UFC 253: Brad Riddell Octagon Interview


UFC lightweight Brad Riddell improved to 9-1 with a unanimous decision victory over Alex da Silva Coelho in the featured prelim bout at UFC 253.
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  • Codee Mitchell
    Codee Mitchell3 dager siden

    Brad highlight video please

  • hannameister
    hannameister29 dager siden

    Respectful and skilled fighter. I think he will do well in the division.

  • Project Owxn
    Project OwxnMåned siden

    What happened to Old Zealand.

  • TOA Athletes
    TOA AthletesMåned siden


  • Internal Tissues
    Internal TissuesMåned siden

    He fought Yi Long the Shaolin Monk

  • Emerald SCAB
    Emerald SCABMåned siden

    Will be interesting to see brad and dan in the same division,i dont think they'll ever fight though

  • Ekz Ohw
    Ekz OhwMåned siden


  • AletheAce
    AletheAceMåned siden

    1:05 wtf is that noise lmfao

  • Kerekil 1998

    Kerekil 1998

    27 dager siden

    When a New Zealander really wants to throw down and can't...that's the sound of "I wanted to punch his face more"

  • Carnage Four Leaf
    Carnage Four LeafMåned siden

    If you're bored look up a motivational speech by ufc fighter diego sanchez to be inspired

  • MMA etc. Podcast
    MMA etc. PodcastMåned siden

    Looked solid. Excited to follow his career in the UFC going forward.

  • Lavapie
    LavapieMåned siden

    Who was surprised when they return to microphone

  • Tee Jaay
    Tee JaayMåned siden

    Hernendez or lee next for brad would be sick

  • John Tapa
    John TapaMåned siden

    Nz UFC all day shot Brad

  • Alexander Carlsson
    Alexander CarlssonMåned siden


    LAMBFLAPSMåned siden

    good fight bro!!!

  • Raiden James Taylor
    Raiden James TaylorMåned siden

    Solid fight BRAD RIDDEL

  • Dat Way
    Dat WayMåned siden

    Congrats bro doing NZ proud

  • Liam Whakaue
    Liam WhakaueMåned siden

    Proud as to much to the fighters

  • Batcat
    BatcatMåned siden

    That last punch on the bell against Mullarkey!!

  • Oliver Munro

    Oliver Munro

    Måned siden

    Strike of the year 2019

  • Thành Vũ ngọc
    Thành Vũ ngọcMåned siden

    kênh có 10 triệu người đăng ký nhưng không có nổi một truyền hình trực tiếp nào quá kém,quá thất vọng..?????

  • Anthony OG
    Anthony OGMåned siden

    Brad Ridell was made of a collision between TJ,Volkanovski,Hooker & Michael Chandler

  • luciano christian
    luciano christianMåned siden

    Kiwi hard, atta boy brad💪🏾🇳🇿

  • CorporalASH !
    CorporalASH !Måned siden

    Brad "I look like TJ Dallashaw in the thumbnail" Ridell

  • DirtyPickel 805
    DirtyPickel 805Måned siden

    This is a real problem in the 55 division

  • puntsize
    puntsizeMåned siden

    That terrible ref robbed Brad of a TKO

  • chongy meister
    chongy meisterMåned siden

    The other dude really thought he won with his busted face lmao!

    G MAORIMåned siden

    Solid as bro💯👍🏽

  • fan of dream 11
    fan of dream 11Måned siden

    great job

  • Dana white
    Dana whiteMåned siden

    Jan ko'ed Dom!

  • Julie Kenzari
    Julie KenzariMåned siden

    This guy did not win....the Brazilian fighter won 2 rounds out of 3

  • Ho Lee Fok
    Ho Lee FokMåned siden

    The only win on Izzy team. the rest lose their fights. lol

  • Batcat


    Måned siden

    My commiserations to you on the defeat of your fighter Paulo Costa.

