UFC Fight Island 4: Holly Holm Post-fight Press Conference


Watch the UFC Fight Island 4: Post-fight Press Conference live following the event.
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  • Vinay Kumar
    Vinay Kumar12 dager siden

    She is too old to fight and how many shots ufc gave him

  • Patrick Malarkey
    Patrick Malarkey12 dager siden

    I think you can beat Amanda, especially if you're at your peak physical condition. I hope you got the emails I sent, I outlined what I've thought would help to you beat Amanda.

  • The anti-mad hatter
    The anti-mad hatter21 dag siden

    How could you not love holly holm ...❤️💯✌🏾

  • Kane Hodder
    Kane Hodder22 dager siden


  • savajo
    savajo22 dager siden

    How did she not get performance of the night? Robbery!!

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez23 dager siden

    Just posted a reaction to the best knockouts of 2019! Would appreciate it if you guys would check me out and subscribe! Huge UFC fan! Cheers!

  • Randy Boisa
    Randy Boisa23 dager siden

    Best I have seen Holly in a long time.

  • DEfan
    DEfan24 dager siden

    I wish the UFC could put a mod on chat and delete all the idiots who post RIP whatever. Comment on the fight or what they say or just go away. Holly is wonderful.

  • Ngakhuipam Raleng
    Ngakhuipam Raleng24 dager siden

    Who the hell got that performance bonus??? Let Khabib talk to the dude!

  • Adis Nukic
    Adis Nukic24 dager siden


  • Billi Hawk
    Billi Hawk24 dager siden

    Performance of the night was Derandemie, its ok i guess.

  • Chris Young
    Chris Young24 dager siden

    How could Holly not get performance of the night?!🙄

  • Rowdy Palmer
    Rowdy Palmer24 dager siden

    POTN. Beat the crap out of a Youngblood. Cant believe she didnt get it. Maybe they thought she made enough and wanted to help out others on the card?

  • James S
    James S25 dager siden


  • Videos Chistosos
    Videos Chistosos25 dager siden

    i wanted aldana to win but im happy holm won...she was good

  • Igor Ramos
    Igor Ramos25 dager siden

    James Gallegher is a Clown

  • Chuck Fuzul
    Chuck Fuzul25 dager siden

    Not to mention that shes smoking hot.

  • CJ McDaniel
    CJ McDaniel25 dager siden

    So humble. True greatness in her

  • coecovideo
    coecovideo25 dager siden


  • Callumrook24
    Callumrook2425 dager siden

    Holly holm is a class act a true professional and always humble win or loss , a lot of the younger fighters need to take her approach and learn from her !

  • The Stuport
    The Stuport25 dager siden

    Always humbling to hear The Preacher" Daughter Testify about how "she can always do better" Been a Huge Fan of hers long before she Taught Rhonda Rousey A Lesson.

  • CY Drums
    CY Drums25 dager siden

    Her fight was amazing,in my opinion at least.

  • Rahul Sivashankar
    Rahul Sivashankar25 dager siden

    dana hates holly holm soo much that the videos of this fight card doesn't even have a playlist on this channel

  • SaiGonEze WRX.23
    SaiGonEze WRX.2325 dager siden

    super aggressive Holly is hard to beat Aldana had nothing for her

  • Lucky MarIn7
    Lucky MarIn726 dager siden

    I love how humble she is, pure class

  • Lucky MarIn7
    Lucky MarIn726 dager siden

    Thanks for all your hard work Holly, you’re a real one

    WHITE LION26 dager siden

    🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ Dana! Give me 50 gees because I'm 36!!! - Holly 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • bumperxx1
    bumperxx126 dager siden

    dammit i thought her old ass was done!!! dang she won

  • dewan718
    dewan71826 dager siden

    Holly is always so classy.

  • James Cohen
    James Cohen26 dager siden

    Holly is a class act! Never complained when reporters tried to lead her to do so.

