Free Fight: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Justin Gaethje


Khabib Nurmagomedov returned at UFC 254 in October with his undefeated record on the line to face interim lightweight champion Justin Gaethje in an emotional performance.
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  • ckrdnasm
    ckrdnasm2 minutter siden

    This was one of the easiest fights for khabib, he was lucky that Khabib does not have the thought of crushing his rival when he is on top of him, he prefers to strangle. He would not have endured that punishment as the cucuy did. Right now he is one more member of the ghosts of the ufc along with Askren, Masvidal, etc.

  • Road To MMA
    Road To MMA30 minutter siden

    8:00 why did he pull his hand out he could have fought the triangle

  • A Weeb That Love SingSing and Gorgc
    A Weeb That Love SingSing and Gorgc39 minutter siden

    It weird me out why every fight this guy were on , he don't hit his opponent that much. .. He just proceed to choke them out ASAP. .. Then my husband told me that's might be just Khabib personality. .. He don't want to hurt people so the soon the fight over , the more better. .. I'm in awe

  • Summer Breeze

    Summer Breeze

    22 minutter siden

    He doesn't really like fighting it seems. His dad pushed him since he knew his talents. And you are right about he doesn't wanna hurt his opponents that much. Once he did in Michael Johnson fight. He said he needed to be really careful about Michael's arm since he didn't wanna tap but at the same time Khabib needes to submit him.

  • tolfdier
    tolfdier48 minutter siden

    I’m not crying. YOURE cryign

  • Nathaniel Smith
    Nathaniel Smith51 minutt siden

    why tf is he crying..... pos

  • Qamar Munir
    Qamar MunirTime siden

    Awsome fight

  • Puura Music
    Puura Music3 timer siden

    Elhamdülillah ☝🏻

  • That Other Guy
    That Other Guy3 timer siden

    7:45, that leg kick probably busted Khabib's leg but he was extremely smart to convert it to a takedown and finished the fight.

  • The Inception
    The Inception4 timer siden

    Two mans good performance, and centilmen sport super mtch, perfect!!!

  • A TO Z
    A TO Z4 timer siden

    Khabib is Lion🦁🦁

  • Islam Rahmatan Lil A'lamiin
    Islam Rahmatan Lil A'lamiin4 timer siden


  • Volkan Türkan
    Volkan Türkan6 timer siden

    Sen ne büyük bir adamsın bee

  • Colonel Beeireney
    Colonel Beeireney6 timer siden

    Khabibs easiest fight at lw

  • Caylub Grogwire
    Caylub Grogwire6 timer siden

    This fight reminds you of how great both these guys are too on top of being the best fighters

  • raian bibral
    raian bibral7 timer siden

    I think if khabib vs Tony will happen I think khabib will win but Tony give his first blood and cut in his career

  • Vy Vy
    Vy Vy9 timer siden


  • Tuấn TiTi
    Tuấn TiTi9 timer siden

    Để mà k có khoá tay đc gaethje thì chắc gì khabib ăn đc

  • Fighter
    Fighter10 timer siden

    ive watched this at least 100 times

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent11 timer siden

    All these UFC lightweight fighters could not match the stamina and skills of Khabib. Khabib actually let them know before the fight what he is going to do to them.

  • Ain We
    Ain We17 timer siden

    Khabib's not brought up to smash a boy and disrespect anyone's parents..❤️ So,he had to choke him down to sleep......

  • Alex the slayer
    Alex the slayer17 timer siden

    I wonder if Khabib would've stayed active I always wonder if somebody would've been able to time the takedown and catch him with a picture perfect knee that would knock him cold imagine. better said than done tho

  • JoonYeong Lee
    JoonYeong Lee19 timer siden

    Some of you guys think Khabib is the best wrestler in the world make national team easily. No doubt he is the best wrestler in the UFC but tbh he can’t even make the wrestling national team with his skill..

  • MKI


    4 timer siden

    This is the dumbest shit ever

  • yd c

    yd c

    18 timer siden

    huh lol

  • Appalachian Red Fox
    Appalachian Red Fox19 timer siden

    Justin was taking some big breaths after that 1st round. Dude looked all but gassed! That pace and pressure set by Khabib was no joke!

  • Gang bang
    Gang bang20 timer siden

    Khabib 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻❣️

  • Actor_267
    Actor_26722 timer siden

    Easy fight for khabib,

  • abisheikh
    abisheikhDag siden

    I hate this ref ong...he wants ppl to die

  • arthurcurry2003
    arthurcurry2003Dag siden

    5:03 Gaethje s face ... “well here I am where i didn’t want to be”. That far away stare that we saw on Barbosa, Johnson, Poirier and others.

