Fight Island 5: Moraes vs Sandhagen - Weigh-in


Watch all of the fighters competing at Fight Island 5: Moraes vs Sandhagen hit the scale the day before their bouts.
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  • Bruce Cooper
    Bruce Cooper18 dager siden

    7:54 Next superstar after McGregor

  • joseph mengele04
    joseph mengele0418 dager siden

    8:02 wtf was that

  • Rahul Sivashankar
    Rahul Sivashankar19 dager siden

    5:10 take that mask off , u sexy thang

  • Rahul Sivashankar
    Rahul Sivashankar19 dager siden

    7:51 even shaved his eyebrows to cut weight

  • Rahul Sivashankar
    Rahul Sivashankar19 dager siden

    @7:51 UFC signed an alien

  • love wrestling
    love wrestling19 dager siden Indian guys too knows how to fight 😎

  • talab Aziz
    talab Aziz19 dager siden

    Makwan all day

  • Tucson Maui
    Tucson Maui19 dager siden

    8:02 guys ,this is what death looks like.. 💀

  • high horse
    high horse19 dager siden

    Insane how Barbosa found another 10lbs to cut...Dude was as lean as they come at 155.

  • Tit Sag
    Tit Sag19 dager siden

    Dricu Du Plessis - 00:00 Omar Morales - 00.25 Cory Sandhagen -00:38 Stephanie Egger -00:55 Tom Aspinall -01:13 KB Bhullar -01:27 Tony Kelly- 01:44 Youssef Zalal-02:00 Ben Rothwell -02:15 Tom Breese -02:33 Jaoquin Buckley-02:48 Morlon Moraes - 03:20 Bruno Silva - 03:27 Impa Kasanganay -03:44 Tagir Ulanbekov- 04:07 Chris Daukus- 04:27 Giga Chikadze- 04:48 Tracy Cortez- 05:10 Markus Perez- 05:28 Rodrigo Nascimento- 05:48 Makwan Amirkhani- 06:10 Ilia Tupuria- 06:26 Edson Barboza- 06:45 Marcin Tybura- 07:07 Alan Baudut- 07:25 Ali Alquasi- 07:50

  • Ricardo Ibarra
    Ricardo Ibarra19 dager siden

    @7:54 .... interesting look.

  • Juan Nolasco
    Juan Nolasco19 dager siden

    Stephanie is fine as fffk

  • Gee _Eye
    Gee _Eye19 dager siden

    So many 6s' Satan would be proud

  • SkyeKingdom
    SkyeKingdom19 dager siden

    lmao the last guy is from that Key & Peele MMA skit, 'I want to bathe in his.. blood'

  • Christian McDonald
    Christian McDonald19 dager siden


  • David Dimond
    David Dimond19 dager siden

    Joe Rogan, A pro trump right wing oppertive claiming to be 'Left'... GOP IS the end of democracy, our constitution, courts filled with primitive bigots, conservative destructive haters. Taking us back generations into a new dark age, or we can end the Orange maniac's insane reign of terror. vote blue.

  • Leon Nestestog
    Leon Nestestog19 dager siden

    Ali Al-Crazy

  • Bruno Oliveira
    Bruno Oliveira19 dager siden

    Moraes = Saitama

  • Jdawg the Thin God
    Jdawg the Thin God19 dager siden

    Moraes literally did the One Punch Man workout where he lost his hair and got super fucking jacked.

  • Arwin Aziz
    Arwin Aziz19 dager siden

    Nice to see Saitama making weight and using a mask

  • XBLonTwitch
    XBLonTwitch19 dager siden

    7:55 Bruh, if you pause here, and just think of a skeleton, you can literally see it in this man...I'm literally in tears from the comments.

  • Mobert Rugabe
    Mobert Rugabe19 dager siden

    Dricus going to fuck up Perez real good, South Africa please stand up

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike19 dager siden

    ben rothwell looking pretty big gonna be 280 fight day

  • Qusai Abid
    Qusai Abid19 dager siden

    كل الدعم أن شاء الله إلى المقاتل الأردني الكبير علي القيسي

  • Tony Taglialucci
    Tony Taglialucci19 dager siden


  • Tony Taglialucci
    Tony Taglialucci19 dager siden

    Powders revenge

  • Happy Larry
    Happy Larry19 dager siden

    The eyes tell you all you need to know I love the weigh ins some crazy art work as well, some great tattoos and not so great

  • Максим
    Максим19 dager siden

    Moraes looks 2 times bigger than Sandhagen

  • Eklavya Gupta
    Eklavya Gupta19 dager siden

    KB Bhullar, 1st Indian origin in UFC, LET'S GO!!!

