Top Finishes: Irene Aldana


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  • pablothegamer420
    pablothegamer42011 dager siden

    she used the peek a boo style for a bit good shit 1:35

  • morena.a.j
    morena.a.j20 dager siden

    Wow she’s so amazing

  • Gill Silva
    Gill Silva24 dager siden

    Holly Holmes hit Irene with everything and still couldn't get her out of there. Irene is one tough chick

  • James Mohler

    James Mohler

    10 dager siden

    Do you think Aldana did well against Holly?

  • ThatGuy -Yaya
    ThatGuy -Yaya26 dager siden

    Never seen a highlight reel with the highlighted fighter getting hit this much.

    RJ NOZID26 dager siden

    Holm just destroy her

  • Priyansh Ajania
    Priyansh Ajania26 dager siden

    Irene will comeback stronger 💪💪

  • Spunkymunky
    Spunkymunky27 dager siden

    She got exposed. Holly Holm dominated from start to finish.

  • Crazy Train
    Crazy Train27 dager siden

    Holly WHOOPED THAT ASSSSSS!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍👍

  • Webbit2019
    Webbit201927 dager siden

    don't forget to come back and delete those comments for all those that picked Aldana,.hahahahaha

  • Cammdc 1
    Cammdc 127 dager siden

    Some women only spar with men.. the ones who dont lose.

  • James Mohler

    James Mohler

    10 dager siden

    There are a lot more men in the sport. It is just a matter of practicality.

  • Ajay Meena
    Ajay Meena27 dager siden

  • wikedwun
    wikedwun27 dager siden

    She’s gonna beat Holly

  • Kai Ikaika

    Kai Ikaika

    26 dager siden

    😂😂😂😂😂😂in your dreams!

  • Ricky Oum
    Ricky Oum27 dager siden

    Hope to see the first mexican woman champion

  • The Dog Tutor
    The Dog Tutor27 dager siden

    Good luck against holy 🤣

  • abraham niang
    abraham niang27 dager siden

    She got that Mexican heart And hands

  • James Mohler

    James Mohler

    10 dager siden

    As someone with two Mexican grandparents, I have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Aviad Yemini
    Aviad Yemini27 dager siden

    I just put 10$ on her winning

  • James Mohler

    James Mohler

    10 dager siden

    Sorry for your loss

  • Phillip Cano
    Phillip Cano27 dager siden

    Putting a 2k bet on the mexican to win tonight.10k knock out 12k submission.

  • Paul Castillo
    Paul Castillo27 dager siden

    Her first fight on the video, I didn’t know that she fought O’Malley!

  • S'all good man!
    S'all good man!27 dager siden

    Bink!!!!!!! Joe throwing Robin Black a little shout-out

  • Cobra Kai 420
    Cobra Kai 42027 dager siden

    Why is Bethe still in the UFC?

  • Peishe
    Peishe27 dager siden

    Lutadora violenta, pode chegar ao título sim. Abraço do Brasil.

  • ChuloVolewoOfficialPage
    ChuloVolewoOfficialPage27 dager siden

    Holly Holn in trouble

  • ServingCocktails
    ServingCocktails27 dager siden

    Dude if she was slightly bigger I feel like she could stand there with Amanda nunes

  • nev ro
    nev ro27 dager siden

    Aldana please please pretty please use more head movement don’t eat too many shots and send packing Holly back Holm!!

  • Prakash Jaiswal
    Prakash Jaiswal27 dager siden

  • Prakash Jaiswal
    Prakash Jaiswal27 dager siden

  • mike müller
    mike müller27 dager siden

    Strong Girl

  • Desert Vox
    Desert Vox27 dager siden

    Femininity gone. Only a masculinized shell.

  • James Mohler

    James Mohler

    10 dager siden

    If women do it, it is feminine.

  • Leo Lion
    Leo Lion27 dager siden

    These girls ain't Holly, look for a ko from Holly.

  • Jose Figueroa
    Jose Figueroa27 dager siden

    She has a Relentless pace excellent boxing and great submissions. Holly's got a tough one.

  • Veezy Treez
    Veezy Treez27 dager siden

    Aldana got them hands! Depending on how she does with Holly, I really wanna see her matchup with Valentina Shevchenko & maybe later against Amanda Nunes!!🔥🔥 I love the UFC!!💯🇺🇸🍻

  • James Mohler

    James Mohler

    10 dager siden

    Do you still want to see that?

  • Deep6_Productions
    Deep6_Productions28 dager siden

    Shows the importance of head movement. The first girl never even tried to duck.

  • R JP
    R JP28 dager siden

    clean striking. this gonna be a great match! both striking specialists

  • manue3l1976
    manue3l197628 dager siden

    Irene Aldana is one bad woman wow!!

  • Short Clips
    Short Clips28 dager siden

    I pray who ever reads this becomes successful in life.....

