Slice of Life - The Legend of Kimbo Slice | Fightlore Preview


Fightlore, a new UFC FIGHT PASS Original series, presents the true story of Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson who rose to superstardom in backyard brawls to become a respected professional MMA fighter, capturing the hearts of millions of fight fans with a life cut too short but a legacy that lives on forever. Watch the full episode:
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  • Хозяин Госдепа
    Хозяин Госдепа23 timer siden

    Too much chemicals won't take you far

  • IDW Clan 2
    IDW Clan 2Dag siden

    What are those kind of fights called?

  • G
    G2 dager siden

    "Nah man I cant rub baby oil on you" "So I was in the back right, rubbing baby oil on him"

  • Pussy Stroker
    Pussy Stroker2 dager siden

    They shouldve interviewed the cop who limbo fought。·

  • Squid Bear
    Squid Bear3 dager siden

    What’s the song in this?

  • Рамис Таласбек уулу
    Рамис Таласбек уулу5 dager siden


  • Retard
    Retard5 dager siden

    This is where Masvidal was made as well.

  • Basicslomotion
    Basicslomotion6 dager siden

    The video at the beginning. How is that HD 1080p when all the videos I found from that fight which took place around 2005

  • Bradley A
    Bradley A7 dager siden

    What's the name of the song at 1:06?

  • Ademilson O Neguinho do Sertão
    Ademilson O Neguinho do Sertão8 dager siden

    Muito louko kkk!

  • Eldo Eldo
    Eldo Eldo8 dager siden

    Что они говорят🤔

  • Carlos Brinkmann
    Carlos Brinkmann8 dager siden

    Aun es un deporte estupido y muestra la estupidez en pleno siglo 21...gente de color cotra gente de color y los blancos haciendose de money por entrevistas como el siglo 21 muestra de que jungla vienes

  • TurboDuckHead HD
    TurboDuckHead HD8 dager siden

    From watching Dog the Bounty Hunter on NOlocal and reading a comment mentioning Kimbo Slice to watching Kimbo go from the streets to Bas Rutten’s gym to then discovering the UFC.

  • Beave it to Leaver
    Beave it to Leaver8 dager siden


    MEDITACION 633AM9 dager siden

    Should've listened to Tyson.😩🤦🏽‍♂️

  • mysticBro team
    mysticBro team9 dager siden

    Kimbo the man rip & vouched for masvidal thats respect

  • Bassma Hamdani
    Bassma Hamdani9 dager siden

    Top ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👍

  • Bassma Hamdani
    Bassma Hamdani9 dager siden


  • Charles Charlemagne
    Charles Charlemagne10 dager siden

    He was on steroids when he was winning those backyard fights

  • Sky Window
    Sky Window11 dager siden Brazil 1080p

  • Dalmiro Lima
    Dalmiro Lima11 dager siden

    Saudades d kinbo

  • invazorzimutube
    invazorzimutube11 dager siden

    name of song 3:37 please

  • Stink
    Stink11 dager siden

    Yo was the dude in the interview the dude who was in the fight screaming “FINISH THAT SH*T FINISH IT FERG!!!!

  • Jack Dolah
    Jack Dolah11 dager siden

    What caused his death??????

  • The Boss

    The Boss

    3 dager siden

    He needed a heart transplant

  • Marcelo xboom paredão LG cl98 treme tudo
    Marcelo xboom paredão LG cl98 treme tudo11 dager siden

    Bruto 💪😎

  • Noe Doninely
    Noe Doninely12 dager siden

    It's good that kimbo slice is dead because those people he was fighting to were not pro... And kimbo played it pro.. So, I'm glad mike tyson called his attention saying the same thing. Don't go pro with those street fighters, go pro with the pros..😉

  • Marques Wilson
    Marques Wilson12 dager siden

    Back when NOlocal was worth something

  • Chin Line
    Chin Line12 dager siden

    3:43 of course Jorge was at a drive thru 😂 Probably the McDonald’s And he still loves his fast food till this day 😂

  • Maik Lobin
    Maik Lobin12 dager siden

    Очень Крутой дядя

  • cacarroto
    cacarroto13 dager siden

    Verguizas cabronas

  • Cer Sai
    Cer Sai13 dager siden

    Ни одного комента на русском, а хотя нее

  • Heffey02
    Heffey0213 dager siden

    Wait what?? Why did this ending hit me so hard? Why would Tyson say that to him? Kimbo was larger than life itself!

