Knockouts Only: EliteXC Featuring Kimbo Slice


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Knockouts Only is a fast-paced program that showcases the best knockouts across multiple disciplines and fight promotions in the UFC Fight Pass library. Today we take a look at some memorable knockouts from EliteXC.
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    FR33ZE GAM1NGDag siden

    1:36 bro did he make his ear fall off

  • proxie.
    proxie.3 dager siden

    Everyone praising Kimbo when it turns out he has been on steroids his whole career SMH...

  • The truth
    The truth4 dager siden

    I'm not really a kimbo fan but I always enjoy watching tank Abbott get the crap beat out of him.

  • Ronald Wynn
    Ronald Wynn4 dager siden

    That last fight almost looked like Kimbo thru wasn’t believable

  • Big Chill Theater Presents
    Big Chill Theater Presents5 dager siden

    Poor James Thompson...

  • RichyBlogsTV
    RichyBlogsTV5 dager siden

    Best knockout ever is still when Cain knocked out Brock Lesnar

  • Harrison Wheeler
    Harrison Wheeler6 dager siden

    I cannot see what knocked kimbo down in the first clip - slowed it down and everything

  • Ramin Rahmat
    Ramin Rahmat6 dager siden


  • bbyshady
    bbyshady6 dager siden

    that ear pop was fuckin gnarly and so satisfying

  • Sphintus
    Sphintus6 dager siden

    Damn James Thompson getting knocked out left and right! TOUGH AS NAILS

  • Varshan Muhunthan
    Varshan Muhunthan7 dager siden

    First time I'm watching him, but I kinda appreciate that he doesn't seem to want to cause unnecessary damage. If the guy goes down, he waits until he needs to put another punch in, not just blindly throwing a fury. I can't blame anyone who does do that as you have to secure a win best way you can, but that confidence and self control is nice to see

  • Dexter Haven
    Dexter Haven7 dager siden

    2:50 Josh outpointed the ref with his ground game, tho.

  • Котофей Котофеевич
    Котофей Котофеевич8 dager siden


  • king
    king8 dager siden

    All the fat white guys got wrecked 😂

  • neonicon
    neonicon8 dager siden

    i bet tank abbot clanman was mad he lost...

  • Hauptsache Puls
    Hauptsache Puls8 dager siden

    "The most incredible victory of mixed martial arts" LOL

  • Sackschwitze
    Sackschwitze8 dager siden

    Kimbo was Nothing but a Person Able to beat up some homeless guys. "Wow". GlassJaw

  • Rogelio Ybarra
    Rogelio Ybarra8 dager siden

    Elite the dight business who lets over weight fighters with poor condition fight

  • Joseph Roberts
    Joseph Roberts8 dager siden

    Style points for the way James Thompson gets knocked out, he doesn’t fake the rag doll like some people

  • A M
    A M9 dager siden

    It seems to me that Kimbo Slice took boxing lessons from Mike Tyson.

  • Stener Gut
    Stener Gut9 dager siden

    i still don understand how kimbo was hit at 4:02. looks like he just fell

  • Licht AmSchluusseln
    Licht AmSchluusseln9 dager siden

    The sportmanship of Kimbo Slice is outstanding. 😆😆😆😆👍😎

  • Der Mailan
    Der Mailan9 dager siden

    4:16 wait is that hulk hogan sitting there

  • Oreo
    Oreo9 dager siden

    That man James Thompson stays eating L'S

  • Ilgaz Cerit
    Ilgaz Cerit9 dager siden

    Bunch of Amateurs fighting with each other, except Arlowski and Kimbo

  • royal decree for the church of muskology
    royal decree for the church of muskology9 dager siden

    Ahh yes back when "Street brawler" was a legit category of fighter style like jujitsu or mauy Thai. Ufc used to call have the fighters with a street brawler background coz of kimbo 😂

  • Bradley Stinnett
    Bradley Stinnett9 dager siden

    So what to do when you get tortured by a demon that thinks it’s ok to ruin your life then shock you awake repeatedly for weeks because you won’t fight for it?

  • Doubletime 29
    Doubletime 299 dager siden

    James "can not fight" thompson 😄

  • Cenk Toplar
    Cenk Toplar9 dager siden

    Elite XC forced all of Kimbo's opponents to stand up with him and not to wrestle or anything like that. Only stand up. That was the secret deal.

  • William Smith

    William Smith

    9 dager siden

    Yeah, it was obvious they wanted Kimbo to win as much as possible, but why wouldn't they? They were smashing records with Kimbo and they knew his abilities were limited. UFC cut out the part where Tank went for Kimbo's ankle and got smashed on the back of the head, before being given no recovery time by the ref. The fact that Thompson was allowed to fight with a tomato ear should tell you they wanted it to burst so they could call a tko, if thompson started to get ahead.

  • Kyle Perrault
    Kyle Perrault9 dager siden

    James Thompson was Luke rock hold dont @ me

  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis9 dager siden

    Kimbo doing steroids didn't help with his heart failure.

