UFC 253: Pre-fight Press Conference


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  • Dhani2728
    Dhani27289 dager siden

    Wew Akatsuki

  • 777 karurosu noeru
    777 karurosu noeru16 dager siden

    adesanya is so op he belongs to akatsuki

  • marco myrna
    marco myrna29 dager siden

    The Akatsuki shirt though...he was ready for killing

  • Mailyn Merchan
    Mailyn MerchanMåned siden

    People don't know what cutting weight really means, especially when most of that weight is muscle, really unfair match. very disappointed.

  • Dylan Wakefield
    Dylan WakefieldMåned siden

    Whos here after Costa got embarrassed

  • The Answer
    The AnswerMåned siden

    BY TKO! Aaaaand *STTIILLLLLLLL!!!* 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 🇿🇦

  • Willy The whale
    Willy The whaleMåned siden

    That’s ironic everyone that we thought was gonna win lost lol. This is the fight game ❤️

  • fariz ar
    fariz arMåned siden

    All the body language and expression expert in the comment looks like a fool now😂😂

  • Sharrieff Vincent
    Sharrieff VincentMåned siden

    I had to come back here just to laugh at everyone who was riding the Costa hype train a lot of izzy haters in this comment section fucking CLOWNSSS

  • dean timberlake
    dean timberlakeMåned siden

    The Bender looks like a Bender with that ear ring.

  • calamorta
    calamortaMåned siden

    15:40 He truly was Broly. Reyes was a dickhead for making that awkward ("cool, man. cool") and got punished.

  • King Diggg

    King Diggg

    Måned siden


  • Kororia Kahui-Ariki
    Kororia Kahui-ArikiMåned siden

    Costa talking kaka he went down Izzy walks his talk

  • Dominant Allele
    Dominant AlleleMåned siden

    Izzy was asked to join the Akatsuki after that fight.

  • #BLACKBOOKT.V Channel
    #BLACKBOOKT.V ChannelMåned siden

    nice akatsuki shirt

  • Caleb
    CalebMåned siden

    People literally using this comment section to talk shit on the winner of the fight and prop up fight promo trash talking is wild and hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kim Kitsuragi
    Kim KitsuragiMåned siden

    11:55 the foreshadowing in retrospect...

  • Hooligan Outlaw
    Hooligan OutlawMåned siden

    I'm here for the Akatsuki shirt

  • Cyril Channie
    Cyril ChannieMåned siden

    All you NOlocal comment section body language analysts in the mud😭😭😭

  • Cause & Effect
    Cause & EffectMåned siden

    Wow, first word Izzy said, Costa looks week from cutting weight, sucked out and dry. To people who look at Izzy and thinks he just talking shit you really underestimate how intelligent and meticulous his mind actually works, you let him being black make you underestimate his genius because he means every word he says about everything and they are intellectually superior. When he says something, he means it, he takes action to make you respect that he means it even if you wanted to disregard his sh*t talk.

  • Cause & Effect
    Cause & EffectMåned siden

    I bet all the people who thought this Costa guy would win feel like a bunch of idiots after last night, he didn't even tough Izzy once. If this were a street fighter video game, Izzy's fight would get the big "PERFECT" announcement at the end. lmao

  • Mr T
    Mr TMåned siden

    Izzy’s haters in the comment section have been very quiet today. I wonder why

  • Chance Pettis
    Chance PettisMåned siden

    16:16 “I think my mom has one very similar of his earrings” Adesanya should’ve said: “yeah, this is hers, HOW YOU THINK I GOT IT?” 👀 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • calamorta


    Måned siden

    Sometimes I wish he could trash talk like McGregor...

  • Sandeep Yadav
    Sandeep YadavMåned siden


  • Rango
    RangoMåned siden

    The moment Reyes felt offended by the Broly Comment, that legit made Costa look like Stephen Hawkings

  • Ziega Wooje
    Ziega WoojeMåned siden

    Otakus do you see what I see????

  • Gunawan Antigam
    Gunawan AntigamMåned siden

    adesanya akatzuke,.

