UFC 253: Fighters You Should Know


Hakeem Dawodu, Kai Kara-France and William Knight are just three of the fighters we think you should know more about heading into UFC 253 on Saturday, September 26. Order now: bit.ly/2vNIBE8 (U.S. only)
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  • Digital Smoke
    Digital Smoke16 dager siden

    these refs are sending fighters on a highway fast track to see their maker.. why do they take their sweet ass time after a dude has already been knocked out, clearly isn't fighting back already gone limp yet still waits to go grab some lunch, take a shit, talk to a few fans then and only then stops the fight?

  • Official Bowzer
    Official Bowzer29 dager siden

    @ufc will knight will be champ 🦾🦾🦾

  • Christopher lizi
    Christopher lizi29 dager siden

    29 he looks so young

  • vidallee2
    vidallee2Måned siden

    That Knight fight, what do they consider "back of the head"? I've seen fights where he would've been warned & then dq'd for all of those.

    ZAXARIAH TYLERMåned siden

    love Hakeem. Repping my country. He has lots of potential.

  • Clara wang
    Clara wangMåned siden

    one of my friends always wrote UFC, and this is it

  • Tyler Burk
    Tyler BurkMåned siden

    Have you guys heard of Connor mc Gregor? I hear he is pretty good

  • Sharmake Abees
    Sharmake AbeesMåned siden

    I don't think this happened today no

  • G-AME SPOT 17
    G-AME SPOT 17Måned siden

    nolocal.info/have/video/pGuFjsiIu4yl1W8 FG

  • Russell Jones
    Russell JonesMåned siden

    Hakeem ''Mean BLM logo tattoo'' Dawodu

  • Eli Gaiter
    Eli GaiterMåned siden

    Hakeems style is amazing

  • cypresspuz
    cypresspuzMåned siden

    Beautiful Muay Thai for an amateur.

  • Wat
    WatMåned siden

    Horie 😢



    FAZE TANG UFCMåned siden

    Hakeem my brother im from edmonton ill be the next one in ufc im only 24 years old please guys help me out i need one chance

  • Karma
    KarmaMåned siden

    Damn it’s been a few videos and I recognize all of the fighters that we should look out for. Couldn’t say the same 6 months ago

  • Jose Figueroa
    Jose FigueroaMåned siden

    ......incase you didn't

  • Jonathan Mcsperitt
    Jonathan McsperittMåned siden

    Why is there even a division to let these little ass men fight?? That shit is boring as fuck. It’s like watching two freshmen fight in high school. The only reason why you watch is because it’s better than going to math class.

  • Ben H
    Ben HMåned siden

    Those elbows by William Knight to the "side of the head" were pretty questionable. Definitely looked like he may have had a few big ones to the back of the dome,

  • Evan93
    Evan93Måned siden

    I hope Hakeem knocks out Zubaira for missing weight and then acting so cocky.

  • ayman amrani
    ayman amraniMåned siden

    What a shitty card

  • vulturnuszan
    vulturnuszanMåned siden

    Aren’t 12 to 6 elbows still illegal?

  • Carl Classic
    Carl ClassicMåned siden

    Knight is scaryyyyyy

  • Никита Репкин Завтрашний Бокс
    Никита Репкин Завтрашний БоксMåned siden

    SERGIY DEREVYANCHENKO US nolocal.info/have/video/fqSqdtqFrm2ApW8

  • Mark Dohner
    Mark DohnerMåned siden

    I don't owe anybody anything now because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • Gull Jan
    Gull JanMåned siden

    I dont owe anyone anything now thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • Chanel aceh walet
    Chanel aceh waletMåned siden


  • pogothearabmonkey
    pogothearabmonkeyMåned siden

    that japanese kid got absolutely wrecked tho for real, also what was blonde head idiot next even trying to do, just copping elbows to the head and expecting to make it through? Your noggin aint that strong kid.

  • Mr.Shelby
    Mr.ShelbyMåned siden

    Knight is on steroids for sure

  • Official Bowzer

    Official Bowzer

    29 dager siden


  • Lord of the belts: The return of the KING
    Lord of the belts: The return of the KINGMåned siden

    Most of these guys are bums, especially Kara-France.

  • Kid Cthulhu
    Kid CthulhuMåned siden

    I have picked all three of these guys to lose on my Tapology.

  • Pierre.W
    Pierre.WMåned siden

    Time to bet against Hakeem!

