UFC Records: Fastest Finishes in History


Watch the full collection of the fastest finishes in UFC history. Jorge Masvidal's flying knee against Ben Askren at UFC 239 remains the fastest finish in the promotion's history.
*Justin Martin and Joe Charles each had 14-second submissions, at UFC 12 and 4 respectively, but were alternate bouts and are not a part of this list.
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  • RaUl Xx
    RaUl XxTime siden

    vidal 3 seg.

  • Spatula
    Spatula2 timer siden

    imagine getting knocked out before modelo could even get their sponsor

  • MoBo Officiel
    MoBo Officiel2 timer siden

    Matrial Art System ✓

  • TheloneTuber nomad
    TheloneTuber nomad3 timer siden

    imagine paying full price for a ticket just for it to be over in no time flat LMAO

  • Vz Platinum
    Vz Platinum3 timer siden

    Question why do they keep hitting them even tho there like knocked out?

  • Islam Dueren
    Islam Dueren4 timer siden

    Not good job to be referee

  • Howard Fox
    Howard Fox4 timer siden

    jorge knocked out ben just like how jake knocked ben out, and the commentator said the same thing during both fights

  • Oguz şen
    Oguz şen5 timer siden

    2:30 He starts to fight referee :)

  • Laila Madsen
    Laila Madsen6 timer siden


  • Kamil Jodelko
    Kamil Jodelko7 timer siden

    Does anyone know what's the looped track that starts at 6:00 ?

  • ⚔☆PapaK☆⚔
    ⚔☆PapaK☆⚔8 timer siden

    Not a soul cheered for Anthony parish lmfao. Even his corner was silent 🤫 🤣🤣

  • Joe Dirt
    Joe Dirt9 timer siden

    6:39 That was the most gay girlish counter ever. 6:50 That fight was taken from that guy... The lights may of been out after the hit but he instantly recovered before he hit the ground and acted like it didn't phase him. I can link many fights were fighters was more out of it than this and they were given a chance to get up to fight again. They really pussiefied this sport as they should set it if they are knocked out like that, they should like other fighting sports get a chance to stand up within a set time.

  • freethinker1
    freethinker19 timer siden

    The few times where yamasaki wasn't thinking "if he dies, he dies."

  • 1wor1d
    1wor1d10 timer siden

    7:22 "Very good stoppage by Steve Mazzagatti"!! That's a sentence I did not expect to hear.

  • Umar Khan
    Umar Khan11 timer siden

    I loved 1:03 because he tried to be dirty with that quick jab right after they touched gloves. Dirty move but he got his karma.

  • roger5070mm
    roger5070mm13 timer siden

    really good refereeing

  • yashas kuber
    yashas kuber15 timer siden


  • Siegfried Schmitz
    Siegfried Schmitz16 timer siden

    why the fuck did the referee stops the second fight? he was not even close to be helpless or K.O.

  • Aether Blackbolt
    Aether Blackbolt19 timer siden

    My god some of these KOs look like straight up murders. So glad to have refs break these up...

  • ReligionOfSacrifice
    ReligionOfSacrifice20 timer siden

    If I was the ref at 12:05 I would have not just ended the fight I would have thrown out Johnny Walker for even attempting a kick to the head when all four limbs are down and announced I will never be judging a fight with that asshole ever again for the rest of his career and hope that the judges take away his victory and eliminate the other guy's loss immediately.

  • ReligionOfSacrifice


    20 timer siden

    They could review the tapes and declare whatever the hell they want. I would still announce that I shall never judge any asshole like that in the ring again.

  • boost junkie
    boost junkie20 timer siden

    7 is the lucky number in ufc

  • Jeff Bailey
    Jeff Bailey21 time siden

    Jimmo should of been 5seconds #RIP

  • Drew Allen
    Drew Allen22 timer siden

    Absolutely idiotic to put in ascending order. The best part of the clip is literally the first ten seconds. Should have been in reverse order, with the quickest finish last, to build up the tension as the fights get shorter and shorter, more and more impressively fast.

  • Lucas
    LucasDag siden

    2:43 needs to be a meme lolol poor ref!

  • Initial D
    Initial DDag siden

    I just feel bad for them, they've spent a lot of times to prepared their fight but just to get beaten in only 2 seconds

  • bloodsling
    bloodslingDag siden

    if I shelled out $70-ish for the PPV for a 7 second fight I'd never pay again lol

  • Marco B
    Marco B2 dager siden

    Jimmo really just from Hero to Weird kid at 1:40 huh

  • dippy gr
    dippy gr2 dager siden

    what is the name of the wins the first fight ???