  • unbecoming2007 Truther
    unbecoming2007 Truther19 dager siden

    Last dude trained so hard his sparring partners took his brows.

  • JustAnotherAsianGuy 2
    JustAnotherAsianGuy 219 dager siden

    wow ... now they have an alien fighting .... i seen it all

  • taufan kusuma
    taufan kusuma19 dager siden

    the last one look like harry potter enemy

  • Damon Stewart
    Damon Stewart19 dager siden

    Hardy’s pronunciations are on point 👌

  • Vijay Rai
    Vijay Rai19 dager siden

    moraes look ripped at 136lbs. i am 136lbs and look skinny af.

  • Marc Alexander
    Marc Alexander20 dager siden

    5:09 You welcome

  • Jorge Ibarra
    Jorge Ibarra20 dager siden

    Ali alqaisi wtf with he's eyes that dude Will get inside of the oxtogon with a knife jaja

  • El Ultimo Ars3nal
    El Ultimo Ars3nal20 dager siden

    Ali Aqaisi looking like the dude from the movie powder 😂

  • louyht7
    louyht720 dager siden

    Ali Alqaisi look like human alien hybrid 😂

  • Chadify ilopon
    Chadify ilopon20 dager siden

    1;11 egger is big kinda lost with tracy

  • Bongani Arthur
    Bongani Arthur20 dager siden

    First weigh in guy from SA🔥

  • thefatalveli1
    thefatalveli120 dager siden

    GIGA & ILIA !!!!

  • Jesus Schizus
    Jesus Schizus20 dager siden

    I'm here just for Tracy Cortez! 😍

  • Tanxil Hanif

    Tanxil Hanif

    19 dager siden

    @RTX Off u've got eye sight even sharper than fucking eagle, I'm glad its been put to goood use not wasted

  • Tanxil Hanif

    Tanxil Hanif

    19 dager siden

    @RTX Off wooooaaahhh man ur sight is even sharper than a eagle and I'm glad that it's been put to good use

  • RTX Off

    RTX Off

    20 dager siden

    Ooh man that little camel toe at 5:19... Nom nom nom.

  • Papa telenor 2
    Papa telenor 220 dager siden

    Announcer forgot to say the name at 4:14 (maybe he did it on purpose fu *ing racist)

  • Kereama Collings
    Kereama Collings20 dager siden

    Bruh. Ali looking like Voldemort with a nose

  • Let's GO CUZ!!!
    Let's GO CUZ!!!20 dager siden

    Tracy Cortez.... oh my

    THINK ABOUT IT LOGICALLY20 dager siden

    1 albino right from the clonelab and 1 ugly gyno

  • superwoofer21
    superwoofer2120 dager siden

    7:52 - this guy can literally play any super hero villian. Lord Voldemort, spiderman villian, an alien...

  • Happy Larry

    Happy Larry

    19 dager siden

    D Trump, Doris Johnson, T Blair, G Bush the list goes on

  • pali dinto
    pali dinto20 dager siden

    You JOURNOS dont influence anyone, get your noses down

  • Tito Brozzi
    Tito Brozzi20 dager siden

    2:20 …All I can say is : You haven't seen anything and only politics can STOP me !

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    addicted to pussy ass tren clen deca bacon beer20 dager siden

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  • Green Dingo
    Green Dingo20 dager siden

    That moment when Ali was always bald for his fights, and people think he did it for his weight......

  • Макс Цоев
    Макс Цоев20 dager siden

    Друзья подписывайтесь на меня

    BASIC EKE20 dager siden

    let’s go Georgia 🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪

  • warofmankind
    warofmankind20 dager siden

    Yep Tracey cortez is the sexiest female fighter in the ufc.

  • warofmankind


    19 dager siden

    @David Segovia Calderon yeah you right her looks combined with personality, she's probably number 1... But this Tracy cortez now hmmm... I don't know

  • warofmankind


    19 dager siden

    @Blackraptor Dan Hardys chick!?!? she's aaaaaaaaalright. Ariane lipski is sexier

  • David Segovia Calderon

    David Segovia Calderon

    19 dager siden

    @Blackraptor amanda ribas loco

  • Blackraptor


    20 dager siden

    Veronica Macedo bro

  • ツ 我想要亚洲女友 ツ
    ツ 我想要亚洲女友 ツ20 dager siden

    7:54 Reptilian people walk among us LMAO

  • gabriel rosas
    gabriel rosas20 dager siden

    there are two things that amaze me the most, 1. that moraes and tracy cortez are the same weight (or they just make a mistake), and alqaisi just because he look mentally unstable

  • Farhad
    Farhad20 dager siden

    4:10 weighing in at nothing...