  • Cedella Tamarapa

    Cedella Tamarapa

    Måned siden

    @LUCKY B682 🤣

  • LUCKY B682

    LUCKY B682

    Måned siden

    And your team in the toilet taking a shit lol😂 🇳🇿💯💪🤫

  • Debasish Nath
    Debasish NathMåned siden

    Copy of ryan bader

  • Leo
    LeoMåned siden

    Fusion form of Micheal Chandler and Dan Hooker

  • Raul C
    Raul CMåned siden

    I'd love to fight him no lie

  • slayin thots
    slayin thotsMåned siden

    UFC commentator should have a mask on

  • Isak Dahl
    Isak DahlMåned siden

    Call someone out! Why does everyone waste this opportunity?

  • Jessica Combs
    Jessica CombsMåned siden

    All lives matter

  • Frogbear3111 Xx11
    Frogbear3111 Xx11Måned siden

    FINALLY ITS HERE! “This is not the power of your creation.” Oh wait wrong show

  • Tim Gower
    Tim GowerMåned siden

    Crackstreams if you want to watch the fights

  • Eon777
    Eon777Måned siden


  • Alex Shaykevich
    Alex ShaykevichMåned siden

    Have no idea why the UFC wants to spoil its own fights with their preview pics for the videos.

  • Davina Watters
    Davina WattersMåned siden


  • dark barbecue
    dark barbecueMåned siden

    brah i full forgot its sunday n fights are coming out shit yeah

  • Takarei Munn
    Takarei MunnMåned siden

    Nz stand up 🇳🇿

  • immortal ghoul
    immortal ghoulMåned siden

    I was confused why Frankie was fighting in prelims

    DJ CLAVICLEMåned siden

    🔥🔥🔥 Clavicle Slowed it..

    DJ CLAVICLEMåned siden

    🔥🔥🔥 Clavicle Slowed it..

  • Nikhil Meel
    Nikhil MeelMåned siden

    Such an exciting fighter.. All 3 fights have been SUPERB 🔥 🔥 🔥🔥

    DJ CLAVICLEMåned siden

    🔥🔥🔥 Clavicle Slowed it..

  • willyk 1349
    willyk 1349Måned siden

    Dan hooker looking big lately

    DJ CLAVICLEMåned siden

    🔥🔥🔥 Clavicle Slowed it..

  • I nearly Stopped him properly
    I nearly Stopped him properlyMåned siden

    Izzy the type of guy to say "see you soon boi" in a bad accent, after going against the guy who originally said it and running from him then talking shit to Costa who left the building in disappointment to the most boring title fight of all time, therefore making "I see you soon boi" now a dead one liner.

  • Strength Beyond Strength
    Strength Beyond StrengthMåned siden

    Lets go Jan and Paulo! Lets get it!

  • tifa belly
    tifa bellyMåned siden

    I remember when he can't knocked out yi long in kickboxing

  • James Reed

    James Reed

    Måned siden

    yi ong is on crack and they robbed brad of that win brad won the rematch he's 2-0

  • Batcat


    Måned siden

    Yi Long has concrete in his head.

  • god
    godMåned siden

    for some reason luke rockhold got ko tonight again

  • Johnny


    Måned siden

    Via diego sanchez flying knee

  • Kowboy USA
    Kowboy USAMåned siden

    Brad "mr cauliflower ears" Riddell

  • Moist Penguin
    Moist PenguinMåned siden

    They robbed Riddell of a finish for no good reason. Why hasn’t the UFC switched to the gloves that don’t let you extend your fingers out so eye pokes and fake eye pokes are No longer really an issue anymore. The gloves to do this EXIST. WHAT AM I MISSING HERE????

  • Eddie Blake
    Eddie BlakeMåned siden


  • Рдрпра Рщопор
    Рдрпра РщопорMåned siden


    MASTAH 丨 『 GAMING 』Måned siden


  • Soul Lewis
    Soul LewisMåned siden

    Fucken mean brother brad!! Solid!!

