Top Finishes from Fight Island 5 Fighters


Watch a collection of top knockouts and submissions from fighters competing at Fight Island 5: Moraes vs Sandhagen this weekend.
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  • Daniel Bennett
    Daniel Bennett4 dager siden

    Why is Brendan Schaubs fight in here? Swear he hasn't had a fight since 2014

  • Ask The Pro DJ
    Ask The Pro DJ13 dager siden

    fight island, year right, Shaub be out of the fight scene for 20 years.

  • retard brah
    retard brah13 dager siden

    aljamain getting knocked the fuck out was very good

  • Pheasant Pluckers son
    Pheasant Pluckers son14 dager siden

    “Man you just kicked Marvin in the face” 😂

  • Grim Lust
    Grim Lust15 dager siden

    poor Schaub....

  • FungWarb12
    FungWarb1215 dager siden

    As much as people like to roast on Brenda, that spinning back elbow was pretty sweet.

  • Joshua M.
    Joshua M.15 dager siden

    Thank you for the Rothwell clip UFC. IDK why, but that one just fills my soul with happiness

  • Samual Jenkins
    Samual Jenkins16 dager siden

    Brendan's fighting a invisible man

  • M P
    M P17 dager siden

    Joaquin "Hold my foot" Buckley!

  • Tyler Cherry
    Tyler Cherry18 dager siden

    "...from fight island"

  • Rogue Santa
    Rogue Santa18 dager siden

    Yo anyone that wears yellow spandex is dangerous

  • Anthony GDB
    Anthony GDB18 dager siden

    If you pause at 4:12, they're all doing the same arm motion 😂

  • Rob L
    Rob L18 dager siden

    Schaub was reaching for his comedy career

  • Adam Egret Where do you get your ideas from?
    Adam Egret Where do you get your ideas from?18 dager siden

    Shwaub lost his comedy wit that night

  • Gino Lorenzo
    Gino Lorenzo18 dager siden

    Random guy in the crowd: *gets hit by a mouthpiece* Random guy: WHAT THE HELL

  • Zorc
    Zorc19 dager siden

    1:48 he tried to take the ref down 😂

  • Alexis
    Alexis19 dager siden

    Brendan"imaginary chin"Schaub

  • Sun Dance
    Sun Dance19 dager siden

    Joe Rogan has a big mouth, maybe he can put the gloves and go inside the octagon. Probably his friend is not going to be so nasty with him. He didn't talk much to Renato Laranja. Stupid comments. And it was a huge punch. Next fight Joe Rogan can fight the same guy and feel that light punch.

  • SpaghettiKillah
    SpaghettiKillah19 dager siden

    2:30 Schaub picking cherries is the funniest UFC shit 😂

  • Soloman 5k
    Soloman 5k19 dager siden

    Brendan shaub was trying to catch his soul as it leaves his body

  • Hitokiri battousai
    Hitokiri battousai19 dager siden

    Brendan fight the invisible man

  • Hearing Visions
    Hearing Visions20 dager siden

    Might wanna add another after last night.. 🤣

  • BosonogiiNebo
    BosonogiiNebo20 dager siden

    Sandman is a killer, Barbosa 2.0 (Dariush - reborn) Brandon ghghghg wannabe... something)) 🗣️🗣️🗣️🙊Brandon khkhkh

  • Connor Terry
    Connor Terry20 dager siden

    Btw sandhagen has no business fighting for a belt after what aljo did to him. It pissed me off seeing him headline the card over my man's sterling

  • hope last
    hope last20 dager siden

    Wow Brendan shaub won't be liking this vid...

  • Tancheap McFatass
    Tancheap McFatass20 dager siden

    Brendan Schaub chin made out of paper mache

  • Tancheap McFatass
    Tancheap McFatass20 dager siden

    Barboza KO'ing Dariush was fuckin perfect he even took a punch as he wound up the flying knee

  • David Dimond
    David Dimond20 dager siden

    America would have had universal healthcare for all, decades ago, if it weren't for the corrupt Republicans constantly trying to get personally rich off denying Americans healthcare. f u dana white and joe rogan, idiots who push for the Orange thief.