  • Pedro R
    Pedro R20 dager siden

    @0:57she pretty fine no cap

  • Fritz
    Fritz20 dager siden


  • Matthew Thompson
    Matthew Thompson20 dager siden

    Lets go Magic!!!

  • frajer313
    frajer31320 dager siden

    My man moraes gonna eat this fool

  • thefatalveli1


    20 dager siden

    Omar will catch his first L

  • Larz Johnson
    Larz Johnson20 dager siden

    Daukas dropped 20 pounds since his last fight..gonna light Nasciemento up with speed

  • Leonard Siegel

    Leonard Siegel

    19 dager siden

    He lost most of his gut.

  • Craig M
    Craig M20 dager siden

    Sandhagen last fight was a sick fight.

  • Dan J
    Dan J20 dager siden

    Some good fights, but zero drama show. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED.... no

  • Juggernaut GSP
    Juggernaut GSP20 dager siden

    El ultimo parece albino.

  • OG Plug
    OG Plug20 dager siden

    I hate that the only person I know is Marlon, just recently started watching again. Anyone wanna fill me in on the fighters to know or who’s worth watching?

  • Skobo Da Baws

    Skobo Da Baws

    19 dager siden

    All 😂

  • Noor Alkilany

    Noor Alkilany

    19 dager siden

    Edson vs amirkhani Ali alqaisi vs tony kelly

  • BAims
    BAims20 dager siden

    The guy at the and looks awful. When did “powder” make it in the ufc??

  • Raiyan Hossain
    Raiyan Hossain20 dager siden

    dude this is low key a banger of a card

  • Jason Rangel87
    Jason Rangel8720 dager siden


  • Ben Haggerty
    Ben Haggerty20 dager siden

    Ali Alqaisi looks like Adam Caterall on heroin

  • savvy830
    savvy83020 dager siden

    For those of you wondering Ali Alqaisi was the guy who impregnated GSP.

  • John 4
    John 420 dager siden

    UFC still haven't figured out robes and sandals?

  • Lee Jakiś Tam Everett
    Lee Jakiś Tam Everett20 dager siden

    Dricus, good Luck Man!!! I know you go from KSW to UFC. Good luck on the fight ;)

  • Tim Elliott
    Tim Elliott20 dager siden

    who the hell was that dead who got on the scale last

  • romulan
    romulan20 dager siden

    Cory abs are crazy

  • Rorschach
    Rorschach20 dager siden

    last guy looks freking scary & disgusting at the same time, maybe bad weigh cut

  • Thought Criminal

    Thought Criminal

    19 dager siden

    Nar,,,just a run of the mill Arab

  • deoriginele
    deoriginele20 dager siden


  • Moe Phillips
    Moe Phillips20 dager siden

    Anyone whos ever cut weight and is waiting to weigh in appreciates Dan Hardy moving things along quickly.

  • warofmankind


    20 dager siden


  • Eduardo Flores

    Eduardo Flores

    20 dager siden

    How does it feel ???

  • Hell0 0
    Hell0 020 dager siden

    Makwan amirkhani will fuck up Bareboza

  • Chokwe


    19 dager siden


  • M G
    M G20 dager siden

    No masks sheep

  • #Anonymous Pojar
    #Anonymous Pojar20 dager siden

    Tracy Cortez camel toe looks hotter than her.

  • Kshitij Sahdev
    Kshitij Sahdev20 dager siden

    1:27 GO BHULLAR. I know he's Canadian, BUT LOVE FROM INDIA

  • Kimis bg

    Kimis bg

    20 dager siden

    @Kshitij Sahdev thank you

  • Loyalty


    20 dager siden

    @Kshitij Sahdev That makes nk sense

  • Kshitij Sahdev

    Kshitij Sahdev

    20 dager siden

    @Kimis bg looks*. So did adesanya against Paulo Costa, and yet.

  • Kimis bg

    Kimis bg

    20 dager siden

    Look trash

  • Chandi Jere
    Chandi Jere20 dager siden

    Train at the same gym as Du Plesis bois. Less goooo 🇿🇦

  • Carles B
    Carles B20 dager siden

    Tracy Cortez

  • maloukey M

    maloukey M

    20 dager siden

    She's ridiculously beautiful

  • warofmankind


    20 dager siden

    I said the same thing she's leapfrogged to the top of the finest fighters

  • glock a
    glock a20 dager siden

    Me but I won’t everyone to subscribe to my NOlocal channel lit 🔥 stuff next year.