  • SouthDakotaGuy 1
    SouthDakotaGuy 12 dager siden

    When Jonny walker Tried kicking his head like a soccer ball😂 shit has me dead 12:12

  • AllFenom
    AllFenom2 dager siden

    Hitting someone in the ground is so dirty, when he's already knock out.

  • dhruv rawat
    dhruv rawat2 dager siden

    1:55 that guy was acting in never back down ??!!

  • Michele Marcolin
    Michele Marcolin2 dager siden

    Impressive! And boring! Matches that finish in an instant!

  • Bob Macbob
    Bob Macbob2 dager siden

    Yes Leon Edwards on the list..... Erd representing......

  • 19.008 Mufli Rafiandy
    19.008 Mufli Rafiandy2 dager siden

    the first clip got me 💀💀💀

  • It doesn't Matter
    It doesn't Matter2 dager siden

    Dangerous sport im happy its not permitted in France

  • James Jenson
    James Jenson2 dager siden

    13:02 the day the camera person got fired! LOL!

  • Mohd Aziz
    Mohd Aziz2 dager siden

    MMA proves that Asian martial arts are BS.

  • Judge
    Judge2 dager siden

    2:29 did anyone else notice the guy start trying to take down the referee? haha

  • Heavy Lucker
    Heavy Lucker2 dager siden

    11:52 - The Most Deep Web Fights in the HISTORY

  • caltech25
    caltech252 dager siden

    It made me sad to see Ryan Jimmo and Tim Hague (eerily back to back) - it was a reminder that we tragically lost both men far too early. A coward murdered Ryan Jimmo in 2016, and Tim Hague unfortunately succumbed to injuries sustained in a boxing match that should have never happened. Both Canadian guys as well - RIP to two warriors.

  • Bryce Korlan
    Bryce Korlan2 dager siden

    3:44 this guy had to have thrown the fight, probably made millions betting against himself.

  • Lawrence Sinyard
    Lawrence Sinyard2 dager siden

    A best friend from high school is considering the ring/octagon again at 48 & has been training since 90s. Heavyweight, he finished all 7 of his fights between 13 & 45 seconds and was afraid he end up killing someone. He still afraid he will, im pushing to go ahead and we pray for the opponent. We all have Cherokee in us who were the warrior tribe of Israel, Gad. This very minute he has a right hand @ 2200psi which is 300-400 psi harder than Tyson. 1950 psi left hand... About 6 of us could handle any type of haters in any club anywhere, we took it for granted. We are near 50 and still pure peaceful warriors. I let 2 101st airborne take me down just prove to myself that I could stand them right back up, and did it. Idk, I hope he does and we train and I may get in on one just to try it. His competition would Fedor or pissant Brock candy man. Somebody tell Dana he can get a dream ticket with an unknown finisher from the 90s. I would love to humble hotshot Israel some more.

  • Cesar Romero
    Cesar Romero2 dager siden

    I don’t think urban went slim

  • Phuong VO
    Phuong VO2 dager siden

    1:37 me when I get a compliment from a random person.

  • N B
    N B2 dager siden

    UFC fighters have no class whatsoever......

  • Pocho Nieves
    Pocho Nieves3 dager siden

    One of the best UFC Friday Night in less than 15 mins... lets do this again!

  • rwgvas dsff
    rwgvas dsff3 dager siden

    3:03 chu~❤️

  • Alfath Prabanuadhi
    Alfath Prabanuadhi3 dager siden

    Why the white guy always lose?

  • Cool Cat
    Cool Cat3 dager siden

    "Sponsored by Subway, Eat Fre---"

  • Steven Cruz (Student)
    Steven Cruz (Student)3 dager siden

    I go to look in the comments to see what people read and I hear "OHHHH ITS ALLL OVERRRR" like 3 times

  • Bob Ajaj
    Bob Ajaj3 dager siden

    and yet they ask where extreme agressors and psychopaths come from.... a sport my ass..

  • Brudda Dog Dog Who’s a Brudda
    Brudda Dog Dog Who’s a Brudda3 dager siden

    I cannot be the only person who saw some dude about to fuck a person bent over in the octagon BRO HIS BACK LOOKS LIKE ASSCHEEKS

  • Nick Halfmann
    Nick Halfmann3 dager siden

    Anthony Johnson with two 13 second finishes is insane lol

  • Milan Kosi
    Milan Kosi3 dager siden

    its wierd how every guy that wants to touch gloves first gets knocked out in seconds.

  • nicopcn
    nicopcn3 dager siden

    imagine paying for something like this and its over in 9 secs

  • NachoBoi
    NachoBoi3 dager siden

    2:36 the referee got tackled lol

  • md. yousuf
    md. yousuf3 dager siden

    The animals called human

  • puxxxcasu
    puxxxcasu3 dager siden

    Idu why they still punching when the andersary is alreadu ko, thats not nice for a real fighter.

