UFC Champions Roll Call | April 2021


Let's take stock of the current crop of UFC champions as we turn the page to April. Our 10 current champions represent six continents between them, while Amanda Nunes is the only two-division champion at present. Who do you expect to be on the champion list by this time next year?
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  • Robert Lindahl
    Robert Lindahl10 timer siden

    I wanna see Nunez start whooping on some guys. There's noone in the women's ranks. Let her go after guys in her weight class

  • Anthony C. Nwankwo
    Anthony C. Nwankwo2 dager siden

    Wierd video, would've made more sense to wait until the newly crowned LW Champion.

  • Asif Shahzad
    Asif Shahzad3 dager siden

    Khabib wow 29-0

  • casillasscorer
    casillasscorer3 dager siden

    I find it funny that they didn’t show Jan beating Izzy lol

  • Andrei Aquino
    Andrei Aquino3 dager siden

    Izzy thinks he can also be a light heavyweight champion but he is not.

    KING SMARK4 dager siden

    5:32 - 6:13 should be ignored. Stop the further embarrassment

  • Dizzy808 - Productions
    Dizzy808 - Productions4 dager siden

    damn i ain't know cory was the champ lol 😂😂

  • Dizzy808 - Productions
    Dizzy808 - Productions4 dager siden

    how the fuck yaw skip khabib highlights and show chandler and Charles lol

  • Sherbet_Bomb
    Sherbet_Bomb4 dager siden

    UFC needs to do a night of champions event. ALL TITLE FIGHTS.

  • FortimiD
    FortimiD5 dager siden

    when they only cut 2 seconds of sterling because those we the only good seconds of the entire night....

  • kcpr93
    kcpr935 dager siden

    Sterling is a joke

  • Tal Moore
    Tal Moore6 dager siden

    I mean, is Aljo _really_ the champ? Shouldn't we wait until Yan vs Aljo 2 before making it official?

  • WappaMan 1
    WappaMan 16 dager siden

    Khabibulin isn't the champion. He's retired. Annoying sack riders...

  • Anson Nguyen
    Anson Nguyen6 dager siden

    i cant believe they didnt show khabib famous punch on conor

  • Marcin
    Marcin6 dager siden

    They skipped whole Błachowicz vs. Adesanya fight...

  • Siddhant Tripathi
    Siddhant Tripathi6 dager siden

    135 and 145 has fake champions!!

  • Eddy Adelson
    Eddy Adelson6 dager siden

    Boxing is dead when NOlocalrs started to box I knew it was over

  • Yâbøi Ñâjī
    Yâbøi Ñâjī6 dager siden

    Amanda Nunes VS Valentina Shevchenko🤘🔥💯

  • Tyler Rockwell
    Tyler Rockwell6 dager siden

    The uncovered pastor postnatally drum because weeder basally suspect times a possessive congo. weak, optimal base

  • Akin7
    Akin76 dager siden

    China women is good powerfull

    MOSS. RANDY MOSS6 dager siden

    It's called "UFC CHAMPIONS ROLL CALL" so why is Chandler & Olivera on this list??🤔🤷‍♂️

  • TreDay
    TreDay6 dager siden

    Wei Lei's part gave me chills. Could this be the moment? Bam, she dove on Andrade for the finish

  • JR
    JR6 dager siden

    From most to least important (khabib doesn’t count)

  • VooDoo Wiz
    VooDoo Wiz6 dager siden

    ALJO fake champ like biden fake prez..and shoulda shown Jan beating Izzy

  • Jimmy Flanagan
    Jimmy Flanagan7 dager siden

    Sterling part proves that giving a belt after win by DQ is total bullshit. Title should be vacated after such outcome and then they would meet at the rematch.

  • Silver Saucer
    Silver Saucer7 dager siden

    HW needs 206-240 and 241+. No other division deals with 65+ pounds it's only 20-30 MAX.

  • Sajid Mushfique
    Sajid Mushfique7 dager siden

    One thing is for sure that Oliveira starts slow which gives Chandler the perfect opportunity to knock him out.

  • Saul Loya
    Saul Loya7 dager siden

    For Joe Rogan to say that Valentina Shevchenko is one of the greatest martial artist on the planet is spot on! She is so skilled, accurate, fast, strong and her timing is amazing! As long as Nunez doesn’t drop down to grab a third belt I think she should be fine

  • lil kev
    lil kev7 dager siden

    Max beating Alex In the trilogy

  • Johnny Dave
    Johnny Dave7 dager siden

    Khabib ❤️❤️

  • Mosa
    Mosa7 dager siden

    Aljo part could be an ad instead,

  • togar sitompul
    togar sitompul7 dager siden


  • Claudio Prado
    Claudio Prado7 dager siden

    ESSE E O CARA !!

