UFC 261 Free Fight: Kamaru Usman vs Gilbert Burns


Kamaru Usman made his third successful welterweight title defense against Gilbert Burns at UFC 258 earlier this year and earned a Performance of the Night bonus. Usman faces Jorge Masvidal in the main event of UFC 261 on Saturday, April 24.
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  • nick roper
    nick roper4 timer siden

    "You're a champion because of your jab" ...statement definitely stayed true.

  • M B123
    M B1235 timer siden

    Wtf that laying on the floor bullshit

    UFC GAMES5 timer siden


  • Gleb Kolotov
    Gleb Kolotov7 timer siden

    Rogan more and more sounding like a cashed out hysterically hypocritical feminist.

  • HUJAMBO Korodani
    HUJAMBO Korodani7 timer siden


  • Judite Estrada
    Judite Estrada7 timer siden

    i showed this fight to everyone i know!

  • D
    D7 timer siden

    we all thought usman was getting ko’d. props to him for staying calm

  • Muyanzi Reid
    Muyanzi Reid8 timer siden

    A Jab is the perfect Power striking weapon for someone who Already has a great Double Leg takedown.... the ability to close the distance is already there....just ask GSP

  • Karl Randolph Llavore
    Karl Randolph Llavore9 timer siden

    Usman Sometimes have a problem in mind.

  • Максим Марин
    Максим Марин10 timer siden

    А есть хоть один бой, где Бёрнс не плачет в конце?)

  • poopstainhotdog1
    poopstainhotdog111 timer siden

    This is such a sick title fight

  • PinScreen
    PinScreen12 timer siden

    8:48 Trevor Wittman: "Keep pull back, keep pull back" Usman pulled back, and BOOM.!!! A genius coach + a good fighter

  • JCA A
    JCA A12 timer siden

    Gilbert looks a hella lot like Alexis Sanchez, tho...

    BAKUL DAWET12 timer siden


  • مقاطع متنوعة
    مقاطع متنوعة12 timer siden

    Always brazilian strong in just round 1 others round he becomes weak

  • azertu2u2
    azertu2u212 timer siden

    Usman will take some one special to lose to no doubt

  • Motivated Conor
    Motivated Conor14 timer siden

    If usman stands with horhay he will be stopped. Horhays striking is another level. Unfortunately for us, i see this as a long clinch/wrestle heavy somewhat boring fight.

  • Reallifematters
    Reallifematters16 timer siden

    He stole that nickname... Also he looks like a middle weight. Tell em to move up and fight stylebender. He wont

  • ateniola tobi

    ateniola tobi

    9 timer siden

    He didn't steal the name, he got permission to use it

  • Louie Paul
    Louie Paul16 timer siden

    Gsp would own Usman

  • Martin Rosa
    Martin Rosa17 timer siden

    usman has a terrible habit of closing his eyes, real reason all them shots are stunning him

  • mauricio perez
    mauricio perez18 timer siden

    Esperemos que pelee así contra masvidal y no valla al suelo a cada rato como la otra ves!

  • tornado tom2
    tornado tom219 timer siden


  • tornado tom2
    tornado tom219 timer siden

    Best jab UFC has ever seen?

  • Devin Dominguez
    Devin Dominguez20 timer siden

    Hats off to Usman he came back and dominated. I want to see him stand up with Masvidal hopefully it happens it would be exciting.

  • svincentr
    svincentr20 timer siden

    Dudes got some hands

  • Zach Brown
    Zach Brown20 timer siden

    Stupid we don’t get to see that corner talk until it’s put on youtube. Paid like $70 for this fight and all we get is commercials

  • Arsu Dhamaka
    Arsu Dhamaka21 time siden

    Usman will rule this division for a looooooong time. GOAT material

  • Steve Fox
    Steve Fox21 time siden

    Joe noticed burns had fatigue. If his cardio was better he could have had the fight as he had better skills. Usman needs more confidence earlier as just like more DPS, you need less tank.

  • Antonio Texas films
    Antonio Texas films22 timer siden


  • cristian najera
    cristian najera23 timer siden

    Gilbert so weak lmfao after 3000 jabs he still doesn’t cover his face

  • X Football
    X FootballDag siden

    13:09 was worse than Ngannou’s hammer fist

  • lui loi
    lui loiDag siden

    11:41 "how about that?" ??? what hypocrisie those men punching each other to the blood and you shocked when they have a staring??? OH NOOOOOO🤣

  • justkhail
    justkhailDag siden

    Great fight. Horrible commentary.

  • David Phillips
    David PhillipsDag siden

    I believe it Burns had another crack at Usman he could beat him.

  • Me raising Naidoo
    Me raising NaidooDag siden

    Dig NGC CDs

  • Brandon Castle
    Brandon CastleDag siden

    Looks like more than anything, that Burns gas tank ran empty real quick.

