Top Finishes: Ed Herman


Ed "Short Fuse" Herman (26-14) made his name as a finalist on The Ultimate Fighter Season 3, as well as competing for Strikeforce and Pancrase. He returns to the Octagon this Saturday at UFC Vegas 10 to take on DWCS graduate Mike Rodriguez.
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  • chase depperschmidt
    chase depperschmidtMåned siden

    Any other BJJ guys recognize the great transition to the heel hook?

  • slayerBO2EPC
    slayerBO2EPCMåned siden

    MMA fans are so fickle, before the fight they were all singing his praises, after the fight they are all shitting on him. Btw im not defending what he did, just saying that you guys are the worst😂😂😂

  • Android Gaming
    Android GamingMåned siden


  • A. Hasler
    A. HaslerMåned siden

    3:28 nice spank bro

  • paolo vidal
    paolo vidalMåned siden

    fake groin shot

  • lachybananapeel
    lachybananapeelMåned siden

    I thought I read Ed Sheeren 😂

  • Brandon Fineday
    Brandon FinedayMåned siden

    and the actor goes to pretend to get low blow if he was a bangger why did he have to pretend to get hit

  • Mohamed Duale
    Mohamed DualeMåned siden

    Didn't know "Ed sheran" is a UFC fighter as well. Don't if I spelled his name right.

  • brandontalbort
    brandontalbortMåned siden

    Herman is one of those guys you just wanna see get some real payoff after all this time

  • wangdun konyak
    wangdun konyakMåned siden

    Good luck

  • Juicy J-Hope
    Juicy J-HopeMåned siden

    This guy is nothing but a CHEAT

  • Cleyber da silva Costa
    Cleyber da silva CostaMåned siden

    Ganhou do Mike roubado

  • Tyro Cyr
    Tyro CyrMåned siden

    Ed Herman is still da man 🙌🏼

  • C0rrupti0nPr0ducti0n
    C0rrupti0nPr0ducti0nMåned siden

    Shame about last night. Seems Rodriguez should have had it if Ed didn't "cheat".

  • Stalker Pers0n

    Stalker Pers0n

    15 dager siden

    @C0rrupti0nPr0ducti0n Yea but ed didn’t cheat Chris “Bad Referee” Tognoni did Rodriguez’s cornerman except it to be overturned due to the knee accident Tognoni thought it hit the groin It hit the frickin body

  • Milahan PhilosophersCorner
    Milahan PhilosophersCornerMåned siden

    Ginger Force.

  • B. Floyd
    B. FloydMåned siden


  • Leandro Antelo
    Leandro AnteloMåned siden

    Ed "neymar" Herman

  • Randolf Sorandy
    Randolf SorandyMåned siden

    Ed fake groin kick herman

  • Gamerboy999
    Gamerboy999Måned siden

    Heavy hitter !

  • aaron gwapo
    aaron gwapoMåned siden

    I read ED SHERAN

  • crownretro
    crownretroMåned siden

    If MMA doesn't work out, he has a promising career in acting

  • True Story
    True StoryMåned siden

    Who is here after his fight today? 😂 Judge saved him

  • PJ Rivera

    PJ Rivera

    Måned siden

    What judge? The referee made a mistake and his opponent did too, shoulda kept it standing

    I LOVE GRAPESMåned siden

    After what he did tonight I have no respect



    Måned siden

    @K. Byrnmr it was but he cheated to get that

  • K. Byrnmr

    K. Byrnmr

    Måned siden

    Sick Kimura

  • Alejandro Perez

    Alejandro Perez

    Måned siden

    It was more the refs fault.

  • Say Jah
    Say JahMåned siden

    He has to add himself in there now

  • Marshan122
    Marshan122Måned siden


  • M J
    M JMåned siden

    Yeah I didn’t know his acting was that good until the Rodriguez fight - u didn’t know where u got hit? Yeah right...great ah win...

  • MCMXCV -

    MCMXCV -

    Måned siden

    @M J the only reason people say it should get overturned was because the fight shouldve been stop earlier not but he did hit him with multiple illegal strikes. I know its a dumb rule but its still illegal to hit someone with the 12-6 elbows, TILL THIS DAAAY!!