  • Luigi Chicolino
    Luigi Chicolino7 dager siden

    Shevchenko. Like her. Another fight I find very exciting rose vs weighlee. Sorry about spelling, the Chinese girl that made the Polish girl look like a Klingon.

  • Luigi Chicolino
    Luigi Chicolino7 dager siden

    Give petra yan I retry, if aljermain

  • Luigi Chicolino
    Luigi Chicolino7 dager siden

    The fight I would love to see, should see some good mma, is t-city b ortega vs volkanoski. Hell ya , go brian bring the belt home, USA .

  • Luigi Chicolino
    Luigi Chicolino7 dager siden

    Oh know I remember the fight between lewis and ngannou was one of the most boring fights in ufc history, that's why there not going to let derrick lewis fight ngannou a second time. If jones doesint step up , Dana s going with the Polish guy. I guess anyone can be replaced even goats.

  • Luigi Chicolino
    Luigi Chicolino7 dager siden

    Well if jones holds out too long, Dana might replace him with lewis , or the Polish guy. Jones can't fight outside of ufc he's under contract, if he does he will get sued, he could lose millions , including the money he would get to fight ngannou.

  • CEO of Smark
    CEO of Smark7 dager siden

    Aljo has been done dirty 🤣

  • CEO of Smark
    CEO of Smark7 dager siden

    Okay cool, but do yoy have 1 trillion people watching your shows across the globe like ONE FC? I don't think so. ONE: 1 UFC: 0

  • daveo macron
    daveo macron7 dager siden

    Zhang Weili is going to destroy Rose.

  • Abhay Shrestha
    Abhay Shrestha7 dager siden


  • Ryan Bush
    Ryan Bush7 dager siden

    The long geese laterally reject because minibus delightfully fetch by a uttermost pet. honorable, exotic zinc

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana7 dager siden


  • Theo S
    Theo S8 dager siden

    The edits & music are insane. They make these fighters look like larger than life superheroes...special shout out to Amanda's, Valentina's and Zhang's segments.

  • DJDub88
    DJDub888 dager siden

    Loved that title match where Aljo dethroned Sandhagen

  • MunchthatCrunch
    MunchthatCrunch8 dager siden

    They really couldn't even put together a few highlights for Aljo in that title fight lmaoooooo

  • mougabo
    mougabo8 dager siden

    WTF.... Sterling in this video?

  • Jalen WALKER
    Jalen WALKER8 dager siden

    UFC- ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP I love watching your NOlocal videos I'm a huge fan

  • MKingston
    MKingston8 dager siden

    All walks of life, continents, regions, cultures; HUMANS

  • Coole Haselnuss
    Coole Haselnuss8 dager siden

    Volko no Champ - Max Champ

  • BigBrainsAndPPGangs
    BigBrainsAndPPGangs8 dager siden

    i get it, since it was uploaded on april fools day, they put Aljo in the video😂 we don’t have a 135 pound champ.

    HHE MIA8 dager siden

    most of the champions are not americans

  • mill b
    mill b8 dager siden

    nolocal.info/have/video/q3SFedOLro6w3Yw l

  • kams wrld
    kams wrld8 dager siden

    All the female champions are so far ahead of most of their competition

  • Mark Wilkinson
    Mark Wilkinson8 dager siden

    Lmao Aljo is on this list. He looked like a little kid exaggerating a sickness to get a day off school. Pathetic man

  • kams wrld
    kams wrld8 dager siden

    It’s kinda weird not seeing Jon Jones in a video like this

  • Elvis Dele
    Elvis Dele8 dager siden

    Kamaru Usman is a bad man!

  • xiongnu88
    xiongnu888 dager siden

    PLEASE give us Nunes vs Shevchenko 3... imo they are 1-1... that's the ONLY competitive fight for Amanda...

