny
    Baisil Sunny18 dager siden

    Holy shit...when did this guy get a beard and grow hair

  • Notorious .02
    Notorious .0218 dager siden

    Finally!!! Edson has been robbed twice it was about twice they saw him win

  • Jimnosnow 4
    Jimnosnow 418 dager siden

    C’mon Edson let’s make a FTW title run!

  • Равшан Эрматов
    Равшан Эрматов18 dager siden

    Барбоза ты станешь чемпионом я верю ты достоин того

  • mxamiss5
    mxamiss518 dager siden

    Edson said earlier in the week he was going for the finish every second. Yet he landed 2 strikes in the first. His skill has decreased about 80% in FW.

  • LDizzle


    17 dager siden

    Edson has been around for a minute, he’s in his mid 30s and he recently moved down to featherweight to have another run at getting the belt. Everyone knows what to expect from him at this point too. He’s being more calculated because as history shows, good wrestlers are his kryptonite. Makwan is a very dangerous wrestler and he can’t just unleash his kicks and make himself predictable and get taken down. He’s picking his shots and capitalizing off his opponents mistakes. He’s more cerebral of a fighter, this is the way I see it. My opinion.

  • Stephen M
    Stephen M18 dager siden

    There was no finish but dominating a stud like this is a fantastic result for barboza. I hope this doesn't just leave barboza as a gatekeeper to the top 5.

  • Marcelo LA
    Marcelo LA18 dager siden

    In the end of the interview he said "filho eu meti a porrada" it means "hey son! I kicked his ass" because before the fight his son sent him a message saying " dad please kicked his ass"

  • M K
    M K18 dager siden

    Respect for Amirkhani to take this fight

  • Marcelo LA
    Marcelo LA18 dager siden

    Edson is a such great fighter...and so exciting to watch...I'm really happy for him...

  • Current King
    Current King18 dager siden

    The caught the second wind kudos barboza so glad to see him winning again . Dont let that khabib fight PTSD linger in your mind .

  • La Pulga

    La Pulga

    17 dager siden

    Unlike conor lol

  • Marc Eyoy
    Marc Eyoy18 dager siden

    Barboza is back

  • Condy Loid
    Condy Loid18 dager siden

    Is it just me or does Edson with hair look heavier?

  • coolhari2000
    coolhari200018 dager siden

    He looked like monster at 155, wonder how he looks even better at 145. 🤯🤯🤯

  • victor mamute
    victor mamute18 dager siden

    at the end he sent a message to his children in portuguese he said-daddy beat it

  • Василий Иванов
    Василий Иванов18 dager siden

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  • Sasha Brown
    Sasha Brown18 dager siden

    I made a UFC highlight video does someone want to check it out and give a honest opinion about the video?

  • sharon brown
    sharon brown18 dager siden

    I saw Edson winning EVERY round, what fight was the judge watching who gave 29-28! ?!?!?! Need to speak to him ASAP because that kind of decision could cost a fighter don't wait but ask him to explain his scoring!!

  • Daryl Dixon Rick Grimes
    Daryl Dixon Rick Grimes18 dager siden

    Brarboza is a Real Champion. Khabib Beat him the Most Form all Oponends and still He Fight Back And try Kicks.

  • Ng Yang
    Ng Yang18 dager siden

    Edson barbosa look good with bear and hair

    JOJO WTF18 dager siden

    3-fight win streak now 👊🏼❤️

  • Rogue_Console
    Rogue_Console19 dager siden

    Edson grew a beard and his hair so the judges don't recognize him.

  • RevengeOfMoctezuma
    RevengeOfMoctezuma19 dager siden

    man i was so nervous waiting to hear the winner. i didn't want to have to see edson get robbed three times in a row. these judges i swear. 29-28? really?

  • Isaac Ibnoumaryama
    Isaac Ibnoumaryama19 dager siden

    Is this old ?

  • Jose Smith
    Jose Smith19 dager siden

    He should keep the beard and hair

  • Klazyo
    Klazyo19 dager siden

    the beard works in wonderous ways . Gif me tap fave tap siyx i amou radyy to be chUmmmmmmmmmmpionnnnnnnnn

  • William Munny
    William Munny19 dager siden

    *_Matthew 11.28 Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 29 Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For My yoke is easy and My burden is light."_* _Jesus Christ loves you. Repent and be saved. Only Jesus Christ saves. God bless you, and the grace of God be upon you and your family in the name of Jesus Christ_

  • Check On this
    Check On this19 dager siden

    Judge 1 :- 30-26 in the guy with the beard favor Judge 2:- 30-27 in the guy with the beard favor Judge 3 :- 29-28 Judge 1 and 2:- what the hell?! judge 3 where that score card came from Judge 3 :- are you dumb or stoopid that guy with beard it's edson Barbosa Judge 1 and 2 :- we'll get him next time boys

  • Matheus Marques

    Matheus Marques

    17 dager siden


  • Greasy Brisket
    Greasy Brisket19 dager siden

    Wow haha who is this Edson Barboza! He looks great with the hair and beard. Caught me off guard though

  • Tennesee Testostreone
    Tennesee Testostreone19 dager siden

    This pathetic guy, spitted to the ground after announcer announced Edson’s win at 0:13 didnt show no respect to legend and great fighter like Barboza and couldnt accept a loss. What a man child, Im Finnish man myself but lost all respect to Makwan after this act, pathetic.

  • Dr. Loomis
    Dr. Loomis19 dager siden

    0:24 Get that fucking mic out of there Hardy...that was between them. should've waited until that was over imo.

