UFC 253: Reyes vs Blachowicz - A New Light Heavyweight Era


Preview the UFC 253 co-main event between Dominick Reyes and Jan Blachowicz. The winner leaves with the vacant light heavyweight title. Order now: bit.ly/2vNIBE8 (U.S. only)
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  • Arek Koks
    Arek Koks17 dager siden

    That kick destroy Reyes from Inside !!! Love U Jan

  • Jacek Stacher
    Jacek Stacher18 dager siden

    if u have 2 nations in one flag u know u will loose, thats not working that way.

  • Anmol Reddy
    Anmol Reddy20 dager siden

    2:27 "it's gonna be 2nd round, KO"

  • CYBER block
    CYBER block24 dager siden


  • Piotr Wdowczyk
    Piotr Wdowczyk25 dager siden

    Jan said "he's gonna feel the Legendary Polish Power" and Reyes felt it big time

  • Frank East
    Frank East27 dager siden

    2:07 Rockhold's soul leaving his body on replay

  • krzychu krzychu
    krzychu krzychu27 dager siden


  • YeahThe Boyz
    YeahThe Boyz28 dager siden

    1:42 wtf did he fight Jarinyo Rozensruik(The guy that Francis Ngannou knocked out)

  • Kev


    25 dager siden

    That was Jared Cannonier 🤣🤣🤣

  • Shangyo Konyak
    Shangyo Konyak28 dager siden

    John jones will kill this r.

  • jonathannbullitt
    jonathannbullitt29 dager siden

    A beautifull showcase of POWER, skill and techique.

  • Nicholas Ali
    Nicholas AliMåned siden

    Always knew it was Jan's time to get the strap🚫🧢would love to see him and John Jones or champ champ vs izzy💯💯💯

  • Cung Suan Thang
    Cung Suan ThangMåned siden

    In this fight John really fail...Reyes won the fight ...but he hgot robbed

  • Szejku


    27 dager siden

    stop doing drugs

  • Alan's ArtTM
    Alan's ArtTMMåned siden

    2:27 coincidence the fight ended in 2 rd ko

  • Gruszi Gru
    Gruszi GruMåned siden

    Hi told haw hi will do that, when Hi will do that and Hi did. Legendary Polish Power! End New!

  • Piotr Dzieniszewski
    Piotr DzieniszewskiMåned siden

    2:27 - It's gonna be second round, KO, he's gonna feel the legendary polish power. Well, it seems that Błachowicz didn't lie.

  • Demon Mazowsze

    Demon Mazowsze

    Måned siden


  • Sven Lechtenberg
    Sven LechtenbergMåned siden

    Man both of them are lucky Jon left lightheavyweight 😂😂😂

  • TRT Vitor
    TRT VitorMåned siden

    2:31 Mystic Jan. He predict tese things

  • Michał Michał
    Michał MichałMåned siden

    Anyone music name?

  • Rafał Robert
    Rafał RobertMåned siden

    Second round, like Jan said. Polish Powe Kurwa!

  • antonello santini
    antonello santiniMåned siden

    I honestly did not expect Reyes to lose the fight , but Jan deserved to win the title. He is 37 but looks younger. Congratulation and respect for this guy,

  • dan r
    dan rMåned siden

    Reyes was way to cocky coming into this .. goes to show

    MONSTERTUBEMåned siden

    second round KO :))) prophet ? another fight, the result of which he predicted :))

  • Zwykły Smakosz
    Zwykły SmakoszMåned siden


  • hage takang
    hage takangMåned siden

    Wow Jan really predicted second round ko and he really did..👊

  • hage takang

    hage takang

    Måned siden

    The Polish power is for real 😎

  • Kev


    Måned siden

    He did the same thing in the Rockhold fight, called the 2nd round KO in his prefight interview

  • Ben Drinkin
    Ben DrinkinMåned siden

    Jan - Its going to be a second round KO that's it. Well done sir. Anyone else notice the complete change Reyes' face did the 1st time he felt Jan's power? That boy was scared getting off the stool for the 2nd.

  • 303 303
    303 303Måned siden

    Proponuje Polakom otworzyć oczy i te żałosne Energy drinki tysona zrzucić z Polskich sklepów z półki i wstawic Polish power Jan Blachowicz .juz nawet pominac white bo zara wezma wiadomo za co hehe Brawo Janek.

  • King Tupi
    King TupiMåned siden

    I watched this after the fight Reyes got starched 👊🏻👊🏻

  • ArkansasGamer
    ArkansasGamerMåned siden

    Just goes to show that Reyes definitely didn't beat Jones. If you believe otherwise, you're what us in the MMA community like to call a "casual"

  • ArkansasGamer


    Måned siden

    @El Pistolero Reyes lost. He didn't do enough to win the third and he was wayyy more beat up after the fight than Jon was

  • El Pistolero

    El Pistolero

    Måned siden

    ArkansasGamer No. Just no. What kind of dumb logic is that?

  • ShaolinDreams
    ShaolinDreamsMåned siden


  • Yas El Ghall
    Yas El GhallMåned siden

    Blachovic sounds like bader Hari

  • Looqash
    LooqashMåned siden

    Who is the fool now?

