The Korean Zombie - Fighter Trailer | Highlights


Chan Sung Jung, better known as 'The Korean Zombie' to UFC and MMA fans around the world, has won eight performance bonuses in his eight UFC fights since he joined the promotion.
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    CANDIDE4 dager siden

    North Korean Zombie

  • Short Clips
    Short Clips5 dager siden

    I pray who ever reads this becomes successful...

  • MD Abdul Jalil Faraji
    MD Abdul Jalil Faraji8 dager siden


  • partisan moon
    partisan moon12 dager siden

    코리안좀비 참교육 당하다 코리안시체로 닉넴바뀌었다

  • Rick Robitaille
    Rick Robitaille12 dager siden

    When you fight with fear you fight as a zombie...

  • haberlhaunz
    haberlhaunz12 dager siden

    His secret???? NO TATTOOS

  • interia
    interia12 dager siden

    There is literally not a single comment und this video that aged well lmao Ortega beat him up

  • Alex Seo
    Alex Seo12 dager siden

    North Korean zom

  • Stmr
    Stmr12 dager siden

    K Zombie , wonder boy, gaeje , cub and Mighty Mouse are VERY EXCITING to watch!!! 👍🔥 Always skillful, explosive and a ko!!

  • 아가리털다지친니면상
    아가리털다지친니면상12 dager siden


    WWE, UFC,MMA13 dager siden

  • Jon Ruger
    Jon Ruger13 dager siden

    Sad he lost still a bad mother fucker though

  • Arthur
    Arthur13 dager siden

    Ortega just beat him haha where the haters at now?!😎

  • Reddgie Thormann
    Reddgie Thormann13 dager siden

    I would like to see him fight Ryan Hall.

  • Decampos
    Decampos13 dager siden

    Tottenham should buy him and play him alongside Son.

  • EauRouge
    EauRouge13 dager siden

    God bless the Roof Koreans!

  • 이준수
    이준수13 dager siden


  • TaeYoon Edward Han
    TaeYoon Edward Han13 dager siden

    정찬성 선수 챔피언이 되는 날까지 다치지 말고 싸워주세요~ 항상 을원합니다!! XD

  • TaeYoon Edward Han
    TaeYoon Edward Han13 dager siden

    KZ Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good Juju
    Good Juju13 dager siden

    Gonna be a tough fight

  • Zaid Alowdi
    Zaid Alowdi13 dager siden

    Win or lose I will always love this man

  • 라젠카
    라젠카13 dager siden


    AKSBSU13 dager siden

    CSJ is a highlight trailer.

  • Won Mo Kim
    Won Mo Kim13 dager siden

    Go for it KZ!

  • 이종언
    이종언13 dager siden

    코리안 좀비 챔피언 가즈아!!!!!!!!

  • 촌따기
    촌따기13 dager siden

    코좀 가즈아~~~~~~

  • 마스크의요정
    마스크의요정13 dager siden

    오르테가 민심이 국적불문하고 개떡락했네 진짜 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Yoowaki Nyalang
    Yoowaki Nyalang13 dager siden

    Zombie will lost

  • 디제이 라이칸DJ LYKAN
    디제이 라이칸DJ LYKAN13 dager siden

    브라이언 잡고 볼카 가자

  • 정다훈
    정다훈13 dager siden


  • Salo
    Salo13 dager siden


  • HR 07

    HR 07

    12 dager siden

    Looks like you’re blind

  • George Wright
    George Wright13 dager siden

    "Must see TV " win or lose thats the perfect way to describe him

  • Michael Kim
    Michael Kim13 dager siden

    Letz go Zombie!

  • Luziaf the Loner
    Luziaf the Loner13 dager siden

    Even though he's zombie, this guy is very humble. I remember watching him in reality show law of the jungle not very long ago.

