Top Finishes: Brian Ortega


While best known for his grappling and submission prowess, UFC featherweight Brian Ortega can also mix it up while standing as he has shown in his career thus far.
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  • Sonic Fx
    Sonic Fx3 dager siden

    Y'all ever realize how badass ortega was, like he would seriously walk towards his opponent's with his hands down

  • junaidzia10
    junaidzia106 dager siden watch it guys for khabib's fans

  • junaidzia10
    junaidzia106 dager siden watch it guys for khabib's fans

  • -[뎀프시롤]복싱TV
    -[뎀프시롤]복싱TV8 dager siden Ortega drug

  • Facundo Gomez
    Facundo Gomez9 dager siden


  • RobinMcBeth
    RobinMcBeth11 dager siden

    I still cannot believe this is the little boy we watched in Gracie Academy videos ten years ago.

  • Karim
    Karim11 dager siden

    Respect for this guy 🙏🏽

  • Cephalotus Hooch
    Cephalotus Hooch12 dager siden

    I guess he added another one then

  • Delmar Simpson
    Delmar Simpson12 dager siden

    The zombie would of whooped Ortega ass...kinda made himself look like a pussy slapping a translator

  • Allahu Akbar
    Allahu Akbar12 dager siden

    3:06 Holy shit...

  • Erna Brajdić
    Erna Brajdić12 dager siden


  • Jordan Thistle
    Jordan Thistle12 dager siden

    Who is here after they released Ortega 2.0 ? Holy shit he is terrifying 😳

  • Siddhesh Parulekar

    Siddhesh Parulekar

    9 dager siden

    Ngl, Ortega's striking was fucking crazy that day. Am I wrong in thinking he looked as Darren Till on the feet? This is probably championship material.

  • Aaron H
    Aaron H12 dager siden

    "It felt like dying."

  • Darko Leskovšek
    Darko Leskovšek12 dager siden

    It's about time Brian gets back in that cage

  • Duke Nukem
    Duke Nukem13 dager siden

    who the fook is this guy

  • CaptJack2112 V
    CaptJack2112 V13 dager siden

    Sweet very Natural in his. Movement

  • uptjaa graduacion
    uptjaa graduacion13 dager siden

    Brian es monster

  • Branda SAR
    Branda SAR13 dager siden

    Can’t wait for Ortega to make a comeback

    NABEG13 dager siden

    Ян его без челюсти оставил.

  • Shawn
    Shawn13 dager siden

    Can't wait for the kpop tards to cry some more when ortega wins

  • 예수중독자
    예수중독자13 dager siden

    강하다 오르테가

    MIZFIT13 dager siden

    Why did Frankie Edgar just stand there ? 🤪😤🤫🤔😪

  • BestSportsHD
    BestSportsHD13 dager siden

    He got knocked out against Yair fair and square. I hate when fanboys say oh he would've won, fuck that he made an amateur error and it cost him the fight. Ortega is going to put a beating on him, I truly believe Ortega will outclass him totally!

  • Mike Matson
    Mike Matson13 dager siden

    Hopefully he is as good or better as his past fights

  • Rooh Yaseen
    Rooh Yaseen14 dager siden

    He sticks to people like an Anaconda wrapping around and suffocating at the same time. Insane Dude.

  • Rooh Yaseen
    Rooh Yaseen14 dager siden

    His technique in clinches is literally out of this World.

  • Detailing Journey

    Detailing Journey

    11 dager siden

    Until he meet max

  • Rooh Yaseen

    Rooh Yaseen

    12 dager siden

    @Chris MacCalder No xD

  • Chris MacCalder

    Chris MacCalder

    12 dager siden


  • Steven Sinclair
    Steven Sinclair14 dager siden

    He beat one of my favs swanson 😓😭😭

  • kabman21 word up
    kabman21 word up14 dager siden

    whatever happened to Ortega.....

  • Andross
    Andross14 dager siden

    I forgot he was a fighter

  • Martin Morgan
    Martin Morgan14 dager siden

    Ortega is going to be put to sleep

  • Osmar Castillo

    Osmar Castillo

    12 dager siden

    That didn’t age well 💀😂

  • BrianYuTu
    BrianYuTu14 dager siden

    Un crack ortega, mañana se gana si o si

  • Jackson Stabb
    Jackson Stabb14 dager siden

    Sleep city.. 🤙

  • Ali A
    Ali A14 dager siden

    This should be Hair Transformation

  • Will Atwood
    Will Atwood14 dager siden

    He's a wreck less fighter and has a trash stand up. He's gonna get knocked out fukn cold here soon.