  • Давронов Жалолиддин
    Давронов Жалолиддин9 dager siden

    Супер классс

  • tyler elefterion
    tyler elefterion9 dager siden

    all legends die yound rip

  • Drexl Spivey
    Drexl Spivey9 dager siden

    Hulk hogan in the top left at 4:16

  • Nofear DayZ
    Nofear DayZ9 dager siden

    Love how kimbo slice didn’t jump on him when he was down Rip man 🙏

  • c t 23
    c t 239 dager siden

    Seth was scared.just threw a good punch

  • Kevin Willis
    Kevin Willis9 dager siden

    Kimbo slice was a head hunter, Thompson was foolish to stand and trade with Kimbo..

  • Jay C
    Jay C9 dager siden

    1:41 eww the guys ear looks like it’s bout to just fall off

  • cushdy10
    cushdy1010 dager siden

    Let's be real Kimbo is one the most overrated fighter's ever

  • HaZe RaiN
    HaZe RaiN10 dager siden

    Why are these fights so more entertaining than ufc?

  • luuk hamsvoord
    luuk hamsvoord10 dager siden

    if the dude with the big ear didnt have adrenaline he wouldv been hit to death

  • The Rad
    The Rad10 dager siden

    Kimbo would have finished James Thompson.

  • Alen P
    Alen P10 dager siden

    Man Thomas is a legend he is 0-261

  • HMP Prison T.V

    HMP Prison T.V

    10 dager siden

    Mate the prison videos ive uploaded there crazy you wont be disappointed

  • Moss 590A1
    Moss 590A110 dager siden

    Still can't believe Slice got knocked out by that little baby punch

  • Liam Grey
    Liam Grey10 dager siden

    Andrei will forever be my favorite heavy weight of all time.

  • jan hiken
    jan hiken10 dager siden

    Man that Thompson guy has been ko’ed by everyone

  • Eddie Gooden
    Eddie Gooden10 dager siden

    Damn. I hate seeing Tank Abbott get rocked so hard and so many times before it was over. I was a HUGE, HUGE Kimbo fan, but I remember Tank from when I was in High school and the UFC was just blowing up.

  • Cantthinkofaname
    Cantthinkofaname10 dager siden

    Am I the only one that never really cared for the guy and thought he was a bum who was lucky to get famous of of internet Street fights?

  • GohanH03
    GohanH0310 dager siden

    Type of videos I watch while takin a shit highly recommended 👍

  • huzi net
    huzi net10 dager siden

    0:55 what a left hook he mislay

  • Mohamed Mahfouz
    Mohamed Mahfouz10 dager siden

    What if Kimbo didn't slip in the ring with Petruzelli, I mean history could've been so different 🤔

  • Brandon Halligan
    Brandon Halligan10 dager siden

    Bro just his get up and keep coming mentality I respect so much

  • Dana White
    Dana White10 dager siden

    Thats FUCKING illegal

  • Felipe Soares
    Felipe Soares10 dager siden

    Kimbo slice deveria ter ido para boxe lá seria melhor.

  • JuJu Neale
    JuJu Neale11 dager siden

    Knockouts only: featuring mazagatis mustache

  • Domenico Meschino
    Domenico Meschino11 dager siden

    This has nothing to do with Marital Arts at all. Martial Arts are defensive first of all. These are a bunch of psychopaths' destroying their health for money under the watch of their billionaire masters.

  • taaj howell
    taaj howell11 dager siden

    Lol of course the UFC begins with showing kimbo get Ko’d. Lol I know he didn’t but I feel like Dana made that decision.

  • giovanni innavoig

    giovanni innavoig

    11 dager siden

    no respect, Kimbo gave ufc ratings and views.

    SS-Leif BÄRSÄRK11 dager siden

    Most incredible victory of MMA?? Wtf? Kimbo was a B-fighter at best! He had hands but nothing else,and his hands was not that advanced..

  • Ricardo Cortez de la Cruz II
    Ricardo Cortez de la Cruz II11 dager siden

    I never knew Andrei knocked out Big Country lol. Andrei really fought everyone in his weight class and is still fighting.

  • Josh Dutczak YT
    Josh Dutczak YT11 dager siden

    So nobody noticed the huge shot to the bacc of Kimbos Head when he was on the ground! (4:18 from the way better camera angle!) Right down the middle, not on the ears or even close to them. Center Line, bust his skull open type shit. N it wasn't like Kimbo turned his head the last second. His head was stationary at that particular point in time. It's all Jesus...R.I.P. to a real one!! ✌️💙💯

  • Abhilekh
    Abhilekh11 dager siden

    Kimbo hardly had any skill. I love the passion but fighting without defending yourself is straight up stupid. 🤷‍♂️😅💯

  • C Viasco
    C Viasco11 dager siden

    Thompson the poster boy for “steroids don’t give you a chin”

  • DMT Guy
    DMT Guy11 dager siden

    It saddens me that Kimbo passed before bare-knuckling was a legit sport

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith11 dager siden

    Kimbo was never a punk. Never delivered brutal stuff when dudes had one foot in dreamland. Respect, he had it and earned it and gave it.

