Rise Of Jan Blachowicz


After putting in 13 years professionally into the sport of MMA, Jan Blachowicz gets his shot at light heavyweight gold at UFC 253 against Dominick Reyes. Order now: bit.ly/2vNIBE8 (U.S. only)
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  • jfrd072891
    jfrd072891Dag siden

    Damn. Fast hands. Nasty KO power.

  • My TRINH
    My TRINH10 dager siden

    Now I see why jones retired

  • Corey Shelp
    Corey Shelp16 dager siden

    This is the Chris Benoit of MMA...

  • Django Freeman
    Django Freeman17 dager siden

    Jan is still no match for Jon. Ijs

  • Duke Nukem
    Duke Nukem17 dager siden


    TWO FACE OF INTERNET17 dager siden

    Rockhold was so talented guy but 0 % defense and 0 % humble make joke fighter from him

  • Jasjit Bajwa
    Jasjit Bajwa18 dager siden

    Standing RNC and the Luke KO are my favorite.

  • Zkeletor Skeletorsky
    Zkeletor Skeletorsky19 dager siden

    Maybe someone would like to play my free browser 2D *fighting game* with Jan Blachowicz. There will be more fighters

  • Wissarionowicz Dżugaszwili
    Wissarionowicz Dżugaszwili21 dag siden

    Blachowicz reminds me of a Wolverine

    XDDD XDDD23 dager siden

    Polish power🇵🇱🇵🇱🏆

  • Sebastian Jakimczuk
    Sebastian Jakimczuk23 dager siden

    JAN MISTRZ 🇵🇱🇵🇱👍

  • ghistes
    ghistes24 dager siden

    He's a bit slow but he has that power. Few hits and guys go to deep sleep. And volume of his punches and kicks is relentles. He slashes with those legs and hammers with those fits. Checks every lowkick. Has great BJJ. He is a complete fighter. Great spirit with honest & sweet mentality. Now finally a champ and all this without fake shitty talk. He won't give that belt away easily :)

  • FireStarter #ok
    FireStarter #ok24 dager siden

    Killer 👍💪💪

  • Jacob McPhsx
    Jacob McPhsx24 dager siden

    Dom obviously didn’t tell jan he was more athletic than him, that’s why he lost.

  • Nandi Lukas
    Nandi Lukas24 dager siden


  • Bartosz Rutkowski
    Bartosz Rutkowski24 dager siden

    Oglądam to setny raz ... Jaram się

  • Wojciech Mruk
    Wojciech Mruk24 dager siden

    And he did it! WOW.

  • Tom Tomasz
    Tom Tomasz24 dager siden

    i like Jan but... ekhem ... ee Jones left .. to become champ

  • Duke Nukem
    Duke Nukem25 dager siden

    Polska Duma

  • SRNF
    SRNF25 dager siden

    Editor, "Probably best to put the Rockhold ko in twice" You sir are a genius.

    KEBAB TV26 dager siden

    Polish power 🥊🤔🇵🇱

  • HZD sam Na Sam
    HZD sam Na Sam26 dager siden


  • Shrikant Ramkrishan
    Shrikant Ramkrishan27 dager siden

    John Jones is smart to run away from pozan tank

  • ch tr
    ch tr28 dager siden

    Blachowicz trying to be on the new And1 mixtapes volume XI with the way he dribbling Rockholds head on the canvas. Gawdayum

  • SkiPrzem
    SkiPrzem28 dager siden

    Strong Man

  • Daw God
    Daw God28 dager siden


  • k zh
    k zh28 dager siden

    Proving to everyone you don't need unbeaten record to be champion

  • Uk Uk
    Uk Uk29 dager siden

    JANECZKU LOVE!!! Pieknie pozamiatales!

  • Peter Ciesielski
    Peter Ciesielski29 dager siden

    And newwwwww👏👏🤜🤜

  • sonic slaughter
    sonic slaughterMåned siden

    Jan is just built different.

