UFC 262 Free Fight: Charles Oliveira vs Tony Ferguson


Charles Oliveira earned his UFC lightweight title shot against Michael Chandler at UFC 262 after a dominant victory over Tony Ferguson at UFC 256 in December last year. UFC 262 goes down in Houston on Saturday, May 15.
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  • G V
    G V43 minutter siden

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy that announces Bruce Buffer

  • Brandon Lights
    Brandon Lights50 minutter siden

    Joe ‘’ feather in his cap ‘’ rogan

  • Jeff Carson
    Jeff CarsonTime siden

    Tony is the type of guy to pull his farts finger........

  • Isaiah 1566144 Love
    Isaiah 1566144 LoveTime siden

    Unfortunately Beneil Dariush is going 2 SMOKE TONY...

  • α β
    α βTime siden

    Netflix: Are you still watching? Somebody's daughter: 8:10

  • Jock Jock
    Jock Jock2 timer siden

    Disappointed in these fighters that want to roll around the ground Tony Ferguson would smash him on his feet

  • Shan Hussain
    Shan Hussain2 timer siden

    I'm convinced Tony's arm is made of vulcanised rubber

  • ketut arik
    ketut arik2 timer siden

    to be camp must fokus in front of you , dont jump so hight .. be a strong bro..

    REF III3 timer siden

    Olivera I believe 100% is the reason kahbib quit! I’ve watched this kid for a couple years now and he is 100% the real deal. His stand up is so solid and rocks people with his uppercuts! His ground is just about as good as khabib. Not quite there yet but very very close. I believe Olivera had a better submission game than khabib does tho. He’s gonna be a nasty fighter for many years to come. I would have liked to seen this fight 5 years ago when Tony was more healthy and not as old. That would have been sick.

  • Martinelli Editz
    Martinelli Editz3 timer siden

    Tony is the type of guy who would rather die than submitting

  • AnsonYT
    AnsonYT3 timer siden

    Tony Ferguson the type to hide inside Ngannou's punching bag to condition himself.

  • Gwapa_Unica Hija
    Gwapa_Unica Hija3 timer siden

    Tonys left afm was toast. Could not even defend

  • Peter Mburu
    Peter Mburu3 timer siden

    Chandler is a beast only time will tell.

  • Gwapa_Unica Hija
    Gwapa_Unica Hija3 timer siden

    This komment section killing me.

  • Gwapa_Unica Hija
    Gwapa_Unica Hija4 timer siden

    I feel like ufc as a whole has moved on leaps and bounds in qulity in the last year or 2. So many great athletes rite now.

  • Костик Синьк
    Костик Синьк4 timer siden

    Ай нее,совсем слабенький,только понтов выше крыши

  • Christopher Hauser
    Christopher Hauser4 timer siden

    Omg people idolize anyone.

  • David Cutler
    David Cutler5 timer siden

    Tony ferguson is to fzr behind the upcoming guys

  • dankbubba
    dankbubba5 timer siden

    "rogan is a sick individual". The fight was marred by the constant reffing. The action was fine. The upkick was one thing but constant warnings for stuff that didn't even happen yet got annoying. Oliveira is on a tear. going to be an interesting fight.

  • Blake H.
    Blake H.5 timer siden

    Tony the type of guy to break both his arms before a fight so that an arm bar wont be effective strategy on him.

  • Blake H.
    Blake H.5 timer siden

    Tony the type of guy to condition his trees with his shin

  • Рауан Болатович
    Рауан Болатович5 timer siden

    Tony noobelo

  • Бакыт Чойбеков
    Бакыт Чойбеков5 timer siden

    Блят Тони тошок эле болуп калыптырсын калагандай суйроду.

  • Dave Dragon
    Dave Dragon5 timer siden

    Viendo esta pelea, me queda claro que el cucui no tenía chance contra khabib.

  • Drako Yamazaki
    Drako Yamazaki6 timer siden

    Tony Ferguson is my spirit animal

  • Anthony Pryor
    Anthony Pryor6 timer siden

    every time i watch this the armbar gives me chills

  • Баха Б
    Баха Б6 timer siden

    Тони 👎👎👎

  • Asmae Elyoussfy
    Asmae Elyoussfy6 timer siden

    Tony is the type of guys to break his left arm just to know if he can defeat his opponent with the right one.

  • Imran Okta
    Imran Okta6 timer siden

    Tony Ferguson 👎👎👎

  • Isaac Yi Lun
    Isaac Yi Lun7 timer siden

    Charles Oliveira is wining but the comments is all about Tony Ferguson is type of guy

  • Leipana
    Leipana8 timer siden

    I wish we had a Tony vs Conor fight in 2016

  • Chat Man
    Chat Man8 timer siden

    Tony the type of guy to deliberately step on lego to give himself a feet massage

  • Tr1ToN RF
    Tr1ToN RF9 timer siden

    И что он хотел против Хабиба сделать?))))