  • Tyler Amburg

    Tyler Amburg

    7 dager siden


  • Matthew Wallace
    Matthew Wallace11 dager siden

    4:16 hulk hogans reaction is like "god damn brother"

  • JUSTINcredible
    JUSTINcredible11 dager siden

    2 of the biggest flukes in mma history, Petruzelli KOing Kimbo and Matt Serra KOing GSP. lol

  • Camo
    Camo11 dager siden

    Someone tell em they have to workout legs too. Thank you :)

  • Anil Prem
    Anil Prem11 dager siden

    Step into my ass .... Morons.

  • Shawn Cahill
    Shawn Cahill11 dager siden

    Thompson's ear was nasty.

  • XXX XX
    XXX XX11 dager siden

    Kimbo he gave it to the plug. So it is possible?

  • fluffy babies
    fluffy babies11 dager siden

    2:42 EA glitches again 😂

  • CowBoah
    CowBoah11 dager siden

    Still better than ufc 261 fight motion

  • max 8938
    max 893811 dager siden

    James Thompson got fucking R.O.B.B.E.D

  • Brendan Nelson
    Brendan Nelson11 dager siden

    3:30 Probably the best stoppage by Steve Mazzagatti ever

  • J
    J11 dager siden

    rip legend

  • Dan G
    Dan G11 dager siden

    Steve Mazzagatti out of position letting fighters take 40 unanswered blows as usual

  • Koin Gold
    Koin Gold11 dager siden

    Why tf y’all show kimbo getting finished wtf

  • Jacob
    Jacob11 dager siden

    Rip kimbo

  • Djordje Terzic
    Djordje Terzic11 dager siden

    James Thompson won,watch that fight it s awesome

  • Jessie Joy
    Jessie Joy11 dager siden

    Idk who Thompson is, but that stop seemed kinda quick

  • Deminus Germanicus
    Deminus Germanicus11 dager siden

    I think he would have done well in Bare knuckle

  • Mike Danger
    Mike Danger11 dager siden

    Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the fellas out there who probably never make it to the elite level, who probably don't even make any money doing it, but still get their heads busted open for our entertainment? Many of them will end up on the wrong side of a highlight reel, but without them the sport isn't as great as it is.

  • S S
    S S11 dager siden

    Kimbo chicken legs slice

  • P Dub
    P Dub11 dager siden

    He really got some notions wins though, not with Elite XC but Bellator

  • J J
    J J11 dager siden

    Dude was beast, just not trained..

  • danny podolsky
    danny podolsky11 dager siden


  • Basque Cheetah
    Basque Cheetah11 dager siden

    menudo martillazo wey 😗🔨 1:34🥶🥶 hes ear looks of plastic

  • 510 braceface
    510 braceface11 dager siden

    This promotion gave us the best dana white line ever. "That's fucking illegal!"

  • Kenny Taco
    Kenny Taco11 dager siden

    Thompson was a glorified punching bag

  • Oh he High High
    Oh he High High11 dager siden

    Y’all caught me off guard in the beginning thought it would just be kimbo kicking ass

  • Sunca Seen
    Sunca Seen11 dager siden

    Daaang 😀 Almost all of them juiced to the gills! That's why no one cared about defense 😂😂

  • Bob Cirba
    Bob Cirba11 dager siden


  • private information
    private information11 dager siden

    Silver Age of MMA in the USA. It’s evolved so much since then but these were fun standing matches.

  • H&Z Videos
    H&Z Videos11 dager siden

    Roy Nelson without the beard...

  • Darkish Yeego
    Darkish Yeego11 dager siden

    Poor James Thompson

  • n dombsky
    n dombsky11 dager siden

    Bigfoot Silva look like he has some Neanderthal blood.

  • Lance Schaerer
    Lance Schaerer11 dager siden

    Hilarious lucky shot on slice 🤣 had that guy running away in fear and caught a lucky tap on the chin

  • Hostile Aks

    Hostile Aks

    10 dager siden

    Probably why he got knocked out. Thought he was just going to walk thru the seth guy. Didn't show respect for his fighting ability. I think at that level it's like the NFL. Everyone is good of they are in that ring. Well except cm punk. Other than that id say every ufc fighter is a real fighter. Kimbo probably learned a lot from that fight.

  • Gabriel Baclagon
    Gabriel Baclagon11 dager siden

    Seth Petruzeli knocked out EliteXC into the shadow realm

  • EE GW
    EE GW11 dager siden

    "The most incredible victory in all of Mixed Martial Arts!" calm down bud

  • wig thplitter
    wig thplitter11 dager siden

    Trashed kimbo when he was alive but now they post his fights for views