  • Cheetos0555
    Cheetos0555Dag siden

    Khabib is a 170 pounder killing himself to wreck smaller guys. Usman would dominate 155 too if he made weight

  • Cheetos0555


    34 minutter siden

    @MKI khabib is like 190-200

  • MKI


    3 timer siden

    Oh and his opponents don’t cut weight right? Fucking stupid... Usman wouldn’t make 155 in his dream lol...

  • Rendi Ferdians
    Rendi FerdiansDag siden

    Very easy

  • Жанибек Болатбеков
    Жанибек БолатбековDag siden

    Хабиб ты неоспаримый

  • Hussain Aldafaai
    Hussain AldafaaiDag siden

    Justin really has his last name on his back 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Hussain Aldafaai
    Hussain AldafaaiDag siden

    Thanks for making America great again Khabib

  • Ahmed Mohammed
    Ahmed MohammedDag siden

    The Russian Machine is amazing!

  • Boy Borneo
    Boy BorneoDag siden

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Qotrun nada Nada
    Qotrun nada NadaDag siden

    I love you habib...

  • Kluang Peektures
    Kluang PeekturesDag siden

    just watched gaethje beat up tony ferguson.. i cant believe how khabib can handle this monster gaethje like its nothing..

  • Kluang Peektures

    Kluang Peektures

    Dag siden

    @arthurcurry2003 his stamina is incredible.. he can go all out in every rounds..with that fast pace..whew

  • arthurcurry2003


    Dag siden

    I just watched both fights back to back too. Khabib just goes after you the pressure he puts is amazing to watch.

  • J L
    J LDag siden

    The Eagle > Johnny “Coke” Jones

  • Suresh Chandra
    Suresh ChandraDag siden

    What could Justin have done differently here to escape from triangle 🤔 it's was so deep and transition was so fast from khabib😲

  • Shahbaz Vegeta
    Shahbaz VegetaDag siden

    Tell me plz how did khabib lost the first round ???

  • Luziaf Lone
    Luziaf LoneDag siden

    I remember watching this, and when Khabib cry, strangely I cry too.

  • Muhammad Rayhan
    Muhammad RayhanDag siden


  • new channel
    new channelDag siden



    Es evidente que el referí estaba durmiendo la siesta... Kabib sabía que no le iba a ganar en boxeo, aunque fue el más completo en MMA.

  • wan 100 workout
    wan 100 workoutDag siden

    like saitama chichago

  • Gsm Gafur Er
    Gsm Gafur ErDag siden


  • Mhon Erui
    Mhon EruiDag siden

    I love how Justin console Khabib after losing to him👍❤️❤️

  • Хейтер
    ХейтерDag siden

    Эх жаль

  • tharindu mendis
    tharindu mendisDag siden

    khabib eats the leg kicks but still submits his opponent in the second round McGregor - my foot was a balown.

  • Censored American
    Censored AmericanDag siden

    Shrugs shoulders, I dunno, I think Nick Diaz could take Khabib and give em the famous Stockton slap in the process.

  • arthurcurry2003


    Dag siden


  • Gabriel Lloyd
    Gabriel LloydDag siden

    JG was gassed quick lol khabib had him on his bike early and often

  • sammie hilton
    sammie hiltonDag siden

    Steve Mazzagatti Referee Academy

  • Corntoll Gaday
    Corntoll GadayDag siden

    8:13 Khabib: "I think he's tapping"

  • Mário Bojoga
    Mário BojogaDag siden

    ХАБИБ ЛУЧШЕ 👍🏻✊🏻

  • Majed B
    Majed BDag siden

    I don’t know how many times NOlocal has recommended this fight and I’m like ok I’ll watch again

  • Fighter lm
    Fighter lmDag siden


  • Testing Account
    Testing AccountDag siden

    Sometimes, defeating someone didn't mean you had to make him bleed.

  • salsal labil
    salsal labilDag siden

    khabib felt a force coming from disappointment ... suddenly he started crying thinking the day he will have to return it ... la hawla wala kouwata ila billah al 3lai el 3adihm

  • Arte Floe
    Arte Floe2 dager siden

    "Talk to me DC"

  • Zulsyakir 29
    Zulsyakir 292 dager siden


  • truth teller
    truth teller2 dager siden

    Khabib can NEVER be considered the GOAT, he won a vacant title against an unranked opponent. He defended the title against a retired partying oppnent who hadn't been training or fighting for two years and after that one a "real" oppponent in Dustin and after that a fighter that Dustin KO'd. Khabib NEVER dared to stay and fight up and coming fighters like Chandler and Oliviera. Also, you have to consider longevity and how many times you defend the title. Alhamdulillah!

