Top Finishes: Colby Covington


Watch former UFC welterweight interim champion Colby Covington's top knockouts and submissions so far in his UFC career.
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  • 23 HOURS
    23 HOURS5 timer siden

    Khabib will submit his ass 😄

  • Sri Kanth
    Sri Kanth13 timer siden

    Colby vs Khabib 👌👌

  • Nick Loiodice
    Nick Loiodice2 dager siden

    I don’t condone everything he says but this man is one of my all time favorite fighters.

  • Orzy
    Orzy10 dager siden

    Ahhhh ahhhh my rib

  • waywardviking 208
    waywardviking 20812 dager siden

    Hail Covington hail Trump hail victory

  • Diederik
    Diederik15 dager siden

    Man he's a savage. It's crazy how some people think Colby is a joke because of his goofy promos and wild social media antics.

  • Carlos Villalvazo Puentes
    Carlos Villalvazo Puentes18 dager siden


  • XeXeeD
    XeXeeD19 dager siden

    Not a single standing finish up here lmao. What a boring fighter.

  • Matt
    Matt21 dag siden

    covington vs gaethje!!

  • Dusty Kuntz
    Dusty Kuntz25 dager siden

    honestly, what does colby do to chimaev?

  • Just In credible
    Just In credible25 dager siden

    What did colby say to him at the end after the ref stopped it?

  • fuck you
    fuck you25 dager siden

    cant wait for usman to demolish him again

  • Fernando Serrato
    Fernando Serrato26 dager siden

    TRUMP 2020!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅

  • Cliff Jack
    Cliff Jack28 dager siden

    Omg bru at 3:55 .. the commentary He's definitely put the beatdown on him . 4 sure .. Especially right here Joe. This could be it

  • Menard Prez
    Menard PrezMåned siden

    Damn! I love Colby man 🔥💯

  • Grimace
    GrimaceMåned siden

    Say what you want but Colby Covington is a badass fighter

  • Rdawg
    RdawgMåned siden

    of course colby bows to his white opponent after winning 3:09 then trashes a black opponent after winning 5:10

  • Marco Foglia
    Marco FogliaMåned siden

    Greatest WW of all time🐐

  • Stipemiocic 4
    Stipemiocic 4Måned siden

    Colby ist the real deal!!

  • rahul pradeep
    rahul pradeepMåned siden

    I dont think masvidal has a chance against this guy

  • TheDarkKnight
    TheDarkKnightMåned siden

    I want to see Colby ko gamebred

  • Hello Hi
    Hello HiMåned siden

    Here after murray elbow bron

  • southpaw
    southpawMåned siden

    The kid applies relentless pressure. Even his loss to Usman he was still moving forward making it a scrap. People act like he was rag dolled. Dude can scrap!

  • D W
    D WMåned siden

    Wrestlers are in trouble with these next gen Jiu jitsu athletes come in and start leg locking them xD

  • NFL sports esport
    NFL sports esportMåned siden

    I thought Covington did the whole Trump thing for popularity...But the 1:53 disrespectful bow seems more mocking of a particular culture/race right from the start for no reason... Ok, to be fair he did bow 3:10 but at the end of all his fight shown here, he is a disrespectful ass...

  • Eric Phillips
    Eric PhillipsMåned siden

    Colby is calling out Jorge Masvidal lol talking shit about his family and wife and kids just to make him fight him. Dude is a joke. Gonna laugh when he sees Jorge and jorge pops him in his mouth

  • Tsyuna Desu
    Tsyuna DesuMåned siden

    Blm really hate Colby now that he fked up one of their black Supremacists LMFAO

  • maximum power
    maximum powerMåned siden

    Who wanna bet they fav fighters on roids🥱💯

  • Alton Crooks
    Alton CrooksMåned siden

    Masvidal vs. Coby should happen next

  • Target 1000
    Target 1000Måned siden

    Get that W and belt back from Usman! You are a true Champion!! 👌☝🏻💪🏻🐐💯

  • Tobi akatsuki
    Tobi akatsukiMåned siden

    Now you can add another finish on this list.

  • I love Alyssa
    I love AlyssaMåned siden

    Well he just won. He’s good now with using wrestling

  • mïkæl
    mïkælMåned siden

    If this fool don't win tonight illegal immigrants win.

