Fighter Focus: Darren Stewart


Follow along with UFC middleweight Darren Stewart at his home in East London and find out what has been the key to his success.
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  • jeywas_here
    jeywas_hereMåned siden

    " *Sire Tyrone Woodsley* " headass

  • That's a yikes from me dawg
    That's a yikes from me dawgMåned siden


  • Strictly Bangers
    Strictly BangersMåned siden

    He won that fight.

  • Lupe Garcia
    Lupe GarciaMåned siden

    Woodly 2.0

  • some boby
    some bobyMåned siden

    Aaaaaaand, robbed.

  • Metal Mentality
    Metal MentalityMåned siden

    It took me literally to the 1:55 mark to realize Tyrone Woodley isn’t on this and this guy is a lookalike

  • Shawanika Smith
    Shawanika SmithMåned siden

    I thought this was Tyrone Woodley

  • nicapotato
    nicapotatoMåned siden


  • CM P
    CM PMåned siden

    He was already wearing masks lol what a role model

  • Rambo
    RamboMåned siden

    Live 🐕

  • Jason Sun
    Jason SunMåned siden

    Tyron Woolley looks better now


    im hyped

  • M.shadows
    M.shadowsMåned siden

    I like this guy

  • Adam Taylor
    Adam TaylorMåned siden

    Stormzy in decent shape these days

  • UFC Freaks
    UFC FreaksMåned siden

    The 41 dislikes are by everyones teeth Darren the dentist knocked out 😂👊

  • Mark Davis
    Mark DavisMåned siden

    Black guy White guy Indian guy walking side by side Take notice idiots out there Were all human just minority's ruin it for all!

  • Garvey Johnson
    Garvey JohnsonMåned siden

    wow i never knew tyron was from london

  • Zeto Cuban
    Zeto CubanMåned siden

    Thought Tyron lost a bit of weight in the Thumbnail lol

    JUNE SPORTSMåned siden

    Da baby mixed with twood

  • AH Winds
    AH WindsMåned siden

    Woodley sounds sexy ass hell with that British accent.

  • Robert Haji
    Robert HajiMåned siden

    Yesssss my G! The Dentist is on the rise. Look out LHD. Next champ

  • Asang asang
    Asang asangMåned siden

    I thought it was Tyron Woodley

  • OG BamBam GO
    OG BamBam GOMåned siden

    Jon Jones x Tyron Woodley love child in thumbnail

  • Victor Andres
    Victor AndresMåned siden

    Not sure if it’s Tyron Edwards or Leon Woodley

  • harlemdeni
    harlemdeniMåned siden

    'You're last fight was okay'? Really? Whoever 'translated' that should be fired.

  • WininAphe
    WininApheMåned siden

    England version of Tyron Woodley

  • Shayboii808
    Shayboii808Måned siden

    Damn the thumbnail looked like Tyron

  • Refet Jonuzi
    Refet JonuziMåned siden

    Darren Woodley...

  • * Mako *
    * Mako *Måned siden

    My dentist is less intimidating, thank god for that🙊

  • Alfie Solomons
    Alfie SolomonsMåned siden

    Darren doing the UK proud!

  • Joe Fosdike
    Joe FosdikeMåned siden

    the dentist finally getting the recognition he deserves top 15 soon come

  • Gianluca Y Lucho
    Gianluca Y LuchoMåned siden

    He is the son of woodley and till After woodley fuck till in that fight

  • Richard Nascaw
    Richard NascawMåned siden

    why is he wearing a mask in 2018 at 3:29

  • Johnny Ong

    Johnny Ong

    Måned siden

    Because he is called "The Dentist" innit

  • The Cohesive Garage
    The Cohesive GarageMåned siden

    The mouth vs the Dentist!? WOOOO!!

  • Slim Shady
    Slim ShadyMåned siden

    british TYRONE Woodley

  • Daniel S.
    Daniel S.Måned siden

    I initially thought that was Tyron Woodley

  • Panda
    PandaMåned siden

    I thought it was Woodley in the middle of a weight cut.

  • Payton W
    Payton WMåned siden

    Am I the only fukin one that thinks he looks like Tyron woodleys twin

  • Lazarus Q
    Lazarus QMåned siden

    "Your too skinny bro" hehahehaha Paulo The Reem Lesnar.

  • Артем Негрій
    Артем НегрійMåned siden

    Till+ Woodley

  • thomas Kittoe
    thomas KittoeMåned siden

    Big up London

  • TheAntManChannel
    TheAntManChannelMåned siden

    Tyron is fighting twice in one night?

  • Ben Haggerty
    Ben HaggertyMåned siden

    Love your energy Darren, rooting for you bro

  • Jacob Keller
    Jacob KellerMåned siden

    Ngl this fighter looks like if tyron woodleys brother was in the UFC

  • Naveen Raj
    Naveen RajMåned siden

    T wood 2.0

  • Kreepo Res
    Kreepo ResMåned siden

    Tyron Woodley 2.0

  • Backyard Fighting Club
    Backyard Fighting ClubMåned siden

    Tyrone Woodley and Jon Jones‘ son 😂

  • Gennaro
    GennaroMåned siden

    Looks exactly like Woodley in the thumbnail

  • Faujih S
    Faujih SMåned siden

    I didn't know that woodley has a british accent

  • bosquo
    bosquoMåned siden

    celebrating cornerman instantly applying choke to coach 😂

  • World Wolf
    World WolfMåned siden

    Butler Woodley

  • ENVY
    ENVYMåned siden

    Woodley is ready to go!!!