  • Vwap Trader2019
    Vwap Trader2019Måned siden

    I want to see Da Silva vs Klein from Slovakia. They have near identical intensity and energy.

  • Oliver Munro

    Oliver Munro

    Måned siden

    @Vwap Trader2019 to be fair Klein basically weighed in at lightweight so it's not much of a stretch. Would like to see how he fights after actually doing a weight cut.

  • Vwap Trader2019

    Vwap Trader2019

    Måned siden

    ChewbaccaOnDrugs1130 Yes, you’re right. Featherweight Klein vs Lightweight I think for Da Silva Oh well. Lol.

  • ChewbaccaOnDrugs1130


    Måned siden

    They're 2 different weight classes my guy

  • James Smith
    James SmithMåned siden

    Bro he made da silva wanna quit so bad lmao

  • Black Camer
    Black CamerMåned siden


  • Emerald SCAB
    Emerald SCABMåned siden

    Bruh that fake eye poke was so annoying

  • Emerald SCAB

    Emerald SCAB

    Måned siden

    @Batcat yea dude woulda got popped

  • Batcat


    Måned siden

    Would have been another k.o for him.

  • Justin Liu
    Justin LiuMåned siden

    They actually uploaded a octagon interview from Brad finally UFC

  • A&A'S World
    A&A'S WorldMåned siden

    Ok....so how many of you all saw Hakeem's corner butter him up with what I'm assuming was Vaseline and then wipe it down with a towel right after a concerned 2nd rd and then proceed to rub his upper torso down with it?.....Just saying.....🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Immigrant Mentality

    Immigrant Mentality

    Måned siden

    And then went on to talk about BLM and should have lost that fight 29-28. BS

  • sunil sabat-04
    sunil sabat-04Måned siden

    Brad riddles look like bucky barnes (captain america frd)

  • Taco Tacotington
    Taco TacotingtonMåned siden

    They need to stop letting fighters call their own fouls. Theyve learned to just fake it when they get rocked and the ref just gives them a break.

  • John Dacillo
    John DacilloMåned siden

    Good and very respectful fighter, could have take advantage after the eye punch but remains professional and did not even mention it.

  • Batcat


    Måned siden

    Well said and observed.

  • Wassim
    WassimMåned siden

    Am I the only who paid for the fight pass and as soon as you open the UFC app it says “no content available “?

  • Tony Timonis

    Tony Timonis

    Måned siden

    @Wassim Nope me too 😂

  • Jesse Taylor
    Jesse TaylorMåned siden


  • Infinity Stache

    Infinity Stache

    Måned siden

    @BardockThaRawest I'll take that fight over Costa/Adesanya

  • Justin Homer Simpson Gaethje

    Justin Homer Simpson Gaethje

    Måned siden

    Eat that real quick and u can dip out after that

  • BardockThaRawest


    Måned siden

    that fight was shit

  • West Country Adventure
    West Country AdventureMåned siden

    Getting ripped off by the UFC !!!! NO CONTENT AVAILABLE!!! AFTER spending 70 bucks !! No contact or support team to deal.with this shit! No wonder why Uncle Dana is so rich! Ripping customers off! Pissed off

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel RodriguezMåned siden

    Blue lives murder B L M 😷

  • Raiiflux
    RaiifluxMåned siden

    BRad's cage experience is awesome to see. Glad he listen to Eugene cause he kept consistent progression all throughout the fight. Kia Kaha CKB. You do Oceania proud!

  • highlandritz


    Måned siden

    @Brad Quake Riddell - Quake Combat Congrats mate! Been a fan for a few years since the kickboxing days. Mad respect fae Scotland.👊

  • Brad Quake Riddell - Quake Combat

    Brad Quake Riddell - Quake Combat

    Måned siden

    Thank you.