  • Ryan Cazares
    Ryan CazaresMåned siden

    Ablsolute snoozefest. If I wanted to watch something more boring than this guy, I’d have to look far and wide.

  • Hugh Mann

    Hugh Mann

    Måned siden

    Are you calling Colby boring? The same guy that threw over 500 strikes against Lawler? The same guy that has arguably one of the best title fights ever? Yep. Totally boring.

  • Dr. Loomis
    Dr. LoomisMåned siden

    Damn that boy is fine.

  • code red
    code redMåned siden

    those where the shittiest stoppages i´ve seen.colby is so boring

  • concept1027
    concept1027Måned siden

    Gotta have cardio like that when you can't manage to finish anyone 🤷

  • Jessie Joy
    Jessie JoyMåned siden

    John Cena: what makes u think yer so special hmm? Colby Covington: RUTHLESS AGGRESSION!!

    NBA CLOWNMåned siden

    Colby will lose against tyron Any other opinion is just not mature enough. Dude leaves his chin open Thats game over

  • David p

    David p

    Måned siden


  • jovanie ortiz
    jovanie ortizMåned siden

    I can see Woodley losing bad but I can see Colby getting ko

  • Ryan Bridges
    Ryan BridgesMåned siden

    the transition from bowing to people to shittalking guys you just smashed

  • Eye Of Enigma
    Eye Of EnigmaMåned siden

    I get a strong vibe Colby will win. Only 1% chance Tyron will be fully there. You will know within the first minute of the fight if he's there or not.

  • AM BT
    AM BTMåned siden

    Trump 2020

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan HernandezMåned siden


  • Shashank singh
    Shashank singhMåned siden

    The way ufc and fans are treating leons edward is a reason why colby put on that bad guy personna

  • JE B.C.
    JE B.C.Måned siden

    Why do fighters have yellow feet? The sole of the feet. Are those callouses? Or what

  • daniel Bang
    daniel BangMåned siden

    Most boring highlight of all time

  • Salvatore Rizza
    Salvatore RizzaMåned siden

    Colby number one!

  • co122189
    co122189Måned siden

    I was looking for covington knockouts, where are they?

  • Louie Paul
    Louie PaulMåned siden

    Colby vs Kevin Lee would be a awesome fight to watch

  • thatguitarguyguy
    thatguitarguyguyMåned siden

    Tyrone “race card” Woodley

  • Karabo Molele
    Karabo MoleleMåned siden

    Will he finish T. Wood??

  • Nickdiaz Army
    Nickdiaz ArmyMåned siden

    Colby punch like a bicht

  • Rorisang
    RorisangMåned siden

    One of the most boring top finishes I've ever seen.

    GET_IN_THE_VANMåned siden

    Top finishes? You mean all his finishes in the UFC

    GET_IN_THE_VANMåned siden

    I didn't know Colby had any finishes lol

  • Red pilling
    Red pillingMåned siden

    his top finishes are these and he calls usman a snooze How did he trick people into that 😂😂😂

  • Emperor Roman
    Emperor RomanMåned siden


  • Zǐ lóng
    Zǐ lóngMåned siden

    Correction to the title: *Colby Covington's all finishes*

  • s2kBscreamin
    s2kBscreaminMåned siden

    All these finishes against people I’ve never heard of.... are they even still on the roster? 😂

  • Bloody Elbow MMA
    Bloody Elbow MMAMåned siden

  • sucio dan
    sucio danMåned siden

    where is Demian Maia fight...

  • j4Yz_
    j4Yz_Måned siden

    Colby Covidgton

  • Queerasthedayislong Love
    Queerasthedayislong LoveMåned siden

    If Colby can develop one punch KO power he may be unstoppable. I know I know, he’s knocked people in the past but I think if he could develop it, hide it in his style as it it is now then bang it out when needed, he may be able to turn some of these wars into quick stoppages.

  • Jay
    JayMåned siden

    Colby has finishes?

  • Vey Narbz
    Vey NarbzMåned siden

    Tyron is gonna lose another 5 straight rounds

  • Noname
    NonameMåned siden

    I hope that Tyron wont be as shy as his last fights

  • Jose Nuñez
    Jose NuñezMåned siden

    Bruh in most of these higlights nobody gave a shit lol

  • Dim
    DimMåned siden

    It's funny that he complain about the stoppage against Usman when his tko were much weaker stoppage.

