UFC Vegas 10: Michelle Waterson Interview after Main Event Win


Michelle Waterson earns a decision win over Angela Hill in the main event of UFC Vegas 10.
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  • lololololololol ol
    lololololololol olMåned siden

    These UFC girls keep getting more jacked year after year. Damn.

  • Bruno
    BrunoMåned siden

    0:48 Did she say "nut doesn't leave a good taste in your stomach"?

  • viceroyx
    viceroyxMåned siden

    why is there a 6-6-6 logo in hebrew (the monster logo) in every Fing UFC fight. huge fan of the UFC but this is disgusting.

  • Genie T
    Genie TMåned siden

    Wanted to believe Hill got robbed, but Waterson was so dynamic, as a martial artist, and showed tremendous heart. I think she deserved it, even though it was very close, granted.

  • ufc_ fan918
    ufc_ fan918Måned siden

    Thank God they didn't riot over this

  • ufc_ fan918
    ufc_ fan918Måned siden

    Guys shes also a mom don't forget

  • CozmicSaber's Opinions
    CozmicSaber's OpinionsMåned siden

    Okay, is my analysis incorrect? Besides striving to be better in general as all fighters should, Waterson needs to focus on her takedowns, head movement/ dodging punches better.

  • Healing Through Inspiration
    Healing Through InspirationMåned siden

    Angela Hill got robbed. She had more total strikes.

  • CorporalASH !
    CorporalASH !Måned siden

    Am I the only one that thought hill won round 5?

  • Franco Avila
    Franco AvilaMåned siden

    Good Job 🍯!!

  • Franco Avila

    Franco Avila

    Måned siden

    God bless!

  • AT Show
    AT ShowMåned siden


  • Aerotar
    AerotarMåned siden

    good video

  • Basic Cannabis2
    Basic Cannabis2Måned siden

    Can someone Please tell me why hill always looks better than her opponents after a fight and she keeps getting robbed by the UFC. Why....

  • OneCupOfCoffee204
    OneCupOfCoffee204Måned siden

    Love you Michelle but it's time for your transition to announcing.

  • OneCupOfCoffee204
    OneCupOfCoffee204Måned siden

    Trump 2020!!!

  • H8erade9
    H8erade9Måned siden

    Hill got robbed, watersons face was disfigured from round 1 on every time she got hit from hill it did damage.

  • Nuka Cola
    Nuka ColaMåned siden

    Lookin like Cris Cyborg in the thumbnail tho.... 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Joe Scaletta
    Joe ScalettaMåned siden

    Michele forgot her makeup to do a Smokey eye on her right eye. Wait never mind

  • AletheAce
    AletheAceMåned siden

    Angela "I'm going to be the first black female champion with a 12-9 record" Hill

  • michael m
    michael mMåned siden

    This wasn't a robbery Waterson won fair and square against Hill it was close but think she did enough to take it. I do however think that Angela did enough to win against Gadelha was a bad decision.

  • Nick B
    Nick BMåned siden

    She looks like Cyborg in the thumbail

  • Cody Click
    Cody ClickMåned siden

    Great win Michelle. Also saved us from an Angela Hill victory speech. Karate Hottie ftw

  • Kick-Box-Move Fitness
    Kick-Box-Move FitnessMåned siden

    Michelle did a good job of sucking it up in the later rounds to secure some good takedowns and kicks ... especially those side kicks. Hill was impressive with her energy and striking but kind of fizzled in the later rounds when Michelle started stepping it up.

  • young smugg
    young smuggMåned siden

    The karate hottie must be a statfire fan "I just wanna send my love to everybody" awwwww

  • x-hopshot-x
    x-hopshot-xMåned siden

    I like Michelle Waterson I think she is a great fighter and a good person but I don't ever see her beating Zhang Weili, Joanna or Rose.

  • Kribo Msandawana
    Kribo MsandawanaMåned siden

    sexy af

  • Naveen Raj
    Naveen RajMåned siden

    She's a mom if you don't know now you know

  • Mark Mark
    Mark MarkMåned siden

    She's so hot it's ridiculous

  • Luis NgchongJrArt
    Luis NgchongJrArtMåned siden

    *congrats waterson😍*

  • BAMBAM Jackson
    BAMBAM JacksonMåned siden


  • Colby Covington ROY Stipe Miocic JONES & Nate DIAZ
    Colby Covington ROY Stipe Miocic JONES & Nate DIAZMåned siden

    Michelle Waterson 💖❤💖

  • Bruce Inglis
    Bruce InglisMåned siden

    One of the only wmma fighters that is a good person and not a piece of shit Yes i said it

  • Michael VIENS
    Michael VIENSMåned siden

    You can see the level of Champ!!! and not a champion!!! Good fighters good luck with both of them..