  • Henry Omorodion
    Henry OmorodionMåned siden

    Adesanya won.

  • bugged0ut
    bugged0utMåned siden

    Awwww, at least Costa won the undisputed trash talk championship and the hearts of all youtube casuals. Izzy is a future middleweight GOAT, Costa nothing but a hype job hahaha

  • Ario Ramadhani
    Ario RamadhaniMåned siden

    OMG Adesanya is one of the Akatsuki guy 🤩

  • Grow low
    Grow lowMåned siden

    Reyes just doesn't have what it takes to be champ.

  • Advance Joel
    Advance JoelMåned siden

    Adesanya wearing the akatski T-shirt

  • Chris Sco
    Chris ScoMåned siden

    How ridiculous giving these big men these tiny chairs to squeeze there bums into how uncomfortable I'm a skinny girl about 50kg and I can't squeeze into these type of chairs

  • King Diggg
    King DigggMåned siden

    Say sumting about Izzy now he the goat

  • Cameren Rogers
    Cameren RogersMåned siden

    IZZZY KNOCKED THIS GUY OUT🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The skinny clown has hands of steel

  • Tri Sandy
    Tri SandyMåned siden

    All haters was say Costa gonna beat Izzy This is UFC not WWE 🤣

  • Mothekgi Thoka
    Mothekgi ThokaMåned siden

    this comment section didn't age well

  • Karl Nufc
    Karl NufcMåned siden

    Izzy destroyed Costa in the fight

  • Edsel Mutya
    Edsel MutyaMåned siden

    Adesanya a nonsense fighter.. he's a running fighter..

  • Kanu Style
    Kanu StyleMåned siden

    Izzy is on another level he exposed Costa big time💪🏽💪🏽💯

  • A gsm
    A gsmMåned siden

    akatsuki menang

  • Jamee Patterson
    Jamee PattersonMåned siden

    Damn he got dropped 😂😂

  • xiasx
    xiasxMåned siden

    He tO SkinNy thank god costa lost.

  • Daveኢትዮ
    DaveኢትዮMåned siden

    He's always weak??? WHo's weak now? IZZY destroyed him, made him look like Ricky Martin... Botched!

  • Willy The whale

    Willy The whale

    Måned siden

    Ricky Martin 😂

  • Big Mondo

    Big Mondo

    Måned siden

    Thank you for your service, there were honestly too many Izzy hate comments for me to reply to, I figured he’d just show em wassup & he did 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • D-One


    Måned siden

    "botched" bro

  • Catch Me On Blampied
    Catch Me On BlampiedMåned siden

    Goodnight Ricky 💪🏽

  • Chill & Be Still
    Chill & Be StillMåned siden

    I can’t believe Izzy wore an akatsuki cloak shirt to that conference 😂😂😂😂. It’s official: Izzy is itachi and used genjutsu on costa before the fight began. This is how he won 😂😂😂😂😂.

  • Chill & Be Still

    Chill & Be Still

    Måned siden

    ihavetubes , tsukuyomi, lol.

  • ihavetubes


    Måned siden

    evil eye

  • Sniper SerpentX
    Sniper SerpentXMåned siden

    Lol all these hate comments about Izzy aged really well lmao. The Eraser was erased, Paulo Costa is just another name on the Stylebender's Death Note. 20-0 and still.

  • Suvrat Ankoti

    Suvrat Ankoti

    23 dager siden

    With izzy's style it was inevitable

  • Roc ROCA

    Roc ROCA

    Måned siden

    ​@JKB HUSKY BROS. why do puny boys always have homosexual acts on their minds? Are you a homosexual?

  • Roc ROCA

    Roc ROCA

    Måned siden

    @Stephen Joensbut he still beat the shit out of Costa. Nothing you say will change that very simple fact. They all thought Costa would win, but he lost big. He was dry humped bud! It was Costa who said he'd use Adesanya as a sex doll. But he got dry-humped when he was recovering from a knockout. That was a massive embarrassment.