  • James Mohler

    James Mohler

    10 dager siden

    Praying won't help. Focused hard work might.

  • VOIP Portland
    VOIP Portland28 dager siden

    Irene! Part of my parlay. Holly is great, but I see Irene winning via strikes/TKO. She will overwhelm Holly with aggressive volume. Or ... maybe not ... anything can happen.

  • James Mohler

    James Mohler

    10 dager siden

    It is not true to say anything can happen. There are two fighters that fight in a certain way.

  • VOIP Portland
    VOIP Portland28 dager siden

    Love Holly, but have to go with Irene this time.

  • TheBlazicans
    TheBlazicans28 dager siden

    2:12 Irene "The Dempsey Roll" Aldana

  • Rob A
    Rob A28 dager siden


  • Arthur O'Neill
    Arthur O'Neill28 dager siden

    shes hot

  • DDD
    DDD28 dager siden

    4:27 ref does illegal head stomp

  • Master Moose
    Master Moose28 dager siden

    Is that the duke lady who wrestles in WWE now? Lol.

  • Ce_Oso QRO
    Ce_Oso QRO28 dager siden

    The last one was fucking brutal.

  • Johan._.Rodriguez44
    Johan._.Rodriguez4428 dager siden


  • speckyhotdog84 Anderson
    speckyhotdog84 Anderson28 dager siden

    Wow aldana has got hands on her very dangerous looking forward to this fight against holm 👍

  • Daniel Rice

    Daniel Rice

    27 dager siden

    Only Holly will run away all night looking to counter punch. Sucks the way she fights

  • Alrai Lights
    Alrai Lights28 dager siden Como golpear comp Irene Aldana

  • Pulu
    Pulu28 dager siden

    Boring Holm will be clinching the whole fight

  • Webbit2019
    Webbit201928 dager siden

    Her strength is her boxing, which means she will probably try to face Holly and box. Holly has been all over the world fighting the best boxers and beating them for 20 plus years. Aldana looks decent against people we have never heard of, with shaky records...Wait until she puts her skills up against a world-class boxer...she will get shut down then she will be forced to go for a takedown and get head kicked.i don't think she is going to beat the Ish Ish Ish

  • Paul Bentley
    Paul Bentley28 dager siden

    Holms isnt dynamic enuf to win this

  • Sheridan Karim
    Sheridan Karim28 dager siden

    Real mexican blood!🇲🇽💉 Irene es una chingona🔥🇲🇽

  • isaac huerta
    isaac huerta28 dager siden

    She mexican??. Daaaamn how did i not know about her? She’s got crazy good hands!

  • Blast52Drummer
    Blast52Drummer28 dager siden

    Shes a beast

  • mpforeverunlimited
    mpforeverunlimited28 dager siden

    Even if she gets a title shot it will just go like the randamie fight. Most of the female fighters are just good at one thing. Shevchenko and Nunes are specialists but dedicated a decent amount of time to things they never did before starting mma and thats why they're on top

  • Asthmatic Space Wizard
    Asthmatic Space Wizard28 dager siden

    Who’s you got beating Aldana and Grasso in a tag team match? 😳

  • Kyusho Nguyen
    Kyusho Nguyen28 dager siden

    Ronda rousey is better in groundfighting

  • googo151
    googo15128 dager siden


    RONIT DEY28 dager siden

    Destroying rhonda's best mate

  • Dad Jackson
    Dad Jackson28 dager siden

    That fuckin left hook was a thing of beauty

  • Genie_47
    Genie_4728 dager siden

    For a second I thought that was O’Malley in the first clip

  • Никита Репкин Завтрашний Бокс
    Никита Репкин Завтрашний Бокс28 dager siden

    Уккрепляем кисти рук!

  • Jose Padilla
    Jose Padilla28 dager siden

    I want a serious contender for Amanda, this video makes me hopeful but it might be too soon for them to throw her for the belt

  • Loretta Sullivan
    Loretta Sullivan28 dager siden

    Looking forward to fight👊

  • Fredrik Lundberg
    Fredrik Lundberg28 dager siden

    Holly is going to chew her Up and spit her out.

  • Daniel Rice

    Daniel Rice

    26 dager siden

    @Fredrik Lundberg Indeed. Best I seen Holly fight. Instead of fighting to not lose, she seemed to want to hurt and knock out Aldana. Even wanted ground. Maybe they told her that to get fights she has to not only win, but make it something the fans (who pay good money) want to watch.

  • Fredrik Lundberg

    Fredrik Lundberg

    26 dager siden

    @Daniel Rice Holly gave her a lesson. Aldana is very tough, she will come back stronger.

  • Daniel Rice

    Daniel Rice

    27 dager siden

    I see this girl jumping on Holly's back and chocking her out.

