UFC 253 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 5


Israel Adesanya's team recruits a cameraman. At a beachside presser, Adesanya and Paulo Costa face off in front of Dana White; so do Jan Blachowicz and Dominick Reyes. Pounds are shed before the weigh-in, where the main eventers have a spicy staredown. Order now: bit.ly/2vNIBE8 (U.S. only)
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  • SAVAGE69_820
    SAVAGE69_82017 dager siden

    Someone tell me name of song in the very beginning that Israel is training too.

  • Sebastian


    16 dager siden

    Calvin Harris - My Way. You're welcome brother.

  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts18 dager siden

    1:30 gyno from steroid abuse. Look at Adesanya's left nipple - it ratted him out. Its so easy to get away w juicing, but not when your sudden breast tissue gives you away 😎. Now he gets the Barry Bonds asterisk for everything he does. Remember Bonds never popped positive, and as a grown man, his neck got bigger than his legs used to be.. cuz we never saw him w no shirt to check for gyno. Open & shut case.

  • chinese knees

    chinese knees

    6 dager siden

    yikes i cringed readin this.

  • joseph bettencourt
    joseph bettencourt22 dager siden

    Vote Trump 2020 Gang Gang

  • Charlie J
    Charlie J24 dager siden

    Watching Dana White looking for a fight and there’s no censoring, for the rest of the Embedded’s, could us adults get a series of videos where there’s no bleeping out swear words, I’ve been watching ufc as a kid and had no issue hearing swear words at a young age, miss the old Embedded’s that didn’t censor Fuck. Hopefully us adults can get the adult version of Embedded back, it’s my favorite video series you guys do. @ufc

  • Edem Djokotoe
    Edem Djokotoe24 dager siden

    Haters. Izzy did everything he said he would do to Costa. A blue belt chopped a black belt like timber, fucked him up and fucked him, made a woman out of this muscle bound Adonis. How will he ever live this down? Adesanya has fought professionally more times than Costa and cats still think he's a fluke. Haters will keep choking on humble pie

  • Fuesaina Tulia
    Fuesaina Tulia24 dager siden

    Geez what a waste Costa was. He was really all shit. Adesanya is the man!

  • Rob Rey
    Rob Rey26 dager siden

    I love watching these after the fight.

  • Luwie__
    Luwie__27 dager siden

    Dominick reyes seems like he tries so hard to be likeable..

  • Sebastian


    16 dager siden

    Whereas it comes so naturally to Jan

  • Stephen Baxter
    Stephen Baxter28 dager siden

    Its hilarious coming back and reading the comments after Costa got dominated and humiliated.

  • 2 SUSS
    2 SUSS29 dager siden

    I just can’t like israel

  • L’épée de TES morts !
    L’épée de TES morts !29 dager siden

    Where’s Conor ?

  • Hells Hells
    Hells Hells29 dager siden

    At least Izzy got the belt in the end.

  • pewhiepie 1
    pewhiepie 1Måned siden


    ZAXARIAH TYLERMåned siden

    where can I get that shirt izzy wearing in the press conference?

  • Caesar Andres
    Caesar AndresMåned siden

    After all these negative and hateful comment against Izzy.. what happened after the fight ? Are you still talking ? I laugh.

  • The Answer
    The AnswerMåned siden

    BY TKO! Aaaaand *STTIILLLLLLLL!!!* 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 🇿🇦

    BISWAL HEMANTMåned siden

    Costa you lost bcoz of ur over smart & over confidence, first learn how to behave with other sport person. Learn respect.

  • John 00
    John 00Måned siden

    They say John Morgan has fat chin........ it just full of first questions

  • IvanKnowsBest official IKB
    IvanKnowsBest official IKBMåned siden


  • Alfie Carranza
    Alfie CarranzaMåned siden

    he thought he was all that juiced up usually intimidate opponent. like brock lesnner. weak mind get you no where.

  • Alfie Carranza
    Alfie CarranzaMåned siden

    brother smashed out classed juice boy from brazil. ricky martin wanna be! go back to brazil fool.