  • Geo Cranny
    Geo Cranny3 dager siden

    So that’s why Jake Paul won

  • Hans Henniges
    Hans Henniges3 dager siden

    Can anybody explain to me why they are still hammering on a helpless guy laying on the floor? This is what I hate most about this. No honor. And this is one of the reasons why this happens outside the cage in real life more and more. Some time back people stopped kicking on someone not able to defend himself. Nowadays they take it as a chance to hurt him even more. What a world we are living in. Shameless.

  • God
    God3 dager siden

    “Brought to you by... OHHHHHHH”

  • Igor Podlesny
    Igor Podlesny3 dager siden

    most of these ergh "fighters" still kick in heads of already turned off opponents - needlessly to say the least.

  • El CUH
    El CUH3 dager siden

    If Masvidal stopped those 2 punches it would've been stopped at 3 seconds.

  • God of Disco
    God of Disco3 dager siden

    horrible sportsmanship on first

  • borislav petkov
    borislav petkov3 dager siden

    Those fights so quick when I casually skip the replay with 10 seconds, the next fight is over

  • Austin Dabler
    Austin Dabler3 dager siden

    Lmfao @ 1:04 that BF3 ad threw me wayyy the fuck off

  • Rhiannon Crawford
    Rhiannon Crawford3 dager siden

    I feel bad for the people that paid for these fights

  • Michael Scanlon
    Michael Scanlon3 dager siden

    The UFC ref's are really on the ball, they do a brilliant job protecting a fighter after a knockout

  • Maz Amd
    Maz Amd3 dager siden

    Immense respect for those fighters who stop punching when they see their opponent is out

  • D B
    D B3 dager siden

    2.42 had my laughing more tears than I’ve cried in 2020 and 2021 put together 😂😂😂

    FAIZAN COLLIN4 dager siden

    1 was sick

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg4 dager siden

    7:02 lol the ref started grappling with him xd

  • Kunal Malik
    Kunal Malik4 dager siden

    soundtrack at 7:00 ?

  • def
    def4 dager siden

    I think Crowder's chin is weaker than Amir Khan's. What the fuck is that?

  • Daniel O Sullivan
    Daniel O Sullivan4 dager siden

    I have never seen a dude with more than one color in his hair win a fight.

  • John Howerton
    John Howerton4 dager siden

    Imagine how many fights you could have in the billing in one night if they all ended this fast.

  • Marcelo Ferreira
    Marcelo Ferreira4 dager siden

    Muay thai the art of 8 weapons, he was created in thailand, who brought him to Brazil was Nélio Naja who trained in (thailand) and brought muay thai here, in thailand they break thick steel bars with cinnamon breaks , banana in cinnamon, crazy thing msm muay thai is a martial art, very aggressive for standing up, there are some blows that they even forbid when they are going to fight in the ring or in the gym because of their power, catch the opponent and kill him or breaking a blow that they forbid is when you are at the base of muay thai, and your opponent, advances with one leg and kicks with the other is caught in your leg pd break your leg, another is when you give a clinch in muay thai and turn your head, your opponent kills him that n can now give you a clinch and kick in the rib n da na depends, same thing in jiu jitsu only jiu jitsu is ground fight or lying fight you immobilize your opponent on the floor, keys in it like arm-lock, katagatame, Kimura, who brought Jiu Jitsu to Brazil was Hél io Gracie, jiu Jitsu was born in Japan it was the Japanese who created jiu Jitsu, Hélio Gracie brought jiu Jitsu to Brazil thus creating several legends of the Brazilian UFC, in muay thai vc da jab, straight, crossed, knee elbow. Logical in the ring or on the mat they fight under rules like n can punch in the bag finger in the eye kick in the bag can't bite can't scratch can't fight armed. It's not like fighting on the street Fighting on the street there are people who come armed with the punch, in the bag, they have people who come armed, people who pull hair, there are a lot there is no standard coup in a street fight there are people who hit clumsy in a street fight, there are people who come in English punch depends on each one there are people who come on top of you in a street fight, in jiu jitsu for example, you can use him in a street fight when it's against one now like an example, you give an arm-lock to a guy in a fight in the street and you come 30 or so and you’re giving an arm-lock and you can’t get out they can screw you up for giving you an arm- lock on the guy on the street or sometimes you may have given an arm-lock, on the guy and see an armed man 6 meters away from you is to hit you with a shot because you gave the guy an arm-lock in a fight in the street or like also you can arm-lock the guy in a fight in the street and see someone else armed and you managed to let go of the guy and take the other's gun and beat them both up there is this possibility so it is not good if you get involved in a street fight this possibility can happen d from someone, this is only for the last case when you see that the guy is coming at you intentionally, d hurt you then you use jiu jitsu Jiu Jitsu is not 100% efficient in a street fight it can be q is efficient in some others there is no martial art 100% efficient in a street fight can be efficient in some others not. So those who like to fight fight on the mat or in the (ring) cuz there, they fight under rules there is no danger d it happens nd of serious there they take the punch in the bag finger in the eye, like it is not sure q in a fight in the street u you will use jiu jitsu against your (opponent) and get along and there are other times when you will use jiu jitsu against your opponent and get along. And like sometimes there is no way to know which opponent, Jiu Jitsu will work taking it to the floor and submitting, or which one will not work. In other things, other martial arts (muay thai) for example pd be efficient in a (street fight) or as sometimes it cannot be efficient in a street fight against your (opponent) it depends on the fighters involved. Fighting is like this you win some fights you lose other fights. Even in the ring or on the mat it is like that. And there are people who don't accept losing a fight and others who don't. Like in a street fight you can use jiu jitsu and your opponent you defeated him using jiu jitsu in the street fight to be afraid of you later, or there are cases when you defeat an opponent and even then he is not afraid of you, and there are others that you defeat and want a rematch because they felt humiliated. Like every case is a case. Same thing in muay thai. And in jiu jitsu you get your ears popped depending on the time you practice. In jiu jitsu you gain agility when you practice, you have agility similar to that of those pitbull dogs that are fast in agility in turning, and jiu jitsu fighters have footprints when it comes to sex too I know that because I did jiu jitsu I had this footprint, in sex the fuck q dps q u to d train jiu jitsu the footprint fades and that agility q you had d quickly fades after q you stay without training only the blows and training q you learned and the keys q stay forever in your mind, if you want to execute you execute the blows q you learned n some just add those, poke q you had when training just don't talk to strangers.