  • Bunsen Burner
    Bunsen Burner10 timer siden

    Tonys worst performance, but still not as bad as the horrible commentary

  • Don Rona
    Don Rona10 timer siden

    Tony at his mom's deathbed; MOM: Tony, my son , I lov... TONY: Hold on I'm talking mother

  • FL Elite
    FL Elite11 timer siden

    Charles should've played dead after the foul for the win

  • Eko Budianto
    Eko Budianto11 timer siden

    Nice Oliviera dan best...Tony sdh tua

  • Bisnis Robot
    Bisnis Robot12 timer siden

    Di gulat khabib makin parah tu tony .. Baru ini udh kuwalahan

    KATLEGO BANDA12 timer siden

    OLIVIERA should be called Python... this dude will try by all mean to get his legs around you and choke you TF out

  • reytw
    reytw13 timer siden

    Literally saved by the bell in the 1st. That was a brutal arm bar. In my mind Charles submitted Tony.

  • Hasan Ahmad
    Hasan Ahmad14 timer siden

    This Tony can't fight with khabib but may be few years back he can .....................? Really all ufc fans want to see that fight but deprived by both fighters.

  • Zeb Biever
    Zeb Biever14 timer siden

    tbh, only tony ferguson could get in an armbar like that and not tap.

  • Chumer Ranion
    Chumer Ranion15 timer siden

    Who’s here before Oliveira handles Chandler

  • udie woles chanel
    udie woles chanel17 timer siden

    Apa lg lwn khabib...bisa2 guson pingsan tak sadar diri...haha

  • Anoop Negi
    Anoop Negi17 timer siden

    Every one knows he fights with same technics that's why he has lost last two fights in a row.

  • Kollen Nekoll
    Kollen Nekoll18 timer siden

    Tony needs to retire.

  • Afghan Hope Photography & Videos
    Afghan Hope Photography & Videos18 timer siden

    Tony and so calm and down unbelievable, Seems a fake fight night.

  • Damon Garrett
    Damon Garrett18 timer siden

    Justin beat the total dog shit out of Tony. What is Joe Rogan talking about. Sounds like Rogan would love to crawl in a one man sleeping bag with Olerviera 😁

  • Ed Tom
    Ed Tom18 timer siden

    Tony has lost his confident he ain’t the same after his last lost

  • Damon Garrett
    Damon Garrett18 timer siden

    I like how Israel adesanya wants to move up in weight class when Charles Oliveira shows up dominating

  • Тимур Букабаев
    Тимур Букабаев21 time siden

    Тони уже не тот

  • Sgt. Lane
    Sgt. Lane21 time siden

    I was told by an inside source that tony was suffering from an upper respiratory infection during this fight, and fought for a paycheck...if that’s the case shows his toughness even more!

  • Рафет Ахтемов
    Рафет Ахтемов21 time siden

    Ferguson vs Habib....

  • Jimmy Dean
    Jimmy Dean22 timer siden

    Tony needed this butt kicking like no body else in the UFC. He was so full of himself and his cringe level was off the chart. Hahahaha El cucuy what do u think khabib what have done to him ? After Olivera man handled him and Justin punched his brains out lol khabib would have mauled him like crazy.

  • VCR Repairman

    VCR Repairman

    18 timer siden

    @Jimmy Dean Kevin Lee

  • Jimmy Dean

    Jimmy Dean

    18 timer siden

    @Hexen Hexen he just beat gaethje and he's beaten great strikers a la Edison barboza and if olivera can get him down and keep him there so can khabib was my point and once he was on the ground he'd of gotten mauled. What great wrestlers has Tony beaten btw ? Cause khabib has beaten good bjj guys and great striker's yet I haven't seen tony beat a khabib type of wrestler at all and don't say Kevin Lee please lol

  • Hexen Hexen

    Hexen Hexen

    19 timer siden

    But you see khabib doesn't have olives BJJ or gaethje's striking so equating that to khabib "mauling" tony is kinda wierd. Honestly I think tony is at his best against wrestlers

  • Esteban Rodriguez
    Esteban Rodriguez22 timer siden


  • fishing-casting U/L
    fishing-casting U/L23 timer siden

    что за херня не бой а хер.... они даже бороться не умеют, два клоуна

  • hendri Ancha
    hendri Ancha23 timer siden

    Im Boring watching this match

  • Richie Rich
    Richie RichDag siden

    I don’t think Tony is as good as he use to. He looks as if he’s aged overnight.