  • David Alejandro
    David AlejandroMåned siden

    Alguien sabe cómo se llama la música del minuto 6:50

  • StockTawk
    StockTawkMåned siden

    After seeing Israel tune him up. I have an insane amount of respect for him

  • Sean Byrne
    Sean ByrneMåned siden

    Anybody know the song izzy is listening to in the tub???

  • Evans Dogbe
    Evans DogbeMåned siden

    yeah, u were right we all be scared of holding pads for Izzy just ask paulo's legs and ego. just humbled.#Andstill

  • konrain
    konrainMåned siden

    Whos back here after izzy whooped that butt?

  • Corey McElveen
    Corey McElveenMåned siden

    Jan broke that bigass nose of dom and Adesanya whooped that Ricky martin balloon's ass 🤣

  • Gn Cb
    Gn CbMåned siden

    6:54 song?? Plis

  • Gn Cb

    Gn Cb

    Måned siden

    Delight thanks 🔥❤️

  • Delight


    Måned siden


  • Marcus KG
    Marcus KGMåned siden

    6:53 song?

  • Marcus KG

    Marcus KG

    Måned siden

    Delight Thank you man🙏

  • Delight


    Måned siden


  • haviK
    haviKMåned siden

    What I want to know is where can I get a shirt like Izzy's? xD

  • O-Ball
    O-BallMåned siden

    Paula what has Ismaïl done to you?

  • John Tortora
    John TortoraMåned siden

    Congrats too isreal you.won

  • lvinny29
    lvinny29Måned siden

    This did not age well for Costa...

  • Jordan Currie
    Jordan CurrieMåned siden

    Wheres the haters?!?!?!? Where's the casual?!?!?!?! I seriously want to know?!?!?!?

  • Montreal dude
    Montreal dudeMåned siden

    Not and new ...

  • HowYouDoin
    HowYouDoinMåned siden

    @1:28 Whats up with Israel’s right peck? Kinda droopy when he flexes

  • Enemy


    Måned siden

    gynecomastia from improper steroid cycles

  • TheJiveShow
    TheJiveShowMåned siden

    check out our fight companion and let us know what you think thank you god bless

  • Don 420
    Don 420Måned siden

    He said I have a gift for you White belt Izzy said yes your gonna need that when your ass gets demoted 😂😂😂👌🏼💯 he sure the fuck did 🤣🤣

  • Sleepless_JR
    Sleepless_JRMåned siden

    COSTA Wore The Wrong BELT, He Shoulda Been Wearing The One IZZY Slapped Him With, The Way He Got KO’d!! This Morning 😂🤩🇳🇬

  • James Paul
    James PaulMåned siden

    Embedded needs to do a post fight episodes; Embedded 6!!

  • soulless
    soullessMåned siden

    He got his time.

  • Sean-E-Boy
    Sean-E-BoyMåned siden

    Izzy is on gear. I suspected it when i first watched this. His teammate said hes never hit this hard in his career ok how in his 30s hes suddenly able to hit harder than ever before? Then he takes his shirt off wtf is up with his gyno? Man got a bitch tit milks boutta start coming out of there. It was even more noticeable in the fight. Pathetic for a guy who "claims natty" and bashes the shit out of people like costa for being steroid users when he os so obviously using gear. USADA is a joke its so easy to pass the tests and even easier for dana to say look the other way in this situation Dr Usada heres 100k

  • Sean-E-Boy
    Sean-E-BoyMåned siden

    Ozzy o gear

  • The Burundian Dude
    The Burundian DudeMåned siden

    Question, is UFC security also trained in MMA?

  • Steven J.L. Austin
    Steven J.L. AustinMåned siden

    Gyno? 1:28 Right pectoral?

  • libyanballa
    libyanballaMåned siden

    Whats the song when Izzy is in the tub scene?