  • Jessica Combs
    Jessica Combs26 dager siden

    I keep undressing her with my mind

  • Man with no destination Vegas
    Man with no destination Vegas26 dager siden

    She had an amazing performance against a dominant young woman great job

  • TheBlueRage
    TheBlueRage26 dager siden

    That's how Holly fought coming up. When she got KO's, she started to fight differently.

  • Brendha zxdtgr
    Brendha zxdtgr26 dager siden

    I'm Single 😍😥

  • Vee
    Vee26 dager siden

    I need to know what type of pre-workout she takes😳

  • Chamber 151
    Chamber 15126 dager siden

    Best spokeswoman for the sport right now. She is respectful, thoughtful and a bad ass. Way to go Holly Holm!!!

  • lozfalcon
    lozfalcon26 dager siden

    I wonder how recovered from corona virus is Aldana. Can't believe she was flying across the world to fight in a main event just two months after being infected.

  • Brian Harford
    Brian Harford26 dager siden

    nolocal.info/have/video/hKV6irmQ3JKEs5A eye opening

  • SV
    SV26 dager siden

    Holly cant fight Nunes yet maybe another 1 or 2 wins. But Holly could call out GDR they both won their fights and both lost to nunes (GDR has lost twice). Also that is a loss on Holly's record that I'm sure she wants to avenge. Aspen Ladd is out with a torn ACL so you could make GDR vs Holms thats the only fight that makes sense.

  • TheWiseGuy
    TheWiseGuy26 dager siden

    Holly Holm vs Amanda Nunez , Dana make it happen . My money on Holly 🇺🇸

  • TheWiseGuy
    TheWiseGuy26 dager siden

    Holly Holm has all my respect. She’s humble yet a beast in the octagon. Unlike Ronda Rousey

  • Graham Le Bas
    Graham Le Bas26 dager siden

    Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • Meteor Man
    Meteor Man26 dager siden

    She sucked as usual until the last 30 sec. More of that please.

  • Thomas Godsey
    Thomas Godsey26 dager siden

    I love Holly , if that makes me gay so be it .

  • Pro Fighter
    Pro Fighter26 dager siden

    I thought the fat guy who always has the first question caught COVID? What is he doing there?

  • Eric
    Eric26 dager siden

    I found her performance to be just okay. She was not dominant, she ran most of the time, striking here and there, but ran for most of the fight. And i felt like Aldana is not an elite MMA talent, her game is seriously lacking in wreslting, bjj, clinch etc. Holly should've actually finished her. Nunes would absolutely crush her.

  • yeimy gaitan
    yeimy gaitan26 dager siden

    Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  • Luie M
    Luie M26 dager siden

    noone, but she @ 3:14, has yet mentioned much about her insane conditioning last night.

  • Just MyTwoCents
    Just MyTwoCents26 dager siden

    Why is everyone asking how Holly didn’t get POTN??? The answer is very simple: it wasn’t that great of a performance. She was on her bike for over half the fight. Holly does the same thing she does in every fight: bunny hop around the outside, blitz in with the same straight punch combo, more bunny hopping then throw the side kick. How Aldana couldn’t see it and make the adjustments to cut the cage off I’ll never know. People are simping really hard for Holly but she’s old and very predictable. Can’t see her ever getting the belt back. And she’s definitely on the sauce.

  • Taylor Fisher
    Taylor Fisher26 dager siden

    2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • jesuiscamille xy
    jesuiscamille xy26 dager siden

    Stero girl

  • Red Rooster
    Red Rooster26 dager siden

    So much for that Mexican warrior spirit 😁😁

  • Kyusho Nguyen
    Kyusho Nguyen26 dager siden

    Holly will knock out by a high kick again like she did with rònda. nolocal.info/have/video/e2urmrqBnWmdz5A

  • Mark Bass
    Mark Bass26 dager siden

    What a dumb question. "How close were you to landing a kimura?" You want it in inches or seconds

