UFC Vegas 10: Weigh-in Faceoffs


UFC Vegas 10 fighters faceoff on Friday after official weigh-ins. Don't miss UFC Fight Night: Waterson vs Hill tomorrow on ESPN+.
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  • boozi loco
    boozi locoMåned siden

    2:56 the way Dana scoped her out 😂😂

  • JuiceboxWillie F.M.
    JuiceboxWillie F.M.Måned siden

    Waterson takes on Sammy Davis Jr.

  • Sam M
    Sam MMåned siden

    angela hill refused to shake hands at weigh ins,,,,,such bad blood here--------

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo EscobarMåned siden

    Is that Cerrones daughter ?

  • Jon Tucker
    Jon TuckerMåned siden

    Hill looks like Marg Simpson from the hood

  • El Barbas
    El BarbasMåned siden

    So happy bumpty lost

  • Nathan Warnes
    Nathan WarnesMåned siden

    I love how Dana doesn't have to get in between the women because he knows they want do anything stupid

  • Ankur
    AnkurMåned siden


  • Simon 'Chromecock' Randall
    Simon 'Chromecock' RandallMåned siden

    Angel Hill gave Watersons handshake a thumb up lmao I can't believe there just isn't a face off complilation without that one moment of pure, unbridled cringe.

  • Bob Jones
    Bob JonesMåned siden

    Hill gonna get her ass beat

  • Mat JR
    Mat JRMåned siden

    who's this ppl , UFC find them in the street , man old days fight use to be fight

  • Nick Pan
    Nick PanMåned siden

    Good thing Waterson won

  • Y L
    Y LMåned siden

    hill has no class

  • New Account
    New AccountMåned siden

    Take the masks off idiots. There is no pandemic.

  • Mat Bai
    Mat BaiMåned siden

    This main Event the best......split decision

  • REJL
    REJLMåned siden

    Who is here after Khama got knocked out

  • Robert E Lee
    Robert E LeeMåned siden

    Please Michelle , not this racist out cold

  • It's just me.
    It's just me.Måned siden

    Dam talk about blm 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • E. Finch
    E. FinchMåned siden

    Somebody will have to "take care" of toguoni

  • N. Birds
    N. BirdsMåned siden

    Michelle Waterson can’t even fight!!! How how is she the main event!!!!

  • Lumor Libert
    Lumor LibertMåned siden

    I already know Herb Dean loves Michelle Waterson and he is going to be the ref for. Her fight tonight. She is the only MMA fighter he smiled at after raising her hand. He wants to smell that. Lol!

  • SquatsnDeads812
    SquatsnDeads812Måned siden

    Angela Hill looking like female Bruce Leeroy before the haircut and got to love the heavyweights they pulled from the prelims looks like they got them from a bar to make up the numbers because of COVID

  • El Bronco
    El BroncoMåned siden

    Brock weaver sux he should do modeling for trans

  • Shawn Cahill
    Shawn CahillMåned siden

    Roxanne is about to kick some butt, and then go play shuffleboard.

  • Lawrence Garcia
    Lawrence GarciaMåned siden

    Daamn Hill shuns the handshake, what a creep!

  • Mastkji Games
    Mastkji GamesMåned siden

    The main even both lost their last fight huh?

  • Silver Fullbuster
    Silver FullbusterMåned siden

    If Michelle loses this fight she should retire. It doesn't seem like she has that fight instinct anymore.

  • packerpf
    packerpfMåned siden

    This is such a joke..there's no way in hell 2 fighters who are 3-2 in their last 5 fights should be headlining..main card maybe headlining no fucking way.

  • Rico Villanueva
    Rico VillanuevaMåned siden

    Never makes any sense when people talk when they are already going to fight the next day.

  • KXMBXY.孤独
    KXMBXY.孤独Måned siden

    01:27 chegou no estilo lakakskks

  • Pro Fighter
    Pro FighterMåned siden

    you know ufc is getting desperate when they have a main event such as this.

  • Raymond Flores
    Raymond FloresMåned siden

    Let's go roki #Guam

  • s rico
    s ricoMåned siden

    Oooooh did not shake hand now the karate will do the talking yes . Luv Michelle but shes too nice and looses before she starts sometimes. We need focused agression not anger lets go for Master yaya !!!!!!!!!

  • Martian
    MartianMåned siden

    Let's go Karate hottie😍🔥

  • s rico
    s ricoMåned siden

    Karate hottie vs over the hill, ed "peeweys cousin" herman vs mike "fake latino " rodriguez , kgb " hotttie" vs notaferry plus kama notworthy Lets go!!!!!

