UFC 253: Fight Motion


Take a slow motion trip back through the most exciting highlights and moments from Fight Island's UFC 253: Adesanya vs Costa in the latest episode of 'Fight Motion.'
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  • Mongrel
    Mongrel22 timer siden

    Does Israel Adesanya lactate ?

  • bd via
    bd via8 dager siden


  • Soild Guy
    Soild Guy11 dager siden

    I wanted to see the dry hump from Israel

    JHONNY TAMAYAO12 dager siden

    Costa vs adesanya ,early stoppage! Didn't wait for Costa's face to be destroyed first..hahhaah..I love to see that face of Costa full of blood

  • yusei adams
    yusei adams14 dager siden

    Imagine if they showed Adesanya rawdoging Costa 😂

  • yusei adams
    yusei adams14 dager siden

    As soon as Jan said he was Broly I knew Reyes was gonna get torn apart!

  • Gaming Plenty
    Gaming Plenty16 dager siden

    can someone please tell me whaat this music is called

  • Flamgoni
    Flamgoni18 dager siden

    Izzy turned him into Paula Costa

  • Vanea Goras
    Vanea Goras19 dager siden


  • Jesus Schizus
    Jesus Schizus20 dager siden


  • David Dimond
    David Dimond20 dager siden

    America would have had universal healthcare for all, decades ago, if it weren't for the corrupt Republicans constantly trying to get personally rich off denying Americans healthcare. f u dana white and joe rogan, idiots who push for the Orange thief.

  • Grant Bitner
    Grant Bitner20 dager siden


  • ken84
    ken8421 dag siden

    My boy izzy on them roids!

  • dgray
    dgray21 dag siden

    they should've showed the "hooman tresh" doin the raw dogg!

  • Tropics Hockey
    Tropics Hockey22 dager siden

    Costa every day post new vid with a lame excuse about time zones or apparently all of a sudden he was super injured or whatever but he always follows up with "I'm not using this as an excuse" but reality is he Is just making excuses non stop lol

  • 日西ディエゴ
    日西ディエゴ23 dager siden

    Juan Espino is the real deal! The future of the heavyweight division

  • Bram .Patola
    Bram .Patola23 dager siden

    Adesanya vs. Jones!

  • DazedMMJ
    DazedMMJ23 dager siden

    Should've put Israel ending Costa with those last hits.

  • Akb Bka
    Akb Bka23 dager siden

    jans (brolys) win is even more epic in slow mo

  • mep mep
    mep mep23 dager siden

    They showed one of Costa's attacks cause that's all he did

  • Jahvauntae Colbert
    Jahvauntae Colbert24 dager siden

    Remember legends never die

  • Eva Svensson
    Eva Svensson24 dager siden

    Она тебе всегда пригодится для улучшения и постройки зданий. Пиши, если что-то необходимо ... Ешё раз спасибо. )

  • Matúš ščecina
    Matúš ščecina24 dager siden


  • Kosta TSOULOS
    Kosta TSOULOS24 dager siden

    jan has some serious power in everything he throws

  • Łukaszek
    Łukaszek25 dager siden

    She in Amsterdam nolocal.info/have/video/jYZkf619yqSWmWs 🎬

  • b metrix
    b metrix25 dager siden

    Paula Clowna Roida

  • duc phan
    duc phan25 dager siden

    wanna see buffer say adesanyaaaaaaaaaa

  • Jaakan Finau
    Jaakan Finau26 dager siden

    4:18 it was never that left hand...

  • Harald Haram
    Harald Haram26 dager siden


  • Brian Cooke
    Brian Cooke26 dager siden

    I need this song in my playlist when I go to the gym!!!

  • Thomas Weir
    Thomas Weir26 dager siden

    GYNO-TIT - "they're all on steroids..."

  • Lastly More
    Lastly More26 dager siden

    The music is great and I love the slow motion action. You can just feel those strikes.

  • Joe Lewis
    Joe Lewis26 dager siden

    Could not stop staring at izzy tittie

  • Dr Manhattan
    Dr Manhattan26 dager siden

    Fuck that was sick

  • shyam nandan
    shyam nandan26 dager siden

    4:03 When Conor does it, its actually nice. Its super cringey when Costa does it

  • Nandi Lukas
    Nandi Lukas26 dager siden

    Jan Błachowicz got Sword in the Legs...