  • Butterfly Bei
    Butterfly Bei26 dager siden

    She Is Really a beautiful woman like people don't give her credit. She has beautiful energy like and Jennifer Aniston or omg I can't think of her name but like a sweet calm like pure hearted woman. She just also has muscles

    TGFPS26 dager siden

    Jared canonnier vs Israel adesanya best fight

  • Joydratha Sarkar
    Joydratha Sarkar26 dager siden

    if half the dudes had cardio like her or just went out there like a beast, more fights would be so much better

  • sacora glass
    sacora glass26 dager siden

    Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖

  • Justin
    Justin26 dager siden


  • Vijay
    Vijay26 dager siden

    After watching recent overall ufc fights i doubt if the fights are planned and fixed.

  • Vijay
    Vijay26 dager siden

    She's so cute

  • The Answer
    The Answer26 dager siden

    Aaaannd.. all the haters are nowhere to be seen. 🙄

  • The Narrator
    The Narrator26 dager siden

    who got bonuses last night?

  • Alfredo Medina
    Alfredo Medina26 dager siden

    She has a beastie ass neck! Holy shit.

  • rikker
    rikker26 dager siden

    I like Holly, we need less egos and more drive and determination. She is a clear pro in the ring and gracious outside of it.

  • Karamjeet Grewal
    Karamjeet Grewal26 dager siden

    Holly would make most agreeable wife. I would happy pay 40 goat and 120 chicken her family for blessing make bride.

  • Steve M

    Steve M

    26 dager siden

    WTF? I don’t think so LMFAO

  • Karamjeet Grewal

    Karamjeet Grewal

    26 dager siden

    @Vagenstein I want American for wife. My family have big money. I will get blonde USA girl for party time make sex and baby start family.

  • Vagenstein


    26 dager siden

    It would cost you a lot more than that to make her your wife my Punjabi friend. In the USA there is no such thing as arranged marriage, so women only marry for love, or a lot more money than some chickens and goats lol You could marry Holly Holm but it would cost you minimum 10 million US.

  • The truth will set you free
    The truth will set you free26 dager siden

    Holly is how all ufc fighters should be in and outside the cage.

  • Tlatlani
    Tlatlani26 dager siden

    Baby Ruth 🤣🤣🤣

    RYAN BLACK26 dager siden

    She has improved a lot. Just not telegraphing all her shots with loud grunts is light years better. For as much as she was moving over 5 rounds her breathing wasn’t even labored in the post fight interview. Crazy conditioning!

  • alan30189
    alan3018926 dager siden

    Great fight, Holly. Aldana was totally outclassed. Aldana seemed to be in slow motion, incomparison to you!

  • D. Chvez
    D. Chvez26 dager siden

    Ojalá que si vuelve a pelear con Amanda pelee como lo hizo con Aldana segura de sí misma, agresiva y completa Y no traumada como la vez anterior.

  • marklower007
    marklower00726 dager siden

    Hell of a performance. She had that look in her eye walking out she had when she was walking out to beat ronda

  • pobtron
    pobtron26 dager siden

    T-Wood...take notes.

  • Brett Simon
    Brett Simon26 dager siden

    Very exciting fight and performance. If Holly fought like that for the title then she might be the only one to take it from Nunes.

  • Zoom
    Zoom26 dager siden

    Holy holly, dropping FAST combos wow girl, when she blitzed like a 13 piece at the end that was intense and that girl she was fighting was tough as hell and a very solid fighter

  • MegaSpiritualWarrior
    MegaSpiritualWarrior26 dager siden

    i'm a christian

  • Lucky Bass Turd
    Lucky Bass Turd26 dager siden

    She wanted that $50tho’

  • Julie Teixeira
    Julie Teixeira26 dager siden

    I'm Alone 😍😥

  • Chris Laforest
    Chris Laforest26 dager siden

    Where is danas post fight. I wanna hear his explanation for why Holly didn’t get a performance of the night. If Aldana was supposed to step over Holy to title contention, then such a dominating win is such an obvious choice.

