Light Heavyweight Rundown | April 2021


We take stock of the UFC light heavyweight division as we head into May and see where the top contender shake out according to the official rankings. Saturday's main event top five light heavyweights Dominick Reyes and Jiri Prochazka will have major implications for the rest of the division.
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  • Mohammad Porky Haram
    Mohammad Porky Haram6 dager siden

    divisions on fire rite now

  • Rafael Mengão
    Rafael Mengão6 dager siden

    Y’all sleeping on Marreta

  • wade wilson
    wade wilson6 dager siden

    So a Czech, a Serb, and a Russian walk into the UFC 205 division...

  • Thrash gorkhey
    Thrash gorkhey7 dager siden

    205 is a now stacked division

  • Aamir Hussain
    Aamir Hussain8 dager siden


  • Isaac Robinson
    Isaac Robinson8 dager siden

    I'd say Glover gets the shot then you match Prochazka against Rakic and the winner of that gets the shot after Glover

  • Tom Thomas
    Tom Thomas8 dager siden


  • RBG Payne
    RBG Payne8 dager siden

    Everyone is in line for a beating from Jiri imo

  • Zoheb Shaikh
    Zoheb Shaikh9 dager siden

    Ankalaev high kick was lethal

  • Rick L
    Rick L9 dager siden


  • mitch lesinski
    mitch lesinski9 dager siden

    Magomed is a boss

  • Sascha Maritz
    Sascha Maritz10 dager siden

    Jiri vs Dom is insane

  • Thanos 809
    Thanos 80910 dager siden

    I hope he KO Reyes tomorrow.

  • Gummy GoD
    Gummy GoD10 dager siden

    Lol so yeah this is old af. No offense but Jones kinda left his mark

  • Ian Van Der Merwe
    Ian Van Der Merwe10 dager siden

    Jiri prochazka vs magomed ankalaev has to be made🔥

  • Adam Stránský
    Adam Stránský10 dager siden

    BJP !!! Bombs Like a Bitch !!! Bomby Jak Piča !!!

  • xtwhitey
    xtwhitey10 dager siden

    why Blachowicz is skipped in this clip?

  • Stasiu P
    Stasiu P10 dager siden

    Wheres the champ?

  • Sibabale Pinzi
    Sibabale Pinzi10 dager siden

    I expect great things from Rakic

  • Mozza Pizza
    Mozza Pizza10 dager siden

    Jiri Prochazka vs Johny Walker would be craaaazy

  • Tiberius Hassius
    Tiberius Hassius10 dager siden

    Ankalaev is a future champ.

  • N.N.A
    N.N.A10 dager siden

    Light heavyweight division is getting DEEP !!

  • popoff121
    popoff12110 dager siden

    So we're just gonna ignore that Goddard lost his shoe in that last clip?😂😂

  • leedle lee
    leedle lee10 dager siden

    crazy how teixera is a no 1 contender in this stacked division at 41 years old!!!

  • hi roller
    hi roller10 dager siden

    1 question who iz the Goat? Y'all know who

  • Jason Santos
    Jason Santos10 dager siden

    Glover texeira had a real resurgence and completely deserves that next title shot.

  • Jason Santos
    Jason Santos10 dager siden

    That rakic head kick was vicious I remember watching that live.

  • Jason Santos
    Jason Santos10 dager siden

    When jiri k.o d no time in knew he was on the rise and if he takes out Dominick he is definitely up there as contender.

  • Umer Atiq
    Umer Atiq10 dager siden

    Wheres Jamahal Hill at?

  • Aasif Khan
    Aasif Khan10 dager siden

    But Jan is FATHER of all of them

  • Hybrid Moments

    Hybrid Moments

    10 dager siden

    Thiago had Jan curled up in the octagon

  • Aasif Khan
    Aasif Khan10 dager siden

    WTC(F) you call him proHAska

  • Jiri Denisa Prochazka
    Jiri Denisa Prochazka11 dager siden


  • Daniel Malidis
    Daniel Malidis11 dager siden

    Oli pushtomavri efai kala!!!)))

  • Weedgy Apex
    Weedgy Apex11 dager siden

    Magomed KO was 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jay Baker
    Jay Baker11 dager siden

    Jiri is straight samurai killer!

  • Jay Baker
    Jay Baker11 dager siden


  • HeckYeahMane
    HeckYeahMane11 dager siden

    Rakic and Prochazka best contenders

  • mark collard
    mark collard11 dager siden

    Should rename video to "The UFC's LHW division takes turns beating up Devin Clark."

  • mark collard
    mark collard11 dager siden

    I think this guy is a slick fighter. I've seen quite a few of his fights and he seems so unassuming and calm that you wouldn't expect him to be such a killer in the cage.

