Hispanic Heritage Month: Historic Firsts


The celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month continues at UFC with several historic firsts including first male and female champions, TUF winners and first UFC event.
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  • Donovan B
    Donovan B2 dager siden

    I like how we can the duality of Mario Yamasaki here.

  • FRosty npg
    FRosty npg12 dager siden

    Where's white history month? Every group gets a month except white people coz that's waaaaycist.

  • Kevin Jacobson

    Kevin Jacobson

    8 dager siden

    Only Asians and Caucasians have mastered stoicism. Everyone else needs a "participation trophy."

  • Lance Barre
    Lance Barre12 dager siden

    When is the White Heritage Month?

  • The D Hive Podcast
    The D Hive Podcast14 dager siden

    Oh but nothing for Black History Month, despite all the top Black talent that make this sport what it is? Ok UFC, good to know where you stand. Funny how politics and identities are only an issue when it's time to start talking about Black people. Weird how everyone can get as political as they want so long as it doesn't support or benefit Black people, interesting.

  • Gangster Sureno
    Gangster Sureno21 dag siden

    Carla Esparza I would like to meet you some day

  • Mohammad Qasim Qudrat
    Mohammad Qasim Qudrat21 dag siden

    Hello, I am also one of the fighters who follow me. Thank you, my new friends

  • matthew reed
    matthew reed23 dager siden

    FYI UFC... Technically Brazilian fighters are not hispanic. Latino , yes.

  • Simon Piñeiro
    Simon Piñeiro24 dager siden

    The first hispanic UFC Champion was Frank Shamrock but the ufc hates him so much that they’ll rather pretend he never existed

  • bernardo torres
    bernardo torres25 dager siden

    No Cain Velazquez?

  • T Reaper
    T Reaper26 dager siden


  • mpforeverunlimited
    mpforeverunlimited27 dager siden

    Nobody cares about race in fighting. Just win fights and knock people out and people will pay attention. No need to pander to any race or ethnic group with stuff like this

  • Divy Jain
    Divy Jain29 dager siden

    Aren't Cubans Hispanic ? If so, where's Masvidal ?

  • Quentin Jones

    Quentin Jones

    26 dager siden

    Latino I believe

  • Divy Jain
    Divy Jain29 dager siden

    Where the hell is Juliana Pena anyway ?

  • Chi Kon
    Chi Kon29 dager siden

    First BMF

  • thekornreeper
    thekornreeper29 dager siden


  • edit11
    edit1129 dager siden

    ty for this you guys are cool!

  • _PUN_X
    _PUN_XMåned siden

    I thought shamrock was irish ? Wow that's crazy yo

  • Whozaper
    WhozaperMåned siden

    Hispanic heritage month 😂 Hahahahaha that's so dumb

  • Quentin Jones

    Quentin Jones

    26 dager siden

    @Lethal Weapon I bet he thinks white heritage month is the best thing ever

  • Lethal Weapon

    Lethal Weapon

    28 dager siden

    Says the white man

  • Dream
    DreamMåned siden

    dont let trump know Dana let this happen

  • John The Don
    John The DonMåned siden

    Hopefully see some Tony, Yair, Cain, Diaz brothers & many more next video

  • Bedardo
    BedardoMåned siden

    5:46 ohhhhh Mariooo, lol! "Her arms were still working"

  • starwatchedits勝
    starwatchedits勝Måned siden

    Guys, is Henry Cejudo European or Hispanic?

  • - Gurthang

    - Gurthang

    28 dager siden

    The word 'hispanic' comes from 'Spain'. All Hispanics have some Spanish in them

  • Никита Репкин Завтрашний Бокс
    Никита Репкин Завтрашний БоксMåned siden

    JoseZepeda-IvanBaranchyk nolocal.info/have/video/nqN_g7ZuyICppms

  • Plasma
    PlasmaMåned siden

    Great vid 🇸🇻🇸🇻🇸🇻

  • video приколы от души
    video приколы от душиMåned siden


  • Ricardo tolentino
    Ricardo tolentinoMåned siden

    Great video and show of support to us specifically as fans. Even though late as it was Hispanic Heritage MONTH, it was good to see 👍

  • Ghost
    GhostMåned siden

    Where my Cubano's at.

  • Mike theJedi
    Mike theJediMåned siden

    Masvidal? Diaz brothers? Pettis awesome cage kick ? Reyes domination of Jon Jones? Well ok then ..

  • Xxl D lxX
    Xxl D lxXMåned siden

    Don’t forget about white heritage month!!