  • Cammdc 1
    Cammdc 127 dager siden

    Why cant we have the Roman Colosseum ll?.. I mean, I think we've earned it at this point.. we deserve it as 2020 heathens, we've had super sized things and fat people blamed McDonalds, people get offended when you sneeze.. I mean I really think we deserve some life and death Colosseum sports.. just have everyone sign some waivers.. you know people would watch.. just make it ppv.. back to nets and tridents, broad swords and chariots.. on sundays fill it with water and have pirate battles.. etc etc.. feels like everything is going downhill anyways as a society so might as well go full bore..(edit; like if you'd donate for a kickstarter for Colosseum 2.0)..we'll build an island in international waters so it'll be legit..

  • the asian guy
    the asian guy27 dager siden


  • Luis Coley
    Luis Coley27 dager siden

    I want to have Costa's body

  • guilherme barbado de medeiros
    guilherme barbado de medeiros27 dager siden

    Borrachina igual o adesanya fala Marco bobeira ,no primeiro chute sentiu a força do magrelo e travou E agora está pedindo revanche pq sabe que não vai conseguir nem a revanche muito menos ganha Como o adesanya disse ... Ele entrou na sua mente

  • Rob Star
    Rob Star27 dager siden

    4:30 directly to the temple. Such a precise shot.

  • justin magee
    justin magee27 dager siden

    Can I have this music please. It is rare the proper is used in the proper war

  • Bonus Hujadający
    Bonus Hujadający27 dager siden

    BŁachowiCZ defeated his opponent with surprising ease.

  • Daniel DA
    Daniel DA27 dager siden

    Epic night! Amazing fights great work from the spanish Juan Espino and of course fantastic show of technics from Adesanya, the real one not that static fighter against Romero who was far away from Adesanya's level.

  • Fishehunter AL
    Fishehunter AL27 dager siden

    Watching Diego here I still screamed... STOP THE FIGHT!!!!!

  • Not Today
    Not Today27 dager siden

    Costa just lost to a weeb

    СТРАННИК БЕГЛЫЙ27 dager siden

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  • MICKEY Sports
    MICKEY Sports27 dager siden

    nolocal.info/have/video/r5V4aK-LqpqR1Ws UFC 254 prediction my score 2-0

  • Dan 243
    Dan 24327 dager siden

    Best fight motion yet, great editing keep it up 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • James Byrd
    James Byrd27 dager siden

    this fight motion sucks

  • Jordan Hardy
    Jordan Hardy27 dager siden

    Jeez Diego looks out of shape in this

  • Nexonian Zero
    Nexonian Zero27 dager siden

    Hands down worst fight motion of all time. Worst cuts I've ever seen.

  • EncyclopediaofExistence
    EncyclopediaofExistence27 dager siden

    Fuck, spinning back elbow is one of the best things I've ever seen thrown I the UFC.

  • dawit fekadu
    dawit fekadu27 dager siden

    Adesanya deserve the ufc champion . He is hero,skill and tactic full person. He respects his jobs and title! The empty containers gives the loudest 🔊 noises!! He is undefeated man I have great respect for Esrael Adesanya! I like Costa too but he was not ready even to attach or 👊 he was like mad jump here and there cuz he not even wait a minute he is like mad dog hunger to strike and punish him but when the game started he puts him self under fear full state. I saw Costa fears adesanya, cuz he was barking before the officials, but when the officials out of octagon he start fear and attached by adesanya. Costa was lucky cuz he loses his actions early not punched much I expected more than this but he didn't tolerate the leg kick and 👊. He is luck truly he safe from leg fracture !!!

  • Gnarl Sagan
    Gnarl Sagan27 dager siden


  • Just Vladimir
    Just Vladimir27 dager siden

    I wanted to see a dry hump with epic music,im dissapointed.

  • Leni Neutron
    Leni Neutron27 dager siden

    That elbow hit was different from behind!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • he ma
    he ma28 dager siden

    Wheres ma man sanchez with his flying knee

  • jensen
    jensen28 dager siden

    The music selection for these videos are on point. Need to know how to make music like this myself

  • Alix98x
    Alix98x28 dager siden

    Kai Kara France vs Brandon Royval is fight of the year for my personal taste

  • DrKillPatient
    DrKillPatient28 dager siden

    wrestling and hugging is becoming minimum thank god

  • Dragon Seven
    Dragon Seven28 dager siden

    love watching weirdo diego sanchez get his ass kicked everytime

  • Jesus P
    Jesus P28 dager siden

    You can see the punch that breaks his nose got damn

  • Edward Nylboc
    Edward Nylboc28 dager siden

    slips the jab, slips the hook and then sleeps him

  • TheDaggwood
    TheDaggwood28 dager siden

    I don't know how you get this slow motion footage, but I love every second!

