UFC Vegas 11: Colby Covington Interview after TKO win


Hear from Colby Covington after his TKO win over Tyron Woodley in the main event of UFC Vegas 11 on Saturday night.
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  • Nguyễn Bảo
    Nguyễn BảoDag siden

    How is he able to talk tho, did last time Usman break his jaw already?

  • CaBs Back
    CaBs Back6 dager siden

    Lmao I love how woodley is lying on the ground crying when he lost. The ufc needs a champ like colby. Usman is scared bitch, usman vs covington needs a rematch...he is the only fighter who almost won. Round5 was the factor of winning the fight. Colby was winning the 5th round till he got caught

  • Patrick Davis
    Patrick Davis11 dager siden

    Right on bahahaha

  • MackPanda
    MackPanda12 dager siden

    colby i want my belt back me what belt you already lost 2 LOL

  • Lawson Shaw
    Lawson Shaw14 dager siden

    Lebron will bludgeon him

  • Ony
    Ony15 dager siden

    I did not know I had a favorite fighter in the UFC. Now I know.

  • Greg Volcy
    Greg Volcy18 dager siden

    When you realize Covington's fictional heel personal designed to be unlikable has fans who agree with his views......

  • Arindam Thakur
    Arindam Thakur18 dager siden

    marty fake newsman ohh my godd whatttt

  • Matt Borel
    Matt Borel19 dager siden

    I don't even like UFC but this guy's got my full support.

  • Bradford Smith
    Bradford Smith19 dager siden


  • HTX Original
    HTX Original21 dag siden

    Preach brother preach !

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez25 dager siden

    Who is this Colby guy? I do know LeBron James I dont know white fighters like this who suck at fighting

  • DoomOfValyria93


    20 dager siden

    White fighters suck at fighting? GSP is arguably the GOAT, he's white. Stipe is the current heavyweight champion and HW GOAT, he's white. Khabib is 28-0 and current Lightweight champion, he's ethnically Avar which is a white caucasian ethnic group. The current Featherweight champion is Alexander Volkanovski who's white. What about Vasyl Lomachenko? He's the current p4p #1 boxer on the planet right now, he's white. Just because 1 idiot fighter belongs to one racial group does not mean you have to insult an entire racial group and sound like a bigot in the process.

  • canefan17
    canefan1726 dager siden

    Love it

  • Lynxit
    Lynxit26 dager siden

    LOVE THIS MAN .. I SEE THE FIRE OF NATIONALITY , IS BEATIFUL! ...for me at least , i font know about y guys?? ;)

  • Fedor
    Fedor29 dager siden

    UFC: Colby Covington Charisma over 9000 WWE be like: am i a joke to you ?

  • Menard Prez
    Menard PrezMåned siden

    I love this guy man 😄😂

  • Never give Up
    Never give UpMåned siden

    He good fighter but i hate when he opens his mouth

  • CNS
    CNSMåned siden

    Hahaha this guy

  • Rob D
    Rob DMåned siden

    I wonder if he dedicated his broken jaw to Trump in the last fight? LMAO

  • Boxing 101
    Boxing 101Måned siden

    No disrespect to woodley . Great fighter but he got a beat down . Trump 2020 !

  • Tyler King
    Tyler KingMåned siden

    American pride beats BLM

  • Tyler King
    Tyler KingMåned siden

    It’s ok to be white

  • Mike DiPasquale
    Mike DiPasqualeMåned siden


  • Greg Haynes
    Greg HaynesMåned siden

    Thank you coby for saying what we all needed to hear that's a nice shot in the arm for us Patriots

  • Darth Ollpheist
    Darth OllpheistMåned siden

    Ever notice that the Republican ads, they let you skip right away but they force you to sit and watch ads from people like that idiot Democrat, Brittney Rodas?

  • ProTon


    Måned siden

    NOlocal censorship sir

  • Mrs. G
    Mrs. GMåned siden


  • Daniel Di Fonzo
    Daniel Di FonzoMåned siden

    1:13 Dragon energy.

  • JasonsAndChris JasonsCrhris
    JasonsAndChris JasonsCrhrisMåned siden

    Gosh, so much hatred and rasicm and so many comments on woodley's colour, I mean yeah, this was a hell of a fight and really funny interview, but you really getting baited in to something you've never really wasted deep thought for. I mean seriously these interviews are only there to preserve the hype high, but not for you to wear your racist mask. You should be at least smarter than that imo. I hope you guys find it in you, you'd anyway never choke or kill a black guy, because if you wanted to you wouldnt be here. Other things in life matter much more than hatred.

  • Law Fall
    Law FallMåned siden

    Fox: Tyrone got RED Pilled Colby's CHOAS TRAIN came rumbling Thru.. You know the rest!

  • H J
    H JMåned siden

    This is ufc buddy not Trump rally.

  • H J
    H JMåned siden

    Unarmed black male beating by trump supporter

  • Random Guy
    Random GuyMåned siden

    Woke ackleys?