  • Tyro Cyr
    Tyro Cyr28 dager siden

    I don’t mind Aldana but I got Holm all day long 🙌🏼

  • justin kongolo
    justin kongolo28 dager siden

    Last hope for Mexican UFC fighters this year😔

  • Atharva Athaley
    Atharva Athaley28 dager siden

    aldana via ko round 3

    JRMMA28 dager siden

    never seen so many soccer moms in a ufc vid

  • Joseph Peralta
    Joseph Peralta28 dager siden

    Irene gonna rise to the occasion. Ive been a fan since her war with Lucie Pudilova

  • Guilherme Melgueiro
    Guilherme Melgueiro28 dager siden

    00:01 Sean O'Malley????

  • Rolemer Salazar
    Rolemer Salazar28 dager siden

    She's not enough for lesbian

  • Weigner Leigner
    Weigner Leigner28 dager siden

    Oh shit.

  • Sean Beads
    Sean Beads28 dager siden

    Holly will bore you to death against that cage for 5 rounds

  • Daniel Rice

    Daniel Rice

    27 dager siden

    I know. I hate the cowardly way she fights. Even when she wins the fans lose.

  • Dog The bounty hunter
    Dog The bounty hunter28 dager siden


  • Paus Smith
    Paus Smith28 dager siden

    That’s some mexican power!!

  • Lord of the belts: The return of the KING
    Lord of the belts: The return of the KING28 dager siden

    Joe Rogan loves making weird noises in replays punches, I have now heard his say "bink", "ping", "ding", "clang", "clank", "zip" etc.

  • Jake Medina
    Jake Medina28 dager siden

    Aldana has more finishes than Holm.

  • Cesar Huerta 1915
    Cesar Huerta 191528 dager siden

    🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽shes badass striker🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Acee The Chosen
    Acee The Chosen28 dager siden

    She a serious boxer type of fighter

  • RYLCatalystic
    RYLCatalystic28 dager siden

    well she looks good against no names, and bethe is a no name btw, let her fight some names and we will see, otherwise she is just better then these no name fighters.

  • Chris Bassin
    Chris Bassin28 dager siden

    An aging Holm should lose this matchup. But Holm ending Rousey was best women's fight of all time.

    PAVEL R28 dager siden

    #MEXICO 🇲🇽 #Aldana NO HAY MÁS !

  • Jack Damien
    Jack Damien28 dager siden


  • Aphiwe Mrwebi
    Aphiwe Mrwebi28 dager siden

    That first stoppage I thought she was fucking up Sean O'Malley. 😂

  • Hxrdeep Editz
    Hxrdeep Editz28 dager siden

    I’m really excited for this match! I love holly and this aldana girl intrigues ne

  • MessyMike 33
    MessyMike 3328 dager siden

    She finished Viera like Izzy did to Rob and Izzy did to Costa

  • Jenna Talia
    Jenna Talia28 dager siden

    No girls could beat a man called Nunes.

  • Sr Meezeekz
    Sr Meezeekz28 dager siden

    Vamos Irene

  • Ten Sang
    Ten Sang28 dager siden

    Holm’s via head kick

  • Dread Man
    Dread Man28 dager siden

    But will she be able to handle Holly Holm? I don't know, Holly is a pretty big girl and an elite striker. If Irene Aldana gets it done that would be amazing.

  • Popaholics Collectibles
    Popaholics Collectibles28 dager siden

    I honestly think this would be the best fight for Amanda, she can strike and heavy handed and has a ground game , if she beats holly that’ fight next would be a interesting one 🧐

  • hemanth kumar
    hemanth kumar28 dager siden

    She fought sean o malley

  • ebube Josh
    ebube Josh28 dager siden

    I mean u just gotta love this girl

  • ebube Josh
    ebube Josh28 dager siden

    I mean u just gotta love this girl

  • EMPwN00bZz
    EMPwN00bZz28 dager siden

    Man she'd whoop my ass😂

  • azka s
    azka s28 dager siden

    This is not same level as holy, decision win for holy

  • Daniel Rice

    Daniel Rice

    27 dager siden

    Irene will hop on top of Holly with a chock. Holly will try to get Irene off her (and probably say "get off me bitch") but will be unable. Then she will drop to one knee. Then to both knees. Then Holly will collapse to the floor then ref will pull Irene off Holly. Then Holly to the ER.

  • CFH


    28 dager siden

    Holly has regressed and has no head movement. Irene by KO/TKO.

  • The Isaiahnator
    The Isaiahnator28 dager siden

    2:12 Head movement!

  • Mister Im
    Mister Im28 dager siden

    O'Malley actually won that first one.

  • steerheadcattle
    steerheadcattle28 dager siden

    Holly has zero ground game! This is not a good match up for her at all

  • Undead Theatre

    Undead Theatre

    26 dager siden

    And i oop

  • Opium Eater
    Opium Eater28 dager siden

    Can't wait to see Irene 🇲🇽 box