  • Not Many FPV
    Not Many FPVMåned siden

    Nahh he wouldn't juice... 🥤

  • Remy Martin
    Remy MartinMåned siden

    damn izzy pretty good at ping pong

  • Jules Winfield
    Jules WinfieldMåned siden

    Yep Gyno lol

  • wayne bryan
    wayne bryanMåned siden

    Paulo was beaten before this matchup ever started Izzy straightup intimidated him and I'm sure most people their saw that as well, if Izzy had a chance he would've fought Paulo right their in the open.

  • Dylan Decota
    Dylan DecotaMåned siden

    Gyno at 1:28 Adesanya is on the anabolics I see..

  • Dylan Decota

    Dylan Decota

    Måned siden

    Formation of breast tissue from hormone (anabolic steroid) abuse. Especially when he didn’t have it last fight and it’s only on one side, he’s 100% using anabolics.

  • Dorlan


    Måned siden

    What does gyno mean if you don't mind me asking?

  • Sadaq
    SadaqMåned siden

    How is here after the fight 😂

  • Corey Mack
    Corey MackMåned siden

    None of the casuals will be coming back to any of the post fight videos

  • Peace and Unity
    Peace and UnityMåned siden

    I told y'all!!! Hate doesn't do it. Our PRECISION does it. Thank you Lord. We'll rid the world of haters, Inshallah!!!

    MICHAEL MYERSMåned siden

    who's here after skinny claw beat animal balloon?

  • M S
    M SMåned siden

    Now the casuals using the gyno conspiracy 😂😂😂

  • M S
    M SMåned siden

    Alot of deleting goin on in here 😂😂

  • Appointment Now
    Appointment NowMåned siden

    "Costa is too powerful Bro"

  • MakeItOutJah
    MakeItOutJahMåned siden

    Like button So Ya Can Hop On The Izzy Team and Stop Hating

    ISAIAH ROCKMåned siden

    He’s on roids

  • 1million Subscribers Without Videos Challenge
    1million Subscribers Without Videos ChallengeMåned siden

    now you guys can shut up

  • Mykx
    MykxMåned siden

    izzy haters here after the fight???? hmmm? see alot of shade here in the comments smh

  • Julian Grier
    Julian GrierMåned siden

    Yall were saying???second round knock out .......

  • Young Savage
    Young SavageMåned siden

    AND STILL... Izzy is a savage don’t let the dancing fool you

  • Mr A.b
    Mr A.bMåned siden

    Izzy got the gyno boob interesting

  • SushiRollinUp2eat
    SushiRollinUp2eatMåned siden

    Gyno big time!!

  • S197 GT
    S197 GTMåned siden

    He's rocking with the jabbawokeez 👍

  • deadbeat psycho
    deadbeat psychoMåned siden

    i’m just here to talk shit to Costa fans after they ragged on him leading up to the fight.

  • hannelore M.
    hannelore M.Måned siden

    Looks like Costa was the one that got erased tonight.... WE NO DEY CARRY LAST!!!

  • Ikpemhinoghena
    IkpemhinoghenaMåned siden

    I'm here for all the smoke. Where are all Costa's ball sacks at. I hope you feel every ache that Costa is feeling in his body. You deserve it.

  • Darock Iscooking
    Darock IscookingMåned siden

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 to all you Costa lovers who thought his power and muscle would beat Ezy ha ha ha he got fuct up like Ezy said he would. Shame on Costa n his team 🤣

    LEVITICXSMåned siden

    All these Costa fans were so confident...

  • Drew Finn
    Drew FinnMåned siden

    I wonder how mad yall Izzy haters are now that he straight embarrassed Costa lol

  • 8
    8Måned siden

    6:55 song please?? Thanks🙏🏼

  • Delight


    Måned siden


  • Mr
    MrMåned siden

    told ya he whipping his ass

  • Gary Kyorddd
    Gary KyordddMåned siden

    What now. dog

  • Kageryu
    KageryuMåned siden

    Costa should've thrown the black belt at Israel and wore the white one. He got schooled. Still not a fan of Adensanya but he's a legit fighter.

  • Femi A
    Femi AMåned siden

    All the costa fans, whats up?