  • bisher aljabasini
    bisher aljabasiniMåned siden

    british woodley

  • cattalkbmx
    cattalkbmxMåned siden

    Now this is a Woodley I can get behind.

  • NEO TheChosenOne
    NEO TheChosenOneMåned siden

    Bookies getting rinsed off his fight this weekend he’s priced at a 2-1 underdog 💰

  • J. Boado
    J. BoadoMåned siden

    Yo he’s been wearing a mask since 2018?!

  • Dana Bright
    Dana BrightMåned siden

    Joe the unbeliever Rogan :D

  • Prashant vyas
    Prashant vyasMåned siden

    Darren looks like falling in and out of love

  • Giuseppe Ricioppo
    Giuseppe RicioppoMåned siden

    I just want to see Marvin Vettori kicking his english ass!

  • Victor
    VictorMåned siden

    Looks like we’re gonna see 2 different versions of woodley losing on Saturday night wow who would of thought

  • Jakob
    JakobMåned siden

    Looks like Tyron Woodley's little brother

  • mike conneely
    mike conneelyMåned siden

    I thought that was Woodley until I realised he walks forward throwing punches instead of backing up against the cage waiting to throw

  • Fbv zoo
    Fbv zooMåned siden

    sorry buddy but you gon lost to holland...

    KIM AKOMåned siden

    When you order Tyron Woodley of Ali baba

  • Alexander Encarnacion
    Alexander EncarnacionMåned siden

    Anyone else wonder why they had that shot of him coming to the cage while taking his mask off?

  • Alexander Encarnacion

    Alexander Encarnacion

    Måned siden

    Hunain H thank you lol, can’t believe I didn’t put 2 an 2 together

  • Hunain H

    Hunain H

    Måned siden

    His nickname is Dentist so he has been wearing mask in all of his fights long before corona existed.

  • Nicholas Ali
    Nicholas AliMåned siden

    So Woodley had a little fling in East London, did he? Well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well💯💯💯

  • marshpictures
    marshpicturesMåned siden

    His face kinda reminds me Ronnie Coleman

  • Nicholas Ali
    Nicholas AliMåned siden

    90% mental. Welcome to the fight game 🚫🧢

  • MysteryMango
    MysteryMangoMåned siden


  • Nadav Drewe
    Nadav DreweMåned siden

    Even as an Englishman I find it hard to support this guy. Just don't really like him.

  • safwan chowdhury
    safwan chowdhuryMåned siden

    That’s my guy. I lm from the same area as , such an inspiration and great guy 🙌

  • Aabid Shah
    Aabid ShahMåned siden

    Tyron Woodley dehydrated!

  • ParadiseInHeIl
    ParadiseInHeIlMåned siden

    Chimaev talks 2 fights in the same card and Tyrone actually does that! That's who real man is

  • My Dad
    My DadMåned siden

    Why people dont like tryon Woodley,,,he is so good and well mannered in this video

  • B Ben
    B BenMåned siden

    Woodleys long lost brother

  • Sakib Ahmad
    Sakib AhmadMåned siden

    He is more Woodley than Woodley Himself

  • Philip mabarrack
    Philip mabarrackMåned siden

    I find this version of Woodley a lot more likeable

  • Krazie Cousin
    Krazie CousinMåned siden

    Let’s debate is Colby gonna win

  • Krazie Cousin
    Krazie CousinMåned siden

  • Levan Kechakmadze
    Levan KechakmadzeMåned siden

    whoo the foook is this guy

  • Richard Daniel
    Richard DanielMåned siden

    Separated at birth.

  • Kelly Latchford
    Kelly LatchfordMåned siden

    Our guy Darren. Keeping it real for East London. One of the nicest people you could ever meet. Let the drilling commence

  • Godinez Track and field Team
    Godinez Track and field TeamMåned siden

    Fuck I thought this was Tyron Woodley

  • Cinah Cinah
    Cinah CinahMåned siden

    Hes got that woodley power 👊🏿, and he looks alittle like woodley

  • nir S
    nir SMåned siden

    Woodley is back with a english accent

  • KennethPlays
    KennethPlaysMåned siden

    His coach is unboxtherapy's dad.

  • Ernestas Mazeika
    Ernestas MazeikaMåned siden

    Darren Stewart a g big fan of his personality propa East London boy surprisrd havent seen him around 😂

  • dabb
    dabbMåned siden

    Da Baby and Tyron had a child?

  • Young Nigga
    Young NiggaMåned siden

    Dababy mma

  • Young Nigga
    Young NiggaMåned siden

    Woodley son))

  • Budi Aryawan
    Budi AryawanMåned siden

    Congrats to 10 milions subcriber

  • Eamon Ahern
    Eamon AhernMåned siden

    If he can get a fight how come Leon Edwards can't?

  • Nishant Gogoi
    Nishant GogoiMåned siden

    Tyron's long lost brother who'll continue his legacy after his career ends on this saturday.

  • Bloody Elbow MMA
    Bloody Elbow MMAMåned siden

  • Álvaro
    ÁlvaroMåned siden

    is this Budget Tyron Woodley?

  • Will W
    Will WMåned siden

    Dude was way ahead of the mask game.

  • sammyflinders
    sammyflindersMåned siden

    I reckon Colby is gonna be a tough challenge for him with the pressure, but T-Wood got that power. Can't wait.

  • Stefan Hanegraaf
    Stefan HanegraafMåned siden

    Wahey BTEC Woodley!

  • James abc
    James abcMåned siden

    Darren's a beast 🇬🇧

  • Snøfler Snøfler
    Snøfler SnøflerMåned siden

    What a likeable guy !