UFC 253: Jan Blachowicz Post-fight Press Conference


The new UFC light heavyweight champion spoke with the media after his his impressive performance at UFC 253.
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  • Raha Rahovsky
    Raha RahovskyDag siden

    If his journey isn't inspiring I don't know what is

  • Sebastian Jakimczuk
    Sebastian Jakimczuk21 dag siden

    🇵🇱👍 JANEK

  • Sztywny Misza
    Sztywny Misza27 dager siden


  • Monster Munch
    Monster Munch27 dager siden

    I’m so pleased for jan, true gentleman and a proper champ even willing to take Thiago straight away.

  • Anonimowy Człowiek
    Anonimowy Człowiek28 dager siden

    Nie no, on ma zajebisty akcenl lol

  • G Evo
    G Evo29 dager siden

    Jan "you know" błachowicz.

  • Piotr Mi
    Piotr Mi29 dager siden

    Gratulacje sukcesu! Po czymś takim Jones na pewno stchorzy 😀

  • Anonimowy Człowiek

    Anonimowy Człowiek

    28 dager siden


  • Dawid Idczak
    Dawid IdczakMåned siden

    Example for everyone how to be a real Champion .

  • Revan
    RevanMåned siden

    What a great dude. Genuinely happy for the polish powwa.

  • El Soy
    El SoyMåned siden

    Give me 10 more minutes of Jan and 10 less of Izzy.

  • Antek Sztacheta
    Antek SztachetaMåned siden

    Polska 🇵🇱💪

  • Hayabusa
    HayabusaMåned siden

    The fact that it is so little popular shows that people prefer circus to sports.

  • Kent Adams
    Kent AdamsMåned siden

    I didn't even know Jan is so well spoken 🤷🏻‍♂️ I like the man 👊🏻

  • top 10
    top 10Måned siden

    Love this dude i swear well deserved

  • Douche Monkey
    Douche MonkeyMåned siden

    Fight Thiago Santos!!!

  • CFH


    Måned siden

    @Douche Monkey I'm pulling for Santos also, dude was on a tear (no pun towards his knees!) when he went up to LHW. I believe that fight is rescheduled to November, can't remember the day though.

  • Douche Monkey

    Douche Monkey

    Måned siden

    @CFH Hope he doesn't blow his knees out again. Heard the fight got scrapped cuz Glover got corona but they rebooking it around early november if I recall. I feel like he is the real champion cuz he already Ko'ed Jan and imo beat Jones with no knees. But credit to Jan cuz he's been on a tear since the Marreta loss.

  • CFH


    Måned siden

    After Santos KO's Glover, he will.

  • oui
    ouiMåned siden

    Jan fighter of the year ?

  • Tien Most Powerful Earthling Of All Time Shinhan
    Tien Most Powerful Earthling Of All Time ShinhanMåned siden

    Get the king some wifi damn AD was suppose to be a rich place lol

  • HUJAMBO Korodani
    HUJAMBO KorodaniMåned siden

    A GOOD MAN !

  • MsDev77
    MsDev77Måned siden

    Janek mistrzowska walka i przemowa, jesteśmy dumni. Dzięki.💪

  • hello jaja
    hello jajaMåned siden

    Jan vs Jon would be biblical.

  • Malekith Aenariomagomedov
    Malekith AenariomagomedovMåned siden

    uuuh i see too much natsis over here with the whjite power bllsheetery

  • TimeGallon
    TimeGallonMåned siden

    Jan wins the title at 67 years old

  • svd.policja
    svd.policjaMåned siden

    Polska gurom

  • Garrot
    GarrotMåned siden

    "I want to hug my mom and drink beer with my Father." -Wholesome ASF

  • Joshua VanVleet
    Joshua VanVleetMåned siden

    Great representative of the sport, Very classy press conference.

  • Cysole Dean
    Cysole DeanMåned siden

    Go Jan

  • Guillermo Rodriguez
    Guillermo RodriguezMåned siden

    He's 37, getting old and he still never stopped chasing his dream, what a beast 🇵🇱

  • Jc Pasley
    Jc PasleyMåned siden

    Everyone has been underestimating Jan for a while, dude won me over when he ANNIHILATED Rockhold, especially since Luke said he was gonna fight for the title after Jan. Now he finishes Reyes after people believe Reyes shouldve won againsf Jon Jones. To me that makes Jan able to beat Jon.

  • seat leon
    seat leonMåned siden

    Polish power 💪💪💪

  • JOsef Odin
    JOsef OdinMåned siden

    This man reminds me of GSP, it is just impossible to hate him

  • So So
    So SoMåned siden

    He’s the Broly of UFC. Polish Power, Who’s Next?

  • TheMleki
    TheMlekiMåned siden

    It’s kinda funny that my Two favourite Poles (Jan and Pashabiceps) are pretty similar. They are both big, funny fellas with positive attitude. Family friendly and also they both speak not perfect english but they are trying really hard and people appreciate that.

