Free Fight: Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson 1 | UFC 165, 2013


Relive one of the most entertaining bouts in Jon Jones career so far as he took on Alexander Gustafsson for the first time in a razor-close matchup back in 2013 at UFC 165.
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  • Conall Daly
    Conall Daly24 minutter siden

    Still think gus won this fight

  • The Inquisitor Johnston
    The Inquisitor Johnston45 minutter siden

    I’m wondering how much Jon/Dana paid the judges to vote for Jon

  • CJ
    CJTime siden

    I scored it a tie. First two to Gus, third and fifth to Jon and the fourth was tied

  • Troy Zalias
    Troy Zalias7 timer siden


  • Michael Ray
    Michael Ray7 timer siden

    ‘Go Woke or go broke’ judges...

  • Andrew Anastasovski
    Andrew Anastasovski19 timer siden

    What an amazing fight!

  • Farell Cebong
    Farell Cebong21 time siden

    Take over ndasplenget skill off markolondot kabubungi what fight in where is good in your

  • Nurettin Dombelekci
    Nurettin Dombelekci22 timer siden


  • Blank
    BlankDag siden

    That Swede spanked that black american, like he just caught him stealing his bike

  • hanspeter
    hanspeterDag siden

    Round 1: Gustavson with better striking Round 2: Jones was more active and landed some nice kicks Round 3: even round (Gustavson connected with punches and Jones with some nice kicks) Round 4: Jones dominated the end of the round und hurt Gustavson Round 5: Jones scored witn big elbows and head kicks und got takedown Overall Jones dominated the centre of the cage and was going after him while Gustavson was rotating away from him. I can't understand people who gave that fight to Gustavson.

  • Eric C
    Eric CDag siden

    I really believe Gus will be the best fighter in the world

  • Eric C
    Eric CDag siden

    I've watched this over 6 times this week and my conclusion is that all of the judges are blind.

  • Stephane Lee
    Stephane LeeDag siden

    JONES stéroïdes+testostérone =💉💉💉

  • Dominick A
    Dominick ADag siden

    and then he dominated him the second time for all y'all who have guss's balls down your throat

  • Stephane Lee
    Stephane LeeDag siden

    20:58 😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Sam Milun
    Sam MilunDag siden

    Jon won

  • himynameistim
    himynameistimDag siden

    Gustafson won that fight...

  • Jacob
    JacobDag siden

    Gus won that imo

  • Mr Awesome Vlogs
    Mr Awesome Vlogs2 dager siden

    Jones clearly lost!!! Always High on Drugs! I think Jones is an insult to MMA Fighters!

  • R Rogers
    R Rogers2 dager siden

    Every fight..poke

  • Harambe XXII
    Harambe XXII2 dager siden

    At first glance I kinda thought that was Jake Paul in the thumbnail

  • Simeon Reynaud
    Simeon Reynaud2 dager siden

    Jones loss

  • Zuhayr Rahman Serhan
    Zuhayr Rahman Serhan2 dager siden

    jon lost, Gus won

  • C wiz
    C wiz2 dager siden


  • Yeet Daddy
    Yeet Daddy2 dager siden

    Gus won the first 3 no doubt. He was winning the forth until the final 25 seconds, and Jones won the fifth.

  • Yeet Daddy
    Yeet Daddy2 dager siden

    Jones lost

  • Yeet Daddy
    Yeet Daddy2 dager siden

    Watched it live. I thought Gustafson won. At least should have been a draw.

  • Imsomeloner
    Imsomeloner2 dager siden

    Gustafson should've won this and then Jones could've just won the belt back.

  • Tyler Dai
    Tyler Dai2 dager siden

    what a snake

  • kalo5585 Olmedo
    kalo5585 Olmedo2 dager siden

    Two warriors/fighters leaning on each other to rest just a little bit.. After a crazy and amazing fight where they gave evereything.. Its just incredible. BOTH OF THEM ARE CHAMPIONS.