  • Martian
    MartianMåned siden

    Roxanne so cringey she looks so stupid with that hat

  • Martian
    MartianMåned siden

    Weak card

  • Jimothy Snooker
    Jimothy SnookerMåned siden

    it's so dumb when they refuse to shake hands. you've all been tested negative or you wouldn't be here and you're gonna beat each other up the next day.

  • Joshua Beldad
    Joshua BeldadMåned siden

    Ottman's gonna be an interesting card

  • Steph S.
    Steph S.Måned siden

    First time the karate hottie has actually lived up to her name

  • Jimmy Fallon
    Jimmy FallonMåned siden

    Roxanne messed up 2 handshakes...lol

  • sachin singh
    sachin singhMåned siden

    Da billy quarantillo has serious potential. I'm jus sayin.

  • Abu Jee
    Abu JeeMåned siden

    Fact check: Angela Hill's grand parents were abducted by Aliens!!!

  • Rangus
    RangusMåned siden

    1:30 ha I found that pretty funny

  • jettrink13
    jettrink13Måned siden

    hill too cool to shake hands, ha..

  • Justanotherday2012
    Justanotherday2012Måned siden

    I heard the reason Dana White did not wear a mask was to show solidarity with Trump.

  • Jason Roussel
    Jason RousselMåned siden

    First black female fighting main events a card and cant shake the hand of the sweetest, one of the fans all time favorite fighter Michelle Watterson

  • Saitama Kun
    Saitama KunMåned siden

    Awkward af

  • Alex7aj
    Alex7ajMåned siden

    Karate Hottie omg 😍

  • motocrossriders2002
    motocrossriders2002Måned siden

    Hill is a piece of trash for refusing to shake hands.

  • code red
    code redMåned siden

    co main looks promising

  • Martin Morgan
    Martin MorganMåned siden

    I like waterson but I see her losing this fight

  • code red
    code redMåned siden

    1:00 que grande el negro ,le dice sutilmente agarrame la pija

  • Marissa Millan
    Marissa MillanMåned siden

    My fight paraly for tonight, whatever Ken Flo picks do the opposite

  • José Luis Monteiro
    José Luis MonteiroMåned siden

    The worst card ever of UFC , as a fan i am!

  • Cammy Dogchief
    Cammy DogchiefMåned siden

    Broke my native fight get knocked out a lot lmao

    RUGGED BREEDMåned siden

    Nice Card, can't wait for it

  • Peeinurcereal
    PeeinurcerealMåned siden

    I always root for Roxanne cuz she comes in with cool anime costumes! Even us nerds can fight! Good luck! 🖖💪😁

  • David Baker
    David BakerMåned siden

    Watterson looking fit how’s the 6 pack girl smoking hot 🥵 xoxox

  • Big-V Songput
    Big-V SongputMåned siden

    What a shit card.

  • Ryan Warner
    Ryan WarnerMåned siden

    Ed Herman is always a scrap and broke weaver should be entertaining

  • Sean Beads
    Sean BeadsMåned siden

    0:41 siiiiick spiderwebface!

  • John Gomero
    John GomeroMåned siden


  • Fascino93
    Fascino93Måned siden

    lool I love Roxanne no matter what her results are!!!!!!!!!!!!! If she's on the card I'm paying!

  • lifeofnate
    lifeofnateMåned siden

    Mom: "We have Connor MacGregor vs. Anderson Silva at home!" The Connor MacGregor vs. Anderson Silva at home: 2:41

  • Lil Usi

    Lil Usi

    Måned siden

    @Shreeanant Bharadwaj and wrong copied 😂

  • Shreeanant Bharadwaj

    Shreeanant Bharadwaj

    Måned siden

    This is such an underrated comment

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex RodriguezMåned siden

    womens like michelle in main event is weak event!

