Rise Of Irene Aldana


Irene Aldana has been climbing up the bantamweight rankings since joining the promotion in 2016 and has a 5-1 record in the division since the start of 2018.
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  • Echo Sky White Noise
    Echo Sky White Noise17 dager siden

    I was telling people that irene wouldn't beat holly, Lobo MMA in Mexico is a joke for a "MMA" gym. It's just amateur boxing and basics in everything else and it shows. Sure she has the fighting spirit but the gym is what's holding her down, she lost key fights because the other figuter's gym is better class.

  • Rene Stanneveld
    Rene Stanneveld23 dager siden

    Fight IQ 0.001 call Bellator i hear they are looking or girls.

  • GoonKnox
    GoonKnox24 dager siden

    Rise and fall.

  • alego 723
    alego 72324 dager siden

    is UFC deleting my comments?

  • Zoe Van Dyne
    Zoe Van Dyne25 dager siden

    And her fall.

  • dooms cr
    dooms cr25 dager siden

    Holly holm did put a clinic on her

  • CAPCOM784
    CAPCOM78425 dager siden

    Holly made short work of her in their last fight. Shes really gonna need to step it up to get the belt one day.

  • Trevor Barnes
    Trevor Barnes26 dager siden

    This aged poorly

  • Jay Ufa
    Jay Ufa26 dager siden

    And fall lol... #HollyHolm

  • Bravo
    Bravo26 dager siden

    *The rise and fall

  • Gerald Haselton
    Gerald Haselton26 dager siden

    Likeable she is but last night against holly she didn’t throw her hands which is a shame she needs to learn to be the bully and take control .

  • bnegs521
    bnegs52126 dager siden

    The fall of irene aldana.......

  • Southern Man80
    Southern Man8026 dager siden


  • Juan Payet
    Juan Payet26 dager siden

    Holly la agarro de costal.

  • 8palms5fists
    8palms5fists26 dager siden


  • edu marroquin
    edu marroquin26 dager siden


  • rcarlisi63
    rcarlisi6326 dager siden

    then the fall......................

  • T G Short
    T G Short26 dager siden

    The fall of Irene I knew she was not ready yet but she's young and will be back

  • sven trogrlic
    sven trogrlic26 dager siden

    Damn, some of these female fighters would beat up your ass in the cage, Gentlemen!! XD

  • Dante Mactavish
    Dante Mactavish26 dager siden

    The rise and fall !

  • Kidaze
    Kidaze26 dager siden

    she got outclassed by holly

    EDHOLLA26 dager siden

    Fall Of Irene Aldana

  • Sean Boss
    Sean Boss26 dager siden

    holy put her in her place. hype train derailed

  • Eric X
    Eric X27 dager siden

    Damn..she got dominated.

  • Fibonacci
    Fibonacci27 dager siden

    Holly just straight demolished this girl. But yeah she's definitely a warrior.

  • Ishmael C
    Ishmael C27 dager siden

    She needs to fire her coaching staff. How are you gonna let a lame like Holly Holm circle you into her counters.

  • Ishmael C

    Ishmael C

    26 dager siden

    EDHOLLA Holms is a bum. She dropped every title fight in the last 5 years. Also boxing is for possys. No wonder Holly fights like a lame ass always backing 6ft apart and wait to throw some wack ass punch . Go back to watching Dazn and Golden Boy, boxing Possey



    26 dager siden

    Ishmael C dude the only lame I see is you lmao. Holly is future boxing HOFer and multiple time world champion but I don’t expect a casual like you to know that.

  • Erwin CaliforniaJr.
    Erwin CaliforniaJr.27 dager siden

    She’s the most beautiful girl in the UFC ❤️

  • alego 723

    alego 723

    24 dager siden


  • Booga Loo
    Booga Loo27 dager siden

    Women's mma is boring as fuck, regardless of who's fighting.

  • Geri Simbolon
    Geri Simbolon27 dager siden

    The best alwys is valentina shavcenko..parpect ..

  • T.L Hill
    T.L Hill27 dager siden

    They need to give her a shot at the title, she hungry for it, and nobody is going to stop her.

  • Ugly Hobo

    Ugly Hobo

    27 dager siden

    Shes just another hype job but she's going to beat Holly tonight. Holly is almost 40 years old and she's just too slow for the octagon at her age.

  • Cody Long
    Cody Long27 dager siden

    Holly vs Aldana is not going to be an easy fight for either women. Nothing Aldana is doing is anything Holly hasn't seen before at least a thousand times. However, Holly has struggled with "MMA strikers" who have decent footwork and apply pressure (Nunes and Tate). So either Holly will counter often and eek out a decision, or Aldana catches her and TKO or Ko's her.

  • Ugly Hobo

    Ugly Hobo

    27 dager siden

    ALDANA is just another hype job but she's going to beat Holly tonight. Holly is almost 40 years old and she's just too slow for the octagon at her age.

  • Cedric Walker
    Cedric Walker27 dager siden

    She's so humble sometimes she forgets she's a savage!