  • Trinity
    Trinity8 dager siden

    Seeing Aljo in this was pretty funny, didn’t know the UFC had jokes like that 😂

  • R. Dinesh
    R. Dinesh8 dager siden

    What is aljo doing in this list though? 🤔

  • abs aj
    abs aj8 dager siden

    How about these no REAL American champs

  • Eliott Samama
    Eliott Samama8 dager siden

    like sterling won the belt against Cory 😂

  • zaika1985
    zaika19858 dager siden

    Blachowicz is a good fighter so it sad he's got HIV ;-(

  • Biotech-In-Africa
    Biotech-In-Africa8 dager siden

    🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲 cameroon champion🏆🎊💪🏾🎉

    АВИАТОР8 dager siden

    Sterling is not a champion

  • Daniel Rivera
    Daniel Rivera8 dager siden

    Aljo Sterling Silver is only in the video because We Pity the Foo lol

  • Nguyet Learn
    Nguyet Learn8 dager siden


  • Nixer Doyle
    Nixer Doyle8 dager siden

    Every single champ in every single weight class has earned their title. Except for...

  • Nurperzent Yskak
    Nurperzent Yskak8 dager siden

    Sterling is a clown 🤡🤡🤡

  • Carl Bayly
    Carl Bayly8 dager siden

    Love that Aljo is just a walking joke

  • Carl Bayly
    Carl Bayly8 dager siden

    No way they were gonna show Jan’s win over Izzy ha ha

  • Isaiah Guron
    Isaiah Guron8 dager siden

    I skipped Sterlings part, give my man Yan that rematch

  • Dudensky
    Dudensky8 dager siden

    We see champions from almost all weight divisions. And there's this asshole - 5:32

  • Sean Reston
    Sean Reston8 dager siden

    Aljo is not the real champ

  • Mike A1
    Mike A18 dager siden

    My African brother's they are the best in UFC history

  • Brian Lawson
    Brian Lawson8 dager siden

    Is anyone else laughing at Aljo Sterling on here

  • michael mullins
    michael mullins8 dager siden

    Of all the champions. I like watching Izzy. I wish he had the ability to shutdown the profanity. All of them have that side, but the others can shut that part down.

  • Никифоров Виталий
    Никифоров Виталий8 dager siden


  • Simoun Antonio M. Salinas
    Simoun Antonio M. Salinas8 dager siden

    They coulda included the post-fight of Sterling to be truthful to what really happened 🤣

  • Morgan Mendieta
    Morgan Mendieta8 dager siden

    Why they don't show Sterling amazing highlights to get that belt... Rolling in the floor, looking confused, and let's not forget his speech... "This is not how I wanted to win this belt".

  • Percy P
    Percy P8 dager siden

    Bruh take sterling off this list

  • adama diallo
    adama diallo8 dager siden

    On veut un combat entre Francis Ngannu et Joshua ou Tyson Furry

  • Vood jin
    Vood jin8 dager siden

    The -reigning- feigning -defending- pretending -undisputed- executed ufc world champion Aljamain Sterling..

  • Vood jin
    Vood jin9 dager siden

    ROFL they put Aljo that fake a$$ clown in there UFC what a joke 😂

  • 马玿TennisGuy
    马玿TennisGuy9 dager siden

    Max is the real champ

  • T. Rizbone
    T. Rizbone9 dager siden

    All of these champions and yet the UFC's greatest fighter has no title...Jon "Bones" Jones.

  • Chantl Mcclary
    Chantl Mcclary9 dager siden

    We need more of these so the fans can keep track cuz I highkey couldn't name all the champs.

  • Anthony C. Nwankwo

    Anthony C. Nwankwo

    2 dager siden


  • Zuluman
    Zuluman9 dager siden

    They skipped Miocic getting ko’d by Ngannou

  • nosmoya
    nosmoya9 dager siden

    LOL aljo

  • Sabo
    Sabo9 dager siden

    I lose my mind everytime I see aljamain with the belt

  • Trelemorele
    Trelemorele9 dager siden

    Błachowicz 🔥

  • Rob Buning
    Rob Buning9 dager siden

    You guys didn’t wanna show how aljo got his “title”? LOL

  • brandon mcevoy
    brandon mcevoy9 dager siden

    i want to see francis ngounou vs weili zhang

  • Keith Harrison
    Keith Harrison9 dager siden

    Petr should be on here lol

  • Peter Zhao
    Peter Zhao9 dager siden

    everything is good except Aljo's part

  • laveos82
    laveos829 dager siden

    I’m not comfortable with them showing Sterling and Volkanovski as champs....we know Yan and Holloway are the real champs.

  • Danda Legenda
    Danda Legenda9 dager siden

    let yan piss into streling face after he knock out him second time

  • Danda Legenda
    Danda Legenda9 dager siden

    let yan take what is already his wtf that shame see sterling there

  • One nation Under God
    One nation Under God9 dager siden

    Sterling is not the champ 😂 yan is