Fight Island 5: Weigh-in Faceoffs


Marlon Moraes, Cory Sandhagen and the rest of the fighters competing at Fight Island 5 faced off to get one final look at their opponent after weighing in.
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  • khaldoun khaled
    khaldoun khaled18 dager siden

    Youssef zalal 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿

  • Chain B.
    Chain B.18 dager siden


  • parafraceren
    parafraceren18 dager siden

    Why still giving people a hand. And stand so close? Ridiculous.

  • Chee Vladimir
    Chee Vladimir19 dager siden

    You guys are great, ofcourse, but what's with these masks? It is just ridiculous. You have to look at your opponent's entire face at faceoffs. Put them off.

  • s rico
    s rico19 dager siden

    JOKER wins !!!!!! The staredown of the year !!!!!@

  • Dale Alex Greenaway
    Dale Alex Greenaway19 dager siden

    What a knockout from our boy Dricus!!!!

  • Happy Monday
    Happy Monday20 dager siden

    That guy shouldw say"im betman"

  • black guanábana
    black guanábana20 dager siden

    The first two looked so lost lmao

  • anne laine
    anne laine20 dager siden

    Sleepy joe hiden is a loser with his wire. Long live Donald Trump, long live republican

  • john mint
    john mint20 dager siden

    the joker got ko'd today lol

  • უკიდეგანობა
    უკიდეგანობა20 dager siden

    Giga Chikadze & Ilia Topuria

  • Siimbaaa’s YT
    Siimbaaa’s YT20 dager siden

    What an incredible finish by Cory! Well deserved title shot next, no doubt

  • Siimbaaa’s YT

    Siimbaaa’s YT

    20 dager siden

    Iverson 28 most definitely

  • Iverson 28

    Iverson 28

    20 dager siden

    After Sterling

  • juana magrelis basanta escalona
    juana magrelis basanta escalona20 dager siden

    Faveee vs faceee

  • Haschdübel 069
    Haschdübel 06920 dager siden

    Well thats emberessing lol😂😂😂 3:15

  • Iverson 28

    Iverson 28

    20 dager siden

    Yup I'm glad that clown lost

  • omar lamas
    omar lamas20 dager siden

    All I care about is Tracy cortez !!!

  • mrnike247365
    mrnike24736520 dager siden

    Uncle Fester wasn’t playing around on this weight cut.

  • hari badr
    hari badr20 dager siden


  • Moni Poppaea Di Maria
    Moni Poppaea Di Maria20 dager siden

    Finaly Baraka makes his UFC debut 1:10

  • Tom
    Tom20 dager siden

    This card so much better when Khazmat Chimaev was on it 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Miguel Flores
    Miguel Flores20 dager siden

    Can't forget about Tracey Cortez. Nothing like watching someone from ur home state throw down. Let's go Tracey. I also think she is very, BEAUTIFUL. Then Justin vs Khabib in 2weeks. Good fights coming up.

  • Albert Owusu-Konadu
    Albert Owusu-Konadu20 dager siden

    Alqaisi looking like Baraka in Mortal Kombat

  • Harvster Reynolds
    Harvster Reynolds20 dager siden

    AL looks wired as fuck!!

  • Truth Typer
    Truth Typer20 dager siden

    The guy breaking them up fucking sucks lol

  • W K
    W K20 dager siden

    This is actually a really stacked card. Tons of fun competitive fights.

  • Shai L One
    Shai L One20 dager siden

    Rooting for Impa, Giga, and Moraes 👊

  • Rob S.
    Rob S.20 dager siden

    3:25 this is the middleweight division right? Shouldn't dude on the left be Jack Hermannson?

  • DaLeadBull
    DaLeadBull20 dager siden

    Where is Khamzat Chimaev? Is he not fighting this weekend? Slacker!

  • Rory von Meyer
    Rory von Meyer20 dager siden

    How original, his nickname is the joker and he's got makeup on to look like the joker. Just a stroke of brilliance there, mate.

  • Mystic MalaiChicken
    Mystic MalaiChicken20 dager siden

    Analysis of Cory Sandhagen's slick striking style.

  • EVH
    EVH20 dager siden

    Dale Topuria!

  • Bryan De Gracia
    Bryan De Gracia20 dager siden

    my humble predictions for him Today's UFC: (the ones in bold like the winners) *moraes* vs sandhagen *barboza* vs amirkhani rothwell vs *tybura* *perez* vs du plessis *aspinall* vs baudot zalal vs *topuria* *breese* vs bhullar daukaus vs *nascimiento* *kasaganav* vs buckley alqaisi vs *kelley* chikadze vs *morales* cortez vs *egger* *silva* vs ulanbekov

  • Tyson Blaq
    Tyson Blaq20 dager siden

    Y’all are haters his joker impression was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

  • Tyson Blaq
    Tyson Blaq20 dager siden

    Bald guy looks like he just left chemo and took a fight, masvidal BMF who

  • Cristian Flores
    Cristian Flores20 dager siden

    I hope joker keeps his hair green

  • Alex Kharatishvili
    Alex Kharatishvili20 dager siden

    იმედია მოიგებენ ჩვენი ბიჭები ❤💯

  • Desmodue Matt 803
    Desmodue Matt 80320 dager siden

    Why does Ben Rothwell make every single encounter weird af??

