UFC 253: Beach Faceoffs


Participants in the two title fights going down at UFC 253 faced off on the beach after their pre-fight press conference. Order now: bit.ly/2vNIBE8 (U.S. only)
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  • Sergio Coronel
    Sergio CoronelDag siden

    Black Akatsuki

  • Tristan Sander
    Tristan SanderMåned siden

    I have post notifications on and I just got a notification that this video posted..... 6 days later

  • Leorio's wife • 20 years ago
    Leorio's wife • 20 years agoMåned siden

    LOOK AT THIS MANS AKATSUKI SHIRT, you know he pulled some jutsu moves in the ring that's why he won

  • chill chill
    chill chillMåned siden


  • Allam Muhammad
    Allam MuhammadMåned siden

    Yeah. 20-0.

  • Naragnub woi
    Naragnub woiMåned siden

    An Akatsuki? Is that you Kakuzu?

  • Kanu Style
    Kanu StyleMåned siden

    Izzy the GOAT, Costa got found out he not on the champ's level.

  • Ray Gun
    Ray GunMåned siden

    who’s here after the ass whoopin

  • js c
    js cMåned siden

    코스타 force 작렬.

  • LandofLions Abyssinia
    LandofLions AbyssiniaMåned siden

    Everybody likes to make fun of the black guy......til the black guy starts rolling heads off shoulders. Respect to both fighters, may the best fighter win 🙇🏾‍♂️

  • Ancient One
    Ancient OneMåned siden

    I can't wait to see that match between Israel vs Costa. I got my money on Costa.

  • Kanu Style

    Kanu Style

    Måned siden

    Hope u didn't loose too much money🤣🤣

  • Alex Atuh

    Alex Atuh

    Måned siden

    How much did you lose?

  • NraeC 420
    NraeC 420Måned siden

    Israel rocking the akatsuki polo 🔥

  • Бүтүн Кыргызстан
    Бүтүн КыргызстанMåned siden

    Costa 💪💪💪🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬

  • Juan Olmos
    Juan OlmosMåned siden

    ¿A qué hora es la pelea?

  • eggi saputra
    eggi saputraMåned siden


  • Halza Kurniawan
    Halza KurniawanMåned siden

    Come on my Akatsuki Clan 😂😂

  • Frank Wheeler
    Frank WheelerMåned siden

    I hope Costa KO's Izzy, it's not likely to happen but it would be nice!

  • Mukesh Bhatt
    Mukesh BhattMåned siden

    It's fascinating.. what a place for fight.. Amazing feelings ..UFC rocks..

  • Ali Raza
    Ali RazaMåned siden

    0:58 what the heck was izzy doing, some random dance moves?? 😂

  • Rey Beltran
    Rey BeltranMåned siden

    😂 We got Obito in the club. Keep an eye on his jutsus. 😂😂

  • Galaxy JOSH
    Galaxy JOSHMåned siden


  • Alexandros Mpougatsas
    Alexandros MpougatsasMåned siden

    Its costa blachowicz time

  • 蘇蘇
    蘇蘇Måned siden


  • Alessandro Q.T.
    Alessandro Q.T.Måned siden

    Paulo Costa Borrachinha é o cara! 🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰👊

  • youronly friend
    youronly friendMåned siden

    always hpoing to see someone knock dana the fuck out! oh well

  • J Vill
    J VillMåned siden

    Ow an Akatsuki member. Well we all know what happened to rest. I think he is next

  • Usnoh sagalen
    Usnoh sagalenMåned siden


  • E1V1A
    E1V1AMåned siden

    Don't mess with Adesanya - he's a member of the Akatsuki.

  • sven trogrlic
    sven trogrlicMåned siden

    Costa isn't that small...

    ISAIAH SMITHMåned siden

    "You may kiss the bride" lol

  • Binod Baral
    Binod BaralMåned siden

    Can't wait to see this bad boys having fun 😐

  • Mas Bambang
    Mas BambangMåned siden

    slaughter the skinny

  • Selma


    Måned siden


  • Aryasatya Yudha

    Aryasatya Yudha

    Måned siden


  • Stankonia3k
    Stankonia3kMåned siden

    Adesanya by TKO 4th rd #WASHED

  • Jack Daniels
    Jack DanielsMåned siden

    Izzy and Costa have the worst fashion sense ever in the middleweight division. Did you see Paulo in the crowd at Izzy's fight? Somebody call the cops.