  • Noble Woolf
    Noble WoolfMåned siden

    My new favorite fighter!

  • Leonard Aragon
    Leonard AragonMåned siden

    Can’t wait till he gets his ass beat again

  • Brook K!
    Brook K!Måned siden

    Ok so quick question. Everytime I ask people why the NFL pushing BLM offends them, they always say "I don't like to see politics get mixed in with sports" Just be honest. None of you really care if politics getting mixed in with sports --> Just so long as you agree with the politics. If that's how you feel, then i don't think we need to argue or debate. Athletes should have to the right to link arms and wear helmet decals just as much as this guy has the right to wear a MAGA hat.

  • HyborianAge
    HyborianAgeMåned siden

    "I can't breef" -- Tyron

  • HyborianAge
    HyborianAgeMåned siden

    Get woke get broke.

  • Aldo Arecco
    Aldo AreccoMåned siden

    Love this guy! Real patriot

  • Lincoln F. Stern
    Lincoln F. SternMåned siden

    Put some Salt on those Baby Back Ribs...

  • Lincoln F. Stern
    Lincoln F. SternMåned siden


  • Rich M
    Rich MMåned siden

    California Latinos for Trump 2020!

  • Marcello Duarte
    Marcello DuarteMåned siden

    Its funny how all the no talent snowflakes ❄️ in the ufc are calling this speech racist lol. Keep reeeeing we cant hear you!

  • Andrew Land
    Andrew LandMåned siden

    What a douche

  • ProTon


    Måned siden

    Ye man what a douche for winning a fight and giving a post fight interview. You tool.

  • brew crew
    brew crewMåned siden

    How is any of that racist?

  • ProTon


    Måned siden

    The left don't know what racism is

  • Smith & Wesson
    Smith & WessonMåned siden

    "I was brutally attacked by a white supremacist" Tyron "Mostly Peaceful" Woodley

  • Samuel Hutton
    Samuel HuttonMåned siden

    yall need jesus bruh

  • Kurtis Cardwell
    Kurtis CardwellMåned siden

    As it should be...

  • brian morales
    brian moralesMåned siden

    Colby thank you !!! Lebron and ice cube are punks

  • Baron Eagle
    Baron EagleMåned siden

    Brilliantly said, Colby. I agree with you 100%.

  • Los Critics Supreme
    Los Critics SupremeMåned siden

    Latino Iraq Vet for Trump 2020!

  • Joshua
    JoshuaMåned siden

    Not sure the Queen can give a knighthood to an American..... But please do.... Thank you so much Colby!!!!

  • brian smith
    brian smithMåned siden

    MSNBC: Racist MMA Fighter breaks a black mans ribs and walks away Scott free by police BREAKING

  • D C
    D CMåned siden

    Lol is this what they called racist??

  • DoomOfValyria93
    DoomOfValyria93Måned siden

    I miss the days of GSP in the welterweight division, these new WW's don't hold a candle to him. Fighters like Colby, Usman, Woodley, Burns etc... all fail to live up to the standard of greatness within the Welterweight division that GSP has set.

  • Mid evil
    Mid evilMåned siden

    Good job. Truth hurts . This blm shit is a disaster . People killing innocent people and burning down homes. Loser,s good job . The truths the truth . Call out the lefties. Billions in damage and stolen property yes its happening. And its horse shit. Its not even about people that died its about how much can i steal and use that as a excuse.

  • Frank Alcala
    Frank AlcalaMåned siden

    trump supporters rn like "omg we love you colby😍😍" but dont realize he straight up says its all an act he puts on the be controversial, although at this point i wouldnt be surprised if his act became a reality 😂

  • Дмитро Дорошенко
    Дмитро ДорошенкоMåned siden

    What the man! What the words! Bravo!

  • Beau Littzen
    Beau LittzenMåned siden

    "Spineless coward LeBron James." Colby C. Thank you!!!!

  • Alex Guardado
    Alex GuardadoMåned siden


  • Joe_McCarthy
    Joe_McCarthyMåned siden

    "systemic racism caused me to loose tonight" -Tyrone woodley

  • Gregorio
    GregorioMåned siden

    So much for the soy boy? Lmao

  • Livyatan mellvillei
    Livyatan mellvilleiMåned siden

    Ayyyy awesome!! This guy is growing on people and intelligent people are seeing through the woke bullshit. Wish people would stop worshipping athletes like kings though. Fighting is not a sport,it's fighting.

  • Jay Carter
    Jay CarterMåned siden

    Reading these comments sure do explain a lot about yt people

  • Dodger Greg
    Dodger GregMåned siden

    welp... im a fan now. thx Colby for having the balls to say what the "silent majority" wishes they could

  • D Man 20_06
    D Man 20_06Måned siden

    Woke sports sucks. People like sports, we don't want to be reminded of politics whenever we watch a game.

  • Jj Moss
    Jj MossMåned siden

    Nothing more racist than black athletes calling a president racist because he has white skin. FU LeBron

  • Baron Eagle
    Baron EagleMåned siden

    Colby Covington and Herschel Walker are true LEGENDS and great American patriots. On the other hand, Le Bron James is a total TRAITOR to the American people.