    Måned siden

    @Roc ROCA u wanna blow him haha



    Måned siden

    @Stephen Joens 100%

    SCAR SENPAIMåned siden

    You just don't lose a fight when you wear an AKATSUKI shirt for your press conference 🔥🔥🔥. Congratulations My Boyyy Izzy

  • TheBozzPlaya
    TheBozzPlayaMåned siden

    Got No Power Brrro, too Skinny, I‘m gonna Brreak him... 😂😂 Yes Costa we saw that 😂😂😂

  • Alex Hall
    Alex HallMåned siden


  • Bethesda House
    Bethesda HouseMåned siden

    Fighters like Izzy comes once in 100 years

  • Bethesda House

    Bethesda House

    28 dager siden

    @Nicholas Wielandt before UFC , Fighters were born.

  • Nicholas Wielandt

    Nicholas Wielandt

    28 dager siden

    Yes but ufc wasn't established until the late 90's so do you mean 100 years ago around the 20's like jack dempsey the boxer?

  • Attack Helicopter
    Attack HelicopterMåned siden

    Whose here after izzy dominated costa and finished him in round 2. Where the salty costa fans at😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dominant Allele

    Dominant Allele

    14 dager siden

    @Attack Helicopter I'm not one of those salty Costa fans, I'm here after watching the whupping.

  • Phenatic


    Måned siden

    @Attack Helicopter mans straight sent him a message at the end too!

  • Attack Helicopter

    Attack Helicopter

    Måned siden

    @Dominant Allele damn nigga I had izzy winning the fight in round 3 or 4 but not like that damn it was beautiful u gotta admit.

  • Dominant Allele

    Dominant Allele

    Måned siden


  • Ramon Herrera
    Ramon HerreraMåned siden

    Izzy is a waste of oxygen and space

  • PromoTechs


    Måned siden

    @DACK lol

  • DACK


    Måned siden

    Jesus bro I can’t eat with this much salt

  • PromoTechs


    Måned siden

    ahaha yes bring the salt

  • GR8
    GR8Måned siden

    RIP to all the comments that didn't age well

    KING BABAMåned siden

    back after the fight izzy 🔥🔥💯

    DACSABMåned siden

    Epharamites are God's favorite of the Hebrew Israelites....

  • Khaled Idrees
    Khaled IdreesMåned siden


  • Not an Actor
    Not an ActorMåned siden

    11:50 I love this so much

  • Lil Pump
    Lil PumpMåned siden

    Look at that guy on the left, with earphones on, his mask is making him look like a bearded elephant seal.

  • Lil Pump
    Lil PumpMåned siden

    I love adesanya, but i really think Costa's gon win this fight

  • Lil Pump

    Lil Pump

    Måned siden

    @RoyalReno Gaming and my guy izzy has proven me wrong, i am so happy tho! I was rooting for him secretly lol

  • RoyalReno Gaming

    RoyalReno Gaming

    Måned siden


  • Paul Evans
    Paul EvansMåned siden


  • jim Griffin
    jim GriffinMåned siden

    Dana........I thought you always said it was NOT a career ??????????

  • Cwick Yo momma
    Cwick Yo mommaMåned siden

    Israel is a dueche

  • Jade Cansino
    Jade CansinoMåned siden

    That's akatsuki cloak hmmm

  • Giovanni
    GiovanniMåned siden

    costa: meeee SMASHHHHHHHHHH

  • Jomarzito
    JomarzitoMåned siden


  • First Last

    First Last

    Måned siden

    @Jomarzito Not really a fight more like a bullying

  • Jomarzito


    Måned siden

    Damn I wanted costa to win but great fight 😅👍🏾

  • paddy knapp

    paddy knapp

    Måned siden


  • William Switzer
    William SwitzerMåned siden

    Israel lost a lot of points for me with his useless cockiness. Before I saw this I had the utmost respect for him. Now he has eroded it profoundly. Who ever come out as the winner, Izzy will stay a shit talker in my mind. He totally soiled his image just like a coke head does. Anyway, good luck to both for tonight.

