UFC 253 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 4


Jan Blachowicz’s training partner graduates from quarantine; Dominick Reyes visits the oceanside Octagon. Champ Israel Adesanya and Paulo Costa have different plans for the belt on Saturday. Diego Sanchez gets deep, and UFC 253 stars speak at media day. Order now: bit.ly/2vNIBE8 (U.S. only)
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  • Face Duro
    Face Duro2 dager siden

    This brazilian dude can pass as Christopher Reeves Superman

  • Otis TheThird
    Otis TheThird12 dager siden

    Who's watching this after costa and Reyes lost

  • JPTV3000
    JPTV300016 dager siden

    6:45 this boy is high or its brain damage

  • M Al
    M Al20 dager siden

    DONT BECOME tuffer.... BECOME softer.... SO YOU SAVE ENERGY TO BECOME more powerfull... WHEN NEEDED.. 🙏🏽

  • M Al
    M Al20 dager siden

    Diego..... GR KARMA 🙏🏽 😇

  • goldentrophy
    goldentrophy21 dag siden

    2:17 nolocal.info/have/video/a4V4dtt7q4qlz5A

  • Pete Mercer
    Pete Mercer23 dager siden

    Can someone help! 3:51 in, can anyone name that song?

  • Sebastian


    18 dager siden

    @Pete Mercer. Salif keita - Tomorrow. You're welcome brother.

  • Daniel Plunkett
    Daniel Plunkett28 dager siden

    'When you find the self...you can be the self' 😆 I get what hes trying to say but damn Diego has way too many hits to the dome lol

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss29 dager siden

    Dominic has a awkwardly long torso 😂 dude is shaped like the talking roaches on men in black 😂

  • infg3570
    infg3570Måned siden

    NOlocal recommendation 6 days later… Ricky Martin's camp: "Services for our dearly departed held tomorrow"

  • John
    JohnMåned siden

    For this of you who don’t know. Costa got exposed.

  • mikin lirou

    mikin lirou

    28 dager siden

    Does diego even believe the shit he says? lmao

  • RA Jimoh
    RA JimohMåned siden

    I jizza prove hundred percent of Isreal dry humping me - Paula Accosted

  • Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss

    29 dager siden

    Does diego even believe the shit he says? lmao

  • MRod 24
    MRod 24Måned siden

    That awkward moment on 4:50😂

  • Cassie


    29 dager siden


  • Death Note L
    Death Note LMåned siden

    5:19 “to kill or to be killid”

  • mikin lirou

    mikin lirou

    28 dager siden

    Costa is a bump

  • Caesar Andres
    Caesar AndresMåned siden

    Israel did what he said he will do. I supported Costa but Israel showed his class. Beat Costa the way i didnt expect. Costa dont ned no rematch. Tell'm to stfu.

  • Cassie


    29 dager siden

    Don't show muscles, it's for bodybuilders. Try to play brain game with a fit physique.

  • Brian
    BrianMåned siden

    6:18 Postive energy and CTE😭 “love and extrinsic magic in the universe”

  • soinu foig

    soinu foig

    Måned siden

    Costa casuals deleting messages while wiping tears 😆

  • Mario B
    Mario BMåned siden

    Is Diego ok?

  • soinu foig

    soinu foig

    Måned siden

    We’re on to the next opponent.

  • Srawan st
    Srawan stMåned siden

    That guy with glasses might be a good coach, but he acts like a clown

  • ITaBS-Auckland
    ITaBS-AucklandMåned siden

    pasta costa LOL

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu alissMåned siden

    “When you look up , you see whats above you.” -Diego Sanchez

  • Dia El-Arby
    Dia El-ArbyMåned siden

    4:43 I think you meant the white jijutsu belt that Izzy slapped him with 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • AkumaTheGod
    AkumaTheGodMåned siden

    Song at 3:53 pleaseeeee somebody

  • AkumaTheGod


    16 dager siden

    @Sebastian you're my hero.

  • Sebastian


    18 dager siden

    @AkumaTheGod . Salif keita - Tomorrow. You're welcome brother.

  • Xplainer Videos
    Xplainer VideosMåned siden

    Izzy did exactly what he said he would do...

  • bugged0ut
    bugged0utMåned siden

    4:50 No, mate. Just no.....

  • G-AME SPOT 17
    G-AME SPOT 17Måned siden


  • w!1d3r
    w!1d3rMåned siden

    Costa is a bump

  • Remy Martin
    Remy MartinMåned siden

    Does diego even believe the shit he says? lmao

  • Ajit Kumar Bora
    Ajit Kumar BoraMåned siden

    Don't show muscles, it's for bodybuilders. Try to play brain game with a fit physique.