  • Kamalyare Nor
    Kamalyare NorMåned siden

    Costa just lost being big doesn’t mean that you better fighter but I think rays fight was different the Bigger guy won because they were the same in styles

  • GED Gert
    GED GertMåned siden

    Lol Paulo had nothing hold this L brazil

  • Loyalty
    LoyaltyMåned siden

    Just reading these comments knowing they feel dumb 🤭🤣

  • Superman
    SupermanMåned siden

    Israel Adesanya by round 2 tko

  • Clip That Shit
    Clip That ShitMåned siden

    2nd round TKO from Israel

  • marcus knox
    marcus knoxMåned siden

    All the Izzy haters out there. Hope you are doing well now...... ahahahahaha

  • whelanvids Whelanvids1
    whelanvids Whelanvids1Måned siden

    Isreal with the case of gyno..wheres usada at!!!

  • Ragnarr Loðbrók
    Ragnarr LoðbrókMåned siden

    What now Costa bandwagon b*tches? 😄😂😂😂😂🤩🤩

  • Abu Tahir
    Abu TahirMåned siden

    hahahaha costa got smashed White racists fans are mad Izzy destroyed that one dimensional fighter I didnt give a shit about blm But blm matters lol

  • francesqO373
    francesqO373Måned siden

    ahahahh costa biggest big mouth ever

  • Idle Class Hero
    Idle Class HeroMåned siden

    Where are the clowns who said izzy was shook 😂🤣🤣

  • Melker Sauer

    Melker Sauer

    Måned siden

    All the haters have been silenced 🤣😝🤣

  • BrilliantBible7


    Måned siden

    @Texas Senpai Young casuals. Same with when Stipe was fighting Ngannou.

  • Texas Senpai

    Texas Senpai

    Måned siden

    Right! Like this man isn't the world's best middleweight and former world class kickboxer. Dumb fucks lol

  • ツDeedz
    ツDeedzMåned siden

    Now all you ricky martin fan boys can shut your mouths!lessgoo izzy #ANDSTILL

  • Not Many FPV
    Not Many FPVMåned siden


  • Aatif Rahim
    Aatif RahimMåned siden

    Adssanya is loosing this time..

  • Michael Collins
    Michael CollinsMåned siden

    Jan mispronounced mma at the press conference. My man literally mispronounced an abbreviation lmao.

  • Sebastian


    16 dager siden

    He pronounced it 'em-em-ah', which is the Polish pronounciation of the letters mma ;)

  • Strength Beyond Strength
    Strength Beyond StrengthMåned siden

    I would like Israel so much more if he would just stfu

  • Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson

    Måned siden

    UFC 253 Predictions 💰 stay safe bro!! nolocal.info/have/video/YmR7rptt2aJwu6Y

  • el taierrible
    el taierribleMåned siden

    Dont run izzy I see you scrolling through the comments

  • Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson

    Måned siden

    UFC 253 Predictions 💰 stay safe bro!! nolocal.info/have/video/YmR7rptt2aJwu6Y

  • John Tortora
    John TortoraMåned siden

    Is cost a that scared too figjt.his size or bigger

  • Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson

    Måned siden

    UFC 253 Predictions 💰 stay safe bro!! nolocal.info/have/video/YmR7rptt2aJwu6Y

  • John Tortora
    John TortoraMåned siden

    Look at the weight difference

  • John Tortora
    John TortoraMåned siden

    I hope ypu win isreal i bet 15 dollars on u

  • Donny Domingo
    Donny DomingoMåned siden


  • Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson

    Måned siden

    UFC 253 Predictions 💰 stay safe bro!! nolocal.info/have/video/YmR7rptt2aJwu6Y

  • Internet Marketing Auckland
    Internet Marketing AucklandMåned siden

    Some great fights on this card, lets go Izzy, think no love lost, I think Paulo will come out hard and fast, he needs to do the job early, thats for sure. Cant wait to see if we get into some grappling and see if the superiority black belts stands out - LETS GO NZ!!

  • Darren McGregor

    Darren McGregor

    Måned siden

    UFC 253 Predictions 💰 stay safe bro nolocal.info/have/video/YmR7rptt2aJwu6Y