  • arthurcurry2003


    Dag siden


  • Яъкуб Муслим

    Яъкуб Муслим

    Dag siden

    No one cares about you and your opinion 😂

  • Danko Kovačević

    Danko Kovačević

    2 dager siden

    He is the LW GOAT!

  • Amer Aljabr
    Amer Aljabr2 dager siden

    When khabib grabs you it's over. Justin knew this, yet nothing can be done about it

  • Jozo Cvrlje
    Jozo Cvrlje2 dager siden

    Unracionale fire frome Dustin vs Khabib!?

  • Korosteleviv Коростелев
    Korosteleviv Коростелев2 dager siden

    Хабиб чисто победил.......

  • Chew Lew
    Chew Lew2 dager siden

    You can see Gaethje kicked the leg one too many times. He went in for a calf kick that Khabib was waiting for, that ultimately lead to the easy takedown and Gaethje asleep on the canvas

  • Chew Lew
    Chew Lew2 dager siden

    Crazy to see Gaethje out like a light

  • Idoia Zabala
    Idoia Zabala2 dager siden

    pq llora??

  • Mason
    Mason2 dager siden

    8:10 try not tap out on the opponents face 😂

  • Frazzle
    Frazzle2 dager siden

    8:00 good for you justin

  • sean Bunce
    sean Bunce2 dager siden

    Boring fighter

  • x/liilliiliii\x


    Dag siden

    @sean Bunce Its MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) its not just for striking and boxing fighters can use their own style example wrestling

  • sean Bunce

    sean Bunce

    Dag siden

    @x/liilliiliii\x he was!! Yeah he was unbeaten but no excitement like diaz or usman thats all he liked to tie people up that was it... boring...

  • x/liilliiliii\x


    Dag siden

    okay shawn

  • でSelim


    2 dager siden

    You can go watch kickboxing or boxing if you don't like wrestling, just saying

  • Joe Gonzalez
    Joe Gonzalez2 dager siden

    Hold on hold on am going to cry in the middle of the ring. What a deuch

  • yd c

    yd c

    18 timer siden

    yo daddy gone too? that y u bitter? lol

  • でSelim


    2 dager siden

    Joe, you're such a hard and cool dude for making fun of someone who's dad passed away. I hope my kids will be as such a cool person as you

  • Carlie Morales

    Carlie Morales

    2 dager siden

    It hurts, doesnt it, Joe?

  • Tumi Mbasa
    Tumi Mbasa2 dager siden

    I hope ESPN adds a disable commentary feature soon

  • God of Disco
    God of Disco2 dager siden

    GSP is the only one who could do it too bad it never happened

  • x/liilliiliii\x


    Dag siden

    @Gloster Guy yeah matt serra , johny hendricks & matt hughes

  • Gloster Guy

    Gloster Guy

    Dag siden

    Every ranked welterweights can beat khabib.

  • User Belpv
    User Belpv2 dager siden

    Брат ты это зделал да хранит тебя Аллах

  • TrapJesus916
    TrapJesus9162 dager siden

    Khabib even said before this he was going to take him away to the deep waters and drown him…relentless and easily the greatest p4p ever…

  • BARCA double TREBLE sixtuple
    BARCA double TREBLE sixtuple2 dager siden

    Justin kicks can tackle down most people but not Khabib... Kudos to Justin for giving tough hand combat to Khabib... Khabib is just a hyper beast... Nobody go dominantly unbeaten like Khabib nor even reach on Khabib level...

  • Mike Tyan
    Mike Tyan2 dager siden

    All Khabib had to do was take him down. If he was more actively looking for a takedown in the first round I think it would have been over

  • st va
    st va2 dager siden


  • ömer
    ömer2 dager siden

    justin so happy after he go sleep because his Brain give him a big Dopamin Serotonin and Noradrenalin shot in such situations...look how happy he is with his loose, he run arround and hug everybody full of love

  • D _
    D _2 dager siden

    That first round was better than I remembered. Wow. Sidenote: How tf did the ref not catch that tap

  • Stoic Libertarian
    Stoic Libertarian2 dager siden

    Khabib is the greatest

  • Isaí Cortez
    Isaí Cortez2 dager siden

    the ref is an stupid

  • TS
    TS2 dager siden

    Khabib would not be able to stand with Justin and he knew it that's why we went to his bread and butter the ground where he is dominant! If Justin could work on his ground game he would be untouchable!