  • John Parker
    John ParkerMåned siden

    Better skilled fighter won. Great job.

  • HLM202
    HLM202Måned siden

    Love waterson

  • John Smith
    John SmithMåned siden

    Nwo is coming. Get right

  • Pesare Irani
    Pesare IraniMåned siden

    Finally waterson took some risks . We all talked shit about the main event ( me too) but they both surprised us holy shit good fight

  • Wop God
    Wop GodMåned siden

    She sexy

  • Boxing & Gaming Pro
    Boxing & Gaming ProMåned siden

    Waterson won this easy

  • B Bracken
    B BrackenMåned siden

    YES! So happy for Michelle. She deserved this win and I'm glad Angela Hill got a slice of humble pie. Angela acts like a victim and a bad sport. Good for Michelle.

  • Ronnie Fox
    Ronnie FoxMåned siden

    Hill in two bad ass close losses. Shows that you can improve and gain respect without getting the W. She's a problem. This is my favorite division.

  • Original J
    Original JMåned siden

    Wanda Sykes did pretty good for her first fight

  • dat boi
    dat boiMåned siden

    did waterson the only female fighter with this outside that cover whole body? look nice than just a sport bra

  • Limit Breaker
    Limit BreakerMåned siden

    To me most beautiful fighter.

  • Shawn Cahill
    Shawn CahillMåned siden

    What's this "everybody is feeling pain"? I'm not feeling any pain or hurt.

  • Michael Tovar
    Michael TovarMåned siden

    Weili will destroy all these fighters!!

  • JB Johnson
    JB JohnsonMåned siden

    Hill 1, 2, and 5.

  • W. George
    W. GeorgeMåned siden

    She looks like DC after the fight.

  • stoney renegade
    stoney renegadeMåned siden

    Yayyy she won.

  • JTD472
    JTD472Måned siden

    Post-fight she looks like Cyborg with the hair and the black eye

  • kyle regan
    kyle reganMåned siden

    Hill is a prick. Stop been a sore loser, she'll throw the race card out there.

  • Jino Y
    Jino YMåned siden

    Waterson takes so much damage each fight

  • addicted to pussy ass tren clen deca bacon beer
    addicted to pussy ass tren clen deca bacon beerMåned siden

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  • Ash
    AshMåned siden

    That’s was a great fookin fight

    JKJJ BJJMåned siden

    This fight SUCKED, no way she won!!!! BULLSHIT

  • walkwithaswagger
    walkwithaswaggerMåned siden

    Hill won Waterson lay on top of her in round 3 to avoid the beating. And made it boring . Hill landed harder shots and finished the fight strong

  • Kulas Bb
    Kulas BbMåned siden

    Waterson still lacks that knock out power

  • Kulas Bb
    Kulas BbMåned siden

    It's a miracle she won

  • WindyClear
    WindyClearMåned siden

    She's adorable. And I think she won rounds 3 4 and 5 pretty decisively. A good win

  • nir S
    nir SMåned siden

    fight of the night an amazing fight both fighters are legends respect to both stand and bang

  • Mario Alberto Jiménez Sanjurjo
    Mario Alberto Jiménez SanjurjoMåned siden

    I almost lost my wager... Uffff!!!!😜

  • Guba Doce Pares
    Guba Doce ParesMåned siden

    Michelle is a true martial artist.

  • Zeafer Jones
    Zeafer JonesMåned siden

    I thought Hill was robbed against Claudia but this fight was much closer. I thought Michelle won rounds 4 and 5 by the slimmest of margins and won round 3 easily. While Angela Hill won round 2 by a slim margin and round 1 easily.

  • boogieboy1974
    boogieboy1974Måned siden

    About as interesting as watching paint dry

  • Daniel Paiva
    Daniel PaivaMåned siden

    I don't owe anyone anything now with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • mr gwanson
    mr gwansonMåned siden

    Shes such a nice person always as been

  • Guwop
    GuwopMåned siden

    Robbed , you ain’t even a hottie ,

  • _Theo
    _TheoMåned siden

    Hill was being pretty classless leading up to the fight. Glad the more honorable person won

  • mathman43
    mathman43Måned siden

    "I see holes in Michelle's game."- Angela Hill

  • B C
    B CMåned siden

    Wouldn't shake hands before , wouldn't shake hands after ... Here come the excuses, race card & politics. The sportsmanship on angela hills behalf is as pathetic as the black lives matter bs she brought up post fight.