  • Dynamite Jones
    Dynamite JonesMåned siden

    Racism disguised as Patriotism.. know the difference, and WTF is a "AKALEET",?

  • Ramon Arellano
    Ramon ArellanoMåned siden

    TRUMP 2020

  • Raios dessa aurora forte
    Raios dessa aurora forteMåned siden

    Based Colby and amazing fighter

  • Yousif Icardi
    Yousif IcardiMåned siden

    All the troll tears have been drying up.

  • Owen Kennedy
    Owen KennedyMåned siden

    Flag code has left the chat

  • Anthony Vigil
    Anthony VigilMåned siden

    There’s something very eerie about hearing a super tough world champion like Tyron Woodley groaning in pain

  • MrSxesamuel
    MrSxesamuelMåned siden

    Woodley’s pre fight press conference hat really backfired

  • Corey Goldwaves
    Corey GoldwavesMåned siden

    Yay! Colby won! Free bottles of mayonnaise for everybody!!

  • Erik S
    Erik SMåned siden

    Breaking News: Trump Supporter Found That Can Actually Read!

  • Hatchet Jack
    Hatchet JackMåned siden

    My Guy , Glad to see MY POPLE others then Racist Blacks precaching that BLM BS .....Correct Person won the fight,

  • Jackson Talarico
    Jackson TalaricoMåned siden


  • All Goodman
    All GoodmanMåned siden

    My new favorite!!!

  • AbaGootu
    AbaGootuMåned siden

    That was amazing 😂

  • soager009 69
    soager009 69Måned siden

    Let's face it, all he said was true! LBJ is spineless. Just watch his flopping! I mean, he could very well be a racist secretly but there was nothing racist in what he said.

  • Norm L
    Norm LMåned siden

    Finally someone has the balls to say the truth!

    ROCK-SOLIDMåned siden


  • Isaac Everett
    Isaac EverettMåned siden

    Haha what an absolute bellend

  • Skeeter
    SkeeterMåned siden

    “Let's be real, first and foremost,” bantamweight Sijara Eubanks said, per ESPN. “It wasn't ‘unfortunate.’ It was flat-out racist. It was racist. It was disgusting. It was quite frankly disappointing.” What did he say here that was racist.... Am I missing something???

  • Espiritas
    EspiritasMåned siden

    Love to seeing all the whiners in comments who don’t know sh** about sh**. LoL! What a bunch of c*nts.

  • R D
    R DMåned siden

    Always remember the true racist will put a color in front of lives matter

  • R D
    R DMåned siden

    Somebody needs to let yahoo news know the silent majority is behind this kind of man suck our trump 2020 MAGA!!!!

  • Quotations
    QuotationsMåned siden

    good man right there

  • jack lawrence
    jack lawrenceMåned siden

    Can someone explain how anything he said is racist? Its beyond me

  • tmac20031
    tmac20031Måned siden

    Did they even check this guy for steroids? He’s clearly on something aside from the brain damage.

  • Shawn
    ShawnMåned siden

    Great fighter, about as interesting as bread though.

  • Not fooled By Trump
    Not fooled By TrumpMåned siden

    This pussy Colby wouldn't last 5 seconds in the ring with a real fighter, this fight was a set up, and there is proof that will come out after the election even though politics should never be in sports. But Colby is trying to make himself into something he will never get. He will never have endorsements, no backers except the few that are into boxing and they themselves say he is grandstanding and being a Fireman I and other first responders hate the comments he makes in support of us.

  • DoomOfValyria93


    Måned siden

    Yet you'll be fine with Tyron Woodley and LeBron James endorcing BLM and leftist/marxist politics, you people are hypocrites

  • Sand
    SandMåned siden

    NOlocal has been censoring my comments for stating simple, easy to find facts that contradict their narrative.

  • Rolando
    RolandoMåned siden

    I'm not a fan of Lebron but he would tear Colby a new one. Lebron is a pure athlete, meaning if he dedicates a little bit of time to learning any physical sport he will dominate. Same reason why Jon Jones is so good. Pure athlete and was big for his weight class. Too bad Lebron makes 1000 times more money than Covington. Lebron probably doesn't even know who Covington is.

  • Espiritas


    Måned siden

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug...

  • Big Ass Boy

    Big Ass Boy

    Måned siden

    Holy shit please tell me you don't actually think this

  • dirty9er415
    dirty9er415Måned siden

    Mark Wahlberg rubbing his hands like birdman right now

  • Jasmeet Singh
    Jasmeet SinghMåned siden

    "If Tyron woodley didn't leave on stretcher I didn't do my job in the Octagon" These were the words said by Colby pre fight Interview 🤘

  • Ogreman /emisoccer •
    Ogreman /emisoccer •Måned siden

    Trump by a landslide

  • Sarah Holland
    Sarah HollandMåned siden


  • John Sorto
    John SortoMåned siden