  • Chris
    Chris20 dager siden

    Rivera losing to Marlon hurts me to this day☹️

  • noah
    noah20 dager siden

    UFC did Schaub Dirttttyyyy

  • Owen Austin
    Owen Austin20 dager siden

    Nothing more satisfying then seeing sterling getting slept

  • love wrestling
    love wrestling20 dager siden Khabib 3.0 😂🙆‍♂️

  • jon lane
    jon lane20 dager siden

    Nor was second fight, wtf, who made this? Fire them Dana

  • jon lane
    jon lane20 dager siden

    First Barbosa fight was not from fight Island

  • xonestudio
    xonestudio20 dager siden

    Shaub lol

  • Carlos Acevedo
    Carlos Acevedo20 dager siden

    Sterling looking like a corpse on a video game with terrible ragdoll physics

  • Steven Regul
    Steven Regul20 dager siden

    Dana added the schaub highlight

  • DGM
    DGM20 dager siden

    Fighting the invisible man 🤣🤣

  • Nick Makris
    Nick Makris20 dager siden

    'Hey Dana which Ben Rothwell KO highlight do you want to run?" I like the one where Brendan Schaub is fighting the invisible man"

  • Noah Bradshaw
    Noah Bradshaw20 dager siden

    People forget what kind of tear Marlon was on before he fought Cejudo. Marlon will finish Sandhagen in brutal fashion

  • Nicholas Hansen (Allied Universal Employee)
    Nicholas Hansen (Allied Universal Employee)20 dager siden

    swabs chin is actually pathetic. i wonder what knockout in his past permanently ruined his chin

  • David Dimond
    David Dimond20 dager siden

    Joe Rogan, A pro trump right wing oppertive claiming to be 'Left'...the end of democracy, our constitution, courts filled with primitive conservative destructive haters. Taking us back generations into a new dark ages.

  • MrWadeBarrett
    MrWadeBarrett20 dager siden

    Huh? isnt fight island a 2020 product?

  • Khursheed Khan
    Khursheed Khan20 dager siden

    First one is pat se head shot 😅😅😅

  • Tyler Mokarry
    Tyler Mokarry20 dager siden

    Ufc doing shaub dirty , that clip is so old

  • Chokehold Jones
    Chokehold Jones20 dager siden

    Damn Ben Rothwell throat punched Schaub 3 times after he dropped him

  • Vishal Parihar
    Vishal Parihar20 dager siden

    The moment I saw Shaub's name , I knew the comment section will be full of him 😂

  • Aiman Hisham
    Aiman Hisham20 dager siden

    Mr Clean did Aljo dirty on this one.

  • Fox News
    Fox News20 dager siden

    I hope nurmagamedov gets knee’d like that coming in

  • Trojan Sasori
    Trojan Sasori20 dager siden

    Marlon Moraes is the real champion! Alijam Sterling who is getting the shot at the title got knocked out cold by him! Marlon Moraes beat the living out of Henry Cejudo in the first round and he is the number 1 contender but Marlon is not fighting for the title?

  • Sean Merriman
    Sean Merriman20 dager siden

    Brendan's footwork and striking are a thing of beauty

  • Alejandro Garcia
    Alejandro Garcia21 dag siden

    Schaub must have pissed of dana again 🤣🤣

  • Harl0 283
    Harl0 28321 dag siden

    Marlon waving off his own fight has to be one of the coolest things to happen

  • infg3570
    infg357021 dag siden

    0:18 listen closely and too can hear "Tigerrrrr"

  • infg3570
    infg357021 dag siden

    2:52 when I'm fighting my demons and I think I'm winning

  • TooShortToTurn SS3
    TooShortToTurn SS321 dag siden

    Brendan gets KO'd when his Starbucks is too hot

  • Current King
    Current King21 dag siden

    After khabib barboza was never the same. I think he time has pass but to me he will always be one of the most entertaining lightweight when it comes to amazing kicks

  • PeRuN the Riffmeister
    PeRuN the Riffmeister21 dag siden

    @ 2:52 - groping & grabbing invisible man's invisible, levitating ass..

  • Malik Hatch
    Malik Hatch21 dag siden

    Shaub was grappling air

  • FueledByGaben
    FueledByGaben21 dag siden

    3:57 He made that man dab unconsciously

  • Alfonso Arellano
    Alfonso Arellano21 dag siden

    Was kind of expecting Barboza's highight to be his wheel kick of Etim but hey that knee to dariush works to

  • Panca 169-
    Panca 169-21 dag siden

    my LOVE UFC

  • zhidan cho
    zhidan cho21 dag siden

    Hahaaa muantaap👍👍💪

  • Beck Parsons
    Beck Parsons21 dag siden

    The best ko of all time isn’t even on here smh

  • Red Eyed Villain
    Red Eyed Villain21 dag siden

    🧜‍♂️ Turned him into a mermaid

  • Illiad mcswain
    Illiad mcswain21 dag siden

    Ben Rothwell is a freaking monster

  • Jason Robson
    Jason Robson21 dag siden

    Respect to the referee in the first clip!