  • new sic
    new sic13 dager siden

    코좀 인기 존나게 많구만 ㅎ 한글이 안보이네 ㅋ

  • 강한남자
    강한남자13 dager siden

    드뎌내일 사고함 치자

  • Joey Torres
    Joey Torres13 dager siden

    Good luck tonight brother.... You've got a huge fan base... Not just because everyone loves zombies.... You're simply bad ass

  • Ali Tahseen
    Ali Tahseen13 dager siden

    0:06 hands being raised and even his hairdo is intact not to even speak of the face

  • IC3 G3KO
    IC3 G3KO13 dager siden

    I think ortega will doo it

  • J P
    J P13 dager siden

    You guys woke up the dead!

  • aspen 85
    aspen 8513 dager siden

    The zombie is a beast but I think ortega is gonna get him ortega is good and getting better but he hasn't fought in forever

  • Johannez De La Cruz
    Johannez De La Cruz13 dager siden

    He'll turn Ortega into a zombie in this fight.

  • Bryan9516
    Bryan951613 dager siden

    Kozom want a champion.

  • 미스터남
    미스터남13 dager siden


  • けん
    けん14 dager siden


  • Gavin Wes
    Gavin Wes14 dager siden

    Korean zombie vs Poirier 2 I would love to see this.

  • Glennville Sanido
    Glennville Sanido14 dager siden

    Korean Zombie's loss to Yair was a fight KZ was winning and was an ending literally out of a movie. Aside, from that loss Jung has looked spectacular and ready for a title shot ever since his return.

  • 김원기
    김원기14 dager siden


  • 고라파덕만세
    고라파덕만세14 dager siden

    타격으로 이길생각 하지마세요. 화이팅 꼭 이기세요. 응원합니다

  • troyisfilming
    troyisfilming14 dager siden

    🧟‍♂️ 👊

  • kil koh
    kil koh14 dager siden

    I love the slow zombie chants.... Zombie......zombie.....zombie....

  • 틈날때마다클릭
    틈날때마다클릭14 dager siden

    한국 격투팬들 있습니까?

  • 을차마루
    을차마루14 dager siden

    찬성이 이기자

  • Vaj Hawj
    Vaj Hawj14 dager siden

    KZ zombie 🧟‍♂️ will eat Ortega’s brain 🧠!!

  • goat
    goat14 dager siden

    If UFC absorbs One FC, FLW and BW would be full of Asian contenders. Let’s go TKZ!!!

  • MMA Fan
    MMA Fan14 dager siden

    I love the Korean Zombie

  • 폐지주워기름값
    폐지주워기름값14 dager siden

    한국인들없냐 주모!!!

  • Joey Blood
    Joey Blood14 dager siden

    Greatest Korean Mma fighter of all time fight me.

  • Banter Bulldogge
    Banter Bulldogge14 dager siden

    He's Back

  • Ciber Shock
    Ciber Shock14 dager siden

    Great counter, but I think Ortega will win...

  • Ferita Keyy
    Ferita Keyy14 dager siden

    They really showed a fight where he got knocked out cold hahaha 0:50

  • Heather G
    Heather G14 dager siden

    He’s going to get the job done!! 🧟‍♂️ been on a tear!!!

  • KUPU32
    KUPU3214 dager siden

    TKZ via TKO 🧟‍♂️

  • SuperSaftig
    SuperSaftig14 dager siden

    euda lets goooooo zombie

  • 넌박수나쳐!
    넌박수나쳐!14 dager siden

    이긴다 이길수밖어 없다 믿는다

  • 化学の新研究
    化学の新研究14 dager siden

    Ortega is so cute. The reason is that he resembles apple.

  • Chittlin Skin Jodeci Boots
    Chittlin Skin Jodeci Boots14 dager siden

    Casual Here 🍿😎

  • Scorpion Wolf
    Scorpion Wolf14 dager siden

    Chinese men are better than the Korean men in MMA

  • mad rap

    mad rap

    13 dager siden

    @Scorpion Wolf in pridefc The Japanese own that scene not The Chinese .

