UFC 253: Inside the Octagon - Adesanya vs Costa


In this episode, John and Dan preview the UFC 253 main event, as Israel Adesanya takes on rising star, Paulo Costa for the middleweight title. With both men unbeaten in MMA, someone’s ‘0’ has got to go, as this rivalry finally comes to head in the UFC’s return to Fight Island, Abu Dhabi, on September 26th. Order now: bit.ly/2vNIBE8 (U.S. only)
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  • Smart Shaby
    Smart Shaby15 timer siden

    Izzy body is organic

  • Susan Ovbude
    Susan Ovbude4 dager siden

    Good analysis Dan Hardy!

    ALAIN CHEVRY6 dager siden

    La belle victoire de ADESANYA est une bonne leçon pour Costa qui se croyait invulnérable

  • david ken
    david ken18 dager siden

    A punch on the face, and lights out

  • Esther Okure
    Esther Okure22 dager siden

    I totally enjoyed Dan Hardy's analysis

  • richard trail
    richard trail28 dager siden

    Paul Costa did lose his 0, LMFAO And the car Izzy got after the fight Costa lot Pukana

  • karma leglass
    karma leglassMåned siden

    I cant wait for this fight.

  • Josué Judith
    Josué JudithMåned siden

    Who’s searching about comment against adesanya to laugh at them like they were fucking morons 🤚🏾😂

  • King Okoro
    King OkoroMåned siden

    Oh well 😂😂😂😂😂👇🏾

  • Air Horde'in
    Air Horde'inMåned siden

    Bet you can't pay Colby to jump up to middle weight.

  • The Random Raving
    The Random RavingMåned siden

    Izzy beat him so bad, it changed his name to Paul O'Costa

  • Awakenedblue
    AwakenedblueMåned siden

    Thanks for the hype train. Another crappy show and mediocre fight.

  • Az Azeez
    Az AzeezMåned siden

    I will distroye him and I will make him bleed like a baby, that is what Costa, make us believe,

  • Karel Lolo
    Karel LoloMåned siden

    Costa ia very bad performance, in this fight

  • D F
    D FMåned siden


  • Marc Leon
    Marc LeonMåned siden

    All of you haters who wanted Israel to lose 🖕 . He beat Costa’s ass.

  • Marc Leon

    Marc Leon

    Måned siden

    Deniboj - Well whatever. His steroids did not help him tonight and he had no answers.

  • Deniboj -

    Deniboj -

    Måned siden

    He did it nicely. Even with high levels of estrogen and underweight, I wonder what that means?

  • Enndrw Project
    Enndrw ProjectMåned siden

    Paulo Costa OVER CONFIDENCE to Adessanya nolocal.info/have/video/oKKdoplw36uWrog

  • Muskeln-kaufen.de
    Muskeln-kaufen.deMåned siden

    The Last "No Chin" Textmaker.

  • Russell Mccune
    Russell MccuneMåned siden

    Asrael Idasanya vs Caulo Posta

  • Felix gb
    Felix gbMåned siden

    Costa's pure offense but no defense...Izzy will caught him somewhere

  • sin


    Måned siden

    you are right! haha

  • Randalmcdaniel
    RandalmcdanielMåned siden

    lol paulo costa gets 1.65 knockouts per minute. Thats funny to think about

  • SatchOurGod
    SatchOurGodMåned siden

    You can't predict Izzy

    WEAPON XMåned siden


  • Amir Kazemi
    Amir KazemiMåned siden

    i think Costa will over power izzy. this is not going be a finesse fight.

  • Alvaro Besnier
    Alvaro BesnierMåned siden

    If Costa stands there for a minute without moving like Yoel it would be hilarious! And Izzy would freak out

  • quazzie1
    quazzie1Måned siden

    Dan repeatedly stating that Costa is incapable of KOing Izzy with a single punch has me scratching my head. That's just plain silly. If Izzy fights Costa the way he fought Gastelum, he WILL lose. And I dare say it will be a pure KO, not a TKO.