  • Neo. The0ne
    Neo. The0neDag siden

    tony hides pain so well he built different respect to both fighters

  • Салим Гусейнов
    Салим ГусейновDag siden

    Борьба у Тони просто 0%

  • Dimitrius sapiens
    Dimitrius sapiensDag siden


  • Жак Фреско The Venus Project
    Жак Фреско The Venus ProjectDag siden

    Oliveira is Master

  • Bannedone 3ice
    Bannedone 3iceDag siden

    I love this fighter Oliviera, brave and I’ll say he deserves to take the belt Khabib had. Respect !!!

  • Bannedone 3ice
    Bannedone 3iceDag siden

    Both these fools not giving Oliviera credit and respect he deserves. Why ???

  • Bannedone 3ice

    Bannedone 3ice

    Dag siden

    Till 7:00

  • Albert7
    Albert7Dag siden

    Ese mensaje en español que estabas buscando

  • Siniy
    SiniyDag siden

    Фергюсон грязный боец!

  • Sergio Nevajno
    Sergio NevajnoDag siden

    Охуенный бой.... Однозначно Оливейра победил, но и респект Элькукую за силу воли и терпение.

  • LIFE and DEATH
    LIFE and DEATHDag siden


  • Noisy 911
    Noisy 911Dag siden

    Мда,,, печалька сдулся совсем Тони

  • Ishu Gurung
    Ishu GurungDag siden

    Joe Rogan’s commentary is so annoying between the fight

  • Suryachandra Jaya
    Suryachandra JayaDag siden

    Olievera mercy tony

  • ezhilmaran e
    ezhilmaran eDag siden

    Tony 👍👍👍👍

  • Tac
    TacDag siden

    This was satisfying

  • Марк Иванов
    Марк ИвановDag siden

    It's time for Tony to rest, to live longer, it's dangerous!

  • Arif Hartanto
    Arif HartantoDag siden

    Tony loyo uda kaya kake" 👎👎👎😅😅😆

    ALLIGATORDag siden

    sırf aptallığından yenildi ,saçma sapan agresif hareketiyle adama adrenalin bastırdı...

  • Yngvard The Rotten
    Yngvard The RottenDag siden

    What a pain in the ass looking that arm submission

  • sparks fly
    sparks flyDag siden

    damn i wanna see oliveiras fighting khabib now. sadly that's probably never gonna happen :/

  • Сергей Сметанин
    Сергей СметанинDag siden

    Tony champ!

  • Yankee Sierra
    Yankee SierraDag siden

    Tony Perguson has finished his career wkwkwkwk

  • Слава Славин
    Слава СлавинDag siden

    100 % слитый бой... Все знают как Тони дерётся... Бред!!

  • Евгений Владимиров
    Евгений ВладимировDag siden

    Это ufc? Какой же Тони не уклюжий)

  • Galang gilang gemilang
    Galang gilang gemilangDag siden

    I just imagine makachev vs oliveira next😁

  • Alduin Carreon
    Alduin CarreonDag siden

    Tony the type of guy to drink water and say he’s drunk

  • Manda anne
    Manda anneDag siden

    Tony is the type of guy who is old need to retire. Not kabib bruuuhhh.

  • Frivia
    FriviaDag siden

    why did the fight continue after the arm bar? isn't that a win by sub?

  • Hexen Hexen

    Hexen Hexen

    19 timer siden

    The arm didn't break and tony never tapped so it's all good to continue

  • Highflyer
    HighflyerDag siden

    Khabib would have killed Tony

  • Владимир Миронов
    Владимир МироновDag siden

    Toni zero.

  • Евгений Прухницкий
    Евгений ПрухницкийDag siden

    Charles Oliveira is chicken

  • Shroom Grizzley
    Shroom GrizzleyDag siden

    3:04 wow dc was so right

  • Jexcis V. Castrillon B.
    Jexcis V. Castrillon B.Dag siden

    That arm bar at the end of the first round!!!! X_X

  • Brad Brown
    Brad BrownDag siden

    I’ve been saying this about Charlie O for awhile. He’s the next 55 champion.

  • Angga Anggerian
    Angga AnggerianDag siden

    11:41 tony fuck not respect..

  • Armin Fejzic
    Armin FejzicDag siden

    It was a blessing for Tony that he didn't faced Khabib 😆

  • BigBass13 13
    BigBass13 13Dag siden

    I’m finding it quite hard to listen to rogan

  • 愛情高低杠
    愛情高低杠Dag siden

    Tony is too old

  • Bravo17
    Bravo17Dag siden

    regular costume vs battle pass costume

  • Lifter85
    Lifter85Dag siden

    Ferguson is one of the best to do it but he's been in some wars and should think about hanging them up unfortunately and he's one of the great personalities of the ufc organization so it sucks to see him retire.

  • Aaron Carter
    Aaron CarterDag siden

    He should retire

  • Матвей Нарижный
    Матвей НарижныйDag siden