  • Alan Martínez Rodríguez
    Alan Martínez Rodríguez21 dag siden

    "He's fighting the invisible man" - Hoe Hogan With friends like that who needs enemies lol

  • Alan Martínez Rodríguez
    Alan Martínez Rodríguez21 dag siden

    Not hating on Aljo and definitely there's nothing to be ashamed of if you lose against a top fighter, BUT, man, that must be the most pathetic way of getting KOed. Stiff as a rock a doing the dub lol.

  • Austin Goodwin
    Austin Goodwin21 dag siden

    Who kneeds it more???

  • Vladyslav Kurbatskyy
    Vladyslav Kurbatskyy21 dag siden


  • Kris Bowman
    Kris Bowman21 dag siden

    Brendan fighting the invisible man 2:30 thats funny

  • hooligan I frailty
    hooligan I frailty21 dag siden

    What if they played the clip when cejudo was kneeing marlon moraes 🤕😳🤣

  • Jetjuice Z
    Jetjuice Z21 dag siden

    Did I just see amirkhani do (or at least tried to do) the 'masvidal knee' before Jorge even did it!!!?

  • Matthew Thompson
    Matthew Thompson21 dag siden

    Marlon for the KO 2nd round.

  • Some Thing
    Some Thing21 dag siden

    Schaub got that glass jaw.

  • Severin Leon Gw
    Severin Leon Gw21 dag siden

    02:02 min referee lol

  • xHeliqz
    xHeliqz21 dag siden

    Terry etims got spared this time

  • F D
    F D21 dag siden

    Dana is getting revenge on Conor and Schaub at once with these uploads lol

  • NoSkillzJustGillz
    NoSkillzJustGillz21 dag siden

    right hand hit schuab right on the chin then the left KOd him

  • MCDC
    MCDC21 dag siden

    2:28 Rothwell gave Brendan an actual stand up special and it was funny too

  • David Vega
    David Vega21 dag siden

    Bruh Schaub hit a beautiful spinning elbow and then proceeded to get knocked out

  • Prof. Awam
    Prof. Awam21 dag siden

    Maaf, saya unsubcribe karena videonya diulangi terus menerus.

  • Hamid
    Hamid21 dag siden

    Brendan " Fighting an unvisible man " Schaub.

  • Bryan Ouellet
    Bryan Ouellet21 dag siden

    All the Kings horses, and all the Kings men, couldn't put Schaub together again.

  • Eva Svensson
    Eva Svensson21 dag siden

    Sex ...

  • Ignacio Maldonado
    Ignacio Maldonado21 dag siden

    Aljamain "Dab Master" Sterling

  • OTG
    OTG21 dag siden

    Marlons switch kick knockout was beautiful 😘😘😘

  • Pass Dah Boof
    Pass Dah Boof21 dag siden

    Marlon Moraes is like a default create a fighter with his stats all the way up to 100

  • Jordan Roy
    Jordan Roy21 dag siden

    Is that blood on the mat

  • MICKEY Sports
    MICKEY Sports21 dag siden Markus perez joker face off

    Mr.green21 dag siden

    Schaub getting KO'd doesn't get old

  • AB IH
    AB IH21 dag siden

    Ouch, Sterling literally fell on his face and finished off with a dab, he holds the record for most epic way of getting knocked out

  • afro symphony
    afro symphony21 dag siden

    Schaub's ko always makes me cry from laughter.

  • jorge colen
    jorge colen21 dag siden

    brendon glass jaw schaub

  • NennMichBoss
    NennMichBoss21 dag siden

    One guy is triying to take down the referee the other guy is triying to fight a ghost :D

  • אורפז זר
    אורפז זר21 dag siden

    Fun fact andy ogle is a corrections officer in a prison

  • ismail sharif
    ismail sharif21 dag siden

    And Aljo is the no 1 conternder. U kiddin me!!!

  • Nick Tank
    Nick Tank21 dag siden


  • bougie ma vie
    bougie ma vie21 dag siden