  • Samsung note 7
    Samsung note 7Måned siden

    This man is to dangerous

  • Madroachin
    MadroachinMåned siden

    That Rockhold knockout is the same he used to dismantle Dominick Reyes

  • Madroachin
    MadroachinMåned siden

    Reminds me of Randy Couture a lot. Can't wait for his title defenses

  • ijio nkihjik
    ijio nkihjikMåned siden

    1.18 nolocal.info/have/video/eoeOqaqg2219lms Jan Błachowicz best ko in the KSW . Look

  • Bartosz Palacio
    Bartosz PalacioMåned siden

    Janek the best Champion !!!!!

  • LILOU Bc one
    LILOU Bc oneMåned siden


  • kujawiator123
    kujawiator123Måned siden

    Best Rockhold KO :P

  • matkat
    matkatMåned siden

    Jan Blachowicz The King!

  • TheOliveboy93
    TheOliveboy93Måned siden

    The Polish lawn chair folding machine

  • POSEIDON 0.1
    POSEIDON 0.1Måned siden

    Is it me or he looks like stipe miocic

  • Dimitri
    DimitriMåned siden

    He sent Rockhold to the land of Oz 👠

  • Lee Jakiś Tam Everett
    Lee Jakiś Tam EverettMåned siden

    He Did It!!!

  • Dark ChoclatefrYdRICE
    Dark ChoclatefrYdRICEMåned siden

    I like his accent He's like that guy you'll have fun drinking in the bar talking shit about rock hold.

  • Vash
    VashMåned siden

    Can someone please edit in lightnight strikes over his hands when he smashes rockhold please?

  • Say She
    Say SheMåned siden

    Where vs Jacare fight ?

  • yeahdude7
    yeahdude7Måned siden

    His short left hook doesn't look like it carries a lot of power but it literally disconnects his opponents from their senses.

  • Pold
    PoldMåned siden

    And now Reyes was honored to join The Knocked Out Cold by Polish Power Club :)

  • lawmaker22
    lawmaker22Måned siden

    good champ..similar to Stipe..i like those kinda guys

  • Zombie Samara
    Zombie SamaraMåned siden

    Reyes lost via hairline

  • Lisix
    LisixMåned siden

    Jan blachowicz is king and champion 👏👏👏👏👑👑👑👑👑👑

  • Wiktor Durel
    Wiktor DurelMåned siden


  • Syncratic
    SyncraticMåned siden

    Good to see him finally get the belt. Hard work and perseverance pays off!

  • Kacper LIPKA
    Kacper LIPKAMåned siden

    Champion 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

  • some boby
    some bobyMåned siden

    And now his rise has come to an end. Let us hope he stays on top for some time.

  • zniura
    zniuraMåned siden

    Who’s Next ,...?

  • Harry Poosie
    Harry PoosieMåned siden

    His extra chromosome is popping out

  • Ben Barroso
    Ben BarrosoMåned siden

    Jan is now the new lhw champion.

  • LMK
    LMKMåned siden


  • T Peterson
    T PetersonMåned siden

    GO JAN!

  • Inhibilator Auomatauzy
    Inhibilator AuomatauzyMåned siden


  • Sławek
    SławekMåned siden

    Polska Siła 💪🏻

  • Grow low
    Grow lowMåned siden

    God I love watching Luke Rockhold getting obliterated.

  • Ana Martinez
    Ana MartinezMåned siden


  • Gold Reptile
    Gold ReptileMåned siden

    Feel the Power! #LegendaryPolishPower #JanekChamp #Tonight

  • Karabo Molele
    Karabo MoleleMåned siden


  • Mariusz Rutkowski
    Mariusz RutkowskiMåned siden


  • Alexandros Mpougatsas
    Alexandros MpougatsasMåned siden

    It's Blachowicz time win by K.O

  • Zlituj Się
    Zlituj SięMåned siden

    I know it's not obvious for you, but at least in official videos you coud write his name properly. Jan Błachowicz.

  • Mr. Agro
    Mr. AgroMåned siden

    Rejesik będzie zęby zbierał do woreczka jak mu janek wpierdoli

  • Hello Chicken
    Hello ChickenMåned siden

    To jest nasz człowiek życzę Ci żebyś wygrał chociaż dla mnie już wygrałeś 👊👊👊

  • lukasz paczkowski
    lukasz paczkowskiMåned siden

    Yeaaa 🇵🇱👊😉

  • Hensen
    HensenMåned siden

    Daniel Cormier is looking at Jan like "i would dominate you"

  • Marcelo De Souza
    Marcelo De SouzaMåned siden

    Torço por Jan!