  • Hamzeh 88-zero
    Hamzeh 88-zero20 dager siden

    Ali al qaisi let's go man

  • Fiddlesworth Dinkle
    Fiddlesworth Dinkle20 dager siden

    Dude shaved his head face and eye brows.

  • Cj 123
    Cj 12320 dager siden

    Ufc fellloff after Khabib, McGregor.... Masvidal Usman, and Adesanya Costa, were big disappointments aswell. Might just go back to watching Wwe, Ufcs a joke

  • Skobo Da Baws
    Skobo Da Baws20 dager siden

    Dricus Home Poi👌Mzansi fo sho 🌍 Smoke that joker

  • Devon Brown
    Devon Brown20 dager siden

    I hope Perez gets KO'd and released, unoriginal at this point.

  • Aiwill Nukeus
    Aiwill Nukeus20 dager siden

    Remember the good old days when you actually knew who the fighters were? The UFC has watered itself down to the point of having no stars left

  • Andrea May
    Andrea May20 dager siden

    The other person that I know of with that name, He fits in a dustpan

  • Andrea May
    Andrea May20 dager siden

    First person I seen named du Plessis, alive

  • Christian McDonald
    Christian McDonald20 dager siden


  • chris barclay
    chris barclay20 dager siden


  • David Dimond
    David Dimond20 dager siden

    Joe Rogan, A pro trump right wing oppertive claiming to be 'Left'... GOP IS the end of democracy, our constitution, courts filled with primitive bigots, conservative destructive haters. Taking us back generations into a new dark age, or we can end the Orange maniac's insane reign of terror. vote blue.

  • Fox Era
    Fox Era20 dager siden

    1:31 dudes on the left has no eye brows. 0 facial hair. Who created this squidward? xD

  • Hakeem The Venomous
    Hakeem The Venomous20 dager siden

    Where was Dana?

  • hawea99
    hawea9920 dager siden

    This is cringe paradies

  • Epic
    Epic20 dager siden

    Must be weird going into a fight like this infront of no one, while the noise you make echoes pass the 20 employees sitting down that just set the stage up, I have a feeling this will be the end for mma

  • JaredxHalluce
    JaredxHalluce20 dager siden

    I like Barbosa, but I'm going for Mr. Finland this time. 🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮

  • Chokwe


    20 dager siden


  • john farmer
    john farmer20 dager siden

    Is this Bellator? I barely recognize any of these names

  • jan hiken
    jan hiken20 dager siden

    Al Alqaisi looks like a vampire

  • Moon hassan
    Moon hassan20 dager siden

    If UFC want more money . then they should come to India over 1.3 billion peoples want to see champions among them

  • Pascal
    Pascal20 dager siden

    They look so out of shape in tshirts

  • The Fightamatics
    The Fightamatics20 dager siden How is israel adesanya knocking people out? And That dry humping antics?. Please give it a watch. I am 90% sure guys will like it. Thank you,,,.

  • Bone
    Bone20 dager siden

    i hope heroine matador win XD

  • Henrique Henrique
    Henrique Henrique20 dager siden

    What a joke! They' re gonna fight with masks? They ' re gonna keep social distances too?

  • David S
    David S20 dager siden

    Me: Trying to find predictions for tonight. Everyone: Bald guy is scary and looks like voldemort

  • David S

    David S

    20 dager siden

    @Sean Lambe idk what ngmi is but I'm just looking for people's opinions. Idk if u can tell but I already placed my own bets so Idk what ur trying to say. Lol. Maybe u should stop being negative in comments and focus on ur own life Mr pessimist. Also knew holm was gonna win and Jan Blachowicz without hearing a single prediction so there ya go ez money.

  • Sean Lambe

    Sean Lambe

    20 dager siden

    If your first stop for predictions is the YT comments section you're ngmi bro

  • Tyson Blaq

    Tyson Blaq

    20 dager siden


  • David S

    David S

    20 dager siden

    @plisskennn Sandhagen rounds 3,4 and 5 and/or to win on points. I have a strong feeling Sandhagen will take it round 5. Put 40 on it at +2200 😂😂😂

  • plisskennn


    20 dager siden

    Me: Trying to find predictions for tonight. Your mother : Aaaaaaaah!

  • Jorji Boi
    Jorji Boi20 dager siden

    4:10 is that a twin fight?

  • Boburjon Bakhadirov
    Boburjon Bakhadirov20 dager siden

    Joker you good!

  • The Don
    The Don20 dager siden

    My guy Big Ben came out w the huge cross after the joker😂

  • Dis Tone
    Dis Tone20 dager siden

    Ben Rothwell looks into a mirror 3:58

  • Aoshi
    Aoshi20 dager siden

    3:08 The Killer Smile Joker!