  • Steven Morra
    Steven Morra26 dager siden

    Good job Holly you looked great, good luck getting that belt in the future, you CAN do it. Such a beautiful person inside and out.

  • Sky Dome Atlantis
    Sky Dome Atlantis26 dager siden

    Holly so deserved a bonus for such a dominant performance. C’mon UFC!

  • Alexander Delarge Ss
    Alexander Delarge Ss26 dager siden

    Congratulations!!! Holly Holm...👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Ernie Carrillo
    Ernie Carrillo26 dager siden

    She was on fire. She took Aldana to school. I like to see when fighters work to improve their game and not just be one dimensional!

  • keepleft
    keepleft26 dager siden

    Aldana might need a new corner after that crap.

  • EscapePlan Skateboarding
    EscapePlan Skateboarding26 dager siden

    Wait, who got performance of the night if it wasn't Holly?! 🤔

  • Captain Buzzkill

    Captain Buzzkill

    26 dager siden

    @Geoffrey Rogers nice. Yep I agree. All those fighters went above and beyond. They earned it for sure

  • Geoffrey Rogers

    Geoffrey Rogers

    26 dager siden

    @Captain Buzzkill she got it for that choke. This is from Wikipedia, hopefully it's accurate Fight of the Night: No bonus awarded. Performance of the Night: Germaine de Randamie, Kyler Phillips, Duško Todorović and Luigi Vendramini

  • Captain Buzzkill

    Captain Buzzkill

    26 dager siden

    De Randamie deserves one for that sick choke

  • Sun Tzu

    Sun Tzu

    26 dager siden

    Dusko Todorovic and a couple other fighters

  • Javier Venegas
    Javier Venegas26 dager siden

    Holly looks good against up and comers but can’t seem to beat the champ or # 1 contenders. I’d say a one hit wonder

  • Paidinfull•
    Paidinfull•26 dager siden

    That was such an amazing performance, I mean from start to finish she did everything right, good movement, kept the jabs and straights going, the front side kick was great, she changed levels and got takedowns in every round and really good ground and pound and even after dominating for 4.5 rounds she went OFF at the end of round 5 and let it all out. Great win🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Moscaa
    Moscaa26 dager siden

    Holly went beast mode at the last 30 second. I literally said holy shit so loud I woke my girl up

  • Tim Terrell
    Tim Terrell26 dager siden

    Hollison Holm bringing it home for the homies.

  • Kkrollings Kkrollings
    Kkrollings Kkrollings26 dager siden

    Give her performance money Dana we the Fans who really keep the shows going with the fighters and some help from UFC staff, we the Fans Demand it.

  • Christian McDonald
    Christian McDonald26 dager siden

    HOLLY WAS PURE🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • fightrrrrr
    fightrrrrr26 dager siden

    Very angry from the Steve-O taco kicks 😡

  • fightrrrrr
    fightrrrrr26 dager siden

    Conditioning was insane!!! Proud of you Holly!!?

  • Ronin Al
    Ronin Al26 dager siden

    He good does it feel to see a winner calm and composed and makes sense when they talk, unlike Adesanya who puts a foot in his mouth every time he opens it.

  • Al Perez
    Al Perez26 dager siden

    She was running away throughout the fight.

  • Mikey Money
    Mikey Money26 dager siden

    Insomniacs don't need sleeping pills, just try to watch a Holm fight... #YourWaq

  • francesca holland
    francesca holland26 dager siden

    Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌

  • Jong Yi
    Jong Yi26 dager siden

    Did she seriously not get performance of the night? She put on a fucking clinic!

  • fabricio regis
    fabricio regis26 dager siden

    Strong and hot.

  • Thaitanium73
    Thaitanium7326 dager siden

    Holly vs Darren Till next. Should be an easy fight for her.

  • Phineas Hanyu

    Phineas Hanyu

    26 dager siden


  • The Answer

    The Answer

    26 dager siden

    😂😂 YES.. 😂😂