  • TomBaS
    TomBaSMåned siden

    "Its gonna be second round ko"

  • vortex
    vortexMåned siden

    Jan has delivered second round KO! what a beast

  • H-RT TV
    H-RT TVMåned siden

    What Blachowicz said he done in reality... KO in 2nd make come true.

  • Rafa Romero
    Rafa RomeroMåned siden

    Name soundtrack minute 0:20 s. Plis :)

  • Pawan Thakur
    Pawan ThakurMåned siden

    Jan is such a classy guy. Hard-working, no trash and no playing around. He is gonna crush many more ribs and noses coming his way.

  • Ashry Tandoc
    Ashry TandocMåned siden

    jan said 2nd round ko. and he really did

  • Ashry Tandoc
    Ashry TandocMåned siden

    watching this after dominick lost to jan hurts me. he looked so sad after

  • Rad Ig8
    Rad Ig8Måned siden

    RAKIĆ will be the next champ.Trust me 🦾 #TheRocket 🇷🇸

  • Lion
    LionMåned siden

    Jon Jones de king

  • HuBercik
    HuBercikMåned siden

    "wierze w siebie i wierze w moją siłę!" " 2(druga runda) KO !!!!" ....a teraz proszę o kurw fanfary!!! plan ?.......wykonany w 100% ...|PI|ZDY!

  • PhD Who
    PhD WhoMåned siden

    yeh, he almost ¨smashed that fool¨. I know they're trying to sell their fights, mma characters etc, but most of the times it's annoying when fighters overestimate themselves and underestimate their opponents like in this case. Reyes clearly has a higher vision of himself and thouthought he already got the title. Surprise, surprise... feel that legendary Polish power 🙃 Congrats to the new champion, well deserved belt. I hope he defends it many times.

  • Adriano
    AdrianoMåned siden

    Kurrrrrrrwa 🇵🇱

  • Wieslaw Cichy
    Wieslaw CichyMåned siden

    Lewa ręka jest z tytanu👊

  • Mujthaba Hassan
    Mujthaba HassanMåned siden

    He did what he said, 2nd round TKO!

  • Bolek Lolek
    Bolek LolekMåned siden


  • Kim Chi
    Kim ChiMåned siden

    Good Riddance, Jones is a stain on the UFC, Blachowicz is hard working and a worthy champion. He won't go around doing drugs, hurting women, and cheating on his wife with prostitutes.

  • Lesiewiak
    LesiewiakMåned siden

    Second round KO 💪

  • Lxs Traders
    Lxs TradersMåned siden

    Uninteresting duels, win without pride

  • gayuru fernando
    gayuru fernandoMåned siden

    YO HE PREDICTED THE 2ND ROUND KO 👀Mannnn Jan Blachowicz is for REAL💨💥💣

  • Tomasz Tomasz
    Tomasz TomaszMåned siden

    Polska 🇵🇱 górą.

  • Cortè Dam
    Cortè DamMåned siden

    All russian power

  • Pold


    Måned siden


  • seb
    sebMåned siden

    Second round ko That's what Jan said

  • Marvin Angelo Sambile
    Marvin Angelo SambileMåned siden

    Nice prediction on the second round by jan


    Yah its a 2nd round KO.

  • Vedang Danej
    Vedang DanejMåned siden


  • Омина
    ОминаMåned siden

    В 1924 году русские вместе с предателями отобрав земли узбекских ханств образовали ранее не существовавшие новые государства предателей Казахстан Кыргызыстан Каракалпакстан Туркменистан.

  • Омина
    ОминаMåned siden

    В 1865 году когда Царская Россия начала захват земель узбекских ханств Хивинского Ханства Бухарского Эмирата и Кокандского Ханства казахи кыргызы каракалпаки чукчи и туркмены перешли в сторону русских и предали узбекские ханства.

  • Bolek Lolek

    Bolek Lolek

    Måned siden


  • Омина
    ОминаMåned siden

    Сталин в 1936 году придумал слово казах и часть Кыргызской АССР назвал Казахстаном.В истории никакого казахского ханства не было никогда.

  • UncleBens
    UncleBensMåned siden

    Right I don't wanna see anyone trash talking reyes. You were all for him when you thought he beat Jones but I bet you all ditch him now he lost hard. Dudes a beast and Jan just came out on top. So stfu and show some respect. This from a Jones fan.

  • Tomasz Mulka
    Tomasz MulkaMåned siden

    And you have been smashed Dominic... Well done Jan!

  • Aditya Raj
    Aditya RajMåned siden

    What a knockout by Jan. Completely unexpected against technically so sound fighter. #Excellent knockout 👊👊👊👊

  • Watson Wallace
    Watson WallaceMåned siden

    Jan smashed Reyes by Tko

  • Celticsaint777
    Celticsaint777Måned siden

    Jan needs drug tested.

  • Bolek Lolek

    Bolek Lolek

    Måned siden


  • lobo2592
    lobo2592Måned siden

    Janek kurwa jestem z Ciebie dumny brawo :))))

  • Merenmollier
    MerenmollierMåned siden

    2nd round it is..