    BOSWAHANA28 dager siden

    Now we had another Miocic at Lightheavyweight

  • Carmel Cummings
    Carmel Cummings28 dager siden

    Results: Danilo Marques def. Khadis Ibragimov Juan Espino def. Jeff Hughes William Knight def. Aleksa Camur L'udovit Klein def. Shane Young Jake Matthews def. Diego Sanchez Brad Riddell def. Alex da Silva Hakeem Dawodu def. Zubaira Tukhugov Ketlen Vieira def. Sijara Eubanks Brandon Royval def. Kai-Kara France Jan Blachowicz def. Dominick Reyes Israel Adesanya def. Paulo Costa

  • PH Si Penangkap Setan
    PH Si Penangkap Setan28 dager siden

    adesanya and costa their quality is far below Jon Jones. I make sure adesanya will not dare to fight with Jon Jones ..

  • Konstantin Ivanov
    Konstantin Ivanov28 dager siden

    Costa took care of the rest of his life with this loss. I promise.

  • naninhososa
    naninhososa28 dager siden

    Such a good video! Thank you.

  • D əfiant
    D əfiant28 dager siden

    You don't need to be a D when you're the best, don't be a D.

    MMA TODAY28 dager siden

    Paulo costa did a McGregor at 4:02 but got humped at the end LOL

  • Marko Jevtic
    Marko Jevtic28 dager siden

    Amazing video !!! Greetings from Serbia ! 💪💪☝

  • parazjt
    parazjt28 dager siden

    4:35 ref looked like he was proud haha

  • Chibareeba
    Chibareeba28 dager siden


  • Mason Hollis
    Mason Hollis28 dager siden

    Yo UFC you guys should 100% make more videos like this. One per card. Gives a super cool spotlight to the prelims / up-and-coming rather than only the main event fights. Take this template and create one for Oct 24th! Keep em coming!

  • jptothetree
    jptothetree28 dager siden

    Never seen a fighter give another fighter an injury that looks like an infected spider bite before... 0.o

  • Satan
    Satan28 dager siden

    Nice right side breast Adesanya , you are cheating with performance drugs ,

  • Kyusho Nguyen
    Kyusho Nguyen28 dager siden

    The best way to deliver a knock out is aiming to vital pressure points with right timing angles. Jeet kune do could suit cage more. nolocal.info/have/video/e2urmrqBnWmdz5A

  • C T
    C T28 dager siden

    reyes defended always stepping leftwards but isnt blancowich a right hander ?

  • Rawr5649
    Rawr564928 dager siden

    Dude so sick of these pretentious modelo ads

  • It is nato The 2nd
    It is nato The 2nd28 dager siden

    Fucking deadly

  • Iron Deadshot
    Iron Deadshot28 dager siden

    I foresee Adesanya will be the champ for a long long time. (lets revisit this comment again in the future, 5 years time)

  • Calibur43
    Calibur4328 dager siden

    How are they going to ignore the leg kick Izzy caught and then sent one to the body and two to the head?

  • Prakhar Awasthi
    Prakhar Awasthi28 dager siden

    Costa is just big words and then a no show....he is so soft

  • kelvin monteiro
    kelvin monteiro28 dager siden

    Look at ade right pec it looks like is falling

  • babbatv
    babbatv28 dager siden

    I hate it when the motion doesnz show the finish

  • White ᚪ 𐊨ak
    White ᚪ 𐊨ak28 dager siden

    waiting for the day when weapons other than body parts enter the cage, then battles will truly be waged

  • Channel Bang pon
    Channel Bang pon28 dager siden

    Mantap Bos

  • The Extremist
    The Extremist28 dager siden


  • Dog The bounty hunter
    Dog The bounty hunter28 dager siden

    I saw a dog with no eyes 👀 once and I didn't cry am I a ufc fighter now?

  • hugemagoo
    hugemagoo28 dager siden

    costa broke my heart man

  • SuperMobian
    SuperMobian28 dager siden

    well this was a waste of time

  • jaime delgado
    jaime delgado28 dager siden

    Jan's body kicks look like they do some real damage

  • Tim Taylor
    Tim Taylor28 dager siden

    Shoulda put the hump in..

  • Pulkit Sinha
    Pulkit Sinha28 dager siden

    Does jan blachowicz's feet have adamantium fitted in them? Cus that dude's kick can literally fuck anyone up damn

  • Short Clips
    Short Clips28 dager siden

    I pray who ever reads this becomes successful.....

  • Princess PooPee
    Princess PooPee28 dager siden

    What a great card this was

  • Randolf Sorandy
    Randolf Sorandy28 dager siden

    😔 GYNO!!!

  • Nininahazwe Yves-Irene
    Nininahazwe Yves-Irene28 dager siden

    Love Hakeem's punch combination: hit stomach then face !