  • Osmar Castillo

    Osmar Castillo

    12 dager siden

    You were saying ?

  • The Great Indian Podcast
    The Great Indian Podcast14 dager siden

    Ortega defends all punches with his face.....................zombie will kill him round one.................

  • cahaya kemilau
    cahaya kemilau14 dager siden

    better call him Brian Anaconda Ortega.......

  • Adriano Ortega
    Adriano Ortega15 dager siden


  • dudebro
    dudebro15 dager siden

    If he didn't bully that translator Brian Ortega would've been a huge star. The kid has everything. Skills, standup+ground game, looks, charisma, humility. That's why they say earning hundreds of thousands is possible. But the threshold to becoming a millionaire and growing from there is to avoid dumbass mistakes.

  • Albert Le
    Albert Le15 dager siden

    Finally, he’s back!!!

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez15 dager siden

    Not impressed😴

  • kaiserkarl
    kaiserkarl15 dager siden

    Seeing this is a reminder of how good Holloway really is. Ortega is a beast.

  • Chris Boileau
    Chris Boileau15 dager siden

    We need fans back

  • Sin The Demon
    Sin The Demon15 dager siden

    Only bjj practitioners can appreciate ortegas guillotine on Swanson. You can see from the tap , it's not the tap "you got me bro well done" , it's the "get this thing away from me before I die" tap . Terrifying to have such an effect on an elite mmaer

  • super guy
    super guy15 dager siden

    Brian Ortega buys a Nintendo sixty-fourtega from a thrift storetega, cuz the ufc made him the opposite of poortega, he now has cash galoretega, his Nintendo sixty-fourtega doesn’t work so he smashes it on the floortega n let’s out a roartega that’ll make you’re eardrums soretega, n ur tears pourtega, in the process he toretega his vocal-cordtegas, cleaning broken Nintendo sixty-fourtegas off of the floortega was his choretega, furthermoretega he released his anger by banging a whoretega

  • 서기태
    서기태15 dager siden

    KZ wins 1st R KO

  • Burlacumariusflorian95 Marius
    Burlacumariusflorian95 Marius15 dager siden

    Random ppl will reply to my comment anyway.

  • Bobby p widjoyo
    Bobby p widjoyo15 dager siden

    Damn max holloway is guuuuud

  • The Nebraskan Nightmare Usman
    The Nebraskan Nightmare Usman15 dager siden

    I genuinely think Ortega will make KZ tap if it hits the mat.

  • Andrei Tucra
    Andrei Tucra15 dager siden

    that uppercut from hell to edgar is just too good

  • bob biglog
    bob biglog15 dager siden

    I cant wait for him n zombie to go! Its gonna be such a great fight! My selfishness wants 5 rd decision, but these judges blow n will rob the winner so hopefully 4.59 finish by either in 5th rd! Haha that would be epic!!!

  • Paulportoloive
    Paulportoloive15 dager siden

    And then.... Max beat him up heehee.

  • Ср Пело Зе кэт
    Ср Пело Зе кэт15 dager siden

    Кто это такой? С неизвестными бойцами бьется

  • blind eye surgeon
    blind eye surgeon15 dager siden

    Ortega reminds me so much of a young Nate Diaz mixed with Masvidal.

  • Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy
    Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy16 dager siden

    Why was frankie edgar complaining to the refs that the fight got stopped? what was the ref supposed to do when his head was unprotected?

  • Jean Betancourt
    Jean Betancourt16 dager siden

    Brian Ortega is 🔥 Sexy man!

  • Nobodeh DontNeedToKnow
    Nobodeh DontNeedToKnow16 dager siden

    Hide yo girlfriens hide yo wifes

  • oldbut gold
    oldbut gold16 dager siden

    I hate his face

  • Elijah Deleon
    Elijah Deleon16 dager siden

    Absolute beast

  • Allan Hernandez
    Allan Hernandez16 dager siden

    Damn no one expected him to KO Frankie like that

  • TheGreatslyfer
    TheGreatslyfer16 dager siden

    This Ortega can both strike and submit! I'm definitely tuning in his next fight.

  • Labrador Retriever-Mix
    Labrador Retriever-Mix16 dager siden

    Show the one where he won on steroids

  • Eazyridin 72
    Eazyridin 7216 dager siden

    Ortega had some awesome fights before Holloway . Look forward to seeing him whoop the Zombie ( no offense to Zombie but ) 👊🤘🏼

  • Zaim Haikal
    Zaim Haikal16 dager siden

    This guy nearly to be the best but max stop him 😀

  • S. Smith
    S. Smith16 dager siden

    Why are we giving time to this Steroid cheat

  • T G Short
    T G Short16 dager siden

    Suddenly I want a Modelo

  • eiginh
    eiginh16 dager siden

    It's crazy how max halloway dismantled this dude bc Ortega was bad ass.