  • Brandon Castle
    Brandon CastleDag siden

    I don't get the whole "Nigerian Nightmare" thing. Dude was born there and has lived his ENTIRE life in the US. Does he do that just because it sounds cool? Pretty sure that nickname in sports has already been taken by a GOAT. Christian Okoye, that's the Nigerian Nightmare.

  • Yusuf Xaaji
    Yusuf XaajiDag siden

    Good job usman

  • tokekliar liar
    tokekliar liarDag siden

    i like this referee. i think he most good referee in ufcc.

  • M A
    M ADag siden

    If they r same size ot will be defferet story, Osman is so big for 170

  • Vicente Flores Jr
    Vicente Flores JrDag siden

    why the referee stopped the fight

  • mahwish noreen
    mahwish noreenDag siden

    i new usman would win

  • Edilfonso Camacho
    Edilfonso CamachoDag siden

    Usman, el mejor

  • damian roa
    damian roaDag siden


  • Stammtischbruder
    StammtischbruderDag siden

    What are you going to do, once you get jabbed with the jab ?

  • Elizabeth Jordan
    Elizabeth JordanDag siden

    A hurt Usman is a dangerous Usman

  • Aedan Cael
    Aedan CaelDag siden

    Another boring ass fight brought to you by yours truly

  • Orlando Rodriguez
    Orlando RodriguezDag siden

    Still piece shit to me

  • Orlando Rodriguez
    Orlando RodriguezDag siden

    THE WHAT ???

    SAAD KRATIDag siden

    this fight feels like its coming from Hajime no ippo ... he had a hard time at the beginning especially burns with his nasty shot he dropped him twice at the first round ... but then the Champ did what he does the best Jab the motherfucking out of ppl ... anyways such a great fight

    SAAD KRATIDag siden

    Usman trying not to cry at the end cut me off guard :'(

  • Mathieu Hardy
    Mathieu HardyDag siden

    I think Herb Dean did well. He wasn't too premature the stoppage, nor was he too late. He gave Burns enough time to respond to the assault.

  • Casanova
    CasanovaDag siden

    Usman looked like Sakuraba in that first round.

  • RedDirtGaming
    RedDirtGamingDag siden

    I’ll always remember “take what? From who!?”

  • Akh21 Akh
    Akh21 AkhDag siden

    One of the black Jaguar ....top top top

  • Anesu Mukura
    Anesu MukuraDag siden

    I felt burns first punch 🤕

  • Randy Rawding II
    Randy Rawding IIDag siden

    It's UFC 258 actually but don't mind me!🙈😂😂👊

  • jonki leshi
    jonki leshiDag siden

    The threatening needle hopefully pause because date seasonally shiver amid a superb swamp. past, languid mayonnaise

  • Timothy Roy
    Timothy RoyDag siden

    Wonderboy KOs usman

  • Bender Wonder
    Bender WonderDag siden


  • Yani Oppo
    Yani OppoDag siden


  • Be Real
    Be RealDag siden

    Burns has a lot of potential, but he’s too chinny

  • Tonyo Xyooj
    Tonyo XyoojDag siden

    Usman jabs or GSP stiff jabs or Donald Cerrone? Lol

  • Martin Serious
    Martin SeriousDag siden

    His very Strong but I dont like him

  • Sam Barone
    Sam BaroneDag siden

    Usman FINALLY getting the respect!!

  • Sam Barone
    Sam BaroneDag siden

    CHAEL said it best usman has the strongest mind he's ever seen in any sport athlete thats ever competed..not to mention usman was in burns face seconds before this video started


    He Said that left jab is like a right hand.😂😂😂

  • Mario Collaku
    Mario CollakuDag siden

    Hate to say it but covington beats usman in a rematch

  • Brock Lesnar 3.0

    Brock Lesnar 3.0

    Dag siden

    How? Lol. Usman is better at everything.

  • Bad Panda Racing
    Bad Panda RacingDag siden

    Some of the most craziest stuff that I see after the fight to the fact that the fighters are so emotional all that adrenaline and just power running through your veins it's like that respect comes at the end usually always but it's it's a beautiful thing to witness

  • WSL
    WSLDag siden

    Gases out before it was time mentally by those sick jabs

  • Dale Kitt
    Dale KittDag siden

    He wouldn’t be underrated if he wasn’t such a tool.