  • Dales Fails: Saga of a Sus Lord
    Dales Fails: Saga of a Sus Lord13 dager siden

    Not even close to mma legend why is this even here

  • Anime play
    Anime play13 dager siden

    😢😢 kimbo

  • papi chulo
    papi chulo13 dager siden

    Kimbo won these street fights bc he fought clowns..none of them knew how to actually throw a punch..he went to mma and fought against a much smaller guy and got knocked the Fu$k out!!

  • Albania 4ever
    Albania 4ever14 dager siden


  • stanly stud
    stanly stud14 dager siden

    Was Just a brawler.. A back street punk. Against real fighters He was a bum

  • neX-Taipan
    neX-Taipan14 dager siden

    that dude pussied out against kimbo in his ufc fight

  • Fernando César Rúa Acosta
    Fernando César Rúa Acosta14 dager siden

    El mejor de todos

  • Shahrukh Guru
    Shahrukh Guru14 dager siden

    1:34...attack person from back... Sorry but not gentleman's way.

  • Joshua Donald
    Joshua Donald14 dager siden

    He got started with proper training way to late in life. He obviously had the natural talent if he grew up boxing or wrestling he could have been a better pro. But still he was a beast and nothing but respect

  • Daniel Andrews
    Daniel Andrews14 dager siden

    Unless i missed it there was no mention or clip of that policeman that beat him?

  • Charlie VR 80
    Charlie VR 8014 dager siden


  • Danny Bushaw (wormsdroid)
    Danny Bushaw (wormsdroid)14 dager siden

    Why couldn't bare knuckle boxing have become a televised legit thing when this legend was still on earth ?!!! It's a shame I think he would be close to Mcgregor stardom if so. RIP Kimbo

    AR WIKA14 dager siden

    Вот это Мужики так Мужики... Вот чем ты его остановишь?)) 😁 😁 ему по голове бьют а ему похрен.. Глыба!!!! 👍 Лайк!!!

  • Suryo Bramasto
    Suryo Bramasto14 dager siden

    RIP Kimbo. I use to like Kimbo very much....but then Francis Ngannou has came up

  • Abner Apineru
    Abner Apineru14 dager siden

    The best advice Kimbo would’ve received in his whole life was from Iron Mike Tyson. 👍🏽🤜🏽

  • Da La
    Da La14 dager siden

    The UFC was not for Kimbo. They tried to redefine his Fighting style. Kimbo was a natural fighter. His advantage was his one hitter quitter

  • Afthabgull Bangash
    Afthabgull Bangash14 dager siden

    We are here for a reason to test who deserves heaven or hell. It is useless getting merged in this world. Follow Quran and Sunnah completely will get you heaven for eternity

  • David López
    David López14 dager siden

    Kimbo = 🦧

  • Cobra Kai
    Cobra Kai15 dager siden

    Ete Sech

  • Martin Quiñonez
    Martin Quiñonez15 dager siden

    The first fight of the video looks so fake

  • Fabio Reyes
    Fabio Reyes15 dager siden

    He was one of those guys that it was a bad idea to punch in the face, he had that "enter in a rage\rampage state if received a punch at max health".

  • Fernando Aguero
    Fernando Aguero15 dager siden

    Pelea mandingo

  • Andrés felipe García arroyo
    Andrés felipe García arroyo15 dager siden

    Debe de estar uno mal de la cabeza y sin entrenamiento para pelear con esa bestia negra de kimbo

  • OFFICIAL: Xx_JayTheGod_xX
    OFFICIAL: Xx_JayTheGod_xX15 dager siden

    Lol These Fights Used To Be So funny 😂

  • Zack Lowery
    Zack Lowery15 dager siden

    Backyard bully sure but in the cage with trained fighters he was a joke

  • Straight Talk
    Straight Talk15 dager siden

    Kimbo straight sliced that eye wide open! A true legend!

  • KIALA MFUMU jonathan
    KIALA MFUMU jonathan15 dager siden


  • Костя Никитин
    Костя Никитин15 dager siden


  • sniper Hook
    sniper Hook15 dager siden

    متعافي الخال

  • Xcso De rappa
    Xcso De rappa15 dager siden

    Legendary 💥

  • BassKickers Outdoors
    BassKickers Outdoors15 dager siden

    Regardless of his record he got to live his dream before he died and that is something.