  • Fire Smoke
    Fire SmokeMåned siden

    Tukhugov loss by split decision :(

  • Smartass Star

    Smartass Star

    Måned siden

    @Mitchell Sparkes ikr beard guy is overated just bc hanging with khabib

  • Mitchell Sparkes

    Mitchell Sparkes

    Måned siden

    Should have been unanimous and a,10-8 for 3rd round. Ran away and landed 5 strikes the whole round!

  • Pranav Moorthi
    Pranav MoorthiMåned siden

    wouldve knocked the guy out if it wasnt for the whole eye poke thing

  • selleycopter PC

    selleycopter PC

    Måned siden

    I won $180 off a Riddell and Vieira decision parlay, so i'm so lucky that the referee fucked up haha

  • Alec Torelli's Hidden Chips

    Alec Torelli's Hidden Chips

    Måned siden

    yes and i dont blame the brazilian he didn't know what was happening he thought he got poked.. its the refs fault...

  • Ajax T

    Ajax T

    Måned siden

    @Ricky Bobby I think he means Brad would have finished Alex if it weren't for the pause when his knuckle grazed Alex's eye, that pause saved Alex.

  • Justin Homer Simpson Gaethje

    Justin Homer Simpson Gaethje

    Måned siden

    Ricky Bobby what are u talking about 😂😂😂

  • Ricky Bobby

    Ricky Bobby

    Måned siden

    Open your eyes and quit hating

  • shadowdance4666
    shadowdance4666Måned siden

    And the crowd went wild Crickets chirping

  • Old Gmail
    Old GmailMåned siden


  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector RodriguezMåned siden

    Great fight,,,

  • gabattaz1
    gabattaz1Måned siden

    Dude what a fight!

  • Ba Doai

    Ba Doai

    Måned siden


  • Mirela Rosca
    Mirela RoscaMåned siden

    Yess!!! Congratulations Brad!!

  • Aaron madazz Morgan
    Aaron madazz MorganMåned siden

    He looks like Hooker a bit

  • N Z iwi kiwi

    N Z iwi kiwi

    Måned siden

    nah conor

  • Gaurav Mhaske

    Gaurav Mhaske

    Måned siden

    No Gray Maynard.

  • Adnanaa


    Måned siden

    Na looks like chandler

  • Achilles MMA
    Achilles MMAMåned siden

    Guy looks like chris weidman..

  • Khabib Fans Channel.
    Khabib Fans Channel.Måned siden

    Paulo Reyes Kai kara (wtf just happened) Who do you got?

  • Ajax T

    Ajax T

    Måned siden

    @PlaCeBeau Saw those low hands off the bat and said to the fella next to me he's gonna get dropped, sure enough he does, then the fucking spinning elbow to equalise. Good show.

  • Ajax T

    Ajax T

    Måned siden

    @Khabib Fans Channel. xD I had Reyes and Kai winning too

  • Khabib Fans Channel.

    Khabib Fans Channel.

    Måned siden

    @PlaCeBeau i felt that.

  • Khabib Fans Channel.

    Khabib Fans Channel.

    Måned siden

    @Ajax T 😂😂🤣its embarrassing.

  • Ajax T

    Ajax T

    Måned siden

    Let me know your bets next week so I can bet against them :P

  • Avie Olivares
    Avie OlivaresMåned siden

    What happen to joe rogan

  • Mitchell Sparkes

    Mitchell Sparkes

    Måned siden

    @Yzo G no!

  • Yzo G

    Yzo G

    Måned siden

    @Onward 24ever on the night that DC retired ,Joe tweeted about his retirement

  • Onward 24ever

    Onward 24ever

    Måned siden

    He doesn't do international fights lol

  • Avie Olivares

    Avie Olivares

    Måned siden

    Yzo G oh shit fr lol I didn’t know that.

  • Yzo G

    Yzo G

    Måned siden


  • certainanchorshark
    certainanchorsharkMåned siden


  • NoahTre
    NoahTreMåned siden

    Almost saw another Ed Herman situation there.. clearly Brad landed the knuckle in the eye. I was rooting for Da Silva at first but Riddell won me over by the end of the fight.