  • S G
    S GMåned siden

    Where's Cain Velasquez and Anthony Pettis ?

  • Odell Biden Jr.
    Odell Biden Jr.Måned siden

    Where’s Cain Velazquez at?

  • Daniel B.
    Daniel B.Måned siden

    wheres the European heritage month?

  • WolkieNL
    WolkieNLMåned siden

    Can't wait for White, Jewish, Arabic, Pacific islander and Pygmy heritage month!

  • jayy pk
    jayy pkMåned siden

    Wait Diego finished Florian wow

  • Abu Jee
    Abu JeeMåned siden

    How come they forget to mention Cain Velasquez???

  • 97 Street Records
    97 Street RecordsMåned siden


  • Vic Yanez
    Vic YanezMåned siden

    Seeing a young Diego is almost sad. He's literally the fighter that got me into mma.. crazy what time and this sport can do. Wish he would've retired before we saw this sad downfall

  • Robert Smith
    Robert SmithMåned siden

    I can’t ever remember seeing Kimo win a fight

    INEEDTHAT ENTMåned siden

    Diego Sanchez winning tuf 1 Frank shamrock for being the first MW champion Henry Cejudo first mex champ champ Dom Cruz for his title reign. He didn’t lose it the first time imo

  • nt30001
    nt30001Måned siden

    Should that not be Frank Shamrock 🤔

  • Chan Ho Ming
    Chan Ho MingMåned siden

    If we celebrate identities, we have to celebrate all identities, it's a never ending cycle. We don't need Hispanic month, or African American month or any month, it's totally divisive. Bad take UFC.

  • Yahshan Benjamin
    Yahshan BenjaminMåned siden

    What did hispanics do for America that Americans should care for Hispanic heritage month?

  • Austin Allen

    Austin Allen

    29 dager siden

    upset their genetics and brought in drugs

  • Rollin Leonard
    Rollin LeonardMåned siden

    that Mario ref guy really loves to see people get brain damage

  • Furyfromthesky !
    Furyfromthesky !Måned siden

    No Cain ?

  • Sakib Muhit
    Sakib MuhitMåned siden

    C'mon, Mario was just giving her chance to be a (dead)warrior! 😶

  • dinah259
    dinah259Måned siden

    All great fights! History made

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel GonzalezMåned siden

    How could you not have cain velasquez???? One of the most legendary mexican/american champs of all time!?!

  • NexisFilms
    NexisFilmsMåned siden

    My drunken ass read "Historic Farts" at first .. Gotta lay off the booze I guess .

  • Rik Vartigyan
    Rik VartigyanMåned siden

    When is White European & Scandanavian heritage month?

  • El Taino MMA
    El Taino MMAMåned siden

    Respect UFC for making this but let me inform you Hispanic are from Hispaniola (Cuba, PR, DR) Latinos are Mexicans, and Central Americans. They are not the same thing and the fact that you think they are is ignorant. Do your homework next time before posting something that will just make you look stupid by those of us whom are educated, thank you.

  • Ralf Vern
    Ralf VernMåned siden


  • Gerard03
    Gerard03Måned siden

    Most of those Mexican

  • Ayomide Otukoya
    Ayomide OtukoyaMåned siden

    Isn’t rose namajunas Spanish, shouldn’t she be included?

  • Erforscher1
    Erforscher1Måned siden

    They forgot Din

  • Wade F.
    Wade F.Måned siden

    Is there a Irish heritage month?? White people dont get stuff like that...

  • Joshua Maldonado

    Joshua Maldonado

    Måned siden

    I'm sure there is one.

  • Blaise Perez
    Blaise PerezMåned siden

    No Cejudo?

    FISH ONMåned siden

    What about Israel? Wait, is that a jewish name?

  • Erforscher1
    Erforscher1Måned siden

    What about Brock?

    FISH ONMåned siden

    They forgot Royce Gracie. You don't get any more hispanic than that

  • José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici

    José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici

    Måned siden

    Huh ? Royce is not hispanic .

  • Erforscher1
    Erforscher1Måned siden

    They forgot BJ Penn

  • Quentin Jones

    Quentin Jones

    26 dager siden

    He's Irish and Korean

    FISH ONMåned siden

    What about Carlos Liddell

  • Erforscher1
    Erforscher1Måned siden

    What about Khabib?