  • Paul Thompson
    Paul ThompsonMåned siden

    Are you guys stil, thinking Izzys too skinny...lol.........BOOM in ur face......Costa got smashed and utterly broken into little pieces - hahaha - next opponent please.....and STILL....🔥❤️🔥❤️

  • Brendon Valdal
    Brendon ValdalMåned siden

    We’re on to the next opponent.

  • Hakatime Rugby
    Hakatime RugbyMåned siden

    Costa casuals deleting messages while wiping tears 😆

  • Rocky
    RockyMåned siden

    Back from the fight and Izzy.......... is a man of his word

  • Rocky


    Måned siden

    Jan too

  • Roc ROCA
    Roc ROCAMåned siden

    As Israel Adesanya beats the living crap out of Paulo Costa and KO's him in the second round, I HAVE NOT EVEN SEEN THE FIGHT, I am simply laughing my head off. I told the stupid casuals and haters, lol!

  • aola wili
    aola wiliMåned siden

    To me Izzy is cringy, he tries to hard. Everyone still tryna talk like Connor but they can't.

  • rci kaal

    rci kaal

    Måned siden

    Conro is cringe, trying to be Muhammad Ali, but he does not compare, never will. Izzy is king lol!

  • Femi A
    Femi AMåned siden

    Hi costa fans. 😁😁😁 don't cry

  • Not Many FPV
    Not Many FPVMåned siden


  • Darian Lacruz
    Darian LacruzMåned siden

    Hahah where the costa fans at

  • aola wili

    aola wili

    Måned siden

    Dana must really hate Diego Sanchez.

  • liam coulson
    liam coulsonMåned siden

    Anybody know the name of the song Israel is listening to whilst on pads. 3:57

  • Sebastian


    18 dager siden

    @liam coulson. Salif keita - Tomorrow. You're welcome brother.

  • Andrey Skripnikov
    Andrey SkripnikovMåned siden

    7:00 Love how Diego's signature has "S.O.S." right next to it, as a not-so-subtle cry for help.

  • Floridaboy 561
    Floridaboy 561Måned siden


  • TheSkrikycracker
    TheSkrikycrackerMåned siden

    I think Diego is 1 head kick away from going back to his old self! 😜

  • Enndrw Project
    Enndrw ProjectMåned siden

    Paulo Costa OVER CONFIDENCE to Adessanya nolocal.info/have/video/oKKdoplw36uWrog

  • Luc Noel
    Luc NoelMåned siden

    Africaine Marchetti can cut big plans

  • Luc Noel
    Luc NoelMåned siden

    When I was a kid we fight every weekend by the bay side...love bay fights

  • Chris Petty
    Chris PettyMåned siden

    im the only one who noticed darude sandstorm?

  • Shinnok 5
    Shinnok 5Måned siden

    Man what is wrong with Diego and his couch... they both seem coo coo

  • Richard Guillen
    Richard GuillenMåned siden

    Costas coach looking like Scott storch

  • wightlines 1
    wightlines 1Måned siden

    Costas coach is a creep he reminds me of the bottle clinker from the warriors movie, weasel

  • Alan Poole
    Alan PooleMåned siden

    Sanchez is nuts

  • Ryan Rodriguez
    Ryan RodriguezMåned siden

    No Diego...we have no idea what you’re talking about

  • marky147
    marky147Måned siden

    Dana must really hate Diego Sanchez.

  • Isadore Willis
    Isadore WillisMåned siden

    Sanchez is a weirdo.

  • Jake Veikoso Twigg
    Jake Veikoso TwiggMåned siden

    Diego makes more sense than people give him credit for

  • M N
    M NMåned siden

    Adesanya is the only person ever taklking shit about Adesanya. Dude cannot let shit go.

  • ZUFFA Po
    ZUFFA PoMåned siden

    love jans energy - biggest fight in Poland history!! have to respect that it probably really is

  • Sebastian


    18 dager siden

    @ZUFFA Po Joanna is bigger back in Poland and very popular. Jan is universally liked though and will hopefully reign for a while.

  • ZUFFA Po

    ZUFFA Po

    Måned siden

    oh shi joana from poland too though!

  • Michael Friel
    Michael FrielMåned siden

    Diego Sanchez: Concieve, Believe, Achieve

  • Kissmy Assthma
    Kissmy AssthmaMåned siden

    god damn Sanchez is deep

  • Zee
    ZeeMåned siden

    Diego Sanchez is the man

  • Luke Walker
    Luke WalkerMåned siden

    Man I love Reyes and Jan so much I can’t decide who I want to win 😭

  • Squishy Farts
    Squishy FartsMåned siden

    0:41 that handshake attempt tho (´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

  • AndyEcho Scott
    AndyEcho ScottMåned siden

    Did Diego just tell me to buy an IKEA shelf?

  • wanoslogos
    wanoslogosMåned siden

    "Arriba Nuevo Mexico", Roberto Griego - Red River NM, Motorcycle Rally! Es Todo!!