    Måned siden

    Ed “neymar” Herman. He should go to futball

  • MCMXCV -

    MCMXCV -

    Måned siden

    @M J Jon Jones lost via DQ against Hamil and his 2nd fight with Cormier got overturned from a Win to a No contest

  • M J

    M J

    Måned siden

    MCMXCV - overturned , not likely - its in the books a la the Bones Jones disqualification that wasn’t but is the only “loss “ on his record. Great thing is uncle Dana paid out Mike his win money which is a classy move. I shouldn’t throw shade at Ed.. it’s more at the ref but I don’t Think that you would find a guy like Anthony Smith or the Eagle, Porier, Tony F, Justin or any of those type of fighters that would Take advantage of the situation quite like that.



    Måned siden

    @MCMXCV - yesh

  • El Bronco
    El BroncoMåned siden

    Herman still exists in ufc?

  • Vinicius Almeida
    Vinicius AlmeidaMåned siden

    First time I saw Ed Herman was when he fought Demian Maia back at UFC 83. Guys is true veteran.

  • Nova Tron
    Nova TronMåned siden

    I won’t call anyone casual if they didn’t know him before , but I’ll just say this is why you see some fans excited about ALL the fights , not just a main card

  • Lightning Vonloppenschleppin
    Lightning VonloppenschleppinMåned siden

    Ed has some pretty spectacular losses too

    EXCOGMåned siden

    Appreciate guys like Ed Herman because after 20 fights and 14 years in the UFC you know it can't go on much longer. The same thoughts go to guys like Frankie Edgar, Jim Miller, Joe Lauzon etc

  • Tom Ahsum
    Tom AhsumMåned siden

    I wanna see the tuf rematch in bkfc,Grove and Herman have both changed as fighters

  • Jesse J
    Jesse JMåned siden

    short fuse !!👑😎💨💨💨👍🏽

  • Zezima scape
    Zezima scapeMåned siden

    lol dirksen was 13 YEARS AGO!!!!!

  • Raymond Alison
    Raymond AlisonMåned siden

    Ed Sheeran looking great lately

  • Wade F.
    Wade F.Måned siden

    Ed "short fuse" Herman needs a pay day, he earned it

  • jeff mci
    jeff mciMåned siden

    I can't believe they didn't show Ed's armbar against Chris price, that was a thing of beauty

  • Your Dad
    Your DadMåned siden

    Why the hell is this guy not been in like any of the ea ufc games?

  • AMBASSADOR of Trance
    AMBASSADOR of TranceMåned siden

    Clean shots after he finishes Tim Boetch, none to the back of the head, all aimed right...

  • Chill on
    Chill onMåned siden

    Back when they all got big sponsor's 💰

  • HardBody Hitters
    HardBody HittersMåned siden

    Hell yeah Ed that's what I'm talking bout. I remember watching him on TUF.

  • Rowan Michaels
    Rowan MichaelsMåned siden

    I’ve enjoyed Prince Harry’s career in the UFC.

  • greeniREZ
    greeniREZMåned siden

    The season of TUF with him and Kendall Grove is still my favorite, Matt Hamill and Michael Bisping are also some great alumni from that season. Glad Herman is still in the UFC, but to bad Grove is getting CTE over in BKFC nowadays.

  • Chris Klitou
    Chris KlitouMåned siden

    Ed Herman has been in the UFC since TUF3 (2006)

  • Lumber Jack
    Lumber JackMåned siden

    Kevin De Bruynes and Ed Sheerans lost brother

  • Miguel Gee
    Miguel GeeMåned siden

    Ed Sheeran's cousin

  • MOMO Loser
    MOMO LoserMåned siden

    Damn! My Man’s legit.💯

  • Zane Zane
    Zane ZaneMåned siden

    Ed Sheeran's angry cousin 👀

  • genaro ayala
    genaro ayalaMåned siden

    Short Fuse lets go!

  • Faroze Shafiq G12
    Faroze Shafiq G12Måned siden

    Ed Sheeran

  • Борис Ковачев
    Борис КовачевMåned siden

    You mean Ed Sheeran?

  • Bellal Hassanein
    Bellal HassaneinMåned siden

    Not gonna lie I thought from that thumbnail Prince Harry was fighting in the UFC

  • TheDamianSaga
    TheDamianSagaMåned siden

    I thought for a second it said Top finishes Ed Sheeran LoL

  • Lunna Elizaa
    Lunna ElizaaMåned siden උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග1

  • Edemile Umipig
    Edemile UmipigMåned siden

    I feel like Ed Herman has been fighting for a long time now. Surprised that he's still doing it

  • Peter Steve
    Peter SteveMåned siden

    Thumbnail is Ed Sheeren

  • Sport. car . Iranian clip. External clip
    Sport. car . Iranian clip. External clipMåned siden

    Hello friends, visit Pajem

  • Dana white
    Dana whiteMåned siden

    For a moment I thought Ed sheeran

  • Ralph Weiss
    Ralph WeissMåned siden

    This actually a good evolutional video for Herman showed him grow older go up weightt and all

  • Erik
    ErikMåned siden

    Goldberg... kind of miss him, kind of don't. I'm sure y'all know what I mean.