  • quazzie1


    Måned siden

    @Whyte_Blazing_Fyre Make no mistake; Izzy has power too. You can't KO people the way he does without it. And agility is where he shines.

  • Whyte_Blazing_Fyre


    Måned siden

    @quazzie1 precision beats power, intelligence displaces agility!

  • quazzie1


    Måned siden

    @Whyte_Blazing_Fyre I stand by all that I said. Izzy didn't fight Costa the same way. And Costa has the power to KO anyone in the division. That said, Izzy put it on him, and left no doubt as to who the better fighter was that night.

  • Whyte_Blazing_Fyre


    Måned siden

    You saying something? 😆

  • Jonathan Ovnat
    Jonathan OvnatMåned siden

    Izzy likes to move his head, but Borrachina goes to the body. People under estimate Costa's striking skills. He will catch Izzy but Izzy has thunder in his shots to.. It's gonna be a war!

  • rs turbo rolphy
    rs turbo rolphyMåned siden

    Costa's body shots will snap him

  • rs turbo rolphy

    rs turbo rolphy

    Måned siden

    @Drew P didnt really work out how I thougjt it would thats for sure 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Drew P

    Drew P

    Måned siden


  • А Сел
    А СелMåned siden

    Они оба проиграли Ромеро

  • IreneF7
    IreneF7Måned siden

    how in the hell is this skinny guy going to beat this husky paulo??? lol

  • Enndrw Project
    Enndrw ProjectMåned siden

    Adessanya apologized to Paulo after bruttality nolocal.info/have/video/j3uGatZ_z3Bq1ng

  • M WOLF
    M WOLFMåned siden

    Dan: If he receive a punch like that from Costa he might not get up Dan two minties after: Costa has no KO power

  • Mma Geek
    Mma GeekMåned siden

    He doesnt have the Ngannou power??? What a dumb remark. Believe for a middleweight he has ngannou power ! Smh and that coming from a pro fighter

    NASTYVIDSMåned siden

    I’m sorry, I can’t listen to Dan Hardy anymore

  • Christian Cullen
    Christian CullenMåned siden

    Easy fight for Israel. Costa's style is perfect for him. Costa will get picked off at will.

  • Drew P

    Drew P

    Måned siden

    Great analysis

  • Trevor Olson
    Trevor OlsonMåned siden

    Dan, I’m glad you’re still working for the UFC. I think your knowledge and commentary are excellent.

  • T F
    T FMåned siden

    Costa takes Izzy down (picks him up and rag dolls him down), Izzy gets ground and pounded into oblivion. The end.

  • Drew P

    Drew P

    Måned siden

    😂😂😂 did you see it?

  • Hassan Hassan
    Hassan HassanMåned siden

    Brazil vs nigeria would cup both play good game on soccer ⚽

  • Bob Bonnet
    Bob BonnetMåned siden

    Although i favor costa because he seems to have more strength & stamina, also because i hate adesanya’s arrogance...im somewhat ambivilant about the outcome simply because i saw a vid of adesanya saving a civilians life. It should be a great battle, but im still rooting for costa.

  • dmsknb
    dmsknbMåned siden

    When Dan was talking I had to rub my screen 🤔 his wall so dirty

  • Joe Angel
    Joe AngelMåned siden

    Izzy will attack this fool ferromagnetically

  • lastboss1
    lastboss1Måned siden

    Costa : 2.560 Adesanya : 1.570

  • Dee HD
    Dee HDMåned siden

    I’m sure inside the octagon is safe to record normally

  • B. Kong
    B. KongMåned siden

    Hardy’s a buffoon

  • ProTon


    Måned siden


  • Hiro Takasugi
    Hiro TakasugiMåned siden

    wait UFC allows strikes on the back of the head but not elbowing?

  • David Rodenborn
    David RodenbornMåned siden

    no no no the champ is chinny he can not take any punches!