  • Pomfromoz
    PomfromozMåned siden

    Dana's got Jon Jones testosterone dealer on speed dial..

  • Lambo Ferrari
    Lambo FerrariMåned siden

    Love That Akatsuki Shirt!

  • Reek 1
    Reek 1Måned siden

    And The New Champion

  • Reek 1

    Reek 1

    Måned siden

    Selma your Music sucks more than your mouth on a Friday Night😂😅

  • Selma


    Måned siden


  • Ektor C
    Ektor CMåned siden

    Spero proprio ke Paulo ti aprirà quel culetto nero rinsecchito che hai bastardo arrogante! Già con Romero meritavi di perdere di brutto ed era molto evidente,,,,e questo getta non poche ombre sulla correttezza e lealtà del giudizio finale! Vai Costa!

  • Mad Stewie
    Mad StewieMåned siden

    If you talk while a man has his back on you that makes you a real b****. Winner or loser for tomorrow you never talk mess to a man not facing you.

  • hershey sebastian
    hershey sebastianMåned siden


  • James Cosme
    James CosmeMåned siden

    Let’s go Brazil

  • Mark Monroig
    Mark MonroigMåned siden

    Costa is taking that belt

  • sammycinnamon
    sammycinnamonMåned siden

    Dana presiding over the nuptials there. Getting through several dozen a day to clear the backlog causes by covy 19. Congrats guys.

  • Panca 169-
    Panca 169-Måned siden


  • Nomanov
    NomanovMåned siden

    Costa is living rent free in Izzy's head. He even got him change hairstyles lol

  • Fi it

    Fi it

    Måned siden

    Oh really?

  • Kiel Linatoc
    Kiel LinatocMåned siden

    Akatsuki member vs Ricky Martin

  • elnombredelarosa
    elnombredelarosaMåned siden

    Lol at Adesanya's akatsuki shirt

  • Patrick Stewart
    Patrick StewartMåned siden

    Costa is a wild man and the way Izzy picks his shots is a work of art. Should be a great one tomorrow 🔥

  • Enndrw Project
    Enndrw ProjectMåned siden

    Adessanya apologized to Paulo after bruttality nolocal.info/have/video/j3uGatZ_z3Bq1ng

  • twitch twitch
    twitch twitchMåned siden

    i never thought i would cheer for paulo costa

  • boomzx
    boomzxMåned siden

    Akatsuki shirt 100% thats 10 hp + so it will be close

  • hsu jesse
    hsu jesseMåned siden


  • Tauseef Taj Kiani
    Tauseef Taj KianiMåned siden

    Aahhhmmmmm,,,,, seems like costa will be too much for Adesanya, but who knows

  • Yago
    YagoMåned siden

    hahaa that Izzy :D Why hes trying to forces some talking ... he cant obviously talk , and hes so cringyyy.... Paulo would never make 185 ....also Paulo 185 today like nothing....

  • These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends
    These Violent Delights Have Violent EndsMåned siden

    I don't like Reyes. Don't know what it is, but I despise him so much. He just comes off as problematic phony b*tch.

  • Bat Mane
    Bat ManeMåned siden

    Let’s go Israel!!

  • Vani Jay
    Vani JayMåned siden


  • SilverK 16
    SilverK 16Måned siden

    I would embarrass myself every time because I didn't know whether to shake hands with my opponent or not xD

  • shots fired
    shots firedMåned siden

    My nigga rockin the Akatsuki shirt you know he serious...

  • TheAnimeLevel
    TheAnimeLevelMåned siden

    Adesanya coming in clean with the Akatsuki drip.