  • Kyusho Nguyen
    Kyusho NguyenMåned siden

    If they know about these vital pressure points on face and body. It could be easier to knock them out.

  • Slim Shady
    Slim ShadyMåned siden

    Exciting but not the best

  • N1C0 10
    N1C0 10Måned siden

    He was my wrestling coach

  • Jake
    JakeMåned siden

    Wow a true UFC OG, high lights al the way back from 2007 and I don’t remember any of his fights.

  • Flash Inthepan
    Flash InthepanMåned siden

    4:02 fake as hell

  • Kyle Gushue
    Kyle GushueMåned siden

    Herman vs Alvey for the GMF title.

  • Robbie
    RobbieMåned siden

    this dude has been around a long time.

  • Taco Tacotington
    Taco TacotingtonMåned siden

    Ed always puts on a good show.

  • JK96
    JK96Måned siden

    He been in the ufc since tuf 3 and still going strong! :)

  • Sadoronth Beldham
    Sadoronth BeldhamMåned siden

    Thumbnail looks like a fusion between Stipe and Ed Shereen

  • Boojyman
    BoojymanMåned siden

    I remember herman on the ultimate fighter 1 show with doego samchez

  • Paulie ranks
    Paulie ranksMåned siden

    Ed “Sheeran” Herman

  • Shubhash Kumar
    Shubhash KumarMåned siden


  • workdiggitz
    workdiggitzMåned siden

    Always been a fan of short fuse!

  • SUPeRmArio619
    SUPeRmArio619Måned siden

    All he wants is to be in the game. Come on EA! This dude's a legend for still being in the fight game so long, but not the game lmao.

  • lordcannabissativa
    lordcannabissativaMåned siden

    Tuf 3

  • Black Camer
    Black CamerMåned siden


    BM PUNKMåned siden

    This bum still fighting

  • UFH
    UFHMåned siden

    He’s got that Sam Alvey vibe to him

  • derpty dumb
    derpty dumbMåned siden

    Ed Herman has been fighting in UFC for 50 years

  • Milly Badison
    Milly BadisonMåned siden

    What the title is: Top finishes: Ed Herman What I read the title as: Top finishes: Ed Sheeran

  • George Wright
    George WrightMåned siden

    Poor Ed hes done some good stuff but ill always know him as the guy Maia put in the nastiest mounted triangle ive ever seen

    MR.OMGSKARMåned siden

    Ppl forget he beat glover teixera

  • Gustavo Cardoso
    Gustavo CardosoMåned siden

    Onde of my favoritos fightes

  • Ivan Martinez
    Ivan MartinezMåned siden

    Man I miss goldbergs old “AND IT IS ALL OVER”



    Måned siden

    Love his catchphrases but his commentary is cringe

  • Farose 1998
    Farose 1998Måned siden

    Ed Herman vs Justin gaethje 💥

  • Thaian Santos
    Thaian SantosMåned siden

    USADA Era helps guys like Herman keep fighting in UFC, and this is a good thing.

  • MegaElitePredator
    MegaElitePredatorMåned siden

    Who else has heard of Ed Herman since his days in TUF?

  • Malola
    MalolaMåned siden

    Uncrowned King

  • Travis Soff
    Travis SoffMåned siden

    His most impressive finish here was against tim B

  • ShaansLife tm
    ShaansLife tmMåned siden

    Thought it was Prince Harry

  • Capronic2 Dethroned
    Capronic2 DethronedMåned siden

    Underrated fighter.

  • Chris Dwyer
    Chris DwyerMåned siden

    Dang, good job Ed Sheeran.

  • Capronic2 Dethroned
    Capronic2 DethronedMåned siden

    This guy is a vet

  • ratty2012
    ratty2012Måned siden

    Short Fuse

  • Raj Joshi
    Raj JoshiMåned siden

    Good fighter in his day, I think he needs to call it a day

  • Anklepicker
    AnklepickerMåned siden

    Short Fuse is one of the best nicknames in MMA

  • Last paleocon
    Last paleoconMåned siden

    Herman's bout will be way more fun to watch than the main event !

  • Prashant Chauhan
    Prashant ChauhanMåned siden

    I legit thought UFC posted an Ed Sheeran video