UFC Vegas 10: Post-fight Press Conference


Watch the UFC Vegas 10: Post-fight Press Conference live following the event.
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  • steve culbert
    steve culbert4 dager siden

    If Gaethje won round one according to the judges, then Khabib lost two rounds in his career.

  • Jason Pease
    Jason PeaseMåned siden

    Walker gets his ass beat and wins by illegal blows to the back of the head. Complete bullshit.

  • Drew Hong
    Drew HongMåned siden

    Congrats on your Historical Loss.

  • Mad Villain
    Mad VillainMåned siden

    Michelle rockin that blue eye like its make up. She looks hot with it (however fucked up that may sound...)

  • Kenan Sidali
    Kenan SidaliMåned siden

    Angela is soo likeable!

  • Fathur Rahman
    Fathur RahmanMåned siden

    Khamzat Vs Tony Ferguson its real...

  • Tanner Annichiarico
    Tanner AnnichiaricoMåned siden

    How is it legally allowed to have so many fucking ads on this video....

  • James Chapman
    James ChapmanMåned siden

    "the first African American woman to headline a card"...how is that a thing? Many people wouldn't have noticed that or cared - that's called NOT being a racist. These people who see race everywhere they look are the danger.

  • viceroyx
    viceroyxMåned siden

    why is there a 6-6-6 logo in hebrew (the monster logo) in every Fing UFC fight. huge fan of the UFC but this is disgusting.

  • Michael Pica
    Michael PicaMåned siden

    Dana is a definitive meathead if he thinks the trials and tribulations, pain, endurance and suffering the average person outside of his precious UFC isn't as intense or important as a bunch of fopdoodles who want to get their brains rattled like Neanderthals. He says no one could endure what his animals go through? Piss off you simpleton. The emotional and spiritual fight is tougher then MMA. I would say you would have to be a half wit to want your face and brains and bodies to be beaten down voluntarily. Sorry but the arrogance is immense. No one asked or forced these fighters to put themselves through what they endure. The world would continue on as it always has if the martial arts were never congealed.

  • Shizzy Shizz
    Shizzy ShizzMåned siden


  • Shizzy Shizz
    Shizzy ShizzMåned siden

    Why did it take so long for my boy Dana to take JUICE?? He was ALREADY BALD so scratch that side effect. Maybe the IRONY w the fighters. Its all good Dana u earned it. He could have looked this good a decade ago! LMAO!!!

  • Shizzy Shizz
    Shizzy ShizzMåned siden


  • scrapdo512
    scrapdo512Måned siden

    WAY too many ads in this video. My goodness.

  • Dragon Ball Z Uploads and More
    Dragon Ball Z Uploads and MoreMåned siden

    ed Herman

  • Igor Ramos
    Igor RamosMåned siden

    Ottman Azaitar deserved to give an interview.

  • Cat Love
    Cat LoveMåned siden

    Trump won the biggest fight

  • sven trogrlic
    sven trogrlicMåned siden

    I am so happy for Croom.....good fight!!

  • Karabo Molele
    Karabo MoleleMåned siden

    Mike definitely deserves that WIN MONEY,the fight should've been stopped in the third.Then Herman says it might/might not have hit him in the “NUTS”,he played it cool.🙅🏾‍♂️

  • Metal Mitt Video Podcast Network
    Metal Mitt Video Podcast NetworkMåned siden

    Dana 2:04, 5:42

  • G Force
    G ForceMåned siden

    I remember when the ufc fighters got there ass kick by the the Pride fighters

  • G Force
    G ForceMåned siden

    UFC sucks Pride FC was better

  • G Force
    G ForceMåned siden

    Dana white sucks pay your fighters more and give them health care and stay off the the steroids. The UFC sucks fight are boring Pride fight rules was better

  • Michael Rivers
    Michael RiversMåned siden

    Gaeldelhi sucks

  • William
    WilliamMåned siden

    Rose should not be getting a title shot. She didn't win her last fight convincingly and Andrade arguably should have got the decision.

  • Matt heww

    Matt heww

    Måned siden

    Andrade is moving up to Flyweight

  • Joshua Lee
    Joshua LeeMåned siden

    Angela and Michelle both are super cute girls.