  • Sayajin
    Sayajin20 dager siden

    the last dude is like a brand new born baby

  • Tucson Maui

    Tucson Maui

    19 dager siden

    More like a brand new born satan

  • 고람


    19 dager siden

    what kind of baby from actual hell you mean lol. I don't know him or anything and he looks like kind of nice guy in and out but he looks r e a l l y demonic only by his looking

  • Black Camer

    Black Camer

    20 dager siden

    @louyht7 lmao

  • louyht7


    20 dager siden

    He look like Dana White baby

  • Project Owxn
    Project Owxn20 dager siden

    Cory looks like he’s dead.

  • * Mako *

    * Mako *

    20 dager siden

    He will be come Saturday➕👊

  • The Fightamatics
    The Fightamatics20 dager siden How is israel adesanya knocking people out? And That dry humping antics?. Please give it a watch. I am 90% sure guys will like it. Thank you,

  • Ryan Ramdhanie
    Ryan Ramdhanie20 dager siden

    I'm glad that the UFC is still going on up to this day 👍

  • bnegs521


    19 dager siden

    Dana white sportsperson of the year!

  • The Fightamatics

    The Fightamatics

    20 dager siden How is israel adesanya knocking people out? And That dry humping antics?. Please give it a watch. I am 90% sure guys will like it. Thank you,.

  • Aaqib Ahmad Qureshi
    Aaqib Ahmad Qureshi20 dager siden

    0:42 Cory Sandhagen has an Alien in his belly.

  • The Fightamatics

    The Fightamatics

    20 dager siden How is israel adesanya knocking people out? And That dry humping antics?. Please give it a watch. I am 90% sure guys will like it. Thank you,

  • Professor
    Professor20 dager siden

    5:49 the real Last Gynobender

  • Megarenegade666


    19 dager siden

    Thanks, I fapped.

  • User Name

    User Name

    19 dager siden

    With the hour glass body

  • obi_the_president


    20 dager siden

    Looks like he got milk in them

  • Worrin Mohr
    Worrin Mohr20 dager siden

    @7:55 - HOLY CRAP!!!! Is that Powder?

  • The Fightamatics

    The Fightamatics

    20 dager siden How is israel adesanya knocking people out? And That dry humping antics?. Please give it a watch. I am 90% sure guys will like it. Thank you,.

  • Kenneth Dobos

    Kenneth Dobos

    20 dager siden


  • Rhys Aqs
    Rhys Aqs20 dager siden

    I got 3k usd on sandhagen

  • Google Mozilla
    Google Mozilla20 dager siden

    Put mask on your annus to be sure

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez20 dager siden

    Dude at the end!!!! 👽

  • Lionheart 1906
    Lionheart 190620 dager siden

    "Joker" probably don't know that Dricus Du Plessis is a beast and will destroy him tomorrow.

  • Skobo Da Baws

    Skobo Da Baws

    19 dager siden

    He will learn the hardway😂

  • The Fightamatics

    The Fightamatics

    20 dager siden How is israel adesanya knocking people out? And That dry humping antics?. Please give it a watch. I am 90% sure guys will like it. Thank you,.

  • VooDoo Wiz
    VooDoo Wiz20 dager siden

    A lot of live dogs

  • Ryuga
    Ryuga20 dager siden

    Zalal n'est featerweight fightet

  • MikeyBizzle4Shizzle
    MikeyBizzle4Shizzle20 dager siden

    That last fight shaved his eyebrows? He looks like a ghost bro

  • high horse

    high horse

    19 dager siden

    wtf he looks like he's about to collapse...

  • Faujih S

    Faujih S

    19 dager siden

    @Zǐ lóng lol 😂

  • Zǐ lóng

    Zǐ lóng

    19 dager siden

    @The Fightamatics How is The Fightamatics getting so little views and subs? Because he spends most of his time time spamming links to his videos and begging for views instead of actually trying to improve the quality of his videos and putting new ones out on a regular basis.

  • KORN 1999

    KORN 1999

    20 dager siden

    @Audio Antiquity You're a tool.

  • The Fightamatics

    The Fightamatics

    20 dager siden How is israel adesanya knocking people out? And That dry humping antics?. Please give it a watch. I am 90% sure guys will like it. Thank you,

  • patrick bateman
    patrick bateman20 dager siden

    5:49 Makes you miss Rampage

  • The Fightamatics

    The Fightamatics

    20 dager siden How is israel adesanya knocking people out? And That dry humping antics?. Please give it a watch. I am 90% sure guys will like it. Thank you,