  • Kabuki Jo
    Kabuki JoMåned siden

    Such a positive down to earth fresh PL boi

  • SupersonicFlyTV
    SupersonicFlyTVMåned siden

    What a refreshing feeling to see a confident guy without cringy comments and antics, unlike 185 champion. Humility, super-power and belief in oneself. WOOOOOW Janek I am soooooooo proud. All the best to You and Your family.

  • Protect The Fighter
    Protect The FighterMåned siden

    Great win, sweet respirator!

  • Tim Collins
    Tim CollinsMåned siden

    Thiago better not let those jan kicks hit them knees oof...given the fashion of win and that Reyes was close to beating Jon I sure hope Jan vs jon happens

  • Big Bang Duke
    Big Bang DukeMåned siden

    good for him. Definitely more likable than jones.

  • Flex Flex
    Flex FlexMåned siden

    So happy for Jan. Enjoy the top of the Mountain, you deserve is champ! #LegendaryPolishPower

  • Daniel Carrera
    Daniel CarreraMåned siden

    I don't think he'll stay champion forever but I'm glad he got his moment.

  • Mike Silbitzer
    Mike SilbitzerMåned siden

    First thing he wants to do is hug his mom and drink a beer with his father. nice.

  • Marcin Romanowski
    Marcin RomanowskiMåned siden

    Joanna learn from Jan. Any trashtalk it’ isnt obligatory as You said.

  • ProgramPierwszy
    ProgramPierwszyMåned siden

    and that is real sporting ambition. The guy has the UFC champion belt and wants to fight Jones and Santos the most. He is not looking for an easy path, he wants to face challenges. That's why he's getting better and better, and that's why he will defeat Jones if he comes back and defeat Santos just like the others he has had a rematch. It is ambition and hard work. Zero trash talk, just sports and goal achievement. I love this guy and wish he was a champion for a long time. Real Legendary Polish Power!

  • Rodney Ives Collen
    Rodney Ives CollenMåned siden

    Looking forward to a great long reign of Jan Blachowicz as the UFC Light Heavyweight champion!

  • Solomon Rameka
    Solomon RamekaMåned siden

    Bro he dominated him man really good fighter he is going along way.

  • Cinnamon Crunch
    Cinnamon CrunchMåned siden

    You're not dealing with the average mma fighter. Poland is famous for its good mma fighters. POLSKA GÓRĄ!!!!

  • Samir Sharipov
    Samir SharipovMåned siden

    He deserved it

  • Crash X
    Crash XMåned siden

    Polish Power..:)

  • Batcat
    BatcatMåned siden

    I couldn't believe how powerful he was in that fight. Such a likeable guy. I've met Polish people and like them very much....he is very likeable. I hope he remains champ until he retires. ❤️🇵🇱

  • IronMike _
    IronMike _Måned siden

    Polish proud. We love him in Poland

  • Markus W.
    Markus W.Måned siden


  • Garou Artist
    Garou ArtistMåned siden

    omg LHW division is so underated now, look at top fighters in it, santos, blachowicz, reyes, gustafson and more. now im sure why jones leave that belt.

  • Devyn Kumar
    Devyn KumarMåned siden

    Jan "nice guy" Balchowicz

  • BigClassroomTv
    BigClassroomTvMåned siden

    Now Luke Rockholds ko loss against Jan doesn’t seem so bad, does it ? Everybody always acted like Luke lost to some 50/50 journeyman.

  • P S
    P SMåned siden

    Jano ! Butcher from Cieszyn :) Fantastyczna Walka !

  • Pawel Piotrox
    Pawel PiotroxMåned siden

    I didn't believe that Jan will succeed in UFC when he moved from KSW. Now i feel like a fool. Reading all this positive and full of respect comments as a pole makes me feels proud. Brolly 100%

  • Misioka Nanai
    Misioka NanaiMåned siden

    This guy is a real hero like type guy. I wish him a long reign . Love from 🇼🇸🇼🇸🇼🇸🇼🇸🇼🇸🇼🇸🇼🇸🇼🇸

  • Ephraim Mwenda
    Ephraim MwendaMåned siden

    The new 'Left Hook Larry' LOL.. Gave Rockhold a taste, then Dom said give the whole damn pie..

  • tomo ara80
    tomo ara80Måned siden

    インタビューは、どうでも いいから❗️

  • Laule'a Reyes
    Laule'a ReyesMåned siden

    Wow! congrats Jan well deserved victory, great guy best of luck being a dad aswell.

  • Bryan Gonzalez
    Bryan GonzalezMåned siden

    I was hoping he would walk out to house of the rising sun like how he did against Rockhold, it would've made his entrance true badassery

  • QuabmasM
    QuabmasMMåned siden

    I bet he could KO Stipe, his "step doppelganger"....SUPER FIGHT...make it happen Dana.

  • Gun Puntuhong
    Gun PuntuhongMåned siden

    Hallo!! 🤣🤣🤣 congrats to jan the new lhw champ 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Damian YT
    Damian YTMåned siden

    Tomasz Adamek Our Box Champion that took fight against klitchko and neverf fell down. Now we Have Jan. He is Not gonna Fall down. Thanks Janek

  • sherman1ai
    sherman1aiMåned siden

    Class act!