  • Joshua Lee
    Joshua LeeMåned siden

    Listen..I dont know all the ins and ours regarding that guy who was killed. But the right people were trying to make an example out of that guy. That was some type of political move over there. Because I dont see any real reason for that guy to deserve to be killed just for going to a peaceful protest. He was just a big name over there that's all. Had it been me nobody wouldve even noticed.

  • irmãos gamer
    irmãos gamerMåned siden

    Eufa portugues sodobrsil

  • irmãos gamer

    irmãos gamer

    Måned siden


  • irmãos gamer
    irmãos gamerMåned siden

    Que isdo 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Granulated
    GranulatedMåned siden

    It really would have to be 'next level nuts' for it to have been a cup shot !

  • fredric Jacobsen.
    fredric Jacobsen.Måned siden

    nolocal.info/have/video/fHd8g9CmyIJ4qaI Bestiller dere syntetiske stoffer her fra og ødelegger menskers liv så mye bly i risen og kjemikalier bare lurer vorr og vordan får dere deres treningstøy produsert henn og slepper fabrikkene ur gjift i elver?

  • Don Quijote
    Don QuijoteMåned siden

    Hooker hit Mc Gregor after scandal ... lool nolocal.info/have/video/rndrZNidrXpvvng&ab_channel=DonQuijote

  • Kay Fidd
    Kay FiddMåned siden

    Please Dana bring kalinn williams back. i saw his debut and be waiting for his second fight since then. glad we see journey newson back in action. khamzat will fall to GM3, i hope they stay covid negative, i really want to put some money on gm3, i hope the bookies set khamzat as a big favourite.

  • ss k
    ss kMåned siden

    If they tried really hard.. They would be able to fit more adds ind here... Really hard...

  • RaulH
    RaulHMåned siden

    Mcgreggor vs Ferguson

  • Greg Stokes
    Greg StokesMåned siden

    Where do these wuss reporters come from? Fricken nerd city.

  • Scott Smith
    Scott SmithMåned siden

    That woman trying to big up all the female fighters 😴 we get 1 good fight a year from you lot so fucking pipe down!

  • Marat V
    Marat VMåned siden

    “people are going crazy about the main event” Who? The only 10 people from ufc staff who watched it?

  • Jon Jones
    Jon JonesMåned siden

    Everyone fangirling for Dana. Isn't everyone f*****g awesome!

  • TimeCoder
    TimeCoderMåned siden


  • Anthony gladman
    Anthony gladmanMåned siden

    Ed Herman deserves major credit! He was used as a punch bag all fight n took some of the biggest shots anyone can take and pulls a come back off to rival rocky!!! Big up Ed Herman!!!

  • Richi
    RichiMåned siden

    Am I the only one who knows for a fact Hill won the war . The last round was not close . Most of it was exhales in hales with furies of action pack misses lol .

  • Ragnar Már
    Ragnar MárMåned siden

    I really don't like how Angela is when she looses, she should work on that, she lost both this fight and her last, it was not a robbery, she just lost, it makes is harder to be on her side in oncoming fights, she's still a great fighter. Waterson always humble and she is amazing! She really pushed after round 2 and destroyed that fight! It wasn't even that close she won! Also I thought Michelle won her fight against Carla.. (But she lost) just thought she did a little more than Carla

  • Bloody Elbow MMA
    Bloody Elbow MMAMåned siden


  • tomatocan
    tomatocanMåned siden

    i love these girls. losses like that must suck so bad when it is so close. i hope Angela gets opportunity off this even if it was a loss.

  • eugyero
    eugyeroMåned siden


  • Brad Bunnell
    Brad BunnellMåned siden

    ESPN+ always pushes the race card.

  • Killua D Dragon
    Killua D DragonMåned siden

    Dana vs Brock for the USADA Juice Belt...make it happen Dana

  • Headstash Music
    Headstash MusicMåned siden

    Roosevelt 'Clown' Roberts just ate some humble pie

  • Fede Bateli

    Fede Bateli

    Måned siden

    Yeah that was a pretty embarrassing loss, as a -600 or something favorite

  • Taco Tacotington
    Taco TacotingtonMåned siden

    Waterson winning was the highlight of the night.