  • Ozzie Ordonez
    Ozzie OrdonezMåned siden

    Where's Cain

    FISH ONMåned siden

    They forgot Ricardo Franklin

  • Raúl Martinez
    Raúl MartinezMåned siden

    Why so many dislikes ?

  • no Time
    no TimeMåned siden

    Where are all the downvotes? Angela Hill's videos got demolished but the Hispanic heritage video seems to be rated more fairly🤔

  • Pat C

    Pat C

    Måned siden

    Hill is cringe

  • Hamza
    HamzaMåned siden


  • Young_ Mar24
    Young_ Mar24Måned siden

    Lol Carla is lucky there was no 115ers back then lmao

  • Ahmed Necro
    Ahmed NecroMåned siden

    when dana was a poor manager and diego was a beast and mario if he dies he dies yamasaki punishing fighters with his stupidity XD good days which lead to the UFC we love


    WHAT??? Ken Shamrock??

  • Kurt
    KurtMåned siden

    Can't wait for European heritage month historic firsts

  • Myst Ery

    Myst Ery

    Måned siden

    Kurt Jesus wasn’t white and Europeans stole everything from other cultures😂

  • bang bang

    bang bang

    Måned siden

    @Daniel Callahan but egypt was built by caucasoid people lol.

  • samiyr chander

    samiyr chander

    Måned siden

    @Daniel Callahan those advanced civilizations became extinct long time back Also European ones are still ruling And if u hate them so much and can't appreciate them leave those countries even the ones they built like America and Australia and go to those great civilizations u mentioned Oh wait they are dead Hmm Also Europeans are becoming extinct bcoz of their stupidity But coming up to them for it shows ur hatred towards them If u think they were wrong for colonizing countries Then think of any major power which never tried to influence its control over others Don't care where u are from But people from ur race or culture would have done the same thing if they were ever in any position to do so So now piss off Also I m not white Just sick of everyone hating them

  • Kurt


    Måned siden

    @Daniel Callahan I seem to have gotten a lot of people riled up from a simple NOlocal comment. Riled up so much they're taking personal shots. As Margaret Thatcher once said, if they start attacking you personally, it's because they've lost the argument. She was a very smart woman.

  • Kurt


    Måned siden

    @Sayonara I will get on that. I will also say that in the interest of equality and fairness, UFC must make a video for European heritage month. Dem da rulez.

  • Yasmin see subs my profile onlyfans
    Yasmin see subs my profile onlyfansMåned siden

    Congrats girl ♥️

  • Simran Sandhu
    Simran SandhuMåned siden

    Fook Carla Esparza!

  • spartan117316able
    spartan117316ableMåned siden

    Wow, they didn't even include Cain when he destroyed Brock

  • Shawn Cahill

    Shawn Cahill

    29 dager siden

    True that. It says "BROWN PRIDE" on his chest after all.

  • Edward Kress

    Edward Kress

    Måned siden

    I think dana's still mad at cain and tito. But I tell ya, if you have a hard time pleasing dana, you ain't hispanic! This is a joke btw.

  • Xavier Music
    Xavier MusicMåned siden

    Viva La Raza Cabrones

  • Yung Automatic
    Yung AutomaticMåned siden

    Wheres cain Velasquez first Mexican champion

  • True English Patriot
    True English PatriotMåned siden

    where's white heritage month?

  • Jordan M

    Jordan M

    28 dager siden

    @Joshua Maldonado Neither European or African American are all one thing.

  • Jordan M

    Jordan M

    28 dager siden

    @Joshua Maldonado na it aint tho

  • Joshua Maldonado

    Joshua Maldonado

    Måned siden

    @Jordan M But African American culture is. And African American History Month celebrates that, not the color of the skin.

  • Jordan M

    Jordan M

    Måned siden

    @Joshua Maldonado black isnt a culture. Not all blacks are from one nation. Same argument. Yet they still have black history month

  • Joshua Maldonado

    Joshua Maldonado

    Måned siden

    White isn't a culture and Hispanic isnt a race, it's an ethnicity. Unlike what you said, it dosen't have anything to do with color, seeing that hispanics come in all skin tones. However there are Italian Heritage, German Heritage, Polish Heritage, Irish Heritage and Scottish Heritage Celebrations, amongst others. All having to do with the ethnicity and culture and nothing to do with skin tone.

