Fight Island 6: Weigh-in Faceoffs


Brian Ortega and the Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung, faced off for the final time before they enter the Octagon for the main event of Fight Island 6 on Saturday evening.
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  • Matty Cain
    Matty Cain6 dager siden

    1:04 I felt second hand embarrassment 😂

  • junaidzia10
    junaidzia106 dager siden watch it guys for khabib's fans

  • SnK Views
    SnK Views12 dager siden

    3:21 Krn Zombie and Ortega KIND of looks similar from their profile side view. (Sort of)

  • rocket queen
    rocket queen13 dager siden

    Ortega whooped his ass 😀👏

  • Jesse
    Jesse13 dager siden

    Get rid of weight classes.

  • Prince
    Prince13 dager siden

    Where are all the Asian fan boys now ?

  • Supreme WOLF
    Supreme WOLF13 dager siden

    Those who were crying on Brian for 2 inactive years, now what? It’s funny how the fighter that they rip shout their mouth 😂😂😂😂

  • rocket queen

    rocket queen

    13 dager siden

    Well said

  • Pedro Castillo

    Pedro Castillo

    13 dager siden

    For real

  • Gaucho 10
    Gaucho 1013 dager siden

    Hahahaha Dana white trying act cute 😂

  • Adil Y
    Adil Y13 dager siden

    I think in Korea people shave their heads to repent from a sin

  • geon Luvyaself
    geon Luvyaself13 dager siden

    brians hair saw enough in holloway fight, wanted no part of the zombies right guided missile

  • geon Luvyaself

    geon Luvyaself

    13 dager siden

    @Pedro Castillo Korean punching bag tonight. Ortega to beat volk than max to get his belt back.

  • Pedro Castillo

    Pedro Castillo

    13 dager siden

    Too bad he didn’t get it, instead he gave zombie a couple every round

  • Alan Murray
    Alan Murray13 dager siden

    fair play to the announcer some of them names

  • T Rawd
    T Rawd13 dager siden

    Easy W for Ortega 🥱

  • Bum
    Bum13 dager siden

    Korean Jongbi, fighting! It's on the right side of the champion!

  • Главный Бой
    Главный Бой13 dager siden


  • redrayge
    redrayge13 dager siden

    wwwe is better uh yuh

  • 89 plusgaming
    89 plusgaming13 dager siden

    Lex Luther was given a choice...

  • jptothetree
    jptothetree13 dager siden

    I miss Brian's hair

  • Jack njones
    Jack njones13 dager siden

    Khabibs crew is everywhere now

  • Kai Havertz
    Kai Havertz13 dager siden

    Really??? Ortega vs Zombie game is exciting

  • bale cruz
    bale cruz13 dager siden

    Order doordash now!

  • Bartek X
    Bartek X13 dager siden


  • kpictures
    kpictures13 dager siden

    We’ll see what Ortega leaned from his lose to Holloway- which I assume a lot. I’m not sure if the Zombie has enough to beat Ortega but it should be a fun fight.

  • BobLeeeSwaggga
    BobLeeeSwaggga13 dager siden

    Guram is wearing a kids mask

  • Arek Arek
    Arek Arek13 dager siden

    Lets go GAMROT

  • Mr.Alex209
    Mr.Alex20913 dager siden

    Brian "Bald-City" Ortega

  • Gary Lee
    Gary Lee13 dager siden

    T-city by Sub

  • Solitarius Lupus
    Solitarius Lupus13 dager siden

    Go Mugen🇵🇭!!!

  • Ledzinski
    Ledzinski13 dager siden

    Ale tu polaczków głupich z angielskimi nickami co udają, że ktoś zna Gamrota zagranica

  • Born Blessed
    Born Blessed13 dager siden

    Nurmagamedov is like the last name Smith in the United States

  • Sayajin
    Sayajin13 dager siden

    this card its hard to tell whos gonna win or not..

  • 페르시티
    페르시티13 dager siden

    ㅋㅋ 박준용 승리

  • Simon Masson-Dupras
    Simon Masson-Dupras13 dager siden

    Oh that's how you cut weight

  • Mdiaz Diaz
    Mdiaz Diaz13 dager siden

    Dude, why you cut your hair? you look funny. lol

  • foufdog
    foufdog13 dager siden

    Dana White looking swole..... Nate Diaz "everyone's on steroids"!