  • Jason Leyva
    Jason LeyvaMåned siden

    Jan is a beast, powered through Reyes like nothing. Jon Jones definitely going to HW.

  • Bolek Lolek

    Bolek Lolek

    Måned siden


  • UncleBens
    UncleBensMåned siden

    I wasn't a reyes fan up till now but after seeing him giving this fight his all I can safely say... Stay strong bro, your a beast. Just lost this one

  • maqic1979
    maqic1979Måned siden

    Like blachowicz sad, second round and ko ;)))))

  • Ragnarr Loðbrók
    Ragnarr LoðbrókMåned siden


  • Bolek Lolek
    Bolek LolekMåned siden


  • Turbo Mike
    Turbo MikeMåned siden

    He called it 2nd round KO

  • JD 233

    JD 233

    Måned siden

    got fucked up. Thats a dangerous fight for jones if they ever fight.

  • Rare Souls
    Rare SoulsMåned siden

    Blachowicz is the And New....

  • Dandy Lion
    Dandy LionMåned siden

    yo they did luke dirty in this promo

  • Jay M95
    Jay M95Måned siden

    This will be the first Time seeing a white champion for the light heavyweight championship since 2011! 😱😱

  • Janusz Tracz
    Janusz TraczMåned siden

    Janek jak nie teraz to kiedy? Polska dumna z Cb!👍

  • szymon majewaski
    szymon majewaskiMåned siden

    Wtf Reyes the end!! Polish Power👊🔥

  • 3k0m1Ny `
    3k0m1Ny `Måned siden

    Jasiu wierze w Ciebie i mocno kibicuje. Pokaż światu Polski charakter i Polskie bomby. To ma nie być walka, tylko bójka - jak pod remizą strażacką. Spełnienia marzeń. Twierdzą nam będzie każdy próg, tak nam dopomóż Bóg!

  • gosciu gościurs
    gosciu gościursMåned siden

    Dominick "McDonald's forehead" Reyes

  • dGloriousOne
    dGloriousOneMåned siden

    Jan seems like a scary man!

  • Karolek
    KarolekMåned siden

    Jano TKO 1 round Fist sure

  • Xenu


    Måned siden

    pamietasz jak sie zrzygales na filmie?

  • Zagrajmy w

    Zagrajmy w

    Måned siden

    Witam Karol

  • Nico Pettiford-Topaz
    Nico Pettiford-TopazMåned siden

    For me its a toss up both guys are cool asf and good asf ha

  • Sam John
    Sam JohnMåned siden

    Uncle Chael with the intro there, we love to see that.

  • Ali Darwesh
    Ali DarweshMåned siden

    Who won?

  • It's Me
    It's MeMåned siden

    Mark my words. It s Dominic TIME! Only way Jan can win it s a submission

  • It's Me

    It's Me

    Måned siden

    @krystian kukulski Respect to Jan.But they must have a rematch.Because after Santos/Blachowicz fight only Reyes be on target.

  • krystian kukulski

    krystian kukulski

    Måned siden

    Oh yeah? Are you sure??

  • Karabo Molele
    Karabo MoleleMåned siden

    Welcome to a NEW DAY.

  • Lucas Godoy
    Lucas GodoyMåned siden

    will be better than the main event

  • Martha Graham
    Martha GrahamMåned siden

    Mr. Reyes I watched your fight with Jon jones, even though I am a fan of Jon Jones you won that fight the judges took that win away from you, why one judge scored 49 to 46 needs to be investigated?

  • Robert Phillips

    Robert Phillips

    Måned siden

    Most retarded comment

  • marek kondrad
    marek kondradMåned siden

    Blachowicz monster!!!!

  • Dekoj
    DekojMåned siden

    Only JANO🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

  • Sam AmoneHamzeh
    Sam AmoneHamzehMåned siden

    My original bet was Dom for KO... after watching both on embedded got mad respect for both em and my bet changed to either fighter win by KO

  • sprawiedliwy 🦹‍♂️
    sprawiedliwy 🦹‍♂️Måned siden

    Blachowicz 👍👍👍

  • Illuminati 91
    Illuminati 91Måned siden


  • Jakub Krzaczek
    Jakub KrzaczekMåned siden

    C'mon. Jan 💪

  • Mark Frosty
    Mark FrostyMåned siden

    Dominick stop dreaming...your goal is to rest well after KO.Janek will smash You Fool. Mark my Words

  • Dan Farmer
    Dan FarmerMåned siden

    Reyes is the defending champion in my eyes

  • Dan Farmer

    Dan Farmer

    Måned siden

    Kev Look silly now huh 😂😂

  • Kev


    Måned siden


  • Alexandros Mpougatsas
    Alexandros MpougatsasMåned siden

    It's blachowicz time

  • Steven Mckee
    Steven MckeeMåned siden

    Blockowich. Excellent pronunciation.

  • Juicy J
    Juicy JMåned siden

    Thiago should have this fight and is going to be the real challenge for Reyes, Jan is a surprise but it’s confusing how he’s here being knocked out by Thiago Santos?