  • Charlie from Starkville, Mississippi
    Charlie from Starkville, Mississippi16 dager siden

    He flat-out executed Frankie.

  • Brock Tackett
    Brock Tackett16 dager siden

    This dude my favorite fighter let’s go T city

  • Manny Blackstar
    Manny Blackstar16 dager siden

    Ortega vs Bryce Mitchell will be a good fight in the future

  • Nelson W
    Nelson W16 dager siden

    They didn't include Ortega almost finishing Jay Park with an open hand fist

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name16 dager siden

    Zombie is winning this 100%

  • First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name

    8 dager siden

    @Bag Stud I was let down

  • Bag Stud

    Bag Stud

    8 dager siden

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 OOF

  • Carlo Christian Senica
    Carlo Christian Senica16 dager siden

    1 year holloway broke his face

  • Alexandros Mpougatsas
    Alexandros Mpougatsas16 dager siden

    Is Ortega's time

  • Nitin Sharma
    Nitin Sharma16 dager siden

    First stoppage was terrible

  • Mark Moore
    Mark Moore16 dager siden

    One of the very few I can honestly say is exciting on the ground and standing up. You can’t make a mistake around this guy.

  • ohtebowah
    ohtebowah16 dager siden

    Brian looks like a handsome caveman

  • dodik jaya
    dodik jaya16 dager siden

    I hope he can beat KZ by KO

  • Jaylon Jackson
    Jaylon Jackson16 dager siden

    Everyone's talking about his striking, but I really hoped he worked on his takedowns. If he can CONSISTENTLY get people to the ground, it's over.

  • 아닥
    아닥16 dager siden

    오르테가 싸움은 참 격렬하고 멋있는데 정찬성 경기는 왜케 허접해보일까? 이번에 그 이유가 드러나겠지

  • Benjamin Lee

    Benjamin Lee

    15 dager siden


  • Technic 1200
    Technic 120016 dager siden

    One of the most exciting highlight reels I’ve seen.

  • David Bell
    David Bell16 dager siden

    He will get ko’d by zombie

  • Just Vibin'
    Just Vibin'17 dager siden

    2:58 goddamn bro his fighting IQ is just like when you showering and imagining epic fights

  • VDiabloV1
    VDiabloV117 dager siden

    2:19 I love how Ortega goes for the second submission, absolutely relentless.

  • Edgar Saucedo
    Edgar Saucedo17 dager siden

    Go Ortega I bet $20 on Ortega vs Korean Zombie

  • Популярные Музыкальные Новинки
    Популярные Музыкальные Новинки17 dager siden

  • Tenzin T
    Tenzin T17 dager siden

    Dad: Son, from tom you are going 🥊 boxing class for self defence Son: Sorry dad! You cannot protect yourself if you don’t know Jui jutsu

  • hijaek im
    hijaek im17 dager siden

    Man I'm rooting for KZ, but man Ortega is a TOUGH opponent. Bad match up in style.

  • Alex C
    Alex C17 dager siden

    Kevin Lee: I see holes in Brian Ortega...!

  • juan twotree
    juan twotree17 dager siden

    Just give me T-city vs el Cucuy. 5 rounds. Take all my moneys (Yes I'm aware of the difference in weight class)

  • Jeprox
    Jeprox17 dager siden

    Perfect for Conor

  • Brett Iversen
    Brett Iversen17 dager siden

    Zombie is gunna destroy him

  • Louie Paul
    Louie Paul17 dager siden

    Ortega a real contender unlike mctapper at least ortega went up the rankings and fought whos who in the division.

    BODAO YT17 dager siden

  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck17 dager siden

    Good boy

  • mujo anitr
    mujo anitr17 dager siden

    He will eat the zombie lol

  • vazdef
    vazdef17 dager siden

    I like the part when Max turned his face into Jello √

    TWAT LICKER17 dager siden

    Zombie's gonna Zombify Ortega Tacos.

  • LeeMCT
    LeeMCT17 dager siden

    T City? Dam they got some stupid nicknames these days. I guess it’s better than calling a Grown Man Izzy.

  • Kenny Yuen
    Kenny Yuen17 dager siden

    Brian DisGracie Jui Jitsu Ortega