  • Khijar Patil
    Khijar PatilMåned siden

    Hakeem looks very strong fighter

  • Nate UzamKi
    Nate UzamKiMåned siden

    DAM NBA youngboy not playing around

  • Tunog Indayog
    Tunog IndayogMåned siden

    i dont like elbows from the side of the head

  • Dan S
    Dan SMåned siden

    Herb Dean smoken to much 💩 again 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • jester bob
    jester bobMåned siden

    The don't blink guy and kyle bochniak kinda looks alike don't they.. That fight would be good

  • Joseph Oakwood
    Joseph OakwoodMåned siden

    Hakeems opponent took those shots pretty well

  • intermedoritosaurio A
    intermedoritosaurio AMåned siden

    3:16 this is a shit, is legal??? Jajajaj

  • UFC Freaks
    UFC FreaksMåned siden

    UFC Freaks For Exclusive MMA & UFC Content. Appreciate the support without YOU its not possible 👊❤

  • Kyusho Nguyen
    Kyusho NguyenMåned siden

    The key to deliver a knock out is aiming to right vital pressure points with right timing right angles. Anderson Silva can do it with jeet kune do nolocal.info/have/video/e2urmrqBnWmdz5A

  • UFC Freaks
    UFC FreaksMåned siden

    if you want to watch ufc 254 for free im streaming it on youtube 💪✊🌏

  • marshpictures
    marshpicturesMåned siden

    USADA watching...

  • Geraldo Bok
    Geraldo BokMåned siden

    Idk how people dont know Hakeem or Kai? They've put on some sick performances already.... must not be true fight fans

  • Liu Kang
    Liu KangMåned siden


  • That's a yikes from me dawg
    That's a yikes from me dawgMåned siden

    3:14 Let's be real, elbows to the back of the head are straight up allowed in the sport now.

  • Mogaka Osinde
    Mogaka OsindeMåned siden

    Mean really walked in looking like his name.😅

  • Denzel Heden
    Denzel HedenMåned siden

    3:31 Started fighting at the End of 2015 because he was lazy and not doing anything lol

    MMA GEEKSMåned siden

    knight is on steriods

  • Muhammad Yahya Khan
    Muhammad Yahya KhanMåned siden

    Inshallah zubaira tukhugov finishes hakeem

  • Prime Merlinean
    Prime MerlineanMåned siden

    "Now you know what to do when you are lazy and not doing anything lol."

  • samwel mwanjo
    samwel mwanjoMåned siden

    Simce when is NBA youngboy inthe ufc?

  • pifbmf Osmanovic
    pifbmf OsmanovicMåned siden

    on Bosnian lenguage Kai Kara France well this midle name it vould be like Kai COCK France hahahhaha Kara is name for cock hahahhahahha

  • Killerstream 23
    Killerstream 23Måned siden

    Really don’t want Paulo to win

  • carlos uranus
    carlos uranusMåned siden

    Im sorry but kai kara france is ass. Tyson nam won that fight. But they gave it to kai due to the fact that they where in australia and everyone from australia was winning up until that point. Dude is trash tho

  • nir S
    nir SMåned siden

    William Knight look so powerful a beast

  • Freya murtem
    Freya murtemMåned siden

    That knight guy is gonna get toasted .

  • Prashant vyas
    Prashant vyasMåned siden

    lot of black dudes in this card

  • ruin3r
    ruin3rMåned siden

    shouldnt the UFC want you to know all the fighters on the roster? Why selectively cherry pick people to promote who are already prospects on main cards?

  • savvy830
    savvy830Måned siden

    Guess Alistair Overeem isn't the only one on horse beef.

  • Sir LynX
    Sir LynXMåned siden

    Hakeem looked really promising he's gonna be a big one if he keeps it up

  • Leander Fester
    Leander FesterMåned siden

    Bums, honestly besides main and co-Main only bums, last fight night was more stacked

  • Cooper Evans
    Cooper EvansMåned siden

    how was Brad Riddell not featured on this

  • Montin Yek
    Montin YekMåned siden

    Knight started fighting at 27. I bet everybody used to tell him it was too late. Goes to show that it almost never is.

  • vamveto zuo
    vamveto zuoMåned siden

    The Japanese dude took some fucking hits still didn't get knocked out I was really surprised hurt me watching it😂

  • Max Zigliara
    Max ZigliaraMåned siden

    Another excellent stoppage by Herb Dean on the William Knight fight. Not.

  • note importa
    note importaMåned siden

    can we get paulo costa vs william knight?

  • Joe C
    Joe CMåned siden

    I thought you couldn't hit people in the back of the head? 3:13 Clear as day 5 elbows and 10 punches to the back of the head. That is a DQ. The brain stem is there!

  • Randizz martin
    Randizz martinMåned siden

    What kind of highlights are those

  • Rohit Thomas
    Rohit ThomasMåned siden

    I am no expert but personally felt that the last fight probably cud have been stopped earlier. Those head shots were brutal

    DOCUMAXMåned siden

    Kara-France, great boxing.

  • Healing Through Inspiration
    Healing Through InspirationMåned siden

    "Mean" has us interested

  • Ahmad Syakir Bin Shahridan
    Ahmad Syakir Bin ShahridanMåned siden

    Hakeem looks like NBA youngboy HAHAHA

  • Nate Smith
    Nate SmithMåned siden

    If you single leg, or attempt a single leg takedown, and don’t have the 2 brain cells left to realize that you’re stagnant, and you’re not getting anywhere, especially against an opponent that is clearly physically stronger than you, then you deserve to be knocked out for that easy, and unimpressive win that you just handed to someone. You weren’t surviving...you were dead before you even knew it.

  • King Yormz
    King YormzMåned siden

    Bro those elbows were on the back of the head, what do you mean the side?

  • puntsize
    puntsizeMåned siden

    Herb let his brotha get away with some illegal elbows and punches to the back of the head.

  • Ronsonn Swandom
    Ronsonn SwandomMåned siden

    theres no way i could remember 253 fighters

  • pomme melon

    pomme melon

    Måned siden


  • Tyler Lynch
    Tyler LynchMåned siden

    Hakeem's striking so is goddamn crisp

  • SomberKuntt
    SomberKunttMåned siden

    Hakeem...is a fucking SAVAGE. Beautiful knees from muy Thai clinch 💜

  • prescott Osegie
    prescott OsegieMåned siden

    Kai kara France gonna be the ufc flyweight champion oneday. he and the whole city kickboxing fam are some of my favorites mma fighters to watch💪💯

  • Dizzy808 - Music
    Dizzy808 - MusicMåned siden

    knight is fucking jacked

  • YaboiShaun
    YaboiShaunMåned siden

    I love having no crowd, hearing the impact from hits is something else. Those were nasty elbows from Knight

  • YaboiShaun


    Måned siden

    @Adolfthejewbaka _ there is actually a crowd there. The fighters are allowed to bring in people to support them. But you probably just started watching during this pandemic. Don't try to use facts that you don't even know are true idiot

  • Venture B.

    Venture B.

    Måned siden

    No crowd is so much better as a fan watching on tv. I don't miss people yelling "wooo" at the top of their voice just to hear themselves on replay.

  • Adolfthejewbaka _

    Adolfthejewbaka _

    Måned siden

    There’s never a crowd on DWCS casual

  • Anshuman Sinha
    Anshuman SinhaMåned siden

    That last guy is all shoulders and arms! 😮

  • Paulo J.
    Paulo J.Måned siden

    That was at the back of the head

  • OnlyMemphis
    OnlyMemphisMåned siden

    Illegal elbows by knight

  • Teichroeb
    TeichroebMåned siden

    They should make more videos like this to promote fighters. There's so many now it's hard to follow all of them and this helps to learn who some of the new fighters are

  • Buck Rogers
    Buck RogersMåned siden

    Hakeem reaction time is like very few right now 😳

  • Jdm Zibby
    Jdm ZibbyMåned siden

    Hakeem vs khamzat! I'd like to watch that

  • Colin Dassy

    Colin Dassy

    Måned siden

    Hakeem is only a Featherweight lmao and Khamzat is a welterweight/Middleweight 😭🤦‍♂️💀

  • Trevor Regay
    Trevor RegayMåned siden

    Looks as though these 3 will do well this weekend.....I don't see much over-hype on them.....and they looked good....the last guy might be questionable, but he does look solid though....

  • Dave Baker
    Dave BakerMåned siden

    Between Knight and Camur, they have 15 fights and 13 have been won by TKO/KO.

  • Nathan Harrison
    Nathan HarrisonMåned siden

    Definitely need more little promo stuff like this. Great stuff. Cant wait for this weekend

  • Chris Cames
    Chris CamesMåned siden

    Inb4 us doesn't allow crowd till a rushed vaccine.

  • GrimzTV
    GrimzTVMåned siden

    ZUB will bring the fight against Hakeem onto the ground and beat him. Mark my word casuals.

  • Andrew Edington
    Andrew EdingtonMåned siden

    Knight looks like a beast. But does he have a gas tank?

  • Jonathan Gomez
    Jonathan GomezMåned siden

    Good thing they make these videos , I was having doubts about buying the ppv

  • mark brown
    mark brownMåned siden

    william knight is sure big and scary but give him cutelaba... not even reyes or jan

  • Magnum Mountaineer
    Magnum MountaineerMåned siden

    Dawodu is a monster.

  • R W
    R WMåned siden

    Love these videos but will you guys please do one on Jiri Prochazka? KO artist who jumped to the #7 ranked Light Heavyweight. Thx 🙏🏻 🇨🇿

  • arize king
    arize kingMåned siden

    4:13 a mfing Tank