  • Epicurus _
    Epicurus _Måned siden

    I felt bad for Hill until she mentioned BLM 🤣🤣🤣 Better luck next time looooser. Maybe her victim mentality is her problem

  • Epicurus _
    Epicurus _Måned siden

    So hard to get simple information from ufc website....... CAN I BUY PPV ON F ING NOlocal. Please someone help

  • pbure1
    pbure1Måned siden

    PLEASE UFC, IF YOU WANT TO MAKE 100 TIMES MORE PROFIT THAN ALL YOUR EVENTS COMBINED. FOR ONCE EVERY 3 YEARS OR SO, have an event where there are no weight classes and also another no weight class with each fighter fighting multiple times until he gets the most wins. We've seen guys 50 lbs and more below the other dudes weight that wins. In the old ufc. Costa can take out any heavyweight out there.

  • Jason Delvaux
    Jason DelvauxMåned siden

    Dana White: One of the biggest hypocrites you'll ever find up to his double-speak ways once again. He basically tells Dan Hardy that he's out of the company if he criticizes a ref ever again, then goes off on this referee without any sense of what a complete contradiction that is. Just a rare, rare specimen of arrogance.

  • whole27
    whole27Måned siden

    Michelle Waterson thick thighs! I can never stop staring at them the whole fight. Damn

  • Uncle Angie
    Uncle AngieMåned siden

    32:50 that’s news to me lol

  • Blue PVP
    Blue PVPMåned siden

    Dana must be friendly with that journalist, he asked about salvaging the fight, I can't tell you how many times I've heard Dana lecture journo's about not talking anyone into taking a fight, ever. If someone isn't sure they wanna fight, then they shouldn't fight, this isn't the cubicle in a tall building downtown, etc, etc, etc.

  • Mabel Trujillo
    Mabel TrujilloMåned siden

    Conor's done he just wanted to retire with a win

  • Cleyber da silva Costa
    Cleyber da silva CostaMåned siden

    Hermans ganhou roubando esse juiz tá de brincadeira

  • Tim Mosso's N95 Mask
    Tim Mosso's N95 MaskMåned siden

    Who's excited for Woodley vs Colby next week? Been waiting for this fight for a long time!

  • CodyNW42
    CodyNW42Måned siden


  • CodyNW42


    Måned siden

    @resfan000 i know its very sad news but we all have to be strong and just hold on. Dont worry buddy, we'll get through this together. I know its tough losing someone so special.

  • resfan000


    Måned siden

    Are you an idiot he is alive and well

  • klarens000
    klarens000Måned siden

    It's cool when Dana gives some more bonuses. Motivating and nice cash boost to have.

  • Highlight Al Maghribi
    Highlight Al MaghribiMåned siden

    Ottman Azaitar Congratulation. Allahu Akbar !

  • Joel Bosso
    Joel BossoMåned siden

    Fucking adds every 2 minutes!!!!! C'Mon

  • Jasmin Baj.
    Jasmin Baj.Måned siden

    Dislike bc there is way too much commercial 👎🏽

  • Edward Hitten
    Edward HittenMåned siden

    Angela Hill won.

  • Mike G
    Mike GMåned siden

    As many ads as there are roids in danas arms

  • beedeeuniko
    beedeeunikoMåned siden

    Same same same same

  • Brett Larkin
    Brett LarkinMåned siden

    UFC definitely needs to use replay, without having to then stop the fight. Football is the biggest sport in America and they use replay all the time to make up for human error & trusting refs

  • David Ferrer

    David Ferrer

    Måned siden

    Brett Larkin the issue is also the commission and what rules they have.

  • Corvo Attano
    Corvo AttanoMåned siden

    Pretty cool of Dana/The UFC to pay Mike Rodriguez his win money since he would have won by TKO in R2, good shit Dana

  • dH
    dHMåned siden

    the political questions are lame

  • AddyTheDaddy
    AddyTheDaddyMåned siden


  • Anti.herΩ MMA
    Anti.herΩ MMAMåned siden

    Muh blm Angela ''overcry'' Shill. Maybe you should work harder on your fighting skills than your racecards.

  • Phatal PR
    Phatal PRMåned siden

    “Next level nuts...” the man has away with words 😂😂

  • addicted to pussy ass tren clen deca bacon beer
    addicted to pussy ass tren clen deca bacon beerMåned siden

    all i see is haters good shit Let me call a buddy of mine to confirm I’m the first comment. He’s an expert in first comments. I prayed and ask god to please let Trump win again and dont let the evil come democrats take over they cant be trusted they do things and blame our president and have been mo king him for almost 4 yrs .Americans will fight for you Mr. President November 3rd..What an amazing President we have, to put up with everything the left throw his way and STILL run our country like a champion. God bless America, Land of the FREE and HOME of the brave. Keeping America free thank you President TRUMP. And may God bless you, your family and the job you continue to do for the American's that believe and stand United in truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

    JKJJ BJJMåned siden

    The main event SUCKED!!!!!