  • Christian McDonald
    Christian McDonald13 dager siden


  • Gersi T
    Gersi T13 dager siden

    First round k.o. for Ortega...bad matchup for the Zombie..

    HOTRODRICO13 dager siden

    rooting for Andrade... dale bate estaca !!!!!!!!

  • Leon tumbaga
    Leon tumbaga13 dager siden

    let's go striegl 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Rogelio Ybarra
    Rogelio Ybarra13 dager siden

    Ortega went gangster bald

  • maybe
    maybe13 dager siden

    Brian Thug Rose Ortega

  • Enes ChannelTM
    Enes ChannelTM13 dager siden

    Brian Ortega will win this shit

  • Dark Oz.svp
    Dark Oz.svp13 dager siden

    Zombie KO(golpe) round 1

  • 〉маlex〈
    〉маlex〈13 dager siden

    Did Ortega donate his beard aswell?

  • Monarchy King
    Monarchy King13 dager siden

    Mateusz jedziesz z nim a pozniej tego calego islama makchaeva pokonaj i po pas

  • Tim Terrell
    Tim Terrell13 dager siden

    UFC soy boys account rejected my comment. Anyway... Surprised no one is here Simping for the girls.

  • Yasin Ekici
    Yasin Ekici13 dager siden

    i am going for Ortega with submission win around maybe 3rd and 4th round ;) but in order to do it he has to maintain safety reach then throwing quickest jabs as fastly possible as and must avoid going into red zone often , most importantly he should not let blow his gas tank out then should goes for the guillotine or maybe takes him down then ground and pound then goes for kimura maybe rear naked choke if he failed with ground and pound definitely he oughta try tri-angle choke. so it would not good idea to make hope to finish this fight on feet as the way of KO or going to decision against zombie.

  • Patchsmith
    Patchsmith13 dager siden

    Let’s go zombie!!!!!!

    GOBLIN SILVERS13 dager siden

    his hair!!😭

  • Rugoshath IM Professionals
    Rugoshath IM Professionals13 dager siden


  • Ahmad alwazzan
    Ahmad alwazzan13 dager siden

    I'm surprised brain Ortega doesn't model. He could make more money than luke with those eyes.

  • Hexagonize
    Hexagonize13 dager siden

    *The Kozom's game is always exciting and amazing regardless of whether he wins or loses!*

  • Rafał Elpolako
    Rafał Elpolako13 dager siden


  • Antonio Sabattini
    Antonio Sabattini13 dager siden

    Best of luck to Mateusz on his UFC debut.

  • Thomas Janssens
    Thomas Janssens13 dager siden


  • Moonlight Pt2
    Moonlight Pt213 dager siden

    Zombie should've gave ortega a gentle slap

  • Joshua Beaucage
    Joshua Beaucage13 dager siden

    He fucking shaved his hair

  • snaggs107
    snaggs10713 dager siden

    Sry but Jessica Andrade... Waste of a co-main

  • karl jonson
    karl jonson13 dager siden

    Andrade is so small

  • Pelson Pelson
    Pelson Pelson13 dager siden

    War Gamer!

  • Patthana Sayaraj
    Patthana Sayaraj13 dager siden

    Brian thought he was fighting J Park.

  • ArubanBoy
    ArubanBoy13 dager siden

    KZ wants to beat Ortega so bad that it will work against himself.. Ortega for the Win.

  • 火事drama
    火事drama13 dager siden


  • Irf Ans
    Irf Ans13 dager siden

    that dropped phone tho

  • sopran0
    sopran013 dager siden

    Ouh shit, Ortega is on the Britney Spears road.

  • JP Alberto
    JP Alberto13 dager siden

    Let's go Mark Striegl and TKZ 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

  • vation martin
    vation martin13 dager siden

    Lol as a korean it’s kinda funny that Abroad people support zombie . Tell me why you guys support zombie

  • Mohammad ashraf Jumadil
    Mohammad ashraf Jumadil14 dager siden

    I love the hair of Ortega as if ready for war.

  • Nick Lelashvili
    Nick Lelashvili14 dager siden

    This Gamrot guy will be humbled in the 3rd round. Mark my words!

  • Tim Terrell

    Tim Terrell

    13 dager siden

    Words marked.