  • Troy
    Troy2 dager siden

    5:00 Fucking pathetic. You can see Jones pissed at his audacity when he just got taken down. Then he resorts to intentionally poking him in the eye because he's dominating him so far. I wish there were harsher penalties for this pathetic bullshit. Especially for Jon considering he's _notorious_ for eye pokes

  • 7184610369a
    7184610369a2 dager siden

    Vad fan? Gustafsson borde har vunnit matchen.

  • Samuel Cover
    Samuel Cover2 dager siden

    First three rounds were gustaffsons. Jones only won rounds 4 and 5. Terrible scoring by the judges

  • Juan Rivera
    Juan Rivera2 dager siden

    First time watching this fight because someone spoiled the outcome before i got a chance to see it. I would say Gus won the fight. Jones really picked it up on the championship rounds and maybe a draw on one of the first three. Gus in my eyes won this fight.

  • Grabbinmylock andDeez
    Grabbinmylock andDeez2 dager siden

    Gus won all day

  • Garren Turk
    Garren Turk3 dager siden

    Unanimous??!!! uuuhhh!!!!..... NO!!!! Gus was beating Bone's @#$ for good while there, stopped 9 takedowns.... was giving him the business.....My dawg Bones got lucky this night.... REAL LUCKY

  • Arturo Marquez
    Arturo Marquez3 dager siden

    Gus won that fight

  • Mauricio Blanco
    Mauricio Blanco3 dager siden


  • Lucas da 3rd
    Lucas da 3rd3 dager siden

    3-2 jones. Also the rounds jones lost he still pushed the pace and had Gustafsson backing up.

  • Lizzy Lisa
    Lizzy Lisa3 dager siden

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  • Ssergvolk
    Ssergvolk3 dager siden

    Негр в наушниках при награждении.... Соперник больше понравился...

  • Happy Go Lucky
    Happy Go Lucky3 dager siden

    Unanimous decision BS, should of been split decision for Alex.

  • Harry Walker
    Harry Walker3 dager siden

    Mad whites. Typical

  • Rod Johnon
    Rod Johnon3 dager siden

    There is no way Jones won this fight.

  • JayTheDios
    JayTheDios4 dager siden

    John jones always sticks his fingers out and go for the knees hes weak, terrible fighter, overrated

  • bw
    bw4 dager siden

    Is the reason that Jones won because he was the champ going in, so the challenger has to do more to prove a win?

  • Rafael L Inbuon
    Rafael L Inbuon4 dager siden

    Jones definitely lose this fight..... Gustaffson is one of the best fighter to not win the title😭😭....

  • Angelo Libero
    Angelo Libero4 dager siden

    Non è possibile quel conteggio dei giudici.

  • rosendo perez
    rosendo perez4 dager siden

    Jones won this fight easily, just cuz guss was the first one to give him a challenge dont mean he deserved the win lol

  • Happy Go Lucky

    Happy Go Lucky

    3 dager siden

    You're blind & stupid, LMAO. 🤣😂😆

  • William Guevara
    William Guevara4 dager siden

    48-47 gustafsson

  • Joji HD
    Joji HD4 dager siden

    Damn PewDiePie can really fight

  • Samuel
    Samuel4 dager siden

    Imagine what Polish power would do to Jon

  • Dublin O’Seven
    Dublin O’Seven4 dager siden

    “You’re both sticking your fingers out there.” “Yeah okay, Big John, but only one of us has a trophy case full of the eyeballs of damn near every person we’ve ever fought.”

  • damebuster


    2 dager siden

    Why the fuck was Big John standing behind the fighters' backs so much too? He should be parallel to them, not looking at one of their backs. He even gets in the way at a few points.

  • Troy


    2 dager siden

    Right? 1 person is *notorious* for eye pokes. It's no secret. Gus takes Jon down and Jon is so pissed he has to start pulling out the eye pokes _immediately_ afterwards. With the situation that just happened that should be blatant cheating. You can tell in Jon's body language even. It's frustrating that someone can be such a grown up freaking brat and still allowed to win

  • Luca D.
    Luca D.4 dager siden

    What an incredible match

  • nathan manunited
    nathan manunited4 dager siden

    Iv always had it 3-2 Guss.....I would understand 3-2 Jones .....but 4-1 Jones????? It's beyond me how a judge had it like that!!