    MMA GRANDMASTERMåned siden

    Paulo fights like his life depends on it

    MMA GRANDMASTERMåned siden

    UFC is certainly not WBC! Dana is giving us ol the best fights without any delay

  • ambross mbunga
    ambross mbungaMåned siden

    Herb dean 🙏🏽

  • Christian McDonald
    Christian McDonaldMåned siden

    AND STILL 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Matthew Curry
    Matthew CurryMåned siden

    I think people look at Paulo Costa and just assume he’s a one punch ko artist. He’s not. He hits hard but most of his knockouts are from accumulated damage.

  • Billi Hawk
    Billi HawkMåned siden

    John Gooden Looks like Maroon 5 guy

  • Sebastian S.
    Sebastian S.Måned siden

    These guys completely changed my mind. I see Adesanya knocking out Costa

  • Tyro Cyr
    Tyro CyrMåned siden

    It only takes one perfectly timed strike on the chin 👊🏼

  • Jordan Terry
    Jordan TerryMåned siden

    I know he hasn’t been in the UFC for a long time yet but it’s an impressive stat for Costa to have the highest striking rate in UFC history considering how many high volume brawlers there’s been over the years. It doesn’t seem like his style will change anytime soon either so I’d imagine he’ll keep that rate high throughout his career.

  • Bloomingkhongkai Khongkai
    Bloomingkhongkai KhongkaiMåned siden

    Hey Costa all the best bro your turn

  • Fahim Shahriyar
    Fahim ShahriyarMåned siden

    2:10 Thought it was Connor in there with Paulo for a sec I was like wtf? lol

  • Denzel Heden
    Denzel HedenMåned siden

    Adesanya 20-0 Costa13-1

  • buryitdeep
    buryitdeepMåned siden

    After listening to all that the verdict is: that is one ugly couch.

  • upsidedahead
    upsidedaheadMåned siden

    The Last Hairbender vs Botchedrickymartinha Who ya got???

  • cmartinez89
    cmartinez89Måned siden

    8 inch reach.... 8 fucking inches. Costa is done. His beefy slow arms, not to mention movement, is no match for Adesanya. He literally has to get lucky he lands a good shot that takes him out. That's about as good a chance he has at winning this fight. Skill and attributes, it's Adesanya easily all day long.

  • Fraser Jurock
    Fraser JurockMåned siden

    Dan Hardy looking like Alan Watts

  • Chris1LFC
    Chris1LFCMåned siden

    Let's hope Izzy doesn't run away for 3 rounds like he did v Romero.

  • Chris Kennedy
    Chris KennedyMåned siden

    Introducing the fight, John: has his model car collection behind him. Dan Hardy: has a ufc canvas covered in blood behind him while grinning like a maniac🤣

  • Matheus Barbosa

    Matheus Barbosa

    Måned siden

    @upsidedahead good one haha

  • upsidedahead


    Måned siden

    There’s levels to this game

  • lex alpacino
    lex alpacinoMåned siden

    Costa yes...!!

  • big b
    big bMåned siden

    Costa must watch this if he want to hear. Anddddd newww

  • Jake
    JakeMåned siden

    Why tf do you need to take a short break during an already short segment. Lol totally fucks up the flow of the episode.

  • tom jon
    tom jonMåned siden

    1$.million ..costa...win...

  • Drew P

    Drew P

    Måned siden

    Sooooo. Smh. 😂😂😂😂

  • M. Karbaschi
    M. KarbaschiMåned siden

    Khamzat would eat both of them.

  • isaac lopez
    isaac lopezMåned siden

    I almost love watching these breakdowns as much as the actual fights. Dan Hardy is a master at fighting. Even better at analysing fights imo and I love him for that! Respect

  • Köpeklerimle Koşuyorum
    Köpeklerimle KoşuyorumMåned siden

    Stop the fight

  • Bob Driscoll
    Bob DriscollMåned siden

    It's gotta be a boring fight where I wouldn't look forward to a Dan Hardy analysis - best in the game. And if people think Adesanya has a problem because Costa is a big, strong, aggressive guy, maybe just have a look at New Zealand. That place is chock full of BIG boys who like to throw down!