  • Joseph Phelps
    Joseph Phelps27 dager siden

    Body shots, slips, and kicks are loooookkin tight!!

  • Kai V
    Kai V27 dager siden

    Tonight should be a great card and main event. Her head movement and footwork is so smooth.

  • Joe Koko
    Joe Koko27 dager siden

    I was at UFC 228. She was in the prelims so it wasn't full. But man that place got loud at after the fight these lady's got everyone's respect

  • Frog Informática Hacks
    Frog Informática Hacks27 dager siden

    Me gusta estos golpes q tal Holly nolocal.info/have/video/enyfZbOIrYx-sqI

  • Crime Alley's Outlaw
    Crime Alley's Outlaw27 dager siden

    The Veira ko reminds me of Condit's ko of Dan Hardy.

  • god
    god27 dager siden

    anybody else thinks irene sexy as hell

  • Crime Alley's Outlaw
    Crime Alley's Outlaw27 dager siden

    The background track is awesome!!!

  • VOIP Portland
    VOIP Portland27 dager siden

    Irene is in my parlay bet. Who doesn't love Holly, but the preacher's daughter is outmatched this time.

  • Ugly Hobo

    Ugly Hobo

    27 dager siden

    Holly too old and slow now. She's almost 40. I put 500 dollars on Irene earlier

  • Bob Dole
    Bob Dole27 dager siden

    She swings too wide for Holly. Holly will evade and counter easily.

  • Drew Hong
    Drew Hong27 dager siden

    Jalisco Tequila ... Must delisioso Crystal Metatah

  • Rhett Duncan
    Rhett Duncan27 dager siden

    I want to see Aldana KNOCK Holly out!!!!

  • Jose A. Martinez
    Jose A. Martinez27 dager siden

    Can’t wait Aldana vs holly !!

  • EUK007
    EUK00727 dager siden

    I see Aldana doing that again on Holm.

  • Melvon Madison
    Melvon Madison27 dager siden

    Pena should get title if she win

  • jbvap
    jbvap27 dager siden

    I’ve been a big fan of Irene since her debut. There’s only a couple women that throw down like her. I bet you holly is gonna try and wrestle her like she did Megan Anderson, hopefully Irene’s grappling is better than Anderson’s tho.

  • Ugly Hobo

    Ugly Hobo

    27 dager siden

    Shes just another hype job but she's going to beat Holly tonight. Holly is almost 40 years old and she's just too slow for the octagon at her age.

  • Walker Meiner
    Walker Meiner27 dager siden

    Viva La 🇲🇽 she’s got them SURGICAL hands

  • Bozzy Badazz
    Bozzy Badazz27 dager siden

    It's a shame, good young prospect but Holly Holm is gonna decision her. Holly is on steroids I mean she's built like a man, other then Nunes and Cyborg she's gonna beat most of these women. I hate when a good upincomer gets an old boring veteran that they're not ready for yet, and I guarantee that it's the case Holy is gonna pick this girl apart and chin is too manly to get hurt by her, and her elbows are too pointy. Holly by decision.

  • NGO Activist
    NGO Activist27 dager siden

    Marital arts is not for women.

  • David Decker
    David Decker27 dager siden

    Her completion appeared to get weaeker. No way the UFC would be helping her with opponents to tap into that Mexican market would they?

  • Joseph Anthony

    Joseph Anthony

    26 dager siden

    That's exactly what they were doing. All the commentators talked about before the fight is the "Mexican fighting spirit"

  • Yovani Ruz
    Yovani Ruz27 dager siden

    Well done ufc. Im pumped for tonight’s fight.

  • Rico-suave
    Rico-suave27 dager siden

    Dam i just became a fan!!

  • T V
    T V27 dager siden

    That Aldana/Pudilova fight, belongs in the top 20 of best female fights ever.. Miss Pudilova, in the UFC too.. She's as hard, as they come, just ask Irene.

  • Michael Baluyot
    Michael Baluyot27 dager siden

    Impressive footwork

  • CyGuy
    CyGuy27 dager siden

    Holly getting 😴 tonight

  • Modern Spirit
    Modern Spirit27 dager siden

    Beautiful violence, miss the crowds too!

  • NEO TheChosenOne
    NEO TheChosenOne27 dager siden

    Irene via submission rd3

  • Mada Nunes
    Mada Nunes27 dager siden

    She is very good but not holly holm level

  • genaro ayala

    genaro ayala

    27 dager siden


  • Christian Fernandez
    Christian Fernandez27 dager siden

    Donde esta mi raza🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Laura Sinisalo
    Laura Sinisalo27 dager siden

    Her movement and slips are perhaps the most beautiful to watch in the womens division.

  • noworries m8
    noworries m827 dager siden

    100% on roids

  • Emir Özer
    Emir Özer27 dager siden

    Her name sounds like Isreal Adessania

  • L. Abraham
    L. Abraham27 dager siden

    Yall shoud be doing this more often, promoting your unkown fighters

  • Michael Barr
    Michael Barr27 dager siden

    Aldana going to rank #6 after beating #2 is disgraceful, this woman should be ranked higher than she is.