  • Rehan C.R
    Rehan C.RDag siden

    Boom right to the temple Can someone explain this

  • shatter boxx twist
    shatter boxx twistDag siden

    Kobe 👊

  • shatter boxx twist
    shatter boxx twistDag siden

    As copy liks his lioz

  • armando1is1great
    armando1is1greatDag siden

    Usman looks like Wario great fight

  • teamtaka7
    teamtaka7Dag siden

    Meanwhile Izzy is knocking out another Brazilian

  • teamtaka7
    teamtaka7Dag siden

    Usman is the type of fighter that gets better as the fight goes longer.

  • James Osa
    James OsaDag siden

    8:52 you can literally see the moment Usman broke Burns' will. Crazy.

  • Orbital H
    Orbital HDag siden


  • Elijah Miller
    Elijah MillerDag siden

    at this point I'm tired of the usman hate the man knows how to win and plays the game the way he needs to. people gave him shit for not boxing with masvidal but no one talks about how he couldn't stop the take downs and holds. if you can't make your opponent fight your fight thats a personal problem, not usmans

  • ubay khan inhil
    ubay khan inhilDag siden

    Amazing for usman...👍👍👍

  • UpTheLev
    UpTheLevDag siden

    Usman is so fake. After the 1st round he wants to be buddies cuz Gilbert hurt him bad. He takes over to end the 2nd and all of a sudden he wants to be a tough guy lol.

  • English Wit

    English Wit

    22 timer siden

    @UpTheLev Usman always gives his opponents credit. And what press conferences were you watching. Because literally he said "imagine your friend trying to eat from your plate". Just say you're a casual and get out of here. 13 fight win streak bitch.

  • UpTheLev


    Dag siden

    @English Wit dude, as hard as you want to try and sound smart you’re doing the opposite. Usman had nothing but nice things to say about Burns before the fight.. After he got rocked in the 1st he was smiling and did a fist bump because his ego took a big blow and he didn’t want to be embarrassed in case he got KOd. After the 2nd round he took over the fight and that’s when he started acting like Mr. No Friends. Type all the paragraphs you want, Usman is fake and doesn’t know what type of character he wants to portray. He’s a snake. Marty Fakenewsman aka Marty Snoozeman. Go defend his honor somewhere else cuz no one cares what you think Mr. “High IQ” 😂😂😂

  • English Wit

    English Wit

    Dag siden

    @UpTheLev Let me break it down for you. There are no friends once you step in that cage. Before the first round you saw the stare down. Very cold stare down. They were there for business. Kamaru giving Gilbert a fist bump was a "you got me" moment. Not him trying to be buddy buddy. This makes sense because in the next rounds you can see the seriousness in both of their faces. Gilbert doesn't go for a fist bump and Kamaru doesn't either. Kamaru wasn't trying to act tough at all. It was a "now you realize what you got yourself into" type of stare.

  • UpTheLev


    Dag siden

    @English Wit You wish. This dude is not calculated like that. He doesn't know what type of character he wants to play that's why he switches up like he does.

  • English Wit

    English Wit

    Dag siden

    How is that what you read from the situation. It was all mind games. I guess your IQ is just to low to see through it.

  • Benjamin McCarley
    Benjamin McCarleyDag siden

    Does Usman even know what “leg day” is!?

  • BL7
    BL7Dag siden

    Burns sat there and ate jabs the whole time. Respect to Usman, but trust me he still won't bang with street jesus like that...

  • Çyphër


    Dag siden

    Lol, ok 😂

  • The Game Changer
    The Game ChangerDag siden


  • Awal Anggiawangsyah
    Awal AnggiawangsyahDag siden

    Usman "one punch " kamaru

  • Jake Riddle
    Jake RiddleDag siden


  • Jake Riddle
    Jake RiddleDag siden


  • king james
    king jamesDag siden

    "He hurt him bad" RIP Toe Rogen

  • Hooverdarnit
    HooverdarnitDag siden

    All I know is - Usman will never beat me.

  • Longjohnsilvah
    LongjohnsilvahDag siden

    Now that's a fight

  • Axara Putra 12
    Axara Putra 12Dag siden

    Just a Jab Jab n Jab from the Champion🔥

  • HC M
    HC MDag siden

    6:24 No doubt Trevor is one of the best coaches out there.

  • wilder17
    wilder17Dag siden

    amazing high level fight! unfortunately for burns it just looked like he lands his best shots and usman can take them while he can't cope with Usmans length and power...

  • you cant
    you cantDag siden

    Nigerian nightmare, this guy is always amazing to watch, , nothing but respect for him

  • Jeremy
    JeremyDag siden


  • you cant
    you cantDag siden

    It's funny, the guy Burns on his back looks like a baby waiting to get his diaper/ nappy changed 2:28

  • Michael Riffel
    Michael RiffelDag siden

    Usman is a real nightmare. Baddest walterweight in the world.

  • nick mine
    nick mine2 dager siden

    The true glider lovely found because parcel nally own lest a skillful phone. slimy, level fine