  • Risa Lestari
    Risa Lestari4 dager siden

    Jone jones fuck😂😂😂

  • Periklis Giannopoulos
    Periklis Giannopoulos5 dager siden

    Bullshit ,alexander won the fight. Shame for UFC

  • Walshy the musician
    Walshy the musician5 dager siden

    That was fucking unreal.

  • Marlon Jormungand
    Marlon Jormungand5 dager siden

    Alex won

  • Digga's Crypto Awareness Down Under
    Digga's Crypto Awareness Down Under5 dager siden

    Robbed!! Rediculous decision!

  • Lamar Tetteyfio
    Lamar Tetteyfio5 dager siden

    Commentator was saying wow Gustafson is amazing even when he missed lol. The commentator made y'all think Gustafson won. He straight lost this fight fr

  • Georges St. Pierre
    Georges St. Pierre5 dager siden

    Whoever scored 49-46 has got to be worse than Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles trying to pick best Miss Universe.

  • A.J.
    A.J.5 dager siden

    Rounds 2, 4 and 5 for Jon and 1 and 3 for Gus. One of the best UFC title fights ever along with Zhang Vs Joanna, Izzy Vs Gastelum and Robbie lawlor Vs Rory

  • Anthony Dzamefe
    Anthony Dzamefe5 dager siden

    I’m confused how people claim Jones lost this fight. The fairest to do was give them a draw cos I don’t think Gus was clearly beaten either but the if you know about mma you know the championship rounds are key and Jones dominated those two. The first three rounds I didn’t have Jones beaten either. Those first three rounds could have gone to either of them. Come on guys. Y’all are so desperate to see Jones lose.

  • Michael Seeker
    Michael Seeker5 dager siden

    Jon actually won 4 rounds to 1. The numbers don't lie.

  • Roy Mandina
    Roy Mandina5 dager siden

    49-46???????????????? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???? Go fuck your stupid self.

  • Supreme Sup
    Supreme Sup5 dager siden

    alexander is so fast in his weight class, its incredible

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith5 dager siden

    The end of the 4th is what did it. Also sprinkle on the face that Gust looked ready to collapse at the end of the 5th

  • Georgy Porgy
    Georgy Porgy5 dager siden

    Why Jones got caught (doing peds) Coz he had gotten away with it before

  • jl5777
    jl57775 dager siden


  • Ishmael C
    Ishmael C5 dager siden

    48-46 where???

  • Ishmael C
    Ishmael C5 dager siden

    This octogon is alot bigger than the one in the UFC Apex. Looks like a Football field

  • James Crozier
    James Crozier5 dager siden

    Gustafson won this fight. He came in with a plan. It's a fucking shame watching the second one knowing he had to knock jones out cus he'd never get the decision, way more aggressive and less methodical and he paid for it. But he knew he couldn't slow play it or he'd get jipped again...

  • Dills James
    Dills James5 dager siden


  • Daoud
    Daoud5 dager siden

    Jones is a genius. He has problems with the wormy loose fighters like Alexander and Reyes. But still won and runs them down. Joe is biased.

  • Mr.Faisal
    Mr.Faisal5 dager siden

    this was bullshit , gus was fighting like a viking warrior waiting to go to valhalla he deserve it

  • Duncan Sigurdsson
    Duncan Sigurdsson5 dager siden

    Robbery. Gustafsson won that fight

  • Full Of Fallacies
    Full Of Fallacies5 dager siden

    How did Jones win that decision...?! Just because the final two rounds made the judges forget all about the first three, I'm supposing...???

  • Full Of Fallacies
    Full Of Fallacies5 dager siden

    Who tf set this video up?! Ads in the middle of the rounds instead of between rounds, like every other fight...?!?! WTF...?!?!?! If you want me NOT to use an adblocker, you gotta stop doing shit like this...!!! (Edit: Added Adblock sentence)

  • J. V.
    J. V.5 dager siden

    I can't believe I just saw this. Best fight I've ever seen!