  • Main Yuu
    Main Yuu15 dager siden


  • gopi nath
    gopi nath15 dager siden

    You can't tell Masvidal's story without telling Kimbo's

  • Fresh Freshh
    Fresh Freshh15 dager siden

    This is also the beginning of Reality Kings. Being from the Miami and seeing Kimbo and Jorge from the beginning is pretty cool

  • Xander Chamberlin
    Xander Chamberlin15 dager siden

    This is the best piece of media ever produced by a fighting promotion

  • ein PFOGL
    ein PFOGL15 dager siden

    Beste! Digga, hast dich hoch gekämpft

  • Moonwalker
    Moonwalker15 dager siden

    Era un peleador profesional no se puede andar midiendo ni comparando a alguien así con un callejero por más bueno que éste sea, cuando peleaba a nivel profesional jamás lo ví dejarse pegar por el rival arriba del cuadrilátero así de sencillo.

  • Edward Moore
    Edward Moore15 dager siden

    Rest with the ancestors We need your warrior spirit

  • Dillinger 91
    Dillinger 9115 dager siden

    I remember back in highschool watching these fights on youtube

  • Furious Tiger
    Furious Tiger15 dager siden

    1:02 wtf is that shit ? An eye ?

  • ghostBCH
    ghostBCH16 dager siden

    He was good when steroids but then he try to fight without them he’s winning streak start falling

  • trashiest potato
    trashiest potato16 dager siden

    Hears your big foot.

  • lol lol
    lol lol16 dager siden

    So dirty these fights. Nude hands. Lol tf. Last time i fought it was my hand who was bleeding. Not the face of the guy.

  • Tyson Blaq
    Tyson Blaq16 dager siden

    That’s why mike Tyson is a modern day WARLORD!!!!! Only he could get away with giving Kimbo such advice 🔥🔥🔥🔥 real nigga ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿🗣🌹

  • harry jones
    harry jones16 dager siden

    Just looking at him he's scary

  • harry jones
    harry jones16 dager siden

    When a man is standing defenseless and he's shouting hit me, it's that all you gat. Bro just walk away, he's going to kill you

  • el soldado
    el soldado16 dager siden

    Kimbo is a chicken run, why os because he takes a weak people...

  • Roberto Acosta
    Roberto Acosta16 dager siden

    Limbo was great against back yard bums

  • Rowshen Ýegenmammedow
    Rowshen Ýegenmammedow16 dager siden

    Khabib legenda kimbo luser

  • Fbg flavourz
    Fbg flavourz16 dager siden

    If he punched me from behind i would kill him on the spot

  • josh. brannan
    josh. brannan16 dager siden

    The x police officer beat kimbos ass

  • jdtorres510
    jdtorres51016 dager siden

    Kimbo wouldve been King of Bare knuckle championship

  • Bustin cheeks 4 weeks
    Bustin cheeks 4 weeks16 dager siden

    So why the White guy that kicked Kimbo ass never got a UFC contract? Wait a second ooh no...

  • A.Y.F.S.
    A.Y.F.S.16 dager siden

    What happened. He went "pro". Did a UFC gig. Lost on debut but took the money. Basically ignored Iron Mike. Left family with stories to tell for a price.

  • cogen651
    cogen65116 dager siden

    Then a cop beat his ass

  • the grinch
    the grinch16 dager siden

    And A long came Shannon the Cannon

  • Righteous BarZ
    Righteous BarZ16 dager siden

    R.I.P ...KIMBO!

  • cliff green
    cliff green16 dager siden

    Legacy lives on forever

  • Gary Johnson
    Gary Johnson16 dager siden

    Two speed knots and a eye jammie!!

  • Black Samb
    Black Samb16 dager siden

    He was fight with fat guys

  • Сергей Коваль
    Сергей Коваль16 dager siden

    В мире животных

  • Dom Snow
    Dom Snow16 dager siden

    I’m stoked Kimbos legacy has become so positive. Back when I’d watch his fights in 06 most outsiders thought he was a cruel monster. Glad he got his story told propo

  • Sole Magus
    Sole Magus16 dager siden

    In 2008 if I told you Kimbo Slice would pass away and One day be honored on the UFC youtube channel.. you'd think I was crazy asf

  • Phil Moufarrege
    Phil Moufarrege16 dager siden

    Jeffrey from virtua fighter lol

  • T Cooke
    T Cooke16 dager siden

    Tyson was so right..

  • Car Pete
    Car Pete16 dager siden

    Kimbo the GOAT!

  • RevoRC
    RevoRC16 dager siden

    Jorge sounds like he’s got brain damage.

  • Collin Dietrich
    Collin Dietrich16 dager siden

    Where can you watch the rest of this and is it a documentary?

  • Collin Dietrich

    Collin Dietrich

    13 dager siden

    I guess we will never know?

  • Z Baysickk

    Z Baysickk

    14 dager siden

    That’s what I’m trying to find out