  • shivam gupta
    shivam guptaMåned siden

    Waterson looks like cyborg

  • ja phasalak
    ja phasalakMåned siden

    Wow u look up to michael bisbing.... someone that spits at opposite corner and doesn’t shake hands when someone rips him up... a total loser🙄... but well done michelle good fight and aways a fan.💪

  • Karim A
    Karim AMåned siden

    On that thumbnail, she looks like cris cyborg

  • Mdiaz Diaz
    Mdiaz DiazMåned siden

    The outcome was so wrong, Hill Clearly won this fight, go back and look at it again, Michelle, took a beating just look at her face. I call it real bad judging, sorry Hill but you have to know that when a fight is close you must try to finish your opponent because for some reason judges don't like you and their are many bad judges out there just like tonight. It was clear to me and to most of those watching that you won rounds 1,2 and 5.

  • the reason
    the reasonMåned siden

    Keep crying wakandan 🤪🤘

  • davidringle7
    davidringle7Måned siden

    Watterson " I really look up to you" Bisping " why wouldnt you look up to me" 😂

  • Josh
    JoshMåned siden

    Glad to see her work hard to stay in this fight and pull off the win. After she lost her last fight with Carla Esparza where she seemed to win the first and maybe second round, only to coast through the 3rd, I was worried that she didn't have the killer instinct to keep her in the top 10. Sad to see Hill drop another split decision though. She definitely beat Claudia Gadelha, in my opinion.

  • jslacson
    jslacsonMåned siden

    Hill should’ve shook hands. Lol

  • raydn23
    raydn23Måned siden

    Thanks for beating that annoying and disrespect fake ‘woke’ chick Michelle!

  • giuseppe previti
    giuseppe previtiMåned siden

    Michelle Waterson (born January 6, 1986) is an American mixed martial artist and model who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Waterson holds a black belt in karate and has also trained in Wushu, Muay Thai.

  • Lucas Silveira
    Lucas SilveiraMåned siden

    Bem feito, as duas são feias

  • Bloater Snake
    Bloater SnakeMåned siden

    Michelle made the right adjustments and won 3,4,5 it was a close fight but Angela is a dirty unproffessional fighter

  • Bobby Vaughn
    Bobby VaughnMåned siden

    Waterson is a total enigma... Has amazing thighs, but no ass...

  • Jon Targaryen
    Jon TargaryenMåned siden

    She looks like cris cyborg

  • Andrew Majin
    Andrew MajinMåned siden

    Man, I'm glad she won.

  • high5compliments
    high5complimentsMåned siden

    Good that hill did lose the fight...she is a racist!!!!

  • тесн
    теснMåned siden

    Congrats ! Happy Waterson took the win

  • LincenNexGaming
    LincenNexGamingMåned siden

    0:49 Nut doesn't leave a good feeling in your stomach? LOL

  • Teeroy


    Måned siden

    HAHAHAHA!!! Random thoughts with Michelle Waterson.

  • Connor Macartney
    Connor MacartneyMåned siden

    Hill won lol. That girl been getting screwed each time

  • Ignacio
    IgnacioMåned siden

    Couple of lovely looking guys oops i mean ladies.

  • konkelkent
    konkelkentMåned siden

    Thought it was Cyborg in the thumbnail ngl

  • The Podhub
    The PodhubMåned siden

    I didn't see this coming, I thought being a black woman was a super power.

  • S P

    S P

    Måned siden


  • B Bracken

    B Bracken

    Måned siden

    She's going to continue acting like a victim. She promotes victimhood mentality and acts like a bad sport when she loses. I'll bet money she thinks she was robbed and that's it's because she's black. Send her ass to One Championship.

  • Ronnie Fox

    Ronnie Fox

    Måned siden

    You're so bad ass. You ever watch tennis?

  • Ricky Lopez Quintero

    Ricky Lopez Quintero

    Måned siden

    U must be white lol

  • JTD472


    Måned siden

    So edgy it hurts

  • thetopofthelist
    thetopofthelistMåned siden

    "I had it 2-2 going into the last round"

  • Nat Turner’s Revenge
    Nat Turner’s RevengeMåned siden

    *Thought this was Cris Cyborg. Damn.*

  • VK Modding
    VK ModdingMåned siden

    Why is she saying the world is in pain and hurting? What is she referring to?

  • Gabriel Kok

    Gabriel Kok

    Måned siden


  • Niall
    NiallMåned siden

    Damn she looks like Cyborg in the thumbnail

  • Californication
    CalifornicationMåned siden

    Robbery of the year