  • Shawn Cahill
    Shawn CahillMåned siden

    I hope the media asks Colby his thoughts on BLM, since this is evidently MMA related.

  • Clement T.
    Clement T.Måned siden

    Tony Vs dustin please

  • naxomoss
    naxomossMåned siden

    Hill is all class, appreciate that energy

  • Shawn Cahill
    Shawn CahillMåned siden

    Time stamps, no thanks to UFC: 0:00 Dana White 24:50 Angela Hill 42:32 Michelle Waterson

  • Anthony Vertuli
    Anthony VertuliMåned siden

    Yea an easy way to solve the bitching after a close fight...take away decisions...if no one goes down it ends in a draw

  • V Trigger
    V TriggerMåned siden

    Dana “I had it 2-2 going into the 5th” White

  • Bull Shark
    Bull SharkMåned siden


  • Daniel O'Hanlon
    Daniel O'HanlonMåned siden

    BKUFC. Make it happen. Enough said

  • thoughts of a lost one of a lost one
    thoughts of a lost one of a lost oneMåned siden

    Does anyone think that since Hill had such a hard time with Waterson she wouldn't stand a chance against Rose or anyone in the top 4 or 5?

  • Anthony Vertuli

    Anthony Vertuli

    Måned siden

    Hills a hype train bro...will be derailed soon enough

  • Бесконечно Вечное
    Бесконечно ВечноеMåned siden

    11:35 wait...is that my grandma? 🤔

  • Jorge Gomez
    Jorge GomezMåned siden


  • Second Sight
    Second SightMåned siden

    Although Gaethje deserves the fight vs Khabib, there is a part of me that hopes he has to pull out and Tony steps in. I just want to see that fight so bad.

  • cuervo pill

    cuervo pill

    Måned siden

    Gaethje will give khabib a better fight than Tony

  • Second Sight
    Second SightMåned siden

    Boxing is officially dead.

  • JBOM9000
    JBOM9000Måned siden

    He was executed for stabbing a security guard to death... not for protesting.

  • JBOM9000


    Måned siden

    villainolivrose that’s on you man.. google it

  • villainolivrose


    Måned siden

    Right. I can read some articles but how am I sure I've read the same one as yours? Just checking to see if your source is legit or fake news.

  • JBOM9000


    Måned siden

    villainolivrose it’s a real mysterious website.. I’m not sure if it’s credible... it’s GOOGLE

  • villainolivrose


    Måned siden

    Can u put source here pls?

  • BSG1982
    BSG1982Måned siden

    Dana White for president 20/20 ✌️❤️🍊🌴🍊🌴🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸🥇🥇🥇

  • cuervo pill

    cuervo pill

    Måned siden


  • Samantha Piehl
    Samantha PiehlMåned siden

    I'm so glad that whiney, victim playing, sore loser brat lost.

  • Daniel O'Hanlon
    Daniel O'HanlonMåned siden

    I hide comments to avoid listening to an absolute mass of insects

  • DarthYamil Collado
    DarthYamil ColladoMåned siden

    hill should learn to take the lost besides if it was unanimous i would say its okay to cry a little since it was split you got a chance for a rematch stop bitching and finish the fight if you dont want to go to judges

  • Jeremy Greenfeld
    Jeremy GreenfeldMåned siden

    Angela Hill is one of the most likeable human beings.

  • WahWahWehWah
    WahWahWehWahMåned siden

    Conor McGregor is NOT retired, as soon as fans are able to attend the fights again he will be back. If you people haven't realised that McGregor only cares about generating the most money from his fights then you're just dumb.

  • Rance Shepstone
    Rance ShepstoneMåned siden

    Who do you guys think will take Poirier’s place against Tony? My first thought is Charles Olivera.

  • Mr
    MrMåned siden

    If these athletes are so 'special' according to dana then why doesnt he pay them as much as the ball and stick athletes.

  • Henrik Bengtsson
    Henrik BengtssonMåned siden

    Next level nuts

  • Google User
    Google UserMåned siden

    Love him or hate him, Dana works like he needs rent money and that's awesome! That's the American work ethic that will get us out of this mess.