  • L_C
    L_CMåned siden

    Not too bad for a guy with a name of a old-school female stripper. “Welcome to the stage... Colby Cuddly Covington!”

  • TheSnookermaster
    TheSnookermasterMåned siden

    Colby is a beast.

  • John Parker
    John ParkerMåned siden

    Colby and Trump 2020.

  • Simons Sol
    Simons SolMåned siden

    Has he ever finished a guy in the top 25 🤣

  • rob snowy
    rob snowyMåned siden

    This video could of been 2 minutes long really couldn’t it!

  • RobertIDK
    RobertIDKMåned siden

    That entry strike at 1:45 was HUGE

  • Jared Ferguson

    Jared Ferguson

    Måned siden

    RobertIDK ✊✊✊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • wilwat9


    Måned siden

    Boom and bam!!😮💪👊

  • David Segovia Calderon
    David Segovia CalderonMåned siden

    Love or hate him but you will enjoy seeing him fighting again

  • psymike
    psymikeMåned siden

    Woodley doesn't have a finish past the 2nd round in his entire mma career. If Colby doesn't get clipped early his pressure and cardio will lead to a 5 round unanimous decision win.

  • D Beaton
    D BeatonMåned siden

    Colby hits like a bitch

  • VOIP Portland
    VOIP PortlandMåned siden

    RIP Tyron.

  • Lil JoeyJuJitsu
    Lil JoeyJuJitsuMåned siden

    “If Colby would just put some power into these punches” lol

  • Lil JoeyJuJitsu
    Lil JoeyJuJitsuMåned siden

    Whoever’s idea it was to make a Colby best finishes list must really hate him

  • Alex T
    Alex TMåned siden

    Trump 2020

  • Franklin Jackson
    Franklin JacksonMåned siden

    I didn't even know Colby had ever finished anyone

  • Loser XL
    Loser XLMåned siden

    Why the fuck would the UFC ever cut such talent?

  • Domthebadass 1024
    Domthebadass 1024Måned siden

    why did they have to show colby in the thumbnail beating a blackie LMAO the ufc really trying their best to cause more conflict xDDD im so dead yoo im sorry 😂

  • SuperDadSays
    SuperDadSaysMåned siden

    Love cobly’s persona and damn he’s good inside the cage.

  • Bob Dole
    Bob DoleMåned siden

    Boring finishes. Pillow hands.

  • Terry Devlin
    Terry DevlinMåned siden

    Not a fan of Covington's personality but by god is he one good fighter.

  • Rowdy Palmer
    Rowdy PalmerMåned siden

    People hate it, but Colby is a monster. Tyron is one as well, don't sleep on this fight.

  • * Mako *
    * Mako *Måned siden

    If Colby's jaw has healed from his war against Stompman and he can take a punch from "the chosen one", he will get the job done👊


    woodley will win

  • Marc Lou
    Marc LouMåned siden

    Colby will break Tyron but I believe it will be a great fight in the lead up to that

  • Omar Majboor
    Omar MajboorMåned siden

    Damn i miss the voice of those commentators back in those days

  • Giovanni
    GiovanniMåned siden

    Top Finishes All Against Unranked Fighters. I know I’m not the only one who noticed that. 😅 Still I’m excited for this upcoming bout against Woodley. May the best man win.

  • YaboiShaun
    YaboiShaunMåned siden

    No finishes in 4 years. Saturday will be no different

  • Jayesh Chudasma
    Jayesh ChudasmaMåned siden

    Muje UFC mech khelna he koi to plz muje saport kare taki me khel sakhu or humare country ka nam rosain karu

  • Jaume
    JaumeMåned siden


  • Weilin Wu
    Weilin WuMåned siden

    America's champ

  • Effortless
    EffortlessMåned siden

    That thumbnail is probb whats gonna happen to twood

  • viceroyx
    viceroyxMåned siden

    why is there a 6-6-6 logo in hebrew (the monster logo) in every Fing UFC fight. huge fan of the UFC but this is disgusting.