  • Make Wood
    Make WoodMåned siden

    He deserved it !

  • Frost
    FrostMåned siden

    Boss play.....................................................!

  • moj tato jest kowalem
    moj tato jest kowalemMåned siden

    Broly is the best u know ?

  • Astrokhan
    AstrokhanMåned siden

    Ahh our Polish curse - with great power comes and even greater accent.

  • Scott H
    Scott HMåned siden

    very likeable good dude! UFC Champion Jan blachowicz!!

  • J W
    J WMåned siden

    Oglądam to i uśmiech sam pojawia się na twarzy. Brawo Jan, kibicowałem Ci już na żywo na UFC Hamburg, ogromny progres fizyczny i psychiczny od tamtego dnia. Zasłużyłeś!

  • Jaxta
    JaxtaMåned siden

    Your a good guy. But Thiago Santos will take that from you

  • Daveycrocker44
    Daveycrocker44Måned siden

    What stuff is this guy taking, putting that kind of damage on a human is not natural.

  • Bryan Gonzalez

    Bryan Gonzalez

    Måned siden

    True it isn't natural I guess it's the polish power

  • M CJ
    M CJMåned siden

    So Jan you’re 67, is this the pineapple of your career? That question wins!

  • Sebastian
    SebastianMåned siden

    What a tremendously likeable dude. Well done Jan. To quote another Polish champion - "Polska Gora!"

  • Marko Milosevic
    Marko MilosevicMåned siden

    ALEKSANDAR RAKIC ☝🏼🇷🇸☝🏼🇷🇸☝🏼🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

  • Collin Bryan
    Collin BryanMåned siden

    I love this dude

  • Big Slang
    Big SlangMåned siden

    Drink beer with my father 🤣 love that

  • Ste Shar
    Ste SharMåned siden

    me and Juanana are on our way to see one another. to taste this new woerfdull polish;) ;-) ;-)

  • N J
    N JMåned siden

    How can you not love this guy?!

  • Samsung note 7
    Samsung note 7Måned siden

    I like this champion

  • slyweasel808
    slyweasel808Måned siden

    Didn't realize how much I liked the guy til he won. That was probably the happiest I've ever been for a fighter. I'm usually pretty disconnected.

  • roch l
    roch lMåned siden

    Beautiful man. Nice to see such a humble quality human getting his hard earned accolades

  • muh filayati
    muh filayatiMåned siden

    Hard work beat talent. He has 4 for lost in his UFC first career and now he the new UFC light heavyweight champion and that the happiest face i ever seen

  • Filthy Ogre
    Filthy OgreMåned siden

    Thiago santos must be happy

  • brian edwards
    brian edwardsMåned siden

    This is a real champ not Israel or however you spell that guys name. I could care less. Bring the hate!

  • Berserker Joker
    Berserker JokerMåned siden

    I'm a Huge huge Jones fan but I love this Polish guy so humble and Talented ❤️

  • Milky Blend
    Milky BlendMåned siden

    Teraz każdy Polak będzie pierdolił „ej inglisz pipul! Jak coś to każdy Polak jest taki miły:) zapraszamy do Polande!” Weźcie się jebnijcie w garnek

  • Yusuf Fusuy
    Yusuf FusuyMåned siden

    automa clicke 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jonathon Wood
    Jonathon WoodMåned siden

    I'm an American and proud to be one but I like this change, how can you not like this guy he is exciting in the ring and a gentlemen out of the ring...

  • Hanoi Tripper
    Hanoi TripperMåned siden

    Keep the belt for 20 defences! 💥 💰

  • Bozz Dog
    Bozz DogMåned siden

    I'm proud of our boy over here

  • OxTrader
    OxTraderMåned siden

    Class. Adesanya should take note. But he won't. Can't teach that.

  • SaiGonEze WRX.23
    SaiGonEze WRX.23Måned siden

    jon jones has been up against many fighters with his style it would be an easy win for him there's nothing left at LH for jon

  • Tomasz Bednarowicz
    Tomasz BednarowiczMåned siden

    Great guy, great fight , well deserved belt 👍👌💪 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🔥🔥🔥

  • onemattprice
    onemattpriceMåned siden

    God I’m happy for this man!

  • Defined Design
    Defined DesignMåned siden

    Who can count how many times he says “ you know? “

  • Alexander Flores
    Alexander FloresMåned siden

    Jan gives me Miocic vibes. Like in how he carries himself

  • Brunon Kowalski

    Brunon Kowalski

    Måned siden

    Both are slavic guys.

  • Zarkee Poo
    Zarkee PooMåned siden

    Anyone else extremely happy Jan won? Love this dude, and calling out Santos if Jones doesn't take the fight... 👏👏

  • Sebastian


    Måned siden

    Absolutely, couldn't happen to a better dude.

  • Paul Clancy
    Paul ClancyMåned siden

    I think Reyes lost because of his walk out song ,

  • James McKay
    James McKayMåned siden

    Top man.