  • Jaime Wong
    Jaime Wong27 dager siden

    Pure Culichi power, that left hook just like JC Chavez Senior

  • RoniMUsicoffical
    RoniMUsicoffical27 dager siden

    Her left is an animal

  • Matthew Folsom
    Matthew Folsom28 dager siden

    and the Holm vs Aldona hype begins

  • Seven_
    Seven_28 dager siden

    She’s beast but holly has the edge over her

  • Tom Electric Avenue
    Tom Electric Avenue28 dager siden

    They should allow women to fight topless like the men.

  • sivrahc
    sivrahc28 dager siden

    That arm-bar was NASTY

  • gibby252
    gibby25228 dager siden

    So good

  • alan30189
    alan3018928 dager siden

    She could eventually spell the end of Nunes string of wins. She's pretty good. She just needs to keep working on her speed. If she catches Holly Holm with one of those lefts, Holm will fold quickly, as she seems to be unable to take too many punches to the head anymore.



    26 dager siden

    alan30189 ☝️☝️☝️😂😂😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡😭😭😭

  • efx deadeye
    efx deadeye28 dager siden

    Shes a problem her boxing is elite and movement is on point i see her winning 3rd round ko *call me Mystic Mac cause I predict these things*



    26 dager siden

    efx deadeye lmao 😂 you ain’t see shit. you’re blinder than Ray Charles.

  • alexpss13
    alexpss1328 dager siden

    Been following Irene for almost 5 years hope she wins all Respect for holly tho

  • Booty Eater
    Booty Eater28 dager siden

    Her footwork is something else

  • Salvador Plascencia
    Salvador Plascencia28 dager siden

    0:53 beautiful

  • D 416
    D 41628 dager siden

    Who the fook is that ?

  • Aziza Hamura
    Aziza Hamura28 dager siden

    all her opponents are women with black hair & yellow trunks

  • CryptoNexis
    CryptoNexis28 dager siden

    Dang. She’s a beast!

  • Fire Lord Zuko
    Fire Lord Zuko28 dager siden

    She can box

  • somaliano99%auser king Kong lord of lords him self
    somaliano99%auser king Kong lord of lords him self28 dager siden

    Brazilian killer. El. Mexicana. Real. Gangster. This. China. China 😍😍😍😍🇸🇴😂😍😂🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴😂😍😍

  • mark kevorkian
    mark kevorkian28 dager siden

    Damn her boxing is clean. She is super impressive. Not sure she is on the level with the top of the roster but who knows?

  • ian b
    ian b28 dager siden

    Gonna be an exciting match up I can't wait

  • Mr Zavala
    Mr Zavala28 dager siden

    Let’s go Champ 💚

  • Nes cat
    Nes cat28 dager siden

    3:20 almost pussy punch

  • Polo
    Polo28 dager siden

    Irene always does dog fights

  • hawjR
    hawjR28 dager siden

    Her movement is pretty unique in Womens mma.

  • Carter Leete
    Carter Leete28 dager siden

    Irene is the epitome of a fan friendly fighter: crisp technique, knockout power, beautiful footwork, and i don't think she's been in one boring fight in the UFC. just fuckin awesome

  • Lauro Olmos
    Lauro Olmos28 dager siden

    Helllll yeahhhhh!!!!

  • sweatyballsac
    sweatyballsac28 dager siden

    Haven't see that second fight before but wow! Both ladies are beasts!

  • Alrai Lights
    Alrai Lights28 dager siden

    nolocal.info/have/video/a5uenLiAypKhuoQ peñea mejor q costa jajajaja

  • José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici
    José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici28 dager siden

    She probably has the greatest boxing in current MMA .

  • José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici

    José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici

    26 dager siden

    In MMA Holly use more her kicks .

  • Sean Boss

    Sean Boss

    26 dager siden

    José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici nope holy is way better. hype train derailed



    26 dager siden

    José Guilherme Rodrigues Monici Holly Holm the future Boxing HOFER would say other wise and well she proved it lol

  • Noe Salas
    Noe Salas28 dager siden

    Viva Mexico cabrones!!!! She's bad ass , her boxing is on point, she's lenky. We were born to fight!!!!💪💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥

  • high horse
    high horse28 dager siden

    Man, Jason in that first clip should have stepped in earlier...the girl had no idea where she was when she hit the canvas

  • Jonny Dallas
    Jonny Dallas28 dager siden

    Congratulations to my mexican fighters all over the world!

  • YHKceemrniceguy42
    YHKceemrniceguy4228 dager siden

    It’s crAzy from the first fight you can see how she’s improved every fight after that and she just keeps getting better and better with her striking. Amazing her hand speed and combos are clean! 👀 🧽 she’s gonna sleep the preachers daughter no offense and as in shape as she is she’s not in her prime anymore, as she’s being knocked out and beat so many times, aldana is gonna knock her out in the 1st or 2nd rd

  • The Isaiahnator
    The Isaiahnator28 dager siden

    It's about time y'all started putting some promotion behind this woman! 😤

  • Subhradeep Roy
    Subhradeep Roy28 dager siden