  • Scorpion Wolf

    Scorpion Wolf

    14 dager siden

    @mad rap Look at PrideFC #JapaneseMMA you racist

  • 이해서
    이해서14 dager siden

    타이틀전 가주아~

  • 스나이
    스나이14 dager siden

    제발 이겼으면 좋겠다

  • ?_지왱
    ?_지왱14 dager siden

    한국인의 맛을 알아야겠네 한국인 모여

  • Thomas Zampino
    Thomas Zampino14 dager siden

    Yair Rodriguez barely beat this guy

  • Ace2021
    Ace202114 dager siden

    I don't care if he never wins a title, he better be a UFC Hall of Fame inductee.

  • Iam B0b
    Iam B0b14 dager siden

    Korea stand up for your boi !! Love you all my Koreans from india ☺️

  • Безпреспективный Идиот
    Безпреспективный Идиот14 dager siden

    Петр Ян наказал

  • Hansol Kim
    Hansol Kim14 dager siden

    The next champ

  • ssu ossu
    ssu ossu14 dager siden

    Ortega is a Steroids Junkie.

  • ViolinistJane
    ViolinistJane14 dager siden

    이미 자랑스러운 한국인 파이터이지만, 당신이 원하는곳까지 가기를 진심으로 바랍니다. 화이팅!!!!

  • Tommy
    Tommy14 dager siden

    Why hasn’t he been on an official ufc card? The disrespect

  • Pedro
    Pedro14 dager siden

    I like KZ

  • Magnum Mountaineer
    Magnum Mountaineer14 dager siden

    KZ is a monster!

  • Jrp. Samotsari
    Jrp. Samotsari14 dager siden

    Korean zombie one of the best and exciting fighter in the UFC

  • Judy Faulkner
    Judy Faulkner14 dager siden

    lol so many going for The Zombie! just goes to show what people think of 'T-City' Ortega...which is not much, Brian is too smug and condescending during his interviews and fans can see right through the falseness he exudes, I hope Zombie smashes! but even if he loses, I will still be a Zombie fan over Ortega 😊

  • Шамиль Османов
    Шамиль Османов14 dager siden


  • Super Slow Mo
    Super Slow Mo14 dager siden

    Adesanya vs Costa in HD Slow-mo ►

  • UFC - UItimate Fighting Championship
    UFC - UItimate Fighting Championship14 dager siden

    Adesanya vs Costa in HD ►

  • Indic Anonymous
    Indic Anonymous14 dager siden

    Win or loss this guy never fear to step forward & fight❤️

  • 별빛왕자 &달빛천사
    별빛왕자 &달빛천사14 dager siden


  • Melanated Aborigine
    Melanated Aborigine14 dager siden

    That's a bad boy I love to see his fights electrifying

  • KevinKim
    KevinKim14 dager siden

    Ortega cut his hair cus he remembered what happened to frankie when he grew his out

  • tf o
    tf o14 dager siden


  • ice berg
    ice berg14 dager siden

    태극기 코리안좀비에 새겨진거 누가 만들었냐 개간지다 ㄹㅇ

  • Никита Репкин Завтрашний Бокс
    Никита Репкин Завтрашний Бокс14 dager siden

    Льюис Ристон - Мигель Васкес

  • Jesus Geronimo
    Jesus Geronimo14 dager siden

    The korean zombie has to be the coolest ufc nickname

  • Abu Jee
    Abu Jee14 dager siden

    Welcome to Z city!!!

  • Aswin Vijayan
    Aswin Vijayan14 dager siden

    Please upload the full video of Korean zombie vs Yair Rodriguez

  • Emperor SkekUng
    Emperor SkekUng14 dager siden


  • Keith Castle
    Keith Castle14 dager siden

    NOlocal is CENSORING Republicans!!! One America News released video of MAIL IN VOTER FRAUD and NOlocal silenced it. God help us.

  • Aaron Wilcox
    Aaron Wilcox14 dager siden

    Gotta love the KZ. Hope he carries the victory.