  • Ertiza Kazi
    Ertiza Kazi5 dager siden


  • Yea Aight
    Yea Aight5 dager siden

    Fight honestly could have gone either way I gave rounds 4 and 5 to Jon Jones I think Alexander won round 1 2 and 3 but they were really close. Jon had Alexander hurt bad in round 4 and 5. But whatever judge scored is 49-46 needs to go to prison

  • ricardo williams
    ricardo williams5 dager siden

    Jon won 4-1. It was harder than usual but Jon still dominated. Gus had great take-down defense but he was taking kicks to the head all night. His pushes were also floppy, no pop to them.

  • Sloghen
    Sloghen5 dager siden

    Joe Rogan: "he might have to take Gustafsson out" Judge: Has Jones up 3-1... Even tough I'm swedish I don't call this a complete robbery (Reyes got totally robbed tough) It was very very close. But having Jones winning 4 rounds (one of the judged had), how? That's insane.

  • Sloghen
    Sloghen5 dager siden

    I'm swedish. I barely knew what UFC was before this fight. Nowadays I'm up at 4am to see the fights

  • L.T. Heinrichse

    L.T. Heinrichse

    5 timer siden

    @James Ross ufc is not a sport

  • James Ross

    James Ross

    6 timer siden

    @L.T. Heinrichse why are you being toxic?

  • L.T. Heinrichse

    L.T. Heinrichse

    3 dager siden

    You still dont know because MMA IS THE SPORT DUMBASS LMAO

  • Aryen zebi

    Aryen zebi

    4 dager siden

    It's so shit that Europe needs to wait till 4am

  • Claytlon Tucker
    Claytlon Tucker6 dager siden

    that was bullshit

  • Zeppelin L
    Zeppelin L6 dager siden

    The was the first fight Jon Jones lost. The second was against Dominic

  • Notorious Miks
    Notorious Miks6 dager siden

    Both LEGENDS

  • TrapMagiç
    TrapMagiç6 dager siden

    Gustafson won this was rigged bruh

  • Mafidul Ali
    Mafidul Ali6 dager siden

    Gustafsson was robed in this match 😡

  • Greg Jodon
    Greg Jodon6 dager siden

    That was rigged he clearly lost. Jones wasn't even close to the amount landed.

  • souzamd30
    souzamd306 dager siden

    I dunno 🤷🏼‍♂️ I’d say at least a draw but not if not then Jones lost by but just by a smidge. Just like the fight with that other fella Mexican I forget his name but he lost to him. So pound for pound uhhh NAH no way! Not to take anything away from Jones but not pound for pound #1 no way.

  • Stinky Backwoods
    Stinky Backwoods6 dager siden

    Gustafson won 1-3 Jones won 4-5 imo

  • Who Dat
    Who Dat6 dager siden

    Whoever that last judge is should never be allowed to judge another fight...

  • Trilllz


    3 dager siden

    Wasn’t a bad call Jon pushed the pace the last seconds of each n every round

  • Ishmael C

    Ishmael C

    5 dager siden

    Fr. Beyond corruption and/or incompetence

  • Scam Assassin
    Scam Assassin6 dager siden

    Gustafsson won this fight

  • JayTheDios
    JayTheDios6 dager siden

    I thought it was jake paul🤣🤣🤣

  • zeroaffinity
    zeroaffinity6 dager siden

    5:36 "'re both sticking your fingers out, let's keep an eye on it." Pun intended?

    LC8 MUSIC6 dager siden

    That 4th round was insane from Jon so many kicks knees and elbows gosh.

  • frederik lindby
    frederik lindby6 dager siden

    gustafson won that by a margain.

  • Legendary champ
    Legendary champ7 dager siden

    Jon completely outclassed this kid the first 2 rounds were landslides for Jon. The Judges got it right.