  • TS


    16 timer siden

    Not necessarily… Fighters do not want to be known as one dimensional… So they try to mix things around keeping their opponent guessing that’s what they’re gonna do next

  • yd c

    yd c

    18 timer siden

    if this was true he would've gone for takedowns earlier in this fight lol

  • TS
    TS2 dager siden

    That referee should be into the fight...that referee should be fired before he gets someone killed!!!

  • Mr༄ɪɴd᭄ Gᴀᴍᴇʀ࿐ ༒
    Mr༄ɪɴd᭄ Gᴀᴍᴇʀ࿐ ༒2 dager siden

    Nurmagomedov is a dirty player....luser sale..

  • Gloster Guy

    Gloster Guy

    Dag siden

    Cry more

  • x/liilliiliii\x


    2 dager siden


  • samuraioodon
    samuraioodon2 dager siden

    that ref is so dumb...

  • abn aleiraq
    abn aleiraq2 dager siden

    الحمد الله

  • Hasan Matloob
    Hasan Matloob2 dager siden

    Gaethje was killing Khabib's left leg with those low calf kicks. Khabib was feeling them and knew that if this continue for another round, he wont have any legs left to take Gaethje down. So he had to commit to his strength i.e. grappling really quickly. And what a time he decides to got for it, Just when Gaethje lands another brutal low calf kick, Khabib just eats it and immediately grabs that leg even before it touches the ground. That was one of the best and bravest transitions you would ever see in MMA.

  • Yahyah Ali

    Yahyah Ali

    2 dager siden

    @Hasan Matloob No he didn’t stop making false claims. Respond with the link to the video and don’t delete your comment either

  • Hasan Matloob

    Hasan Matloob

    2 dager siden

    @Yahyah Ali Khabib later said in an interview that those low calf kicks were the most painful thing he has ever experienced.

  • Yahyah Ali

    Yahyah Ali

    2 dager siden

    I doubt it hurt Khabib, he walked through those leg kicks the same way he walked through gaethjes punches. He’s a savage for choking gaethje out with the legs that gaethje was trying to kick down

  • Sayed Mahmud Hossain
    Sayed Mahmud Hossain2 dager siden


  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan2 dager siden


  • Nabil Imran
    Nabil Imran3 dager siden

    To cry watching it 1st time and again crying for the multiple time watching Khabib on his man tears remembering his late father, good sportsmanship and this is the kind of figure we looked for. Classy retirement and to you sir Khabib may Abdul Manap Nurmagomedov rest among the good soul insyaAllah

  • Double R
    Double R3 dager siden

    If you listen to DC the whole time you would think Khabib won the first round.

  • Yahyah Ali

    Yahyah Ali

    19 timer siden

    @arthurcurry2003 according to what the “judges” scored it as. But not as how it would’ve scored by anyone else. Khabib pressured, out-struck and even had gaethje in a dangerous submission, yet the stupid judges have it to Gaethje somehow

  • arthurcurry2003


    Dag siden

    He did win it

  • Yahyah Ali

    Yahyah Ali

    2 dager siden

    If you WATCH the fight properly and consider what goes into scoring rounds, you’d be left with no other option but to think Khabib dominated gaethje first round.

  • Lino Ramos
    Lino Ramos3 dager siden

    this is an automatic classic idc

  • clay codrey
    clay codrey3 dager siden

    Bring back GSP

  • Gloster Guy

    Gloster Guy

    Dag siden


  • Georgios Amiridis
    Georgios Amiridis3 dager siden

    Dont you see they dont want to punch eachother. He takes him down no ground and pound . Nothing

  • Odawg
    Odawg3 dager siden

    One might think even the old Goat GSP would have a chance but there levels to this game. Khabibs pressure folds everyone.

  • Andrew Goldin
    Andrew Goldin3 dager siden

    This was Khabibs best performance I’d say. It seems he hit another level with the pressure and pace he had. He literally had Justin running.

  • Clark Kent

    Clark Kent

    11 timer siden

    Justin could not match his stamina. He was kicking him like an ex-girlfriend.

  • sultan sultan
    sultan sultan3 dager siden

    G.o.a.t. Alhamdulliah

  • Макиенко Николай
    Макиенко Николай3 dager siden


  • Koshis Sunuwar
    Koshis Sunuwar3 dager siden

    But honestly khabib you fight like a pussy fight like you own your guts and power rather than being pussy and shit