  • ii ii
    ii ii19 dager siden

    His last fight against Paul he won in the view of the crowd and everyone but on paper he lost and that’s not fair

    MANNY19 dager siden

    Their respect for each other is beautiful ✊🏽

  • Arnab CowSwamee
    Arnab CowSwamee19 dager siden

    Juiced to the gills

  • NewHD Saver
    NewHD Saver19 dager siden

    Barboza Is A Muslim. Woow. He Said "I Respect To Allah" 0:30 💓💓💓💓💓

  • mrpotatoguy1


    19 dager siden

    @Ali Hussain Lmaoooo this too funny

  • Ali Hussain

    Ali Hussain

    19 dager siden

    He said “respect you a lot”

  • nir S
    nir S19 dager siden

    Edson is such a warrior, so happy to see him win.

  • MellieRL
    MellieRL19 dager siden

    He is still such a beast

  • Zoulkarnein Bagagnan
    Zoulkarnein Bagagnan19 dager siden

    Yo wtf the things a beard can do

  • The Fightamatics
    The Fightamatics19 dager siden How is israel adesanya knocking people out? And That dry humping antics?. Please give it a watch. I am 90% sure guys will like it. Thank you so much.

  • Nadeem Iqbal
    Nadeem Iqbal19 dager siden

    Edson excellent fighter gets robbed by judges alot

  • 10whatabeast
    10whatabeast19 dager siden

    Keep the hair Edson!

  • Aman
    Aman19 dager siden

    The UFC is such a shitty organization. How is it possible that in 2020 you can get robbed from a W 3 times in a row? I felt bad for Barboza but luckily he won.

  • Binod Gogoi
    Binod Gogoi19 dager siden

    Respect is matter ...

  • Rogelio Ybarra
    Rogelio Ybarra19 dager siden

    Give him tony ferguson so he cangive it to him again

  • Angel Nature lover
    Angel Nature lover19 dager siden


  • $agar kerketta
    $agar kerketta19 dager siden

    A failed lightweight fighter ..

  • Cherry Ice
    Cherry Ice19 dager siden

    Who the fook is that guy i didn't recognize Barboza

  • Osama Al Harbi
    Osama Al Harbi19 dager siden

    Barboza is done being a gatekeeper at lightweight dude lost to everybody at lightweight, but i feel like he is a good guy.

  • Osama Al Harbi
    Osama Al Harbi19 dager siden

    all that lightweight muscles gone x_x

  • Миша Нестеровский
    Миша Нестеровский19 dager siden

    I regret not betting money on his victory .. ((I thought there would be a draw ..

  • 김성준
    김성준19 dager siden

    mma record true 23-7 fake 21-9 this is fucking judgement of ufc judges

  • Luiza Santos
    Luiza Santos19 dager siden

    Muito foda eles se ajoelhando e se cumprimentando

  • Jovan H
    Jovan H19 dager siden

    Edson is a Great fighter But hes just a gate keeper Hes already lost to the best in the UFC.

  • Will Chill
    Will Chill19 dager siden

    i really think nate diaz won this

  • Be honest with yourself
    Be honest with yourself19 dager siden

    Im always ready for whatever..................................................... except khabib

  • Mariner Chris
    Mariner Chris19 dager siden

    29-28? Who the F*ck Judges that!?

  • Stak Dollars
    Stak Dollars19 dager siden

    Really looking forward to seeing Edbosa make this title run!

  • GM 2504
    GM 250419 dager siden

    As long as Edson isn’t facing wrestlers he can be a champ

  • Duncan McDougall
    Duncan McDougall19 dager siden

    Edson is one of the most under appreciated talents on the entire roster. Dangerous man.

  • SirCutEmUp
    SirCutEmUp19 dager siden

    Edson JR Barboza 🤔

  • Dagge
    Dagge19 dager siden

    Would be cool to see him fight Yair, just a match filled with spinning shit

  • Muhammad Alyahya
    Muhammad Alyahya19 dager siden

    Respect to Allah? He said?

  • Muhammad Alyahya

    Muhammad Alyahya

    17 dager siden

    MKI got it

  • Paul Rathje
    Paul Rathje19 dager siden

    does anybody know what edson said in portuguese last seconds of his interview? something with "win"?

  • Paul Rathje

    Paul Rathje

    18 dager siden

    @Marcelo LA awesome thanks mate

  • Marcelo LA

    Marcelo LA

    18 dager siden

    He said " filho eu meti a porrada" it means " hey son!! I kicked his ass""...cause his son sent him a message before the fight... saying "Dad kick his ass"..

  • AS
    AS19 dager siden

    Who doesn't like Edson. A legend of the game. Glad the judges finally didn't rob him but now his record is tarnished for ever, you gotta minus 2 losses from that. He's fought killers too Khabib, Tony, Gaethje etc

  • Taaha Hasnain
    Taaha Hasnain19 dager siden

    He looks like one of those homeless guitarists. But glad he finally won.

  • Alaina Cho

    Alaina Cho

    19 dager siden

    The ones that play in the subway with their fedora on the ground so people can put money in it? lol

  • аха мхм
    аха мхм19 dager siden

    everyone : top 5, top 3, top 10, top 15 edson: top 6

  • Abdul M
    Abdul M19 dager siden

    Paul fielder vs Barbosa Triology

  • Hakuna Ototam
    Hakuna Ototam19 dager siden

    Like the updated hair and beard Barboza

  • Stephen maharaj
    Stephen maharaj19 dager siden

    Barboza: i'm edson barboza junior Hardy: ladies and gentlemen " edson junior barboza"

  • Juan David . Franco C
    Juan David . Franco C19 dager siden

    Grande Edson, siempre he confiado en sus capacidades

  • Travel WithoutMoving
    Travel WithoutMoving19 dager siden

    Chael rule always have the next opponent ready opportunity lost.