  • Salomon Baba
    Salomon BabaMåned siden

    waaar jano :) bierzesz pas i przewozisz do olsztyna

  • Marian Chrząszcz
    Marian ChrząszczMåned siden

    Jan champion

  • the batman apprentice
    the batman apprenticeMåned siden

    Easily becoming one of my favourite fighters guy is so likable. Win of lose his a beast 🔥

  • LiL Glitch
    LiL GlitchMåned siden

    Why they need to go with Polish Power?cant u just say hes the power or something like that,otherwise its kinda sounds like you are saying white power or something

  • LiL Glitch

    LiL Glitch

    Måned siden

    And if you want to google more fact from Polish history go ahead,but i know thing or two,and yes they fight alot but because of borders changing,i know who they fight with,turks,crusaders,lithuanians,im Polish so dont explain my own history to me. im not talking about that

  • LiL Glitch

    LiL Glitch

    Måned siden

    @V im not talking about that,im talking about saying Polish Power is like saying White Power,dont you understand?Why when connor was winning nobody was saying Irish power you moron

  • V


    Måned siden

    @LiL Glitch Bravery of the Poles has changed the history of the world, more than one time. Perhaps USA wouldn't exist in its form if Osman Empire wasn't crushed during Battle of Vienna.

  • LiL Glitch

    LiL Glitch

    Måned siden

    @V you dont even understand do you?you one of the Polish Power rangers?

  • V


    Måned siden

    study the history mate

  • Jakub Ddk
    Jakub DdkMåned siden

    Błachowicz ezz win

  • Stevo Miller
    Stevo MillerMåned siden

    If you’re smart you’re betting on Jan! Vegas doesn’t know fighting

  • lukazaaz lukazaaz
    lukazaaz lukazaazMåned siden

    Wojna Janek! Cała Polska z Tobą!

  • Forest Speyer
    Forest SpeyerMåned siden

    Do top finishes its way better

  • Monk Mode
    Monk ModeMåned siden

    Jan Błachowicz is going to take that belt!

  • cashmoney
    cashmoneyMåned siden


  • urbaanidze
    urbaanidzeMåned siden

    "Трактор не работает у меня"

  • MrSlovianin


    Måned siden

    To go oddaj do mechanika

  • Kacper M
    Kacper MMåned siden

    Polska gurom

  • Bolek Lolek
    Bolek LolekMåned siden


  • Krystian W1992
    Krystian W1992Måned siden

    Do boju Janek !!!! And New !!!!

  • Adrian G
    Adrian GMåned siden


  • chistitan
    chistitanMåned siden

    Agent blachowicz

  • Mumbaiker
    MumbaikerMåned siden

    Stipe miocic mini

  • Spooky Kitten
    Spooky KittenMåned siden

    luke rockhold really loves eating left hooks

  • Ramiro Garay
    Ramiro GarayMåned siden

    That music that you hear at the end

  • makiaveli unochiento
    makiaveli unochientoMåned siden

    Reyes is younger and quicker but Jan have hard head and strong punch. 🇵🇱👍✌️

  • Think Bait
    Think BaitMåned siden

    0:17 If that were Woodley, there'd have been white flags everywhere.

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo
    Giannis AntetokounmpoMåned siden

    Until he gets destroyed by Reyes

  • Jacek Stacher

    Jacek Stacher

    18 dager siden

    @pokerace420 just ignore him dude ;d

  • pokerace420


    19 dager siden

    How u feelin?

  • Brandon D
    Brandon DMåned siden

    Rockhold always dropping that ✋ 🤣🤣🤣

  • Zkeletor Skeletorsky
    Zkeletor SkeletorskyMåned siden

    I invite everyone to play my free fighting game: *Blachowicz vs Reyes*

  • Kaygan Zemin
    Kaygan ZeminMåned siden

    What is with this music?

  • Aryan Long
    Aryan LongMåned siden

    Maybe he just enjoys Astral traveling LMAO!