    DEEDEE ON DRUGSMåned siden

    love the akatsuki shirt

  • Sbmillz 1
    Sbmillz 1Måned siden

    Damn Izzy is mean😂

  • Sandra Gonzalez-curiel
    Sandra Gonzalez-curielMåned siden

    Love Izzy's Akatsuki shirt ;)

  • Omar Robonei
    Omar RoboneiMåned siden

    Adesanya has some weeb drip

  • sammycinnamon
    sammycinnamonMåned siden

    I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now punch the bride

  • Virtualstylez LTD
    Virtualstylez LTDMåned siden

    Nice big chairs for them to sit on

  • King Hendo
    King HendoMåned siden

    You can’t pick on someone’s earring when your sitting there wearing crocs 😂

  • David S
    David SMåned siden

    Adesanya is wearing an Akatsuki patterned shirt. Good stuff

  • Kessler
    KesslerMåned siden

    why izzy put his gum behind his ear lol

  • Mr. Mayhem
    Mr. MayhemMåned siden

    Reyes didn’t know Dragon Ball Lmao

  • Carlos Mejia
    Carlos MejiaMåned siden


  • Ichiraku ramen guy
    Ichiraku ramen guyMåned siden

    Why do middle weights look bigger than light heavyweights🤯

  • Juli Como
    Juli ComoMåned siden

    We had Broly, Vegeta and the Akatsuki come up in a pre fight interview. Lol. I'm lovin this here.

  • Glazed Gooch
    Glazed GoochMåned siden

    I hope Izzy gets slept.

  • Videos Chistosos
    Videos ChistososMåned siden

    I usto like adesania but he is coming off as a doushe during the built up to this fight....to the point that he kinda annoys me

  • Shimaal Carrim
    Shimaal CarrimMåned siden

    Lol. Costa and Adesa = Cringiest.

  • kw2421
    kw2421Måned siden

    Adesanya's trash talk is grading. And I thought Covington's was bad....wtf.

  • Delvek XannMann
    Delvek XannMannMåned siden

    Wait... @2:48 Looks like Adesanya just spit his chewing gum took it and put it in the back of his right ear.. WTF !?!? Nobody else noticed ?

  • OgreSwordsman[FIN]
    OgreSwordsman[FIN]Måned siden

    Costa's English is so weak he can't even trash talk, pretty lame tbh

  • ᴘatrick Stɑr
    ᴘatrick StɑrMåned siden

    An Akatsuki member vs some dude with crocs on. we all know who the winner was

  • xXToxicGamerXx
    xXToxicGamerXxMåned siden

    he said broly fast asf 🤣

  • Audio Destiny
    Audio DestinyMåned siden

    16:10 mom’s earrings

  • Irvin Garcia
    Irvin GarciaMåned siden

    If Usaine Bolt, I mean Adesanya is akatsuki, then Costa should be Naruto and use the talk-no-Jutsu... to defeat Adebolt just like naruto defeated Pain 😝

  • Kc Mcclary
    Kc McclaryMåned siden

    Izzy we Weebs love ya and the hidden leaf village salutes you sir! Btw it would be dope as fuck if you could wear a bleach or dragon Ball shirt for your next fight and come out to a Tower of God track during your entrance.

  • Jesus serve my life bro
    Jesus serve my life broMåned siden

    Adesanya would win

  • axxowii
    axxowiiMåned siden

    Can't wait for Paulo to knock his annoying rude ass out

  • Thomas Edgington
    Thomas EdgingtonMåned siden

    At least khabib studies his opponents native tongue so he can trash them in thier native tongue

  • Jim Mc Nicholas
    Jim Mc NicholasMåned siden

    Could they find any smaller more unstable looking chairs hahaha

  • Thomas Edgington
    Thomas EdgingtonMåned siden

    I feel bad fo Paulo , his limited English hampers his trash talk

  • Steven Reyes
    Steven ReyesMåned siden

    where can I buy these masks

  • Shawn Khan
    Shawn KhanMåned siden

    Akatsuki gang

  • ひろてち
    ひろてちMåned siden


  • tsunami gaming
    tsunami gamingMåned siden

    Dude I fucking love Jan bro “ broly “ he answered so fast 😭😭