  • Vwap Trader2019

    Vwap Trader2019

    Måned siden

    Tim Duo Tbh, he should have just ended it. A knuckle at that speed striking the eyeball could lead to permanent damage. Not worth it but he was tough to continue when the instant replay showed it was a an accidental knuckle and not a finger. Still though, if I were his corner I’d have tossed the towel to protect the fighter to fight another day regardless of an accidental knuckle or finger strike.

  • Vwap Trader2019

    Vwap Trader2019

    Måned siden

    Ba Doai wtf lol

  • Tim Duo

    Tim Duo

    Måned siden

    Yup kinda hate how he look to the ref right away for the stoppage..

  • Vwap Trader2019

    Vwap Trader2019

    Måned siden

    Same. That freak knuckle in the eye ended it for Da Silva.

  • Lil Tuff
    Lil TuffMåned siden

    The White Polynesian Māori

  • MP
    MPMåned siden

    Sounds like Dan Hooker

  • Raiiflux


    Måned siden

    @parazjt we have our challenges just like any other country but we're definitely lucky for what we do have. :)

  • parazjt


    Måned siden

    Raiiflux man u guys live in paradise over there, im jelly

  • Himalayan


    Måned siden

    Just another cruisey kiwi bro

  • Абрек


    Måned siden

    everybody from there sounds equal haha matthews too

  • Raiiflux


    Måned siden


  • Joe Irt
    Joe IrtMåned siden

    Can we say rip off.. they really trying to build these Australian fighters.. that 1st round could've been 10-8 for Da Silva

  • Arthur Fleck

    Arthur Fleck

    Måned siden

    Sodium levels are thru the roof

  • Brendan Hayward

    Brendan Hayward

    Måned siden


  • Joe Irt

    Joe Irt

    Måned siden

    @Daniel Morris *new Zealand

  • iAMnotAwaffle waffle
    iAMnotAwaffle waffleMåned siden

    Brad ridell looks as if randy couture was a lightweight

  • Gate keeper

    Gate keeper

    Måned siden


  • Ben 10 Gaming Zone
    Ben 10 Gaming ZoneMåned siden

    I spend most of my time in "recording", "gameplay" and editing and uploading. I need all my brother's and sisters' support. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • kee goat

    kee goat

    Måned siden

    keep it up brother 👍🏼

  • Strength Beyond Strength

    Strength Beyond Strength

    Måned siden

    Maybe get a job. Best of luck and God bless.

  • Zekeriya Seker
    Zekeriya SekerMåned siden


  • Misses Universales Mx
    Misses Universales MxMåned siden

    Why do these useless violent barbaric fight events still exist?



    Måned siden

    I'm not saying your fat but it took a few months for my memory foam mattress to forget you

  • Trey Greypaws

    Trey Greypaws

    Måned siden

    Lmfao why comment moron?



    Måned siden

    I wonder the same thing about chicks who don't swallow and can't make sandwiches

  • ObamaPrism95


    Måned siden

    Shut up

  • CyNpatD
    CyNpatDMåned siden

    Proud of ya Brad, represented NZ well :)

  • Thomas Riethmuller
    Thomas RiethmullerMåned siden

    They have to start taking points with all of the flops

  • JonnySoJuicy


    Måned siden

    if they aint takin points when dude has 5 fence grabs, ya aint gettin points for flops.

  • Emerald SCAB

    Emerald SCAB

    Måned siden

    I agree,dude woulda been in deep shit igmf not for the flop

  • Lil Tuff

    Lil Tuff

    Måned siden

    Starting with you

  • ММА Time
    ММА TimeMåned siden


  • Sharkyplayzx1 Boos
    Sharkyplayzx1 BoosMåned siden

    Hello guys:D

  • Gorilla Gaming

    Gorilla Gaming

    Måned siden

    Hey :D

  • حسين الكبيسي
    حسين الكبيسيMåned siden