  • Kebalepile Finger
    Kebalepile FingerMåned siden

    Jones ran away from Light Heavyweight cause he knows he can’t beat Reyes in the rematch, plus he’s the most over doped champion ever, so doping willl take him to the cleaners. Hi knows Stipe is a fight he can win, then hel retire.

  • Powder 323
    Powder 323Måned siden

    Diego on some of that Jim Carey juice.

  • Jorge
    JorgeMåned siden

    Paulo new Champion UFC

  • Joshua Lowe
    Joshua LoweMåned siden

    6:15 I have heard of and sang cadences of Crack Babies before but I'm not sure that I have actually seen one before this.

  • wanoslogos
    wanoslogosMåned siden

    Diego, be the Lightning in the Sky

  • wanoslogos
    wanoslogosMåned siden

    everybody is cool till they try to punch you in the face

  • wanoslogos
    wanoslogosMåned siden

    Love you Diego, Guru

  • wanoslogos
    wanoslogosMåned siden

    hurry up time, its a good day to die, god i cant wait

  • David Smith
    David SmithMåned siden

    Within the next few months or year Diego Sanchez is going to be in the news for something real bad....that man has lost it. In total cuckoo land.

  • Matthew Neufer
    Matthew NeuferMåned siden

    Diego Sanchez what you see be

  • The Maxx
    The MaxxMåned siden

    "Conceive, believe, achieve yourself" Diego Sanchez

  • Pezza
    PezzaMåned siden

    Be your true self and find love that what it means 😂

  • The Maxx
    The MaxxMåned siden

    Pretty awesome that Reyes is there with his 3 brother's, that'd be a cool experience. I'm backing Jan but may the best man win.

  • b metrix
    b metrixMåned siden

    I’m Dominick Reyes.

  • Courtland kobragang
    Courtland kobragangMåned siden

    The main and Co event got me busting nuts.

  • Courtland kobragang
    Courtland kobragangMåned siden

    I'm diago santez fan now.

  • Cris
    CrisMåned siden

    isreal boasted about how the skinny smart guy will beat the muscley guy....then proceeded to speak at 3rd grade level . " skinny guy beat muscle guy den brain go blehh"

  • VeteranOG™
    VeteranOG™Måned siden

    Everyone : yas beach Me : yassss bishh

  • Jesus Rivera
    Jesus RiveraMåned siden

    6:11 drake on the left?

  • Wavy Holder
    Wavy HolderMåned siden

    4:42 paulo manager looks likes a bozo always saying some corny stuff

  • Mind Blown
    Mind BlownMåned siden

    "biggest fight in polish mma history" what about joanna XD

  • A H
    A HMåned siden

    Adesanya is insecure as a 13 year old girl..

  • Austin F
    Austin FMåned siden

    Diego “Woke” Sanchez

  • Daimon Haycock
    Daimon HaycockMåned siden

    Jan Blachowicz == Josh Barnett.

  • Reverse Hollow
    Reverse HollowMåned siden

    Dominic "The sea is very salty" Reyes

  • Mr mc nugget 1.2M views
    Mr mc nugget 1.2M viewsMåned siden

    @6:56 Dana white watching this with cringe and wondering what the hell is the Matter with Diego.

  • Edgar Medina
    Edgar MedinaMåned siden

    If Connor Mcgregor was their best fighter no wonder Floyd beat the Irish off him 😂😭

  • MemeYoyo
    MemeYoyoMåned siden

    Musculy guy? Haha. Proper english?

  • My two bæs
    My two bæsMåned siden

    So when is the fight at the beach going to happen

  • Supercoollooking
    SupercoollookingMåned siden

    Izzy training to ali sound track salif keita!!!

  • Ssssssssssssssoooooooowooooooowowowo7373838
    Ssssssssssssssoooooooowooooooowowowo7373838Måned siden

    Costa listening to darude sandstorm while he shadow boxes yo wtf lmao

  • nanou nanou
    nanou nanouMåned siden

    Costa 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🦾💪🦾💪👊👊

  • Brickktopp
    BrickktoppMåned siden

    Diego sanchez 😂😂 blunt force trauma

  • L Petillo
    L PetilloMåned siden

    How is it that Blachowicz looks exactly like the Blachowicz from Wolfenstein

  • Jos
    JosMåned siden

    How much weight did costa have to drop?

  • I Coroa

    I Coroa

    Måned siden

    3 lbs

  • Sandeep Singal
    Sandeep SingalMåned siden

    brothers vs blachowicz

  • Mar Ampongan
    Mar AmponganMåned siden

    Costa could be good superman character

  • Bandit Beckham
    Bandit BeckhamMåned siden

    Adesanya say "not" & "shots" in an English accent