  • Rushi N2
    Rushi N221 dag siden

    Dricus must moer the joker😂

  • XBLonTwitch
    XBLonTwitch21 dag siden

    Comments in this video had me dying. God I love you all.

  • Danny Lenard
    Danny Lenard21 dag siden

    ben "lord varys" rothwell

  • Danny Lenard
    Danny Lenard21 dag siden

    impa the jiggly bobblehead kasangganay

  • sulk
    sulk21 dag siden

    OK this fight island event is weird AF. We have 2 ben rothwell fighting each other, the joker and agent 47.

  • Noor Alkilany
    Noor Alkilany21 dag siden

    1:10 his opponent must be shitting him self

  • strange and unusual south wales skies
    strange and unusual south wales skies21 dag siden

    lose the masks sheep

  • Zali Abazov
    Zali Abazov21 dag siden

    Kori win

  • Casey Alvear
    Casey Alvear21 dag siden

    Place your bets is what some people say! I would say do not even touch old money! Just go to war until you have 0$!

  • mokhtar foladi
    mokhtar foladi21 dag siden

    That joker guy is definitely not being himself, i hope he gets knocked out cold

  • Marcus Cooper

    Marcus Cooper

    20 dager siden

    And knocked out cold he was

  • The Fightamatics

    The Fightamatics

    20 dager siden How is israel adesanya knocking people out? And That dry humping antics?. Please give it a watch. I am 90% sure guys will like it. Thank you,,,.

  • PapaPedro
    PapaPedro21 dag siden

    Funny covid 19 haha this is 1000 yers Ago now panic hahaha fuck this

  • Oreo-San
    Oreo-San21 dag siden

    moraes is like brazilian krillin

  • bikerboy72
    bikerboy7221 dag siden

    Buckley’s hand shakin like a leaf

  • Johnny Bacon
    Johnny Bacon21 dag siden

    Sandhagen's fists look like thumbs

  • anthem74
    anthem7421 dag siden

    UFC's got Popeye on the card?

    PETEDOG 721 dag siden

    1:15 ya leave squidward alone man he realized playin the clarinet and working at the krusty crab couldn't pay the bills so he stepped in the ring

  • Michael Nyuthe
    Michael Nyuthe21 dag siden

    How matured people become: The small kids giving poses but the heavyweights just being simple af

  • TRT Vitor

    TRT Vitor

    21 dag siden

    Yeah that's crazy

  • Red Burger
    Red Burger21 dag siden

    Alqaisi lookin like one of the cannibals from Wrong turn. He’s freakin’ scary

  • Marco Diddius
    Marco Diddius21 dag siden

    This video should be renamed ‘dan hardy trying to read progressively more hard to pronounce names’

  • pbure1
    pbure121 dag siden

    Edson Barbosa is why I'm here, idc what anyone says, he deserves the belt and he's such an exciting fighter to watch, always a KO

  • Fitchi Fitchi

    Fitchi Fitchi

    20 dager siden


    LABLACKCROIX 9221 dag siden

    Smeagoll vs kelly

  • Mark Maccormak
    Mark Maccormak21 dag siden

    Dan's the Man 🛀best break downs

  • forever
    forever21 dag siden

    marlon ko's sandhagen

  • Vijay Rai
    Vijay Rai21 dag siden

    sandhagen is getting kicked in the head and knock out.

  • Alan Martínez Rodríguez
    Alan Martínez Rodríguez21 dag siden

    Big Ben still hunting vampires and trying to exorcize his opponents.

  • Alan Martínez Rodríguez
    Alan Martínez Rodríguez21 dag siden

    Everyone: Ngannou is the scariest man on the planet Me: 1:10

  • plisskennn


    20 dager siden

    Everyone: Ngannou is the scariest man on the planet Your mother: Aaaaaah, aaaaah

  • The Fightamatics

    The Fightamatics

    20 dager siden How is israel adesanya knocking people out? And That dry humping antics?. Please give it a watch. I am 90% sure guys will like it. Thank you,,,.

  • mahabub zakaria135
    mahabub zakaria13521 dag siden

    Here for the Joker guy

  • Jean Paul
    Jean Paul21 dag siden

    They should not be allowed to wear masks at the face off

  • Yah Saves
    Yah Saves21 dag siden

    Card sucks not interested

  • Supbomb gaming
    Supbomb gaming21 dag siden

    1:08 why he look like someone from lord of the rings 😂 or got a vampire face

  • Kevin Rodriguez Arrubla
    Kevin Rodriguez Arrubla21 dag siden

    Ilia!!! 👊🏼💪🏼💪🏼🇪🇸🇪🇸

  • kornandfoofighters
    kornandfoofighters21 dag siden

    Whoa is that dude with the chemo head allowed to fight? dafaaaaq

  • Eliran Sabag
    Eliran Sabag21 dag siden

    Shirts in the pants like real men

  • J Svalina
    J Svalina21 dag siden

    Barboza looking slim and fit.

  • Nate TheGreat
    Nate TheGreat21 dag siden

    They have to make sure they stay 6ft apart and wear their mask. It’s a law