  • eric
    eric14 dager siden

    I like ya cut G 👋

  • Tango Bob
    Tango Bob14 dager siden

    Should be good

  • Bad Dude CornPop
    Bad Dude CornPop14 dager siden

    I hope Ortega gets his ass kicked for bullying the k-pop singer.

  • FSU Seminoles
    FSU Seminoles14 dager siden

    Well! Well esscuse me. From the face offs it’s clear that Ortega is much bigger then Edgar I didn’t know that. Gives em a better chance. Rooting for Ortega let’s see wtf happens. He has to maul him. If he’s planning to stand all fight he’s gonna get KOd. If he listens to his garbage corner. Has to mix it up to where zombies defense is worried about the takedowns. Otherwise he’s dead I’m sayin it now. He has to do that

  • Lupus Outdoors
    Lupus Outdoors14 dager siden


  • Michael
    Michael14 dager siden

    martinez and almeida is going to be a fucking banger

  • Torque
    Torque14 dager siden

    2:19 krause being weird with his hands luke rockhold style

  • 〆孤獨Alone
    〆孤獨Alone14 dager siden

    Let's go~

  • 이진욱


    13 dager siden


  • Soldier
    Soldier14 dager siden

    1:33 Mateusz Gamrot ⚔🇵🇱

  • Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels14 dager siden

    Ppl sleeping on Ortega. Tsk tsk.

  • SkitSkat
    SkitSkat14 dager siden

    *drops phone*

  • Aditya Sudershan
    Aditya Sudershan14 dager siden

    I remember saying " it's gonna be a war" Izzy vs Costa but ya all know what happened 😂😂 this time let's just hope we all get a good fight out of these two individuals.🙏

  • joke Festival
    joke Festival14 dager siden

    orega winner !

  • r w
    r w14 dager siden

    Let's go Zombie 🇰🇷

  • Siraj Shah
    Siraj Shah14 dager siden

    Khabib vs gaetche,?

  • Shoaib Choudhari
    Shoaib Choudhari14 dager siden

    I think, By 2025, almost the entire UFC roster would be filled by Dagestanis, Chechens, Africans and Latinos

  • ssi bal
    ssi bal14 dager siden


  • City Hunter
    City Hunter14 dager siden

    Why Ortega looks like that guy from Gachi

  • Hmong USA
    Hmong USA14 dager siden

    Truly with the respect, Ortega will get ripped by the Zombie.

  • 지금이순간
    지금이순간14 dager siden

    정준용인가 연습은많이하고나오는거냐

  • Oreo-San
    Oreo-San14 dager siden

    Brian Ortega was given a choice to drink modelo but instead he shaved his head

  • rocket queen

    rocket queen

    12 dager siden

    @Oreo-San nah, I just came out with the same lame joke like u did

  • Oreo-San


    12 dager siden

    @rocket queen wishing death on someone? damnn

  • rocket queen

    rocket queen

    13 dager siden

    No, no, no . Doctor had a choice to cut off oxygen supply when u were born...

  • Chadify ilopon
    Chadify ilopon14 dager siden

    you have your hair get cut yet cover it with a cap???? seriosly u have issues

  • Sleep Walking
    Sleep Walking14 dager siden

    did anyone else think it was weird how KZ was fidgeting and shaking his left arm? or is that normal for him, I'm probably reading into it too much but he seemed a bit off, I really hope he wins though!

  • Kong
    Kong14 dager siden

    Nooooo. The one thing going for him and he fucked it up. Now he just looks like a casual fighter.

  • kaiserkarl
    kaiserkarl14 dager siden

    Zombie looking forward to bitchslap left and right.

    ENOUGH!14 dager siden

    KZ vs KZ-prisoner

  • 민민
    민민14 dager siden

    Zombie 1Round Ko Win

  • Ronan Zoa
    Ronan Zoa14 dager siden

    Classic UFC thankyou

  • t0k1d0k1eighty8
    t0k1d0k1eighty814 dager siden

    The T in T-city stands for Thug Rose 🌹

    KILLER CLOWN14 dager siden

    Never forget what Brian Ortega can do. All you gamblers have a choice. Don't bet on the wrong horse

  • Grim
    Grim14 dager siden


  • 09 kim
    09 kim14 dager siden

    zombie !!!