  • Tauqeer Baig
    Tauqeer Baig11 dager siden

    LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT RANKING CHAMPION - JAN BLACHOWICZ 1 Glover Teixeira 2 Aleksandar Rakic 3 Dominick Reyes 4 Thiago Santos 5 Jiri Prochazka 6 Anthony Smith 7 Magomed Ankalaev 8 Volkan Oezdemir 9 Nikita Krylov 10 Johnny Walker 11 Ryan Spann 12 Misha Cirkunov 13 Jim Crute 14 Paul Craig 15 Jamahal Hill

  • Matt Brooks
    Matt Brooks11 dager siden

    I want to Lionheart make another big run to the top!

  • Filip Hartl
    Filip Hartl11 dager siden


  • plisskennn
    plisskennn11 dager siden

    Anthony Smith is gangsta until Aleksandar Rakic shows up.

  • Abdou Wahab
    Abdou Wahab11 dager siden

    جونس الخصارة الوحيدة بدوباج وما دار والوا مع رايس دانا وايت علابالوا قالها لجونس بلي بردلك بسح انت ولدنا

  • Dcline
    Dcline11 dager siden

    Glover is the most underrated killer out there

  • Josh Dudeguy
    Josh Dudeguy11 dager siden

    In that first fight, you see him think about extra shots and decide against it. The man is classy.

  • Domenico Meschino
    Domenico Meschino11 dager siden

    This has nothing to do with Marital Arts at all. Martial Arts are defensive first of all. These are a bunch of psychopaths destroying their health for money under the watch of their billionaire masters.

  • Z po
    Z po11 dager siden

    Rakic 🇷🇸🚀

  • Brylle Cortes
    Brylle Cortes11 dager siden

    Damn, the LHW is very competitive even without Jones. That's because of Blachowicz's and Reyes' performance last year!

  • richiemo2000
    richiemo200011 dager siden

    I really wanna see Rakic vs Prochazka, they're both the future and present of this division imo

  • Charlemagne
    Charlemagne11 dager siden


  • Ludovico Sammarco
    Ludovico Sammarco11 dager siden

    Ankaleev is a fuck.. Beast

  • Aness Abdelgader
    Aness Abdelgader11 dager siden

    Reyes should give him the work

  • BathingWookie
    BathingWookie11 dager siden

    Thee deadest division

  • Yummy 23
    Yummy 2311 dager siden

    Jan knocking out all these boys unless he takes Jon Jones mega fight

  • bob vinny
    bob vinny11 dager siden

    Still sad Reyes "lost" the Jones fight.

  • Real Japan Life
    Real Japan Life11 dager siden

    I wonder if any of these guys could move up to heavy weight and dethrone Ngannou?

    YWNBAW11 dager siden

    2:53 that sound holy shit how did he not break his toes?

  • jim pisser

    jim pisser

    11 dager siden

    connection is with the ball of his foot, not toes

  • Nhân Tiểu
    Nhân Tiểu11 dager siden

  • Ben Hof
    Ben Hof11 dager siden

    BABY BOY!!

  • Manny Grey
    Manny Grey11 dager siden

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to read the entire Terms of Service and click disagree.

  • Stefan R.
    Stefan R.11 dager siden

    Rakic 🚀

  • Thomas Jenkins
    Thomas Jenkins11 dager siden

    Let's not forget some of the guys, Santos, Walker, Spann, Crute, Craig and Hill.

  • Luke Randolph

    Luke Randolph

    11 dager siden

    It's crazy. Definitely the toughest top 15

  • wargami
    wargami11 dager siden

    Im from czech republic and if i see Procházka fighting in UFC its so much good see someone fight in big company. DRŽÍM PALCE :) (good luck)

  • Zilix
    Zilix11 dager siden

    can we get rid of the background music please lmao

  • Green Hornet
    Green Hornet11 dager siden

    I’m so glad *Jan Blachowicz, Aleksandr Rakic and Jiri Prochazka are finally getting credit!* I’ve been following them for years and been hyping them up. So happy they got their opportunities! Rakic and Prochazka would beat Jones! One of Jones’s biggest weakness is fighting smaller guys; he’s never really fought anyone with a comparable reach except Gustafsson/Reyes but even then they only got 77inch reach; which is still an 8inch disadvantage.

  • Gumakovec


    11 dager siden

    Yes, now the top is full of talent. And Reyes should probably win vs Jones. Gustafsson was imho even better than Reyes and defeated Jones.

  • Atomic 3301
    Atomic 330111 dager siden

    Just made me realized how stacked the LH division is.