  • FreeMind Sound
    FreeMind SoundMåned siden

    Put together a new UFC Anthem, what do you guys think? nolocal.info/have/video/roCrbbWxmHGRrYw

  • 1 1
    1 1Måned siden

    I thought it was gonna be ‘who can make the best sand castle’

  • PL Lyons
    PL LyonsMåned siden

    Look at adesanya's stupid earing....he look so gay af

  • Brandon J
    Brandon JMåned siden

    UFC comment section is always GOLD, never fails to make me laugh

  • jizzy t
    jizzy tMåned siden

    Loving the akatsuki themed shirt adesanya all the way for the victory

  • Sagitaaluna Aluna
    Sagitaaluna AlunaMåned siden

    costa win 10000%


    corre Adensaya corre

  • markycupko
    markycupkoMåned siden

    Lol, Adesanya wearing the Akatsuki shirt 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Luis Castillo
    Luis CastilloMåned siden


  • Michael Bryant
    Michael BryantMåned siden

    Israel Adesanya rocking that Naruto Akatsuki shirt.

  • HumanMan
    HumanManMåned siden

    Adesanya's t-shirt "Akatsuki". hahaha he joined Akatsuki

  • Gigant Gigantyczny
    Gigant GigantycznyMåned siden

    How strong is actually Dana White? Will he turn out to be UFC's Akuma?

  • 1017
    1017Måned siden

    Izzy reppin the akatsuki

  • T F
    T FMåned siden

    Costa takes Izzy down (picks him up and rag dolls him down), Izzy gets ground and pounded into oblivion. The end.

  • The Don

    The Don

    Måned siden


  • Žibiņš
    ŽibiņšMåned siden

    That beach 🏖️ looks fake.

  • Sadness
    SadnessMåned siden


  • Kirshna Kumar
    Kirshna KumarMåned siden

    New chempion costa

  • nvan guy
    nvan guyMåned siden

    Paulo vs a skinny drag queen

  • nvan guy
    nvan guyMåned siden

    In my dream world both izzy and especially dom get ko’d brutally

  • jizzy t

    jizzy t

    Måned siden

    Sadly dream worlds isn't the real world.. adesanya for the win

  • nvan guy
    nvan guyMåned siden

    Dom looks like such a douche i hope the polish power ko’s this ‘athlete’🤣

  • Jake Medina
    Jake MedinaMåned siden

    I like how Costa put his shades on top of his head to show that he is not hiding behind them. 😎

  • Fuckeverybody Fuckeverybody
    Fuckeverybody FuckeverybodyMåned siden

    There is no a black akatsuki member , they are all caucasian faced asians..

  • Cali Swine
    Cali SwineMåned siden

    I have the feeling Israel is gonna Mayweather this shit

  • Thomas Shepard
    Thomas ShepardMåned siden

    My boy got that naruto shirt on

  • David Dakii
    David DakiiMåned siden

    My man wearing an akatsuki shirt

  • Shumail Zafar
    Shumail ZafarMåned siden

    Itachi's outfit adesyny

  • daniele sorato
    daniele soratoMåned siden

    He got a sharingan, Costa is done


    Every time. Israel got hit by Romero he looked scared and hurt but Romero just played to much and wasn’t serious I feel costa will ko him but not 100% because he might to a Romero

  • YAKO 4T
    YAKO 4TMåned siden

    $5k to Costa🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️

  • king kai
    king kaiMåned siden

    This fight Not gonna be easy for both

  • 筋肉!パワー・
    筋肉!パワー・Måned siden


  • Jordan Terry
    Jordan TerryMåned siden

    Izzy talking crap after the face off is over and Costa is walking away was a little pathetic on his part

  • Yuriy Gagarin
    Yuriy GagarinMåned siden

    Somebody call Trump, To make peace with Israel after Costa is done with him

  • May Sanchez
    May SanchezMåned siden

    Man that dude got steroid size

  • N ae V N
    N ae V NMåned siden

    Damn do u aggree Costa is gonn murder izzy

  • Ricky Ho
    Ricky HoMåned siden

    I don’t care about anything else but that Akatsuki polo shirt Israel was wearing oh my😍😍🔥🔥

  • Rehan Anwar
    Rehan AnwarMåned siden

    It’s kind of romantic instead of entertaining place

  • EJ RO28
    EJ RO28Måned siden

    I like the change of scenery for the weigh ins, makes it feel like mortal kombat or something

  • gian
    gianMåned siden

    wait.. adensaya is 6'4 and costa is 6' but in this video.... they seem pretty equal in height.. wtf?