  • bOB Sahgget
    bOB Sahgget4 dager siden

    Nobody gonna talk about that guy ass up face down in the thumbnail ..? 🤣🤣

  • google user
    google user4 dager siden

    Masvidal got lucky. BEN ASKREN IS A GREAT FIGHTER.

  • google user
    google user4 dager siden

    Ben Askren should've rematched and beat Masvidal to a pulp.

  • Rasitha Senevirathne
    Rasitha Senevirathne4 dager siden

    i feel bad for the advertisers ps. i dont... not really

  • Sophia Brown
    Sophia Brown4 dager siden

    “ tonight’s clock is sponsored by Subway: Eat Fresh “ * guy gets knocked the f out*

  • Open Films
    Open Films4 dager siden

    2:40 dude tackled the ref here

  • cafeine
    cafeine4 dager siden

    Watch that........continues to punch the opponent to pulp

  • wil hallman
    wil hallman4 dager siden

    Should've included Dennis Hallman vs Matt Hughes (twice Hallman submitted Hughes in less than 20 seconds) nolocal.info/have/video/bneJlrauz4yQuao

  • Steve van Velvet
    Steve van Velvet4 dager siden

    I am in awe of the referees!

  • Karl Shaner
    Karl Shaner4 dager siden

    Is that first one even legal? Deliberate knee to the face?

  • mr stl
    mr stl5 dager siden

    Ben is terrible

  • Dumb_ Stuff
    Dumb_ Stuff5 dager siden

    Imagine buying a ticket to these events. All the anticipation and build up, just for it to end in 5 seconds

  • Misaël Dion
    Misaël Dion5 dager siden


  • 샤워티비
    샤워티비5 dager siden

    불면증 치유사들

  • Fernanddi
    Fernanddi5 dager siden

    Wife: Baby, you won't be home for diner? Badass dude: Yes. This fight will last less than 1 minute.

  • Chad Thompson

    Chad Thompson

    3 dager siden

    If they fought without gloves most fights would be under a minute. Like real street fights.

  • Peter Vamvakaris
    Peter Vamvakaris5 dager siden

    12:10 When you pay thousands for that sit on airlines and you already have to go back home...

  • Wayne Williams
    Wayne Williams5 dager siden


  • Purwanti Allan
    Purwanti Allan5 dager siden

    For me the 14 second KO from Rousey is still LEGENDARY.

  • Brandon Hampton
    Brandon Hampton5 dager siden

    Johnny Walker knock out was best

  • fodapraacharumnome
    fodapraacharumnome5 dager siden

    5:57 what a knee

  • Eyuel Yiferu
    Eyuel Yiferu5 dager siden

    I do better side splits.

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin5 dager siden


  • Outset Eddy
    Outset Eddy5 dager siden

    12:02 Actual 3 piece combo