  • Hayden Brown
    Hayden BrownMåned siden

    And the first black man to headline a ufc event is? It doesn't matter because ufc fans support you regardless. I wouldn't know how many black men have been main event and champions because too many to list. Best fighters are the best. And most of the best Male fighters are black. Shouldn't be an issue Angela hill

  • Christian McDonald
    Christian McDonaldMåned siden


  • Austin Arnold
    Austin ArnoldMåned siden

    Never miss a bobby green fight

  • Amin - tMK
    Amin - tMKMåned siden

    The abs on Michelle and the arms on Angela 😳

  • Todd Brothers
    Todd BrothersMåned siden

    Shitty card......I’ll be watching football....the last couple of cards have sucked, I guess I kinda got spoiled with the badass cards coming out of Kung flu. I still think chick fights belong in BellatorMMA just my opinion

    VLAD RADUMåned siden

    Uncle Dana working out just biceps and traps

  • Tony Maradona
    Tony MaradonaMåned siden


  • Eduardo Angeles
    Eduardo AngelesMåned siden

    Maybe Michelle Waterston supports Trump because she wants him to kick out her Mexican husband so she can be single

  • neel j
    neel jMåned siden

    Crazy co main fight!!

  • neel j
    neel jMåned siden

    Any idea why there’s a catch weight bout?

  • neel j

    neel j

    Måned siden

    Awesome, Thanks mate 👍

  • Mike James

    Mike James

    Måned siden

    Black dude took fight on a couple days notice so didn't have alot of time to cut weight

    RONIENMåned siden


  • Davide Zeno
    Davide ZenoMåned siden

    1st time i will not watch the event,just shitty fights and boring night!

  • MexiKingiCon
    MexiKingiConMåned siden

    Roque “ titties” Martinez

  • Ryuga
    RyugaMåned siden

    Abu Azaitar future champ of lightweight division 🇲🇦

  • Cyph18
    Cyph18Måned siden

    Michelle Son,get it? Because she lost water... Fuk it

  • Arthur Fleck
    Arthur FleckMåned siden

    Bobby Green should’ve got the main event.

  • Arthur Fleck
    Arthur FleckMåned siden

    Angela is such gross person for doing that. I think she’s racist. I think she contradicts herself every time she talks. With her white husband. Oh your voting for trump, your racist don’t shake my hand. ANGELA HILL IS THE RACIST.

  • TheTwisted869
    TheTwisted869Måned siden

    Brock "Takashi 69" Weaver

  • renzofan
    renzofanMåned siden

    whats funny is do these fighters at the weigh ins think they r gonna scare their opponant ? lol, id say save all the BILLY BAD ASS routines for the CAGE and just BE CLASSY during weigh ins. to me acting all crazy during weigh ins is a sign of INSECURITY and LACK OF CONFIDENCE IN ONES SKILLS,most great fighters always stayed very COMPOSED during weigh ins even right before BIG JOHN SAID (LETS GET IT ON)

  • Formidable Frank
    Formidable FrankMåned siden

    Dana lookin Juicy AFFFF

  • Franco Avila
    Franco AvilaMåned siden

    Keep an Eye on Julia

  • Franco Avila
    Franco AvilaMåned siden

    Was Michelle ever on Road Rules?

  • G K
    G KMåned siden


  • Annie Ting
    Annie TingMåned siden

    Michelle vs Hill, come on, as a main event? Both girls could not punch there way out of a bag, no power, both runners, what a boring night.

  • Annie Ting

    Annie Ting

    Måned siden

    @Johany Lizcano She is a beautiful lady, awesome charisma, just not a main event.

  • Jam D
    Jam DMåned siden

    The shittiest fight card in human history.

  • Wazza dan
    Wazza danMåned siden

    angela didnt shake hands, hope she loses

  • Muhammet Bulut
    Muhammet BulutMåned siden

    Lets go Ottman 🔥🔥🔥

  • SS
    SSMåned siden

    Waterson and hill are the only fighters with balls on this card... They didn't wear masks.

  • CloudsBeyond
    CloudsBeyondMåned siden

    Very pooey line up! Recent cards have not been too great but hey at least UFC is putting on events.

  • Gangster Mafia
    Gangster MafiaMåned siden

    nolocal.info/have/video/YmJ1fbWS1auryKY новый канал

  • Derek Rusher
    Derek RusherMåned siden

    brok weaver got embarrassed last time out just shut your mouth at the weigh ins

  • Well Ok
    Well OkMåned siden

    Comming up next in __insert division here__ we have unranked Name You Can Barely Pronounce taking on unranked No-One Gives A Fuck, live from this entire card is filler to get us to Colby Covington vs.Tyron Woodley next week on ESPN on an entire card that actually has a huge a effect on the rankings.

  • Jérôme Seiya
    Jérôme SeiyaMåned siden

    What at the final the 2 femals dont have a mask ?

  • Leo Kubota
    Leo KubotaMåned siden

    Let's go Angie!!!