  • Vipul Doshi
    Vipul DoshiMåned siden

    that 6 figure contract for 6 fights is GARBAGE

  • Vipul Doshi
    Vipul DoshiMåned siden

    unfortunately they didnt do well on the ufc 253 card. reyes, costa, and sanchez all lost. however there was one Hispanic who did win that night

  • Javier Olmedo

    Javier Olmedo

    Måned siden

    @Vipul Doshi ahh right, Juan Espino, he is from Canary Islands, Spain, how i forget the real Hispanic

  • Vipul Doshi

    Vipul Doshi

    Måned siden

    @Javier Olmedo nah it wasnt him. it was somebody who won and couldn't speak english. brandon represents america although it looks like he may be hispanic. they did this long promo during the prelims for hispanic heritage month with the hispanics on the card. 4 fighters in total

  • Javier Olmedo

    Javier Olmedo

    Måned siden

    Brandon Royval, i don't know his heritage but for sure Hispanic.

  • ploppolp
    ploppolpMåned siden

    Wtf is Hispanic heritage month 😂

  • RR
    RRMåned siden

    Wait but what about Double C Cejudo?

  • Aussie Roberts
    Aussie RobertsMåned siden

    can't wait for white heritage month, oh wait... that would be racist to celebrate one race over another

  • Nick Pan
    Nick PanMåned siden

    Chito Vera representing

  • Napoli Hools
    Napoli HoolsMåned siden

    We want a slavic heritage week ufc theirs plenty of slavic fighters in the ufc currently and passed!

  • Sayonara


    Måned siden

    if you want it soo bad then do it yourself

  • Dennis Cortes
    Dennis CortesMåned siden

    I need some UFC in PR again!

  • Joshua Maldonado

    Joshua Maldonado

    Måned siden

    Me too!

  • Unadapted
    UnadaptedMåned siden

    I better see Frank Juarez aka Frank Shamrock

  • PrisonEarth
    PrisonEarthMåned siden

    What month is "White Heritage" month?

  • Nick Pan

    Nick Pan

    Måned siden

    Every month

  • Raymundo Solorzano
    Raymundo SolorzanoMåned siden

    Wheres cain winning the heavyweight championship

  • Antonio Albarran
    Antonio AlbarranMåned siden

    Funny thing si that they are all bien un the U.S.

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    addicted to pussy ass tren clen deca bacon beerMåned siden

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  • TheAntManChannel
    TheAntManChannelMåned siden

    EL Salvador represent!

  • Gladhe
    GladheMåned siden

    When’s White Heritage Month?

  • Joshua Maldonado

    Joshua Maldonado

    Måned siden

    Don't have one. White isn't a culture and Hispanic isnt a race, it's an ethnicity. Unlike what you said, it dosen't have anything to do with color, seeing that hispanics come in all skin tones. However there are Italian Heritage, German Heritage, Polish Heritage, Irish Heritage and Scottish Heritage Celebrations, amongst others. All having to do with the ethnicity and culture and nothing to do with skin tone.

  • schuletrip
    schuletripMåned siden

    Do they have European Heritage months in Hispanic countries?

  • Javier Olmedo

    Javier Olmedo

    Måned siden

    In my country, no. We only have Independence Day, Labor Day, Chaco Armistice Day, Boquerón Battle victory Day and Founding of Asunción.

  • Giuliano Brizolla

    Giuliano Brizolla

    Måned siden

    I imagine how spain would celebrate that

  • G-AME SPOT 17
    G-AME SPOT 17Måned siden


  • Justin G
    Justin GMåned siden

    Where's caucasian month? Or the caucasian broadcast channel? Or white history month?

  • O C
    O CMåned siden

    Cool, now do one for white people.

  • obi_the_president
    obi_the_presidentMåned siden

    Yair Rodriguez is my favourite active hispanic fighter

  • Omar Gutierrez

    Omar Gutierrez

    Måned siden

    @obi_the_president lol but yair never fights

  • obi_the_president


    Måned siden

    @Omar Gutierrez ? No im not

  • Omar Gutierrez

    Omar Gutierrez

    Måned siden

    @Ziyad Kamil lol hes memeing bro

  • Ziyad Kamil

    Ziyad Kamil

    Måned siden

    Tony Ferguson

  • Brock Tackett
    Brock TackettMåned siden

    This was a cool video

  • Dog On Dog Action
    Dog On Dog ActionMåned siden

    To all my fellow white people, who are getting upset about the Hispanic Month being highlited: Keep in mind that every month is White People month. Let the others have at least one month as well.

  • Pat C

    Pat C

    Måned siden

    This is the dumbest shit I ever read, and I'm black

  • Fritz
    FritzMåned siden

    We all came from Africa.