  • Capronic2 Dethroned
    Capronic2 Dethroned11 dager siden

    Smith vs Rakic

  • a b
    a b11 dager siden

    I love the fact that since jones left there are no more robberies, even outside of his fights in lhw

  • Blitzkrieg
    Blitzkrieg11 dager siden

    Light-Heavyweight fights to make - (C) Jan Blachowicz vs. Glover Teixeira (#1) - (#2) Aleksander Rakic vs. Reyes/Prochazka (#3/#5) - (#4) Thiago Santos vs. Magomed Anakalaev (#7) - (#6) Anthony Smith vs. Prochazka/Reyes (#5/#3)

  • Luke Randolph

    Luke Randolph

    11 dager siden

    Agreed. Rakic gets winner of Reyes Prochazka, and Smith gets loser

  • James Kennedy
    James Kennedy11 dager siden

    What happened to volkan ?

  • The Natural Order of Anarchy
    The Natural Order of Anarchy11 dager siden

    That Headkick KO by Rakic is not representative of his fights. He will most likely never do something like that again. He is very similar to Till in that way. He will mostly win Decisions from now on.

  • Eugenios T.
    Eugenios T.11 dager siden

    Jiri about to run through the division.

  • Darren Roehit
    Darren Roehit11 dager siden


  • Myles Scott
    Myles Scott11 dager siden

    Alexander rakic I'm a fan of

  • wrobs hubs
    wrobs hubs11 dager siden

    Lhw and lightweight are best and most exciting categories right now

  • Brendan Nelson
    Brendan Nelson11 dager siden

    Can we just appreciate the absolute monsters that are the top 10 at light heavyweight. And the champ Jan Blachowicz says line them up

  • Leon 5F
    Leon 5F11 dager siden

  • Leon 5F
    Leon 5F11 dager siden

  • Млади Гангстер
    Млади Гангстер11 dager siden

    Rakic is future champ 💪🚀🇷🇸

  • RECTO Recto
    RECTO Recto11 dager siden

    2:54 “what a fucking knockout”

  • Niel Bezuidenhout
    Niel Bezuidenhout11 dager siden

    It's a pity Jones has not been more active. I would have loved to see him fight Rakic, Blachowicz and rematch Reyes

  • Lewis Gordon
    Lewis Gordon11 dager siden

    Poor Devin Clark, guy keeps showing up in highlight reels.

  • Leon 5F

    Leon 5F

    11 dager siden

  • Söz Doğanın
    Söz Doğanın11 dager siden,

  • Andrew Yachovitz
    Andrew Yachovitz11 dager siden

    His name should be Jiri “Baby Boy” Prohashcka(prob got the last name wrong)😂😂 Bisping is awesome

  • The Plaza of chaos

    The Plaza of chaos

    11 dager siden

    Overrated and you got no likes casual

  • Isaiah Acevedo
    Isaiah Acevedo11 dager siden

    4:18 square in the god damn face! Even I flinched

  • Leon 5F

    Leon 5F

    11 dager siden

  • Kacper Łabuz
    Kacper Łabuz11 dager siden


  • Kacper Łabuz
    Kacper Łabuz11 dager siden


  • Kacper Łabuz
    Kacper Łabuz11 dager siden


  • Kacper Łabuz
    Kacper Łabuz11 dager siden


  • Faji Tiki
    Faji Tiki11 dager siden

    Wow i like it

  • Jacka Bean
    Jacka Bean11 dager siden


  • MystikGaming
    MystikGaming11 dager siden

    I still want Jan vs Jones

  • Juston Lynch
    Juston Lynch11 dager siden

    1:28 this man slowly sits on his package to death and then just walks away

  • TheAntManChannel


    11 dager siden

    Im pretty sure he's wearing a cup lol

  • Leon 5F

    Leon 5F

    11 dager siden

  • Lil Sus
    Lil Sus11 dager siden

    who else thinks Rakic is the future of this div ?

  • Leandro Antelo
    Leandro Antelo11 dager siden

    I think there are two guys who are a trouble for the light heavyweights: rakic and ankalaev

  • RockSteady67
    RockSteady6711 dager siden

    viscous Knockouts

  • Vi shal
    Vi shal11 dager siden

    One of the weakest divisions currently in UFC. To everyone saying Rakic is the big deal should go watch his last fight with Santos. Jan blachowicz is the only star currently.

  • jim pisser

    jim pisser

    10 dager siden

    @Vi shal so rakic did better than jan you knobhead

  • Vi shal

    Vi shal

    11 dager siden

    @jim pisser so?

  • jim pisser

    jim pisser

    11 dager siden

    santos knocked blachowicz out lmao

  • 71donkrider
    71donkrider11 dager siden

    I’m digging life without Bones Jones @205

  • FlawlessMMA
    FlawlessMMA11 dager siden