  • bilal ahmed
    bilal ahmedMåned siden

    I hope someone from costa team

  • rajan s
    rajan sMåned siden

    People ...are we not thinking a possible card..khabib vs chamzak

  • Itachi777
    Itachi777Måned siden

    Dan had previously expressed that he felt Costa has no chance and offers nothing in this fight skillwise. Good effort to be less partial here but that resonated and was obvious. He may be right but it undermining Costa's skills and accomplishments at every turn want necessary.

  • Drew P

    Drew P

    Måned siden

    Well. In hindsight.

  • angie oluya
    angie oluyaMåned siden

    1st time a match will be done that I love both guys. Best wishes 4 both off you.

  • Portia Boakye
    Portia BoakyeMåned siden

    Your muscles and power would be rendered useless when you fight a true Wakandan. All the 56 spirits of wakanda is gonna Costa look stupid in front of Adesanya. No attacks just express your feelings

  • ivan rodriguez
    ivan rodriguezMåned siden

    I’ve never been a traditional sports fan but I love this X’s and O’s of MMA

  • Sensei sama
    Sensei samaMåned siden


  • inderan bala
    inderan balaMåned siden

    Adesya keeping running and agile. Costa needs to keep distance and strike his legs repeatedly

  • MYOB
    MYOBMåned siden

    I dont think izzy gets touched. Nobody else has so why will a thing change.

  • David Laws
    David LawsMåned siden

    Costa is ruthless he will knock out adesanya

  • SS B
    SS BMåned siden

    My mans got the naruto hair ain’t no way costa is going to defeat the nine tails

  • Jagermeister Jager
    Jagermeister JagerMåned siden

    Someone’s O gotta go.... not necessarily, O’Malley lost and he’s still undefeated.

  • Abdi Faracade

    Abdi Faracade

    Måned siden

    I thought u gonna say... he’s still O’malley. Cause of the O

  • xristos mangekyo
    xristos mangekyoMåned siden

    paulo is about 207lbs still xD

  • richie rich
    richie richMåned siden

    UFC Europe!

  • hoserbike
    hoserbikeMåned siden

    All of this disregard for Costa makes me hope it's a 13 second ko.

  • bilisha coli
    bilisha coliMåned siden

    I literally watched Hardy talk about this fight for an hour yesterday and now here I am at it again

  • The Best U
    The Best UMåned siden

    Thats a lame promo. There's tons of youtuber that makes epic promo

  • salvatore mannino
    salvatore manninoMåned siden

    It would be incredibly amusing if Costa came to the center of the octagon and stopped there in a closed guard in the first round...

  • Lofi Lee
    Lofi LeeMåned siden

    4 more days guys!

  • bilisha coli

    bilisha coli

    Måned siden

    Would be interesting to hear what would be the expected changes in Costa's style/game plan, under Albarracin's tutelage

  • Thiago Smiderle
    Thiago SmiderleMåned siden

    I think Hardy is Izzy's fanboy and is underestimating Costa's mental game and fighting IQ. Of course Costa knows it's a different fight, and I think he'll b smart enough to know that he can't burn everything on the first few rounds. I'm hoping he'll bring a different pace since it's a 5 round match. Also I don't feel that Izzy has got inside Costa's head that much, neither had Costa on Izzy's head. I'm hoping for a brilliant fight between two great athletes! Hardy is a fanboy though hahaha

  • hanen zorgui
    hanen zorguiMåned siden

    Khamzat VS Costa who do u got ?

  • brandon shi
    brandon shiMåned siden

    Well yeah, that's what we expected

  • Kevin O'Donnell
    Kevin O'DonnellMåned siden

    Somewhere, Costa and Cejudo are taking notes.

  • Boris